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Britney's Sister Dons Orange Jumpsuit

Britney's Sister Dons Orange Jumpsuit

Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney‘s kid sister, rocks out a cute pair of Twelfth Street orange rompers (shorts jumpsuits) by Cynthia Vincent at the world premiere of Nancy Drew on Friday at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Calif.

Jamie-Lynn, 16, co-starred alongside big sis Britney in the coming-of-age road movie Crossroads back in 2002. The singer-actress is best known for starring in the Nickelodeon television series Zoey 101.

10+ pictures inside of Jamie Lynn in rompers…

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jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 01
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 02
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 03
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 04
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 05
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 06
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 07
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 08
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 09
jamie lynn spears shorts jumpsuit 10

Credit: Vince Bucci/Getty, Fernando Allende/Splash News Online
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  • Sarah

    Now why would you to a premiere wearing your pajamas? Do you hate the fact that Emma Roberts got the part and you didn’t, so you wanted to get attention by wearing pyjamas?!

  • Michael C

    Emma Roberts is not much better.


    WOW…She’s wearing like 20 lbs. of makeup…

    Britney 2.0

  • sj

    she doesn’t look that bad. altho those stains on her shirt raise some questions.

  • Indie

    Its hilarious how all you have to do is be the younger sib of an already trashclown singer to get hollywood deals these days.

    Whatever happened to actual talent?

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I’m surprised this Spears hasn’t done anything stupid yet. She seem like a good kid, lets see how long it’ll last.

    Oh yea, Emma Roberts is straight putting the smack down on her

  • Diana

    She has been working with Nichelodeon for a long, long time. I am sure she deserves any success without association to her troubled sister.

  • jack

    she needs to be fucked SO hard./.

  • lololol
  • boohoo

    She has been working with Nichelodeon for a long, long time. I am sure she deserves any success without association to her troubled sister.

    Yeah total bullshit. She’s known as Britney’s sister and got her job because of Britney. Nobody would give a shit about Jamie Lynn without the Spears name attached. They barely give a shit as is. She’s overshadowed by Emma Roberts and others in her age group.

    That being said, Britney was prettier in her prime and had more personality. This girl is just coasting off the fame of someone else…much like the siblings of other stars.

  • bla bla

    TPT just like her sister with all those food stains down her shirt.

  • ann

    Its hilarious how all you have to do is be the younger sib of an already trashclown singer to get hollywood deals these days.

    Whatever happened to actual talent?


    100 million record selling and one of the best selling artists ever trashclown, thank you very much.

  • ann

    Those aren’t food stains. Look like her pajamas are satin. Probably sweat or even finger prints. Regardless she should give it up. I see she has the Spears anti-bra wearing gene as well.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    ann use your brain, did she sell those records because of ‘talent’ or marketing?

  • Indie

    Well ofcourse Ann, all anyone has to do is show off their crotch and dance like a sleeze to sell anything. ^___^

    FYI. Your opinion means jack to me. =)

  • Indie

    Not everyone has one, Famous :(

    Obviously if someone is completely obsessed with a certain celeb, that celeb clearly can do nothing wrong. :rofl:

  • Samantha

    She’s not as cute as Britney used to be. I think Emma Roberts will be the next big starlet in Hollywood.

  • rachel


  • Worldly

    Hopefully, she will not follow in her older sister’s disgusting and deadly chain-smoking habit!

  • babyblue

    she is pretty, but I don’t care about this girl!

  • Prix

    Is it just me, or does she look a lot older than 16?

  • lolz

    Really rachel, or ann or whoever you are? Then why is it that I dont have a problem with other celebs if my only problem is that Im jealous of their fame? Sorry but the celebs I like are much more famous and worthy of my money than the Spears’ will ever be. Please, make sense before you post.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Samantha, I agree with you.

  • mina

    I feel sorry for her having a sister like britney.

  • Sarah

    She has loads of cum stains on her top, what a slut.

  • Sarah

    She’s overshadowed by Emma Roberts and others in her age group.


    I can’t believe you just said that. I’m not sticking up for slutty Jamie-Lynn but do you even realise what you said? You was just nagging Jamie-Lynn for being Britney’s sister and is her only reason why she’s getting work and then you use Emma Roberts who is related to JULIA ROBERTS as an example for overshadowing her. Ever heard of Julia? While we’re at it, she’s at the premiere of Nancy Drew, do you even think Emma would’ve gotten the role if it wasn’t for Julia. Julia probably slept with one of the producers like she did for her other roles.

  • sally

    don’t judge this poor girl by her sister. give her a chance…she could be out partying too but she’s not..

  • Indie

    I’ve never even seen anything of Emma’s therefore I cannot judge. But I remember how ridiculous and embarrassing it was watching Jamie Lynn on All That. My 8 year old nephew used to watch Zoey 101. Im not sure anyone over the age of 13 gives two shits about her “work”.

