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Paul Sculfor Gets Posh Treatment

Paul Sculfor Gets Posh Treatment

Victoria Beckham hits up the rock-western chop house Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip on Friday with British model pal Paul Sculfor (Jennifer Aniston‘s new man) and fellow ex-Spice Girl Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice.

Also along for the ride: Victoria‘s BFF make-up girl, Marie Louise Featherstone, who reportedly dated Sculfor several years back.

There was no sign of Aniston during the evening but Sculfor has been on a date or two with her. The pair were last photographed together during Memorial Day weekend having a romantic dinner in Santa Monica, Calif.

Beckham and Brown, who both now have residences in Los Angeles, cheered a friend on as she rode the mechanical bull at the Saddle Ranch.

Posh wore a black cardigan and a super short striped skirt. The former Spice Girl finished off her look with a pair of peep-toe ankle boots and the Jimmy Choo Rio Oversize Clutch.

Moral of the story: Hook up with Jennifer Aniston for a guest-starring role in Victoria Beckham‘s reality TV show.

15+ pictures inside of Posh and Paul

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Photos: Team Beckham/Splash News Online
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  • Yily

    Nobody even know who Paul Sculfor is until he was romantically linked to Jennifer Aniston. Now here he is hanging out with Posh Beckham and Melanie Brown. Maybe they’re old friends or new ones in the making. We need to find out more about this guy and if he is really involve with Jennifer Aniston. He kind of look like Brad Pitt but younger looking. This could be the guy for Jennifer. She needs a hot looking man and this guy definitely delivers.

  • Jennie

    He’s good looking, but I don’t believe the story. They can be friends.

  • Yily

    I agree. The media tend to blow things out of proportion. Just because Jennifer Aniston went out with this guy for dinner doesn’t mean they’re in a committed relationship. But I hope this story is true. I think they make a good looking couple.

  • lies

    Paul and Jennifer ARE NOT dating. They are not romantic. IT IS A FAKE REALTIONSHIP for media attention while she sorts things out. Same with that loudmouth closeted queer, Vaughn. Wait and see. It is soon.

  • lies

    very soon

  • whatever

    They aren’t dating. The rep denied it. This was just dinner and they were pretending to date for a media image. It was a setup by Huvane, the publicist. Same with Vaughn. People were never meant to guess who she was with on memorial day, but they traced him, now they have to deny it. Embarassing for them. Jen has big plans hidden. This isn’t it.

  • opap

    Sculfor just did this for the PR. Jen needed a cover like Vaughn. Memorial Day was really “Huvane Media Manipulation Day”.

  • Louisa

    victoria knows paul from years back. he used to date her best mate maria-louise, and they all grew up near each other on the hertfordshire/essex boarder just outside london. maria-louise and paul have stayed really good friends since they split, and this isn’t the first time they’ve all been out to dinner together.

  • Tina

    Victoria’s “make up girl”, Marie-Louise is actually her best friend, she has known her all her life…and Marie-Louise used to date Paul. It’s not just a random get-together for the reality show.

  • nokia

    i think vic and paul know each other for a while.. they both are from england..vic looks like she is having a good hotness.. i think he is hotter than brad pitt.. what about u ppl? which hotter?brad or paul..


    He looks like he has just been beaten up.

  • Yily

    thanks louisa for the paul sculfor mini-bio. i read somewhere that he’s a model but i haven’t really seen any of his work. and somebody here comment that this so called hook up was just for media attention but I don’t think Jennifer Aniston is at all like that. She’s too mature and too huge already a star to fake a relationship so she can make headlines in the news. I think Jennifer and Paul are just friends. Never trust the sources from PEOPLE magazine. Most of their articles are completely false.

  • I know

    Yily: you are wrong. I know

  • mysterysolved

    now we have the answer to why he has been allegedly hooked up with jennifer aniston. he needed to get his name out before the show aired and what better way than to be linked to a well known celebrity? seeing how not many actresses are available in hollywood and even fewer are willing to disgrace themselves by faking a set up, there you have it. they both needed the publicity so it’s a win-win situation… or so they thought. bravo to them for thinking the public is stupid enough to fall for this shameless stunt.

  • all lies

    Yily: you are wrong, I know. It was for show. That is why it was public and not serious. They didn’t sleep together either.

