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Mommy-Baby Bonding for Jen & Violet

Mommy-Baby Bonding for Jen & Violet

You may remember seeing some photos of Jennifer Garner and her 18-month-old daughter, Violet, playing near the Palisades Park on Thursday.

The mother-daughter duo spent over an hour playing on the slides and swinging on the swings before doing some laps around the fields.

Violet seemed especially playful as she sat in her mother’s lap in the grass. What a perfect day to be outside!

40+ photos inside of the Garner and Violet enjoying their Thursday afternoon…

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garner violet play park 01
garner violet play park 02
garner violet play park 03
garner violet play park 04
garner violet play park 05
garner violet play park 06
garner violet play park 07
garner violet play park 08
garner violet play park 09
garner violet play park 10
garner violet play park 11
garner violet play park 12
garner violet play park 13
garner violet play park 14
garner violet play park 15
garner violet play park 16
garner violet play park 17
garner violet play park 18
garner violet play park 19
garner violet play park 20
garner violet play park 21
garner violet play park 22
garner violet play park 23
garner violet play park 24
garner violet play park 25
garner violet play park 26
garner violet play park 27
garner violet play park 28
garner violet play park 29
garner violet play park 30
garner violet play park 31
garner violet play park 32
garner violet play park 33
garner violet play park 34
garner violet play park 35
garner violet play park 36
garner violet play park 37
garner violet play park 38
garner violet play park 39
garner violet play park 40
garner violet play park 41
garner violet play park 42
garner violet play park 43

Credit: Doobybrain (guest blogger); Photos: Perkins/Symons/
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  • dark_angel

    I cannot stand her!! She is so ANNOYING!! This “mommy-baby bonding” photos looks so stage!!

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Dark Angel you must not have any kids. I thought is one of the best and real celeb moms and her daughter is adorable!!!!

  • Patty

    Don’t they have a backyard to play in? Or are they just interested in photo ops??

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    IF this was staged dont you think the kid would this behavior from her mother is strange and not being going along as she seems to be in those photos. Wanna see PR photos check out the top two threads on this site, PR kind and queen.

  • Burpie

    What a cutie-patootie. Jennifer is starting to get on my nerves, though. She definetly loves that camera.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I hope this kid doesnt grow up to look like her ugly ass mamma

  • shes the pitts

    I love seeing pics of Jen and Violet. She seems to be a great mom.

  • katryna

    I agree, these park photos are getting kinda old, but I’d rather see new pics of Jen and Violet than Paris in prison-crying mode. Even though Jen has more money than I’ll probably ever see in my entire life, at least her going to the park with Violet is something that looks ordinary and normal…something we don’t see in Hollywood enough! i respect that she can just go out and look like crap without caring…just like the rest of us!

  • Leela

    Jen’s a good mom and all, but doesn’t this kid play with any other children other than her mom?

  • Too Much Said

    She probably does, I just doubt that the paparazzi vultures would be interested in shooting pics of that.

  • Tray

    I love seeing pictures of this family!! Violet looks just like Jen, only with blond hair. Violet is too cute, I love the dimples!!

  • Prix

    How come Daddy Ben Affleck never seems to be around during these play sessions?

    Just asking.

  • boohoo

    I mean there is no denying the pictures are cute and she loves her kid, but it’s just funny they always find and go to pap infested parks. There are no other parks in the world that are more private? Normal Mom? I guess so. But she wnats everyone to know she’s a “normal”. About the only person I see work it so hard other then Jennifer is Denise Richards.

    She also rarely ever is playing with anyone else, so I don’t think she’s taking her there to interact. It’s like her image as super mom for the new talk show she is about to do.

  • Too Much Said

    The parks Garner takes Violet to are not hyena…er, paparazzi-infested until they follow her to wherever she goes (and she never asks them to follow her, either).

  • Christine

    So cute.
    Jen Garner loves to play and spend time with her baby; her smiles and body language reveal this.

    Love that family

  • natalie

    Always nice to see Jen spending time with her baby =)

  • boohoo

    There are ways around the paps, I don’t believe she can’t find more private parks. Jennifer is not exactly happening and exciting. I don’t think the paps are itching to take the million pictures of her at the park. She’s there so they take her picture.

  • K

    You guys that are ragging on her are retarded. She has cameras in her face all day long. What is she supposed to do? Change the way she lives her life? Geez. Give a gal a break. You’re irritated because you think she likes cameras in her face all day and yet you’re the ones looking at them…

  • SkankyHO

    awww how cute…I love the pictures of Jen and Violet.

