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'Ocean's 13' Earns $13 Million

'Ocean's 13' Earns $13 Million

Ocean’s Thirteen rolled out an impressive $13.1 million, according to Friday estimates. The heist comedy should easily pick up the No. 1 slot this weekend.

In No. 2 was the Katherine Heigl-Seth Rogen comedy Knocked Up, which brought in $6.2 million during its second week in release.. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End sailed close behind with a cool $6 million.

The stars of Ocean’s Thirteen recently donated over $750,000 to poverty-fighting charity Oxfam. Co-stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon also donated to Clooney‘s Not on Our Watch charity, which helps the inhabitants of Western Sudan.

Clooney has said, “The people of Darfur urgently need the help of organizations like Oxfam.”

UPDATE: Ocean’s 13 pulled in a healthy $37 million at the box offices this weekend. POTC3 sailed away with $21 million with Knocked Up not far behind with $20 million.

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  • Indie

    Cant wait to see this film.

  • *reena*

    i saw this movie and i didnt like it at all :( the first one is still the best

  • Vivian

    Just Love you all those doing things for good!

  • diana

    wow that great, love the movie Brad was so hot in it, karma is sweet indeed for BAMZPS. rock on I say :)

  • hanna

    greetings from Holland,

    Jared thank you, we have OC 13, june 22, sure iam gonna see it,

  • Sierra1

    Hello all, just found this site I’m a big fan of Brad & Angie this seems like a great community. :)

    Well I saw the movie yesterday with my boyfriend and I enjoyed a lot, all of the boys were really great the acting was A+, I guess Brad has another box office hit, love that this family keeps going strong.

    Once again hello

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Only $13 million? wow. disappointment

  • Sophie

    Yes you say impressive, but $13 million is hardly anything if you think of it as one of the movies of the summer.

  • susie

    Can’t wait to see this! Good morning all :)

  • KrungKrung

    so, O13 is the #1 movie this weekend? cool, loves it.

    bringing this 1 from the last thread.

    • George Clooney, touring all the Palms’ hotspots while in Las Vegas for the Ocean’s Thirteen premiere. The actor met up with costar Brad Pitt at a sky villa in the Fantasy Tower, though Pitt only stayed a short while because, a source tells us, “He had to get back to L.A. to his family.” Next, the group moved to the N9NE Group’s Moon nightclub, but too much commotion – blame eager tourists clamoring for a photo with the star – caused Clooney to leave. But he soldiered on, stopping at the Playboy Club, where he got some special treatment (a private bar) and met up with costar Ellen Barkin – as well some other ladies. Says a guest: “He had [Playboy] Bunnies and blondes all lined up just to say ‘hello.’”

    from Caught in the Act! section…

  • Sierra1

    it’s only the total Friday people not the the weekend which a lot of people went out to see it then.

    anyways Jared can you be so kind to give me the source? Can’t find it anywhere tried Yahoo but they only update the total after the weekend. thanks ;)

  • bdj

    Thanks for the new thread Just Jared. Ocean 13 is on track to be number 1 in a number of countries. Many of the cast members are huge international stars and worldwide box office is very important. It is a big world out there!!! The cast seem to get on great and I am sure that the Movie is a fun ride. I am off to see it. Best wishes to BAMPZS. Thanks for all the updates Just Jared. I have said it before, but your site is the best. Peace to all.


    learn to read people….THAT’S THE TOTAL FOR FRIDAY JUNE 8….one day alone…

    I think Knocked up is gonna go down to 3rd because Surfs Up (that surfing penguin movie) should get #2…Sunday is family day!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Hahaha Look at people get pissed over the numbers lmao

  • susie

    fuggy, you’ve been laying low for awhile.

  • Sierra1

    who’s getting pissed [Famous Fug Face]? It’ll either be number one or two and 13 mill first day is pretty good don’t you think?