  • Yily

    Its kind of interestng that a week ago nobody even know who this guy is. Now, everybody knows his name just because he’s reportedly been “dating” Jennifer Aniston. What is this? Is he using her for publicity to further his career? Whatever it is, now a lot of people are questioning his motives and if this “relationship” will last.

  • !!!! exclamation-mark happy!!!

    wow posh is an astute bussiness woman, first she got porno kim k to do a cameo when kim had her 15 secs of fame after the porno release…now paul whats-his-name when there is heightened media focus on him due to his relationship w/aniston. well done posh! , nicely played!.

    good to know she still has enough calories to work her brains!!

    the shoes= HOT!!
    outfit= low class

  • Marta

    one of the most ugly shoes i’ve ever seen
    talking ofcourse about Victoria shoes.

  • yara

    Posh a Mel B are cool, they seem to have a great time thogether. Paul is a gorgeous

  • Jess

    God, this woman bugs the **** outta me! Has she ever had her picture taken where she is actually smiling??!!?!? She seems so mannequin-esque and snobbish. She should’ve been the one to be called Scary Spice….

  • Eathan

    Jess, it’s obvious you haven’t even looked at the pictures, if you did, you would see that she actually DOES smile in them!

    Fucking bitch!

  • Ah

    EXCLUSIVE: Friends tell how he snorted line with Kate

    By Jane Atkinson
    JENNIFER Aniston’s new fella was a raging cocaine fiend who snorted the drug with Kate Moss before they met Nelson Mandela, the News of the World can reveal.

    And pals of Brit Paul Sculfor warned the Friends actress to walk away from the relationship before she gets hurt.

    One told us: “Jennifer should get out while she can. If he can behave like that, what kind of person is he?”

    Friends revealed male model Sculfor, a former Essex roofer, has a sordid past that centred on an astonishing £450-a-day cocaine habit. They say:

    TRIED to bed All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, but was so out of it on cocaine that he ended up with her band-mate Shaznay Lewis.

    TOOK six months drug rehab, compared to the normal 28 days, because his coke addiction was so bad.

    NEEDS daily treatment to stay off it three years after beating his habit.

    ENJOYS controlling women and is a serial womaniser.

    Sculfor and supermodel Kate became friends after he won a competition to become a model in 1997, snorting cocaine whenever they could — even before meeting a revered figure like Mandela in 1998.

    Their agency Storm organised a fashion show in Cape Town which featured Paul, Kate and Naomi Campbell. Afterwards, they were invited to a reception at Mr Mandela’s home.

    Our source said: “Kate and Paul were doing line after line of coke backstage then going down the catwalk as if they were fine.

    “Afterwards they went to the Table Bay Hotel because they ran out of cocaine, and topped themselves up before going to Mandela’s.

    “As Mandela was inviting guests into his house Kate nipped into a toilet and started doing cocaine. I remember Paul telling me, ‘We were totally wrecked. Kate and I were so off our heads we couldn’t remember what we said to Nelson Mandela. And we couldn’t stop laughing about it’.”

    Jennifer, 38, who divorced Brad Pitt two years ago, has rarely dated since splitting up with actor Vince Vaughn last October.

    She is said to be smitten with Sculfor, 36, who spent a night at her LA mansion this month. She may not be aware of his murky past.

    Our source said: “Paul had a huge cocaine problem, taking about £450 of it a day. It turned him paranoid. He would tape up all his windows and hide away because he heard noises.”

    Sculfor finally checked into The Priory Clinic in Southgate, north London, at the beginning of 2004.

    The source added: “Most people attend a 28-day programme but he needed six months to get sorted. He had a rich friend to pay for it. Afterwards he went to Cocaine Anonymous every day. He’s still a regular and meditates every day to try to stay clean.”

    Sculfor’s addictive personality spilled over into his love-life too as he bedded a string of famous beauties.

    He became friendly with All Saints at the height of their success in 1999 and was desperate to bed their singer Nicole Appleton in revenge at her boyfriend at the time, Robbie Williams.

    One source told us: “Robbie had been rude to Paul so he thought having sex with his girlfriend would get up his nose. He planned to make his move but on the night took so much cocaine he didn’t know what he was doing and ended up with Shaznay.

    “He woke up and couldn’t believe it. He is obsessed with dating celebrities. He was engaged to Lisa Snowdon, who dumped him for cheating on her, and dated DJ Lisa I’Anson and Victoria Hervey.”

    It was at a London acting school that Sculfor picked up a string of women including Elaine Tan, EastEnders’ scheming Li Chong.

