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Avril + Shakira Duet in the Works?

Avril + Shakira Duet in the Works?

Avril Lavigne and Shakira may be combining their sounds for a duet!

The punk pop princess and Latina hip-shaking diva were spotted leaving Euro-Vietnamese restaurant “Crustacean” in Beverly Hills on Friday. After leaving the restaurant in two separate cars, the songbirds hit up Hollywood haunt Hyde.

Hey look, Avril‘s giving this homeless man a whole dollar.

Shakira recently worked with Beyonce on the smash song “Beautiful Liar.”

15+ pictures inside of Avril and Shakira‘s dinner out together…

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  • Anon.

    Interesting idea. I don’t think too much of Avril…musically. BUt I know from earliest days, Shakira always thought of herself as a rocker. People would be surprised to hear what Shakira can do on some of her CDs. The “I Don’t LikeYour Girlfriend” tune might be a hit with people under 15 yrs. of age, but it has no substance. Shakira has substance.

  • Shoegal

    Hmmm, this could be interesting

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Hanging Out – Yes.

    Working Together – I highly doubt it.

    Aww They’re cute.

  • linou

    no please shakira, not a duet with that spoiled brat, no duet with avril please

  • whatever

    I can’t believe how young Shakira looks. They look like they are the same age.

  • Pandora

    I think Shakira’s great and can’t imagine her collaborating with the likes of Avril. She does look young, and I’ve always thought, very attractive (unlike Avril who looks s though she climbed out of the crypt).

  • lala

    shakira and avril together???
    NO WAY…
    I don’t adore shakira but I hate that fucking litlle bitch who is avril lavigne!!!!
    punk fake, rocker fake, shitty person!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    lala tell’em why you mad son! Lmao

  • sx

    i wonder what they talk about they seem very different avril=childish and shakira =older(30years old)
    i am not a fan of both of them.

  • Victor

    i don’t think they’re collaborating…naaa…two styles too different…
    and BTW avril is a great singer even for not-teenagers-anymore people…

  • Sara

    Shakira? Ask Voight and he’ll say “za.. zahara?”

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    can someone tell me what Sara’s talking about? Lol

  • martttt

    “12 [Famous Fug Face] | 06/09/2007 at 1:48 pm

    can someone tell me what Sara’s talking about? Lol”

  • Anonimous Fug Face

    when asked about zahara , jon voight said : oh , shakira is fine. or something like that

  • !!!! exclamation-mark happy!!!

    i hope not shakira is too good for her.this the first time i’ve seen candids of shakira, she’s low key, very beautiful too!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Lol oh boy. I knew what she was talking about, I was just busting her balls for the ****** related comment.

  • Don’t do it

    Shakira you will loose the credibility that you’ve work so hard to get. Plz don’t colaborate with this puppet.

  • Sarah

    What’s with all the Avril hate? At least Avril actually sings, Shakira shakes her ass and gets praised.

  • rfe

    “18 Sarah | 06/09/2007 at 3:05 pm

    What’s with all the Avril hate? At least Avril actually sings, Shakira shakes her ass and gets praised.”
    maybe because she acts like an idiot but i agree with your shakira’s comment her voice is strange and she is average looking nothing amazing.

  • Natalie

    Shakira is gorgeous. That is all.

  • Hey You

    Sure, Shakira shakes it, but anyone that has been to a Shakira concert knows she does alot more than shake her ass.

  • io

    “21 Hey You | 06/09/2007 at 3:42 pm

    Sure, Shakira shakes it, but anyone that has been to a Shakira concert knows she does alot more than shake her ass.”

    so she should show us her “real talents” instead of showing her belly .and playing the sex card


    Hey u idiots stop insulting avril! Avril is much more talented than Shakira, and Im sure Shakira is dying to work with avril cause avril rocks!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Hey You, what does Shakira do other than belly dance and shake her ass?

  • nancy

    Look at Avril…she sure is a tough hardcore punk! What a bratty twit.

