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Scary Spice Takes Baby For Paternity Test

Scary Spice Takes Baby For Paternity Test

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown carries her 2-month-old daughter Angel Iris into a Los Angeles medical office for a DNA test on Monday in a bid to prove that Eddie Murphy is her father.

Murphy was also due to appear in court today to submit to a paternity test, UK’s The Sun reports.

Mel knows the baby is Eddie‘s and can’t believe it has got to this point where she has to force him to acknowledge there is a chance he could be the father,” a source tells The Sun.

The source adds: “At least this way they will know officially whether Eddie is the daddy or not and move on from there. This isn’t about the money, it’s about Angel knowing for sure who her dad is.”

We shall soon know who Angel Brown‘s baby daddy is!!

UPDATE: Pictures added of Eddie Murphy dressed in a spiffy suit and sunglasses, leaving the Roxbury Medical Center in Beverly Hills after just taking his DNA test. When asked if he’d support Angel if he was the father, Eddie told reporters, “Absolutely. I’ll do the right thing.”

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58 Responses to “Scary Spice Takes Baby For Paternity Test”

  1. 1
    walala Says:

    y does eddie murphy not believe the child is his :/ confused…

  2. 2
    [Famous Fug Face] Says:

    Mel’s looking good. Eddie bout to get his ass handed to him, ni99a better get that check book ready! lol

  3. 3
    Pretty lady&her baby Says:

    I like both of them and that baby is a cutie pie.Eddie if you are the baby’s father,please do the right thing.aaawwww that baby is so precious.

  4. 4
    g. Says:

    By the way Jared,I know we can give you migraines,but we love your site.Its an addiction.Above the rest.When Im working at home I have to remember to work and not read and post and vice versa,its so hard!Love you JJ smootches xoxoxoxoxo…..

  5. 5
    vijay Says:

    i heart her gucci sunglasses. the weave has got to go though. i hope she proves what she wants to prove so her child can get the proper support that is due.

  6. 6
    yara Says:

    every women especially every child deserve some respect and we hope that justice works. We are with Mel and her child

  7. 7
    be Says:

    First he claims he wants a blood test and then refuses to get the DNA so the court now forces him to!! What gives???? I hope Scary takes his a$$ to the cleaners. You just don’t do that to a woman. Thanks for all the drama though. All this could have been done privately if it wasn’t for his non-glove wearing blabbing a$$. Eddie, you gon get what’s coming to you.

  8. 8
    GirlEsq Says:

    It’s a minor point, but the poor girl doesn’t know how to use a carseat; she removed both the carseat and the base. You’d think that she’d have enough Spice Girl $$ to pay someone to help her out with such things.

  9. 9
    rancour Says:

    Sheesh. Another publicity *****.

    I used to feel sorry for her but C’mon! In England she’s been all over the trashoids, saying the same story over and over again. We KNOW he’s the daddy. We get it. We’re sorry he dumped you while you were still pregnant. We know he’s a dic khead. But it’s gone for too long.

    Get that DNA test done and ******* move on! Laugh at his silly selfish face and bring your sweet baby up without that ******* dickhead ‘cos you can do it without his help.

    Liz Hurley done it and she’s even happier now in her life. She didn’t and no longer need Bing’s money to bring her son up.

    Stop harassing EM coz u’r looking more like a desperate broke girl who’s after the bling bling when you know yourself you ain’t that.

    Sheesh! Where’s the old ‘GIRL POWER’ gone???

  10. 10
    Stella Says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with requesting a DNA test to prove paternity. That being said, I believe that Angel Brown is Eddie’s daughter.

  11. 11
    Randi Says:

    He’s a scumbag.

  12. 12
    Eathan Says:

    It was about time!

    She looks phenomenal offcourse!

  13. 13
    Indie Says:

    I dont know what to think of either one as I never paid much attention to either of their work.

    Ofcourse because their is an innocent child involved I hope for the best for her atleast. ^_^

  14. 14
    [Famous Fug Face] Says:

    Indie, of course you never paid much attention to either of their work, because you’re a racist! If they were white you would know everything about them. Why don’t you just admit it, you hate black people.

    Wanna see us in chains don’t you?!?!