  • Bruna Gabriella

    They are beyonde cute!!! I just LOVE this family and how Jen seems devoted to her daughter.

  • angelinammm

    staged or not baby the bonding looks natural
    that child is very happy and that is what matters

  • The Shoveller

    Typical Garner-hating troll, attacking Jen and insulting her for no reason whatsoever – now THAT’S a loser.
    Everyone has their embarassing moments and Jen is no different in that regard – in this case, hers got caught on camera while most others don’t. Jen handles the attention from the hyenas…er, paparazzi well, which is more than the paps deserve.

    Jen is more feminine than you care to admit, you just don’t want to see it because of your preformed (and baseless) bias against her.
    There’s nothing delusional about what I stated.

  • hahah

    Garner >>>> Jolie

  • adorable

    Best celeb mom ever. Hands down.

  • 247

    She is such a good mom!

  • belladonna

    oh….that last picture.
    Violet looks like a little cherub. She has such beautiful almond shaped eyes. She’s going to be a stunner.

  • lainie

    It strikes me as odd that with their income and interest in privacy that they don’t have a lovely playground set in the back of their spacious yard—like so many families do. Why would Jen choose to be so exposed—-unless, sorry to say, these photo ops are contrived. They both have been seen lately in all kinds of ‘cute,’ very strategic scenarios. Kinda suspicious.

    Also, here follows a very ‘interesting’ blind item from the CRAZY DAYS AND CRAZY NIGHTS website—for those of you who are wondering if Ben is managing to keep his demons at bay still..

    #3. This former A list film actor who could maybe move back up has got heat in the past for going to strip clubs. Some say it was even the reason behind at least one relationship going bust. Therefore our actor hides behind the computer. He goes online to webcam girls where he can be who he wants and do what he wants with anyone and there are no repercussions. In 2006 he spent about $50,000 on webcam girls. At $2.00 a minute that would mean he spent about 5% of the year online staring at them.

  • Ashley

    you guys are freakin lame. give the girl a break, she’s just having fun with her kid.

  • The Shoveller

    Ashley | 06/11/2007 at 4:43 am

    “you guys are freakin lame. give the girl a break, she’s just having fun with her kid.”

    Ashley, your bashing of Jen for no reason just reflects what kind of person you really are – jealous, cruel, bitter and small-minded, not to mention ignorant and a brainless sheep.

  • Mediterranean

    I have not seen Violet playing with other kids at the park so far.

    When I want to play with my daughter, we spend time together in the backyard of our house. When she likes to play with other kids, I take her to the park.

    Jen was not followed by the papparazzis a lot before Ben. Now her daughter. I don’t know what to say. Jen and Denise are always around to be seen strangely.

  • Too Much Said

    Hey asswipe, Ashley was defending Garner, not attacking her. Flip the “on” switch on your brain before you write.

  • Too Much Said

    In case anyone’s wondering, I was talking to post 28.

  • Too Much Said

    In case anyone’s wondering, I was replying to post 28 above Mediterranean.

  • http://none Esmee

    It’s always lovely to see how Jen is so devoted to her little girl! She’s just being a MOM-nothing wrong with that. A little worry though – we almost never see Jen&baby with Ben Alfleck in the park…i mean, where is he????! (don’t think he is THAT busy with his career though dunno—Brad Pitt seems much busier in his career but he gets more pics taken with kids u know…just a matter of how much they care about family???)Hope to see more -family of 3- photos taken by x17 for Afleck family!

  • Cheerios

    Another picture of the exact same thing. what are we in a timewarp. Please give it a rest, Jen. Yes, Violet is quite cute but let her pay in her own backyard without the papparazzi in her face. Geez, already.

  • Jill

    Violet isn’t even two. There is nothing wrong with her playing with her mom. I’m sure when she is 4 or 5 Jen will have her enrolled in pre k or something. I think it’s great that Jen takes the time to get out and spend the afternoon with her daughter. She probably realizes that time goes pretty fast and she wants to enjoy every minute she can with her daughter. And Ben is probably at work. And I have a playset in the backyard. All kids love going to the playground. It’s good that Jen doesn’t let the photogs.bother her playtime with violet. She is a wonderful mom!!!

  • Mediterranean

    I was thinking like most of you that Jen likes to take her daughter to the park and the papparazzis are wandering around everywhere to take a photo of any celebrity.