    Our source said: “He was vile to her. They met when he was dating glamour model Ebony. He dumped Ebony for Elaine but made her pay for it every second of their relationship.

    “He was an utter control freak. If she didn’t do as he told her he would scream his head off at her.


    “He seemed charismatic, charming and wonderful when you first met him. He even managed to charm Kylie Minogue when he met her in Browns nightclub in London. They danced and he left with her. He claims things happened but I never knew if he was lying.”

    Our source added: “Paul loves to be in the limelight. It will be like a dream come true being with Jennifer because she is a sexy American celebrity who puts him on the A-list.”

    Last night another friend of Sculfor said: “Paul has worked hard to get his life straight. The relationship with Jennifer is the icing on the cake.”

  • Ah

    lies | 06/10/2007 at 5:34 am

    Paul and Jennifer ARE NOT dating. They are not romantic. IT IS A FAKE REALTIONSHIP for media attention while she sorts things out. Same with that loudmouth closeted *****, Vaughn. Wait and see. It is soon.


    What does this have to do with Vaughn? Are you trying to say that both Aniston and Vaughn are gay?

  • angelinammm

    so he’s a user

  • anon

    Aniston is straight. Vaughn is in the closet.

  • anon

    aniston is straight

  • syoung

    She went on a date a couple times with a good
    looking guy. Big deal. She’s a smart lady she
    isn’t going to get in a mess. She really
    doesn’t seem to care much for publicity unless
    she is promoting a event. However I can’t
    see her with this crowd.

  • indiesr

    Hey I thought this post was suppose to be about Posh…:lol:

  • Andy

    Gee, I didn’t know that if you have dinner
    with someone you are a couple. Jen has kept
    a low profile here lately, we have hardly
    seen her. She’s a classy lady and intelligent
    enough to protect herself. She’ll take
    her time getting into any relationship.

  • Indie

    Its tiresome how almost everytime Brad & Angelina are brought up in the media so is Jenn, and vice versa.

    One day I was watching E! THS Angelina and then right after it was E! THS Jennifer Aniston. And it wasnt just the one time, many times when the AJ one is one, the JA one follows right behind.

    Its like, cant the media talk about one without discussing the other, just once. I want to look at these people without seeing some ridiculous three ring circus and a relationship that ended over two years ago.

    I like Brad, Angelina aswell as Jenn. I base my opinions on my own preference on acting abilities and story lines, not on who’s sleeping with who and how this one cheated on that one. Thats their business, not mine. Because I do watch and read about AJ I have learned about the problems in third world countries (something I realy hadnt cared about, or even realy knew about), and I like her films. And JA makes me lol on Friends.

    Regarding JA & PS; The other day Julianna Depandi said “Maybe they will soon be known as Pauliston.” :roll: :| Give me a break. Just because someone is (or *might* be) sleeping with someone doesnt mean they need to become a blended name now. Thats idiotic.

  • xindi
  • age

    come on, the guy is hot-yes, but he’s an aging male-model in a youth-obsessed industry??? i’ve been sure what the british people think of posh–is she well liked & respected over there, or is she seen as a joke (like she is here…c-list star at best???)

  • Anonymous

    Paul dated Maria very many years ago when he, Maria and Victoria lived in Essex. Maria is Posh’s best friend from way back in the 5th grade. They broke up amicably but have stayed friends. Paul has a past that is coming out now. I don’t see Jen in any long-term with him.


    LOL..SO he’s probably Aniston’s cocaine dealer!

    that brit stuff must be good!

  • also

    Jen will probably more connected to the Beckhams, she likes England a lot, she even watches Eastenders and the Beckhams moved close to her house in LA.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Now this Sculfor guys a celebrity? Haha Pathetic

  • Diana

    In these real life pictures he looks quite haggard and old … Will these be his 15 minutes of fame?

  • Anonymous

    As a side note, folks, there is a most interesting blind items posted June 6th on Crazy Days and Nights. It is so obviously Aniston and Vaughn, down to the inth. It seems that Vaughn’s kid from his last summer fling, probably in Montana when he was filming, was born a few weeks ago. If you get a chance, read it and see what YOU think. This is why Aniston dumped him. Those of you who say that Jennifer’s big news is soon – you keep saying that, but you never post what it is. WHAT IS IT?