  • just asking

    [Famous Fug Face] are you for real

  • sharon

    i saw the movie, I think it is just ok movie. But Brad is very sexy and hot in it. He is the hotttest Ocean boy, no doubt.

  • Indie

    I can see someone is using my moniker yet again. #1 wasn’t me. I saw the movie yesterday, and it was sold out in my local theater, O13 should easily make $40m for the weekend.

    It is too early on a sunday morning to be baiting.

  • hanna


    Maybe it was just me, but Jared do you have other pics of Brad than this, he looks sad, it’s not ugly, just different…

  • koala

    Jared, where did you hear that it made 13 million? says it made 11.6 million.

  • Indie

    What was the movie like #19? Describe it for me please, I’ll have to wait 5 months to see it.

  • kip

    Actually what is important is how it does over the next month or so. Does it have legs? Also how it does overseas.

    But 12 to 13 million for a friday is not bad considering it’s a 3 peat and alot of people did not like Oceans 12.

  • Variety

    21 koala

    Variety says it made $13.1 million.

  • brad’s

    Another Sequel Sinking: #1 ‘Oceans 13′ Below Expectations;
    SATURDAY AM: Ocean’s Thirteen washed over the competition but was sinking compared to projections Friday as Warner’s says its franchise opened with $13 million (though rival studios have it $12.3M to $12.6M) from 3,565 theaters. It should finish the weekend with $39M, about par for the franchise but well below the $45M to $50M projected by box office gurus. (For those of you keeping score, Ocean’s Eleven opened with $38.1M from Friday to Sunday in 3,075 venues, while Twelve debuted at $39.1M in 3,290 playdates

  • Spain

    Sólo actua Brad en la pelicula?Y George y Matt?


  • Spain

    brad’s lung cancer


  • boohoo

    Another Sequel Sinking: #1 ‘Oceans 13′ Below Expectations;


    the rest of the article since you failed the mentioned how well it was doing everywhere :

    Again, U.S. moviegoers look to be seasick on sequels, even though reviews were good for the threequel again starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt and again directed by Steven Soderbergh. But overseas, audiences continue to have sequel fever: I’m told Ocean’s was No. 1 in the UK, Spain, Hong Kong and a slew of other foreign territories. The ferocious competition for domestic gross receipts at the megaplex will only become more intense as the summer movie season progresses with what was supposed to be risk-free programming.

    It will do well. Probably about 40 mil for the weekend. The overseas box office should be huge.

  • michele

    Saw O13 on Friday and LOVED it!!! Brad was so freakin’ hot in it and juts so smooth. Rusty has NEVER been better. Clooney, as always, is totally doable. They have a few great scenes together. Would have loved to have seen more of the Cheadle though. Casy Affleck, man, I think he’s got other acting layers to him. I would like to see him in something else so I could properly gage. All in all, a good time. Going to see it again because the DVD probably won’t be out until XMAS. I say 36mil for the weekend.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and way to go O13 I saw it yesterday and I loved it, definitely better than O12 but O11 is still the best one

  • omfg

    25 brad’s lung cancer

    you are a negative little fcuk aren’t you.

  • B.O

    13 million only on friday, the total of the weekend should be around 36-38 million, which is good. Most preditions I read had the movie opening around 40 million.

  • http://htt// eee

    I saw Ocean’s 13 yesterday,I can’t wait to see AMH.


    no entiendo lo que quieres decir con tus idiotas comentarios, si no tienes nada bueno que decir SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUTTTTT IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • sharon

    AMH is going to very good. I heard Angie’s performance in it is outstanding.

  • Question

    Brad’s lung cancer screename is offensive. She should be banned for life.

  • Spain

    jajjajajjaj ahora se meten conmigo?Mis comentarios son inteligentes,evidentemente por eso me prestas atención….tu y los fans del hombre sois aburridisimossssssss….asi que como parece que me entiendes JODETE…

    y la peli tienes más actores que Brad Pitt,haters sin cerebros

  • J

    I can’t believe it flopped…that is really disappointing for the amount of big stars involved…

  • Brad and Angie FOREVER!!