    But then I saw the photos of her with Violet and Ben coming back from somewhere in and out of the airport, I have changed my mind. It was obviously dark and there was a photo of Jen who was putting Violet in her car-seat and the window or most probably the door of car from the child carseat side was widely open. On top of it Jen was posing for the cameras. All the flashes were on Violet’s face and they were close. Please do go back a few pages back on JJ and find that thread. You will understand what I mean. Pardon for my poor English.

  • The Shoveller

    Hey, Too Much Said = Typical hating troll, attacking and insulting for no reason whatsoever – now THAT’S a loser.
    I know a hell of a lot more about Jennifer Garner’s persona than you do or ever will – and THAT is a fact. You, Too Much Said, are a fair-weather “fan”. That could be said about you believing the lie you were told about Jen – and your insistence on claiming it as the truth when you know DAMN WELL that it’s a lie makes you just as stupid as the trolls who infest this board.

  • Rancour

    She can’t use her own backyard coz she wanna be seen in the park as much as she wants till her show about mamas starts. It’s her way to say, ‘look I’m a good mum. I spend good time with my daughter. I’m worth being on that show.’ Typical PR.
    seeing her playing with Violet before was quite nice but now that’s to much. She KNOWS she’s being followed, she knows more pics will be taken of her with Violet in the park so that they can probably be shown on her mamas show to ‘prove’ how good a mother she is.
    There’s no way for her to show ‘this’ if she’s behind her gates in her backyard’s playground or in the villa nursery.

  • grace

    I agree with you Mediterranean.

    I never see Violet playing with other children!I doubt that she has little”friends”.I guess it´s all for the newspapers!Again JG at the park and again,again and again!Can´t she so anything different!When I was a child we did different things my mother NEVER took me everyday to the same park!And when we went there she let me play with the other kids in the sand and let me explore things alone!But Jen is always behing Violet she can´t let her do one step alone!She´s sooooo fake and plays still the girl next door!But in realtiy her new life is created by her managers and all these people behind her!And come one it worked out for Ben aswell!He was the stripper guy,the actor with the bad movies and everybody was annoyed after the JLo thing!Everybody laughs at him and now he is the husband and daddy type!JG was soooo good for his career that´s why this marriage workes out!Both of them won.

  • mimi

    x17 online has a video of V this same day and she was playing with other kids. Of course the paps don’t want to take stills of other kids–so they don’t. I like the way Jen takes her daughter to the park which if you had children you would know is a lot more fun than in the backyard or house.
    What about all those parents who had pictures taken at DisneyLand his weekend: Denise Sheen, Brooke Shields, Mariska Hagitay, Leah Remini, Kobe Bryant. Melissa Hart–they KNEW the paps would be there. I guess that means they’re pimping their kids, right Lainie and Mediterranean ?

    I think the shoveller (#28)meant to say “Lainie” (#26) NOT Ashley. She meant to say:Lainie your bashing of Jen for no reason just reflects what kind of person you really are – jealous, cruel, bitter and small-minded, not to mention ignorant and a brainless sheep.

    Lainie you need a hobby. Don’t worry about Jen and Ben–there are others you can worry about in Darfur, NEw Orleans, your own hometown. Donate all your free time to a good cause to worry about those that need worrying about.

  • grace

    well said Rancour

  • Indie

    Thanks Jared, I havent seen many pics of Violet. She is adorable and looks a lot like her mother. ^_^

  • Laurie

    “A little worry though – we almost never see Jen&baby with Ben Alfleck in the park…i mean, where is he????! (don’t think he is THAT busy with his career”
    Esmee, he has no career, he is not busy:
    But now: Where is super-mommy Garner?

  • grace

    Hey Laurie I totally thought the same thing!I mean of course Ben spends some time with Violet but not often!He is seen with her every 2-3 weeks and now he´s out with her ONE TIME ALONE! and everybody says:”Well,he´s such a good guy and father!”But where´s JG?I bet these two are having some big issues!?JMO

  • grace

    Hey Laurie!I totally thought the same thing!I bet these two got some big issues JMO!

  • Laurie

    grace, I guess Ben wants his own tv show too:” The View for fathers”.

  • S.

    Is there really THE ONE park in LA? She’s, by going to the same park were she knows the paps expect her to be, or were she phones then to meet her is just pimping out the kid. This is low beyond words. I wish somebody gave her a job already.

  • angelinammm

    you guys are silly
    child looks happy are some of you blind
    just because she is famous you think she would alienate her child from normal things
    she wants her daughter to grow up free of this celebrity crap
    she’s down to earth

  • V