  • trapped in a man’s body

    6 whatever | 06/10/2007 at 5:37 am
    They aren’t dating. The rep denied it. This was just dinner and they were pretending to date for a media image. It was a setup by Huvane, the publicist. Same with Vaughn. People were never meant to guess who she was with on memorial day, but they traced him, now they have to deny it. Embarassing for them. Jen has big plans hidden. This isn’t it.
    take your meds you mental case

  • brad’s lung cancer

    Thanks Jared!
    I love to see the loonies cry.

  • Anonymous

    People, unlike the rest of the mags, is more careful with what they print. They devoted four pages to Jen and this guy. They said that Courtney Cox had joined them for dinner at the Tower Hotel and that they had been seeing a lot of each other and that they had hung out tomorrow all of Memorial Day weekend. I think Jennifer got wind of his sordid past and put out the statement and killed the connection. Just saying.

  • Curiousgal

    What???? No sex on the first date!!!
    Brad was really lonely then…But this new guy is probably for the fame game…
    Please, Jen get your head together…Drink more a**smartwater.

  • marmalade

    Someone asked what the UK perception is of Victoria Beckham- so I thought being a tiny bit culturally savvy about that sort of thing here I’d have a go at answering….

    Victoria: Posh, or Wictoria Beckham as is more usula to call her these days is massively well known here not only because of her pop career (ahem!) but also mostly as wife of arguably the country’s top sportsman. He’s definitely far more popular than she is in the sense that he can and does get away with more but isn’t that always the case when it’s male versus female?
    I think I would say although she has her hater critics overall she’s fairly well liked and respected, not loved but then again we don’t ‘love’ anyone over here- we think we’re far too cool and ironic to love our celebs So in that context ‘well liked’ is doing well.
    She’s constantly written about in the tabloids and although we don’t have many of the celebrity tabloid type TV shows that the US have- if we did I’m sure they’d be full of her too.

    Jen: Ms Aniston is popular with a certain section of the population who loved her TV show (repeats are endless on some TV channels)- and also some poor weak women who identified with the (IMO false)story she spun about her marriage.
    Have never met anyone who is a fan of hers based on her from film career- but hey you can’t have everything Jen. 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.
    In fact even when this charade about her marriage gets revealed and/or seeps into the public perception they will still showing Friends on TV I’m sure, so she’ll always have that .Chin Up

    Paul Sculfor: Complete unknown (cept in his own head or certain specialist circles.. The Spice Girls had the right expression for him – he a ‘Wannabe’

  • anon

    They are DEFINALTLY not a couple. They did not sleep together. Neither with Vaughn. This is ALL DONE for publicity while Jen made plans with her real partner. The real story begins soon, finally!

  • Anonymous

    Anon 11/20 – Jen and Vaughn started up in August 2005. You meant to tell me you want me to believe that she’s been making plans with her new partner all this time – 2 years. Give me a break. You don’t know any more than the rest of us and we are clueless.

  • Yowza

    43 anon | 06/10/2007 at 11:20 am

    They are DEFINALTLY not a couple. They did not sleep together. Neither with Vaughn. This is ALL DONE for publicity while Jen made plans with her real partner. The real story begins soon, finally!


    Oh please. If you have something to say just come out and say it and stop with the cryptic BS because NO one believes you

  • brad’s lung cancer

    43 anon | 06/10/2007 at 11:20 am
    They are DEFINALTLY not a couple. They did not sleep together. Neither with Vaughn. This is ALL DONE for publicity while Jen made plans with her real partner. The real story begins soon, finally!

    seriously….see a professional…get some help
    you do not know Jennifer Aniston
    you can not read her mind
    you have no idea what is going on in her life

    try to get a life of your own and stop obsessing about her.

  • Samantha

    I also think Jen is faking her new romance. She’s jealous of all the attention Brad and Angelina received at the Cannes film festival. Suddenly she’s promoting Smart Water and supposedly has a new boyfriend. She can’t face the fact that she’s a failed movie actress with no man.

  • Yowza

    I’m not sure she’s faking it but it’s clear this guy and Beckham probably contacted People before Huvane did. Huvane probably planted the Santa Monica dinner thing and Posh being the famewhore she is went with it as did this guy.

    If you would of told me two years ago that Jennifer Aniston would be caught up in this C/D list celebrity BS I never would of believed it. How the mighty have fallen.

    She should fire her publicist and go back to Patricl Westshill

  • Yowza

    Sorry Patrick Whitesall