  15. 15
    be Says:

    Eddie is the one who brought all this mess to public fodder in the first place and so he should just suck up to it. I hope Scary never stops singing about it from roof tops and we’ll see who’s got egg all over their faces. I’ll never look at this man the same again, ever.

  16. 16
    cutie pie Says:

    who hasnt heard of eddie murphy bet you heard of don imus

  17. 17
    cutie pie Says:

    what dummy hasnt heard of eddie murphy bet you heard of don imus?

  18. 18
    Hottest Couple Ever Says:

    #15 be

    ITA. Eddie Murphy has very poor character.

  19. 19
    baifan Says:

    I think Eddie is a great actor, i am so disappointed to learn that he is not that great in person. :-(

  20. 20
    Didi Says:

    after all this hullaballoo it’d be funny if it wasn’t Eddie’s

  21. 21
    Indie Says:

    Excuse me famous fug, do NOT tell me what I am, when you dont even ******* know me.

    Considering I spend a lot of time researching Malawi so hopefully my husband and I can adopt from there when our lives are more grounded, I hardly think so.

    My best friend and roomate is also black.

    Angelina Jolie, who happens to have a BLACK child and Halle Berry are my favorite actress’ Ignorant dipshit.

    Just because Eddie Murphy is not someone I realy know about it does not make me a racist, so back the **** off.

  22. 22
    littlebit Says:

    [Famous Fug Face] I am not a fan of either of their work, I am white, but not racist, what a thing to say….you must be one of those people that just have to be so negative..its all over JJ, and quite frankly, if JJ doesn’t do anything about it, I will find another site to look at this stuff on.

    Back on subject, I hope the best for the baby, that is all that I am worried about…and the mother does need some lessons, that is also the first thing I noticed, the carseat AND the base…anyways, best of luck to the baby!

  23. 23
    Indie Says:

    I also wouldnt give a **** about their child if I was a racist. Maybe you should use YOUR brain, eh?

  24. 24
    [Famous Fug Face] Says:

    littlebit, STFU and mind yours.

    Indie, Lmfaooo Rage much..

    I was kidding, you know – Busting your balls. [Clooney-Pitt] style. Lmao Don’t shoot me.

    Geez that was easy.

  25. 25
    lol Says:

    thats one fugly woman. Uhohz looks like Im a big fat racist! Even though I am a proud african woman. :)

  26. 26
    Indie Says:

    You wanna joke around with me? Im all for it, but because this is the net and it lacks the emotion I cant be sure, which is why I tend to throw around a lot of lol’s when Im joking around.

    Though I just cant find the racist stuff funny in the least. Africa is one of my biggest passions, so that hurt.

    Sorry that I insulted you.

  27. 27
    why? Says:

    why does she so desperately want to prove eddie is the father? i don’t think i want my child to know about a father who doesn’t even want to acknowledge her existence. what good does that do to the child’s self-esteem? is it for money? does she need money?

  28. 28
    PinkRose Says:

    Why is everyone ragging on Eddie.

    Maybe it wasn’t an exclusive relationship (or Eddie thought it wasn’t) and just wants to be sure. Nothing wrong with that.

    Why didn’t she make sure she was protected?? That’s a part of GIRL POWER…TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.

    Also, she obviously wants the publicity because everything she does with this baby, she makes sure it is in the public domain. How many other women have paternmity suits without calling a photographer and a gossip columnist.

    Even if I wanted to embarass Eddy Murphy, I wouldn’t do it because my daughter has to live with this garbage for the rest of her life. Mel could still have gone after
    Eddie and kept it private.

    That being said, her sticktoittiveness kind of tells me Eddie is the father.

  29. 29
    yara Says:

    27 money is not everything!! and he doesnt want to know about is daughter so he has to pay for that, if he doesnt pay with love pays with his million dollar. Go MEL

  30. 30
    Sija Says:

    First of all, she looks fantastic.

    And she was on ONE magazine saying what she had to say and then she SHUT her mouth and never said one bad word about that ******* ******* that Eddie the twat happens to be.

    She does NOT need any money, it’s just for the child, Angel Iris deserves to know who her father is AND he can’t go and treat women like that. He needs to be humiliated in front of the whole world for what he’s done and asking for a test was the only thing Melanie could do.