    Oh, hey Jared. You need to do something about these emotes. I wanna use :whee: and :gonk: too. lol

  • wendy

    That outfit is way inapropriate for a 16 year old, no?

  • Anna

    That looks like something I’d wear to bed… or the beach at best. Talk about low cut, too! She’s only 16!

  • vbn

    kind of looks like she has been doing commmunity service, no? she may not have gotten anything else from her sister but the style sents is similar ( totally wrong!)

  • Brad and Angie FOREVER!!

    Emma Roberts only got the role because she is related to Julia Roberts.

  • ohmy

    Are those things seriously called rompers? I was thinking of the baby-type rompers. You know, that one-piece that has a button at the bottom to allow diaper-changing.

  • kelly

    she looks like Carrie Underwood. I think she has talent and shes making her own way……britney helped in the beginning but her name doesn’t help much these days.

  • Natalie

    It is inappropriate for a 16 year old to wear something that low cut. How does her mom let her go out like that!?

  • sari

    she looks like a younger, tanner version of carrie underwood.

  • shopgirl

    Boy, what a rough crowd! Remember the girl is 16. 16!! I don’t think any of us were fashion queens when we were 16!!! That said, her outfit is cute and totally age appropraite. And FYI it is not stained, that’s the effecf of the shimmery fabric. Let’s give the girl a break! She has a full time job (her show on nick – zoey 101) & she’s still in high school. Picking on kids which is what she is at 16 is not cool.

  • Christine

    wow. she has no lips. someone should have done a wardrobe sheck before she stepped into the spotlight. makes her looks stupid smiling for the photogs with whatever that crap is on her shirt.

  • Fat-girl

    DAMN!!! You people are awful hard on this kid and as of yet she hasn’t done anything stupid, she’s cute and will probably have a decent career. She’s got a prime example of what NOT to do right in front of her so there’s no excuse if she f*cks up.

  • tiredofbs18

    I pray so hard that she does not go the direction of her sister. Her no bra concept makes me think my prayers are failing though. :C

  • Jen

    You guys are pathetic. Just because she is Britney’s sister means shit. She has talent herself…britney isn’t the only one on earth who is going to be able to do things because she is talented. Francly, Britney isn’t really that great either. Jamie Lynn can act…if you watched her show you would see that. She can also sing circles around Britney. She will prove that once she has a cd. And for ur info, incase some of you don’t know…Emma Roberts is the DAUGHTER OR ACTOR ERIC ROBERTS and the NIECE of JULIA roberts…so why aren’t ya’ll saying crap about her being her because of her famous family? She is NOT overshadowing Jamie Lynn. Emma is just doing more because she wants to. She is actually being kinda dumb because she is rushing to do so much and she is missing out on a normal childhood. Jamie Lynn on the other hand attends school at home, hangs with her friends at home, goes to prom, has a boyfriend like normal teenagers. She knows she doesn’t have to rush. She does her thing in the summer with Zoey. So before anyone says anything rude like should check your facts beforehand :)

  • Sarah

    Jamie-Lynn has talent, Jen? Oh wow, her starring roles on Nick TV really prove that. *roll*

  • yeah yeah

    Umm that is a pretty slutty out-fit for a 16 yr. old. Let’s all ruin her like we did Britany!lol!

  • Indie

    Sounds like you have far to much time on your hands there Jen. I mean, to know all that useless information on Jamie Lynn Spears? lol.

    Yeah she can act alright, in a 12 year olds mind. Let me know when she wins that academy award xD

  • Jennie

    Why do you guys hate on her? Yeah, she may of gotten a head start for being Britney Spear’s little sister, but don’t compare her to Emma Roberts. Because she also got her famed from her well famous aunt, Julia. All in all, they were related to a famous sister and aunt. Though, I don’t think Emma has much talent, wasn’t a fan of her show on Nick. Either way, they worked hard for their fame. And her outfit is satin, so the stain was probably there because of the heat causing her to sweat. In case most of you might of blocked out, it isn’t winter outside anymore. It’s scorching hot.

  • hey

    Did this girl have work done on her face? A nose job perhaps?

  • Cyndi

    what stain some of you biatching about? She looks beautiful. Funny how when you can’t find any dirt on someone, you drag her relative wild reputation in the tabs and suppose cat fight with another teeny popper ;)

  • Jenn

    I wish Jamie would have beat the crap out of Emma Roberts, I can’t stand her! It’s not Jamie-Lynn’s fault she has a white trash whore for a sister. Britney is a washed up train wreck! TEAM Jamie-Lynn :)

  • Yily

    Way prettier than her old sister, Britney Spears! Jamie looks like a star unlike her cheeto-red bull-drinking sister, who looks like trailer trash. jamie is going to be a superstar someday.

  • watched her show b4

    I’ve seen zoey 101, my kids watch it. She’s not that bad,probably the best of the bunch. I’ve also seen unfabulous (emmas show) OMG she sings in every single episode! and it’s sooo bad, she’s the worst actress on her show, i’m surprised she got the nancy drew role