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So You Think You Can Dance 3 -- Top 20

So You Think You Can Dance 3 -- Top 20

America, here are your top 20 dancers for So You Think You Can Dance 3:

    TOP 10 GUYS

  • Cedric Gardner, 23
  • Danny Tidwell, 23
  • Dominic Sandaval (D’Trix), 21
  • Hok Konishi (Hokuto), 22
  • Jesus Solario (Chuy), 23
  • Jimmy Arguello, 21
  • Kameron Bink, 20
  • Neil Haskell, 20
  • Pasha Kovalev, 27
  • Ricky Palomino (Richard), 25
    TOP 10 GIRLS

  • Anya Garnis, 25
  • Ashlee Langas, 19
  • Faina Savich, 21
  • Jaimie Goodwin, 19
  • Jessi Peralta (Jessica), 24
  • Lacey Schwimmer, 18
  • Lauren Gottlieb (Misha), 18
  • Sabra Johnson, 19
  • Sara Von Gillern, 23
  • Shauna Noland, 18

We have three siblings of past contestants this time around. Lacey Schwimmer is the sister of Benji Schwimmer (SYTYCD 2 winner), Danny Tidwell is the adopted brother of Travis Wall (SYTYCD 2 runner-up) and Faina Savich is the sister of Stanislav Savich (SYTYCD 2 contestant).

Welcome to So You Think You Are a Sibling to a Person Who Can Dance!

Guys: 5 Lyrical/Contemporary, 4 Breakers, 1 Ballroom
Girls: 6 Lyrical/Contemporary, 1 Breaker, 3 Ballroom
Total: 11 Lyrical, 5 Breakers, 4 Ballroom

The Top 20 SYTYCD dancers will perform Wednesday, June 13 @ 8PM ET/PT! Read each contestant’s full profile and bigger group shot inside…



Jimmy Arguello, 21, is a Contemporary dancer from Miami, FL. After taking his first dance class in middle school, Jimmy, at first focused on running in track and field, changed directions completely and found his true calling in dance.

Kameron Bink, 20, is a Contemporary/Hip-Hop dancer from Coral Springs, FL. Known for his distinct red-star hair, Kameron brings over 15 years of dance training to the show and hopes the experience will bring him new and exciting opportunities as he pursues a professional dance career.

Cedric Gardner, 23, is a Hip-Hop dancer from New Berlin, WI. He started training at 18 at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, then moved two-years later to Los Angeles, where he received a full scholarship with Monsters of Hip Hop.

Neil Haskell, 20, is a Contemporary Jazz dancer from Clarence Center, NY. Neil is currently training in New York City, where he performed in the play “The Times They are A-Changin’” on Broadway and was named Male Dancer of the Year in 2005 by the American Dance Awards Competition.

Hok Konishi, 22, is a B-boy dancer from Los Angeles, CA. Born in Tokyo, Hok spent much of his youth in Oxford, England.

Pasha Kovalev, 27, is a Latin Ballroom dancer from Fort Lee, NJ. Pasha is originally from Russia and has trained with numerous professional ballroom dancers. He has been dancing with partner Anya Garnis, also a finalist, for nine years.

Ricky Palomino, 25, is a Contemporary dancer from Phoenix, AZ. Ricky also enjoys singing (he recently recorded his first CD), and he is a master teacher and choreographer.

Dominic Sandoval, 21, is a B-boy/Hip-Hop dancer from Roseville, CA. Born in Sacramento, he started his hip-hop training in January of this year.

Jesús Solorio, 23, is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer from Paso Robles, CA. Jesús makes his own wine at his family vineyard.

Danny Tidwell, 23, is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer from New York, NY, whose brother Travis Wall was last season’s runner-up. Danny was previously involved with the American Ballet Company.


Anya Garnis, 25, is a Latin Ballroom dancer from New York, NY. Anya has been living in the U.S. for six years after growing up in Russia. She has been dancing with partner Pasha Kovalev, also a finalist, for nine years.

Jaimie Goodwin, 19, is a Contemporary dancer from Virginia Beach, VA. Jaimie danced in competitions with Season Two contestant Travis before coming onto the show.

Lauren Gottlieb, 18, is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer who currently lives in Sherman Oaks, CA. Lauren is originally from Scottsdale, AZ. After moving to California, she landed a spot dancing with Shakira at the Grammy Awards. She has been dancing since she was 2 years old.

Sabra Johnson, 19, is a Contemporary dancer from Roy, UT, with training in Ballet and Jazz. She hopes to pursue dancing as a professional career.

Ashlee Langas, 19, is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer from Tyler, TX. Ashlee has spent her life dancing in all sorts of settings from dance theaters to high school productions.

Shauna Noland, 18, is a Contemporary dancer from North Hollywood, CA. She has been dancing for 15 years and also has an avid love of singing.