    I can’t wait until they finally let it be known wether if he’s the dad or not. And in case it’s him, and I’m sure that’s how it’s going to be, I hope he’ll be humiliated just like Mel B was. He basically called her a hooker on live TV for God’s sake.

  31. 31
    Indie Says:

    27, Sometimes money isnt the issue, its the principle. If she is his daughter he needs to step up and take responsibilty for her. Thats what she is most likely saying.

    I know a young woman who’s father wasnt a part of her life when she was growing up, and for the longest time she was angry with her mother for not doing the same thing this woman is. A child has a right to know who his or her father is.

  32. 32
    Sija Says:

    PinkRose… how exactly do you know that Melanie calls the paps and tabloid columnists whenever she does something with her baby?

    You DO know who spoke publicly about this, right? It was Eddie the *******, so even if Melanie was doing all that, it’d still be fine and she would still be a way better person than him.

    Also, i don’t think she needs any of this kind of publicity at all, she’s been on every ******* magazine/newspaper and that was ONLY because he opened his mouth to speak bullshit.

    Oh, and for what she said on the OK! Magazine interview, it WAS an exclusive relationship, and also, they BOTH wanted a kid together, so I guess wearing a condom would have been a bit stupid if both of them, according to what Melanie said, wanted a child.

  33. 33
    Bendy Says:

    Eddie Murphy spoke only once about the DNA test( in Germany) and never said anything else after that. Melanie Brown went to every single Mag that would want to know about her story to cry a river. We only know one side of the story; Mel’s.
    Eddie Murphy is a private person and nothing proves he wanted another baby after his recent divorce.
    My bet is Mel saw a rich A list celeb and started to have princess dreams: Mariage, money, children,red carpet,photo shots etc… but it didn’t happen this way. We don’t know what happened between these two to push Eddie to dump her. It’s ******* lame what he did to her since she was pregnant but there’s must be a reason and we will never know. Like someone suggested, they must have been in an exclusive relationship( something Mel B denies. Still, it her side of the story) Lol, this definitely reminds me of the Hurley-Bing situation.

    Now, once the baby was born, Mel was hoping Eddie won’t ask for the DNA test but he did through his PA and Mel was shocked ( this is what she said to the mags.) She named the baby after him( gosh she’s so desperate. I know so many single women out there, angry with their baby daddy who will never give the name to the baby, but I guess Mel B hoped Murphy will approves and ask her to come back to her.)
    Few weeks later she was angry that Murphy hasn’t signed the birth certificate yet- of course he couldn’t since he’s expecting the DNA resulst first– and said she would take him to court to force him to take a DNA test so he can face his responsibilities! ROFL! Such a 2-face *****.

    I agree with some posters who said, some women do move on and don’t expect from the baby daddy. Yes, Liz Hurley is a great example. She shamed Bing and never asked for a dime. I think Mel B should do the same and proves to Murphy that her and Angel don’t need him in their lives. But my bet is she won’t do that. She must broke. She needs some cash. And her dreams are shattered. But her baby is the best thing that ever happened to her: she may not marry Eddie Murphy but she’ll surely suck him dry for the next 21 years.

  34. 34
    Bendy Says:

    Sorry I omitted ‘non’ next to exclusive in my above post. I wanted to say Mel B and EM might have been in a non-exclusive relationship.

  35. 35
    Kellie Says:

    Awwww, I love that the baby seat is leopard print. So Scary Spice!!

    You make him pay Mel!

    Though personally I think she and Angel are better off without the scoundrel!

  36. 36
    Sija Says:

    Bendy, you’re talking bullshit. Mel talked to one magazine ONLY, and Eddie is not such a private person if he finds it so easy to say those things on TV. It was such a private issue.

    And trust me, the Spice Girls earned Mel enough money for the rest of her life.

  37. 37
    julia weinstein Says:

    eddie thinks he’s cute. money sure does decieve folx.

  38. 38
    ALI Says:

    That poor child

  39. 39
    Dirty Denise Says:

    2 [Famous Fug Face] | 06/11/2007 at 6:41 pm
    Mel’s looking good. Eddie bout to get his ass handed to him, ni99a better get that check book ready! lol

    What your datgum language.