  • Michael C


  • lj


  • Lacker

    wow some ignorant people here.
    If you go to a Shakira concert, ass shaking is only 5% of it, the girl can sing, the girl have the most beautiful lyrics, the girl is probably the best interpreter out there, a great producer and can actually play instruments.

    Before talking shit about Shakira please find some information, download her music instead of listening to Hips don’t lie which is her worst song ever.

  • ohmy

    When people are put off by the initial marketing gimmick of ass shaking, do you really think they would find out more about the artist? Seriously,after seeing the Pussycat Dolls video/s, I have no interest whatsoever in looking up their music.

  • lana

    shakira might have gained ingernationl recognition after hips don’t lie and ass shaking but before that she was alredady famous as a very proclaimmed songwriter and had 3 studio albums wich had gone platinum in several countries in latin america spain some areas in europe and some recognistion in asia SHE IS AN ARTIST HER LYRICS ARE AMAZING SHE PLAYS THE GUITAR, WRITES AND PRODUCED HEROWN MUSIC comparing her to the pussycat dolls is an insult she also happens to be an expert in belly dance because her mother is lebaneese she expres emotion aso through her body she is the modern definition of a complete artist, so there.

  • lovely

    That is really funny how you people are sh*tting those two singers…sounds like they both are enemies… they are hanging arond, maybe becoming friends, but you are just talking sh** about them…funny people, don’t ya agree with me?
    i actually like both.

  • Roger

    Ok, ok let’s put things clear, Shakira = the worst artis ever, how can she think she can be onthe same level as Avril, this is insane, i just hope they never work together.

  • Leslie Clarkson

    all of you stop ’cause shakira and avril are both talented. shakira’s great in “belly dancing”. let’s see avril do it. let’s also see shakira sing sk8er boi. by the way, shakira looks different. what happened to avril, huh?????

  • nat

    hey why are you all against avril…she is a really good singer…original for her style…even shakira is really good and she dance well…they are both professional and you all are nothing compard to them…so plz stop critisizing and do something else

  • Diana

    lol great comment nat!
    i also think they’re both awesome and it’d be great if they worked together, shakira sang rock before she became famous outside latin america, soo..

  • honest_guy

    Now, I use to LOVE Avril and realy like Shakira, but NOW I just ADORE Shakira and hate Avril so much that I would just take her stupid ugly blonde hair and that pink lock of hair and shuf it RIGHT UP HER HAIRY ASS. FUCK YOU AVRIL!!!!

  • e_e

    i dont care anymore avril sucks: shes a fcking poseur thinks shes punk or rock or emo or scene or something but shes just a fccccccccccking poseur stupid wannabe .
    and i think shakira is a poseur too she “sings” latin or whatever and trys to be like avril: a poseur of punk/blabla

    i hope they both fcking die fcking wannabes

    e_e!, Billy, alex, mani, guille, david, klaudio .

  • m-jay

    I adore Shakira..but I think Avril’s great 2…It would be cool if they would sing together…And you idiots who say that shakira only shake her ass…omg..are you crazy,she’s got great voice..SHE’S THE BEST…AND AVRIL 2..=)

  • m-jay


  • mikishaki§avril

    secondo me shakira e avril lavigne sono le cantanti più brave … mi fanno impazzire un’pò di più shakira perkè ha più carriera ma avril è troppo duci e anke molto brava !!!!! w shaky and avril by avril o shaky aggiungetemi xd

  • Robert

    Avril is a way better singer than Shakira.

  • Robert

    Shakira can ´t sing.

  • http://yahoo april

    WOw avril is so cool and now i get to see my 2 favorite singers 2gether avril is a gothic tomboy like me she is so cool im goin to get her as a myspace friend!!!

  • CLER


  • grecia

    babosa cler no hablas ni dominas el español no se entiende lo que hablas cambiando como q odias a avril si es la mejor del mundo osea shakira tiene voz de hombre asmatico ok ubicate naca osea apagate.