Jessi Peralta, 24, is a Hip-Hop dancer from Valley Village, CA. She has danced in front of President Bill Clinton at the Apollo and has performed at Madison Square Garden.

Faina Savich, 21, is a Latin Ballroom dancer from Brooklyn, NY. Following in her brother Stanislav’s footsteps (he was a finalist in Season Two), Faina grew up in Moscow and has been living in the U.S. for six years.

Lacey Schwimmer, 18, is a Swing and International Latin dancer from Redlands, CA. Following in the footsteps of her brother and dance partner, Benji, who won the competition last season, Lacey has her own style which she hopes to showcase this season.

Sara Von Gillern, 23, is a Hip-Hop/B-girl dancer from Ft. Collins, CO. While she started as a journalism major at Colorado College, dancing has always been her main love. She is a dance instructor and was one of 30 people from all over the world selected to be part of the Red Bull: Beat Rider program, which gave her the chance to work with some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop/Breaking field.

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04 hok konishi sytycd hawk
05 jesus solorio sytycd chuy
06 jimmy arguello sytycd
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10 richard palomino sytycd ricky
11 anya garnis sytycd
12 ashlee langas sytycd
13 faina savich sytycd
14 jaimie goodwin sytycd
15 jessi peralta sytycd jessica
16 lacey schwimmer sytycd
17 lauren gottlieb sytycd misha
18 sabra johnson sytycd
19 sara von gillern sytycd
20 shauna noland sytycd
so you think you can dance 3 top 20

Photos: Joe Viles/FOX
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  • sytycdfan!

    my favourite guys are neil and hok.
    and my favourite girl is jamie.

  • John

    did the guy who can do that weird tapping dance and looks like clay aiken make it?

  • tanique33

    ugh, danny needs to get a grip. i was not diggin his vibe at all. my favorite one is the “weird”guy mia loved.

    my favorite girl is the one who said she’s getting too old. this should be a good season.

  • SkankyHO

    I can’t believe they didn’t ask back that one girl whose name I can’t remember. But she was one of the last girls to be cut and she was an amazing dancer.

  • Anna

    No the clogger’s name was Brandon something. When is this show on? I keep missing it.

  • Josh

    I really hate Lacey.

  • wehomo

    SkankyHO, that was Caitlin. I thought she was amazing too, couldn’t believe they cut her. I wanted to root for Lacey because I have worked with her brother and I do adore him, but she is so offputting!


    Woo hoo! Go Kameron! He’s actually 21 years old, he just had a birthday.

  • emilie

    My favorite is Pasha!

  • Meena

    Yes, leaving Caitlin out is a travesty. She was one of the best dancers. I think perhaps she lacked personality which is what viewers latch on to.

  • Rfed

    Pasha! He is so cute!

  • Natalie

    Hok is probably my favorite of that group, but all the people I liked the most have been kicked off already! Sucks =(

    I think siblings of contestants should not be allowed to audition, or at least not bring their siblings w/ them. Benji’s sister talked about Benji the ENTIRE audition and used him as her dance partner. Its unfair for her to have that advantage.

  • Natalie

    The clogger was the best!! Why did they kick him off?

  • Christa

    Wow, Faina is SEXY in a very slick, model-like way. Anya is too much for me though; maybe it’s just the picture.

  • DD

    Go to Youtube and do a search on “Hyperballad lyrical solo”. It’s Shauna Noland. Incredible dancer.

  • DD

    Better add “Noland” to the “Hyperballad lyrical solo” search…there are a few of them out there now.

  • Svetlana

    My favorite is Lacey!

    How’d you get the pictures before they put them on the main site?

    Thanks a bunch! ^^

  • Sandra

    Jimmy is looking hott in his headshot…will you marry me…hes an amazing dancer….

  • Rachel

    go hok!

  • jj

    I like Hok too, one of my two favorites..My very favorite is Jesus, he’s amazing and he seems just genuinely happy to be there.

  • Heather

    What happened to the girl whose Mum had cancer and had not danced for three years???

  • Jeff

    HEATHER | she got eliminated just prior to the final cut ;(

  • jessica

    All the way Hok!! I love you!!

  • Ann Jury

    I LOVE SARA VON GILLERN!!!!! She is a totally awesome dancer. She was SOOOOOOOOO gracious in getting nominated to the top 10. Not cocky like some of them. She doesn’t have any sensational story to go with her but comitted to dancing her life away! She is what this competion is all about!!!

  • Yogensha

    I didn’t see much of Cedric on the show, but I have seen him perform and He is awesome. I’m looking forward to next weeks show and seeing more of him. CONGRATULAIONS TO THE TOP 2O!