  40. 40
    be Says:

    I agree with Siga, EDDIE is about to join the Steve Bing scumbag alumnis. Scary is not only fighting for her daughter to know her dad but also to clear her name which he went and smeared shi*t all over it by calling her a hooker in so many words on national TV and dumping her at the same time for the whole world to see while she was pregnant. Whatever was going on btn them there was no need for that. Whatever his concerns were he could have handled it in an adult dignified way. I really hope Scary doesn’t do the Liz Hurley and refuse to take the money, why should he get away with such insults? Take him to the cleaners Scary, you go girl.

  41. 41
    Violette Says:

    What a jackass behaving that way!

  42. 42
    Jinx Says:

    I can’t believe people are annoyed with Mel B over this

    For a start she thought she was in a serious committed relationship, both sets of kids were together constantly and behaved as a family on mass

    She was back in LA pregnant, and he was in Europe on TV sayingthey had broken up and questioning the paternity, and she went into shock

    He then ignored her and communicate through lawyers only, and he wouldn’t eve do the paternity test in private, so it went public becuase he had to be dragged to court

    She has not actually been directly quated slagging Eddie off, other than to express her shock and dissappoinmtent, but the papers are rehashing her comments over and over, becuase the results will be coming soon

    I think she is entitled to prove it for sure, for her sake and the baby’s sake, becuase he suggested she was not exclusive, on TV in public.If anyone has behaved badly and forced this into the public it is Eddie

    I am personally gutted, because of the two, I loved Eddie’s body of work more, and have respected him, in the past…its a shame

  43. 43
    Sarah Says:

    Why does she think everyone cares? She’s a mediawhore and Eddie Murphy sucks.

  44. 44
    Manolo Says:

    er… where did eddie murphy call scary spice a hooker? can someone provides a link please? i only remember what was all over the papers. eddie murphy was sayin’I don’t know whose this child is. And then somethin’ about the dna test and then he called the journalist pretentious, ehehe, and this was after the journalist asked him a question about sacry spice and their child. did he call his ex a hooker?? I don’t remember readin’ this anywhere. i saw a lot of tabloids with Scary spice’story talkin’ about eddie though but never heard what eddie has to say.
    what he did is quite insultin’. but i was thinkin what if they split up up before she returned to england? it’s quite possible. maybe they wanted to keep it quiet but eddie blew the story out first in that interview and this enraged scary bec he humiliated her.
    and why did it take so long for them to do this dna test? he wants to do it, she doesn’t want to, then he doesn’t want to, then she wants to…ehehe now it’s done.

  45. 45
    Bendy Says:

    Eddie wanted the DNA test. Mel B didn’t want it. When Angel was born, Mel B hoped he wouldn’t ask, but his lawyers ask her and she said she was shocked that Eddie was still harassing her about it. So she kept on delaying it for some reasons.

    There was a time when she complained that EM wasn’t signing the birth certificate and she went public about it. But I think it was because, Eddie was privately pestering her about the DNA and she didn’t want to do it. So out of anger, she also went public and let the whole word know that she’s taking Eddie to court to face his responsibilities. How could he if he wasn’t even sure if Angel is his? So this was just a ruse for Mel B to prove he’s the one refusing to take the DNA test whereas he’s the one who’s always been asking about it.
    If you google their names you can see the articles all over the net about it since this all saga started.

    And to Sija. I’m not talking bullshit. Mel B opened her mouth so many times and has been on the cover of more than ONE mag. It’s become so ridiculous. People know the baby is Eddie Murphy’s. Angel’s his spitting image( but lighter)But Mel is a publicity ***** and she likes attention. People feel sorry enough for her so she doesn’t need to exagerate!

    As for Eddie, yes, he’s a private person. After Germany, we never heard anything from him until yesterday at the clinique, according to Jared’s article. He could have gone to a mag too and give his side of the story but he never did that. Even Bing used to be all over the mags. Eddie is not like that.

    I like Mel, I feel bad for her, but I know she’ll win this coz she’s gonna suck the guy dry if it turns out Angel’s is his child. However what I can’t stand it’s her bragging on and on and on and on about the whole thing when we know the truth already, which will be revealed in few days.

  46. 46
    yara Says:

    Mel is fighting for her rights. she didn´t made the baby alone. Edd has to be responsible for the baby too. and if he doesnt pay with love make him pay with money. that’s all.