    Who are Angie’s competitors for Oscars 2008?? In my opinion, Angie only competitor is the new Meryl Streep a.k.a. Oscar nomination for every role, Cate Blanchett for the Golden Age. Cate was already previously nominated for this role, and most likely will get another for it because of the buzz. I’m hoping Angie will win because she plays someone a of a different background.

  • please

    The movie will do very well worldwide, there is no need for a debate. Please delete #25 and stop copying him. Every post with that name should be deleted because it is pure evil, that’s all.

  • WOW


    $13.1 million for Friday. That is a lot!

    I heard it is doing very well overseas.

  • Spain

    J | 06/10/2007 at 11:22 am

    la pelicula es numero uno en casi todos los paises donde se ha estrenado,y cais 40 millones es mala taquilla?joer de verdad que aburren mucho

  • Nancy

    Jared who are you kidding? Those numbers are anemic when considering the huge budget for this piece of crap.

    From eonline:

    by Leslie Gornstein
    Jun 7, 2007 Ask the Answer B!tch
    Got a question about how Hollywood works? Ask it!Send Email
    Close Ask It
    Please make sure you fill in every field.

    Your Email:

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    I thought star salaries were killing the movie industry, so how does a movie like Ocean’s Thirteen get made? Clooney, Pitt, Pacino, Damon—who’s not getting paid? (It’s gotta be Scott Caan, right?)
    —Another Scott, Lexington, Kentucky

    The B!tch Replies: I’d be willing to bet it was payment enough for young Scott to sit on the set and bask in the Clooney-Pitt nimbus of extraordinariness. Besides, the kid probably got to learn all about Darfur. And really, isn’t that better than a $10 million check?

    Your suspicions are correct, in that megabudget movies and obnoxious star salaries are, for the most part, out of favor in Hollywood—at least when it comes to any movie other than a summer blockbuster. In this case, in order to afford the bazillion-star cluster orgy of Ocean’s Thirteen, producers reportedly got Clooney and Co. to reduce their up-front salaries. You know, so that everyone could take turns with the rubber noses and the inside jokes.

    First, some background: The first film—and by that I mean the first from Steven Soderbergh—cost a reported $85 million. Ocean’s Twelve cost a reported $110 million. This latest jape is said to be in the neighborhood of $195 million.

  • A Certain Smile

    Saw it yesterday. everyone was excited. there were all age groups in the theater as well as a variety of races. The movie was good, breezy fun. equivalent to Oceans 11.

  • please

    Stop copying the name. Please delete all posts with this name, we don’t have to spread it.

  • sol

    i saw Ocean’s yesterday and love it, Brad was so damn sexy! and George omg i love George C :)
    love when he told Brad (or Rusty LOL) that he should settle and have some kids :D, Brad smile was so sweet!!

  • Brad and Angie FOREVER!!

    I’m not interested in seeing Ocean’s 13 because its simply overrated.. But I am anticipating AMH.

  • Yay

    I can’t believe it flopped…that is really disappointing for the amount of big stars involved…

    Only on friday made 13 million you moron.

    Jared you need to change the tittle, it’s confusing.

  • mm

    Yay | 06/10/2007 at 11:30 am

    I can’t believe it flopped…that is really disappointing for the amount of big stars involved…

    Only on friday made 13 million you moron.

    Jared you need to change the tittle, it’s confusing.
    The title of the post isn’t confusing, but the numbers are sad for the movie. The makers of O13 expected it to make 30-50 million on Friday, so the result is definitely disappointing.

  • Nop

    First, some background: The first film—and by that I mean the first from Steven Soderbergh—cost a reported $85 million. Ocean’s Twelve cost a reported $110 million. This latest jape is said to be in the neighborhood of $195 million
    The budget of 13 is 95 million not 195.