  • Daphnee

    Hey everyone,


    My fav girls are: Lacey, Anya, Faina, Ashlee, Jamie, Jessi, Sabra and Sara

    Fav dudes : HOK, Pasha, Kameron, Neil, Danny, Ricky

  • emileeee

    Sara rocks! I love her style of dancing!

  • gimmeabreak

    SEXY LEGS ALERT!!! -get a look at the two women sitting at the front & bottom of the top photo. That’s what I call NICE legs.

  • Birdie

    Four male breakers and only one female breaker. Go Sara! I love your style.

  • Givan

    My FAVORITE ia ANYA! I think she is so HOT and GORGEOUS — no one else on this year’s top 20 can compare to her. When she dances, shes on FIRE!!!

  • Katrina

    Anya: YOU ROCK! That was the sexiest cha-cha-cha I’ve ever seen. You’ve inspired me to get up and dance. I can’t wait to see more of you!!! You seem like such an awesome person too…straight forward with no time for pettiness. You’ll have my vote EVERY week until the final show.

  • Pochita

    Pasha! Sladkii, sladkii, sladkii! Hehehe! It’s true, you are HOT! I love the way you move, and that smile… Keep up the awesome dancing. You and Anya are amazing together.

  • Ivo

    I think Faina brought her brother to the audition to get on the show; talent didn’t have anything to do with it. And what was up with the drama at the Vegas audition? Did she need an “excuse” in case she didn’t make the cut?

  • Mary Lou

    I Loved Ricky Palomino, I wish they would have showed more clips of his performance. Ricky, “You Will Rock America”

    You are a “Unique Strange” with lots of “Charisma”

    Love Ya


  • deirdre clum

    Keep your eyes open for Shauna Noland. We haven’t seen her dance on the show yet. Check her out on u-tube she has two solos on the site. She is by far the best I’ve seen. I guess they don’t feature people who aren’t divas or related to someone. It’s just so refreshing to see someone who is just there to dance. The bad news is she got stuck with Musical Theater for the first show which isn’t going to show off her talent but I’m sure she’ll think of some way to spice it up. GO SHAUNA! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Sydney

    SARA VON……….BREAK AWAY! You are the BEST!!!!What a cutie too!!

  • fatima

    I can’t stand LACEY!!!! ugh ugh ugh!!!! and the way she pulls her face….. she makes me sad……
    I wish they had let twitch stay instead of that cedric guy …
    and i didn’t like how they elimnated them this year… they should have seen them dance in ALL genres and then .. I don’t know…
    I mean the teacher and the student… from day one… so not fair… and the swing dancer got like more than one chance… i dunno…
    This year wasn’t that wow… I hope it gets better…
    I am still angry that lacey is in the top… ARGH!!

  • AJ

    Sara will “hip hop” to the top! She’s has moves like to other!

  • D-trix lover

    my favorite guy is dominin(D-trix) he is so sexy and he is a really good break dancer

  • karina

    i met kameron at a bahtmitzvah =] i danced with him.

  • Ellie

    Hok Hok Hok! He’s my faaavorite.

  • Rissa

    Hey what is the name of the song that Cedric and Faina performed with on 6/13/07.

  • Tiffany

    I love CEDRIC. He’s not only a beautiful man, his style is so sick, it’s crazy!

    I hope he goes far in this competition. But even if he doesn’t I have a feeling he will be doing BIG things after this experience. Maybe even a modeling career might come out of this, because good Lord, he’s fine. =)

    Good Luck CEDDY!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    p.s Marry Me.

  • Brody

    I like Lacey Anya and Neil, I haven’t really watched everyone but the contemporary guy Ricky was reeeeally awkward on the tango.

  • jessica from SC

    I agree with deirdre clum. just because shauna doesnt get as much air time doesn’t mean that she is not am amazing fantastic dancer.she leaves her heart out on the floor everytime she dances but the difference is that shes out there for all the people watching at home and all the people in the audience not for the TV cameras or the fame. she is so humble yet i cant seem to get her dancing out of my head. so the nest time shauna is up dancing you better pay attention because the best things are alway right under your noes. go shauna.

  • Sydney Ann

    Sara is on the way up! She has everything it takes….moves, looks and darling personality. She can handle anything that comes her way with grace. You are what the competition is about! Way to go girl! We really look forward to the show each week. You out shine all the others! You ARE what the competition is about! A thousand cheers for Sara!!!!

  • melissa

    I can’t stand Lacy she needs to come of her high horse, she thinks she’s this sex pot and tries to be funny like her bother.

  • Dee from the ATX

    I can’t stand Lacey! She’s so fake and she’s making her way through this competition through her brother! I LOVE Danny and Sabra, they are so frickin awesome!!!! Danny, goog lord he soooooo GORGEOUS, they both should have won, keep on keepin’ on people!

  • Khoa