  47. 47
    Sija Says:

    Melanie was on the cover of many magazines JUST like Eddie, darling. It doesn’t mean they gave interviews to ANY of them. I guess you don’t really know how they work, but magazines can perfectly pick up on a story and put it on their cover even if the interview wasn’t sold to them, and that’s exactly what they’ve all done apart from OK! which did get her ONLY interview.

    All the other mags were reporting what ‘close friends’ and ‘sources’ would say, not what Melanie nor Eddie said.

    Also, Eddie can’t be all that private if he talked about such private things on TV the way he did.

    I am NOT sticking up for Mel B because i’m a fan, i’m sticking up for her because of what he did to her.

    Whatever was going on between them, it was just the wrong way to act towards someone you’ve been in a relationship with. Not to mention you’re ruining what could be your future relationship with your daughter.

    If it turned out that this ain’t Eddie’s baby Mel would become a complete joke and i would be on Ed’s side although i’d STILL think he’s a ******* prick for the way he handled this.

    The woman has dignity and she’s been showing it ever since that pig opened his mouth.

    I can not wait for the results to come out and the whole world to laugh at Eddie.

  48. 48
    Sija Says:

    Oh and, the only person who’s been refusing to take the DNA test is Eddie, because he’s scared shitless.

  49. 49
    mmyers Says:

    Donkey better man up! And we thought he only played an Azz in the movies! LOL!!

  50. 50
    humilitating Says:

    eddie murphy was sayin’I don’t know whose this child is

    this is one of the worst things a man can say about a woman – suggesting she is a ***** who was sleeping with him and who knows with whom too

    if you want to destroy womans reputation publicly, you just need to say this words, and only dna test will clear at least the “*******” label from child, but never realy will clear womans, the babys mother reputation in this society, where it is still usual to degrade and humiliate women by men, who want to escape relationships and keep their reputation as poor man who was cheated on up

  51. 51
    marmalade Says:

    I quite like Mel, she seems like a laugh but she has always has the absolute worst taste and judgement in men. It was unfortunate that she got pregnant so quickly in a relationship that has so little grounding. I hope for her sake that the baby is Eddies (could be embarrassing if not) and that after that’s settled she and her two lovely daughters enjoy a good family life.
    I’d also like to see her earn her money by her talent rather than selling her life in magazines, but as with all the Spice Girls she was not especially gifted (they were just extraordinarily lucky I think) so I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

  52. 52
    Angie Says:

    Eddie Murphy should be ashamed of himself. He humiliated this woman in the press. When it is proven that he is the father, I hope she sues him for defamation of character as well. He is a baby maker if there ever was one. Just anotehr arrogant hollywood male who thinks he has the right to everything and every woman int he world, jsut because he’s famous!

  53. 53
    op Says:

    I M SURE he s the dad i don’t think she will do all these things if he wasn’t

  54. 54
    pepe Says:

    I don’t know why anyone is defending Eddie a complete and utter prick since he went and did the dirty on Mel. For those who are asking where and when he called her a hooker, he might not have used that word exactly but he damn well was insinuating it. It’s just a damn shame that it seems Mel had fallen head over heels for him……..little did she know what an **** he’ll turn out to be.

  55. 55
    African girl Says:

    This is a shame, keep your head up Mel B.

  56. 56
    Gabriella Says:

    Ciao,Ive always like Mel.Eddie one of my favorite comedians/actors.That baby is so cute!Good luck to Mel.Eddie its what right if thats your child.Many blessings to the baby.

  57. 57
    TiaBia Says:

    Eddie told reporters, “Absolutely. I’ll do the right thing.”…How very Maury Povich of him, LMAO

  58. 58
    shonda Says:

    Eddie Murphy is a complete tool. He’s also looking mighty gay these days.

    Where is Babyface’s ex-wife, Tracey? You don’t see any more photos of those two together. Just what I figured… he knew he was going to be in the spotlight because of Dreamgirls and Shrek so he started dating Tracey to have a beautiful woman on his arm for publicity. Now he’s probably back cruising for his trannies.

    Oh I used to love him… with his ugly mug, but now I am totally disgusted by his behavior. He used to bach and make fun of gays. Now look at him! Payback is a b*tch!

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