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Justin & Cameron Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

Justin & Cameron Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz (in Chanel) can’t take their hands off each other on Monday at the UK film premiere of Shrek The Third at the Odeon, Leicester Square in London, England.

The pair hugged and laughed at each other’s jokes all night long. Just like old times!

20+ pictures inside of Justin and Cameron at the Shrek 3 premiere….

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justin cameron shrek premiere 01
justin cameron shrek premiere 02
justin cameron shrek premiere 03
justin cameron shrek premiere 04
justin cameron shrek premiere 05
justin cameron shrek premiere 06
justin cameron shrek premiere 07
justin cameron shrek premiere 08
justin cameron shrek premiere 09
justin cameron shrek premiere 10
justin cameron shrek premiere 11
justin cameron shrek premiere 12
justin cameron shrek premiere 13
justin cameron shrek premiere 14
justin cameron shrek premiere 15
justin cameron shrek premiere 16
justin cameron shrek premiere 17
justin cameron shrek premiere 18
justin cameron shrek premiere 19
justin cameron shrek premiere 20

Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
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  • Indie

    Secret Lovers is what they are. :rofl:

  • sdflvknmdfl

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!i know dey should get bac 2gether DEY MAKE SUCH A SWEET COUPLE

  • Indie

    :roll: What is this “first!!!!!!!!!!” business? Someone care to share why anyone cares?

  • Davi

    Oh they are so beautifull together!
    I love Them!

  • Novaes

    Oh I think Nicole Kidman is MORE beautifull then ANY PERSON IN TEH WORLD!

  • Davi

    I agree!

  • Victor

    i like both of them, but not as a cupple…

  • Dieter

    I´m in love with this girl since I saw Mary and Justin might be an dumbass, but he cannot be that dumb – her butt is so damned cute in that dress

  • Dieter

    Novaes: yes Nicole is a league on her own and you know: so is Cam !!!

  • yes

    I’m sure she taught him a thing or two.

  • Me

    cam looks pretty, hideous dress though

  • It’s not all black and white

    Yet ANOTHER publicity stunt.

  • Michael C

    Ick, Justin thinks that he’s all that.

  • Dieter

    this ain´t no publicity stunt – I don´t know what there is about Justin, but Cam seems to know for sure: only one queen !!!

  • Dieter

    the studios in hollywood will notice how she´s working her ass off !!!

  • to dieter

    hope u get to fcuk her one day. best wishes, i’m rooting for u!!

  • rancour

    He’s not with Biel anymore??? Oh please Cameron, please run, run away!! It looks like the arrogant egocentric gay in denial mummy boy’s is in need of a mature woman. I hope mummy approves this time…

  • be

    Jessica Biel better keep that man in check. Why doesn’t she come to these premieres? Sleeping with an ex can happen so easily. If I were Jessica I would be worrying now.

  • http://yahoo cutie pie

    i dont really give a damn about these flat asses

  • Leah

    I hate them both, but I want them back together!

  • Dieter

    and I would do them in a heartbeat !!!

  • coolspark

    you can see JT’s package bulge in the picture JJ used (the one on the right). He’s excited for some action. :)

  • Dieter

    coolspark you are so right – justin´s got a hard-on. Wonderful !!

  • Sayini

    Indie the “first business” people care because that means that they are the first to know this news, or report or whatever.. and about JT and Cameron don´t really care is the go back or not.

  • R

    body language doesn’t lie: he’s over her, she is still carrying a torch for him…

  • Carla

    She clearly still has feeling for him and you can tell he’s over her ass!!

  • Dieter

    Carla – I guess noone could have ever said this better !!!

  • Monica

    Cameron looks fab and Justin looks good too. They are over each other and obviously mature enough to have a friendship after their break unlike most Hollywood couples.

  • Rachel

    Cameron never use to be so dressy or that chummy whenever she was photographed with JT. I think she’s going all out to be all over him to make Jessica Biel jealous. JT looks really uncomfortable in the shots with her. She seems to be the one that makes sure she’s standing right next to him. If she was the one who’s voice was for the wife of Mike Myer’s character why isn’t she standing next to him. Yeah Jessica, Cameron is trying really hard to rub it in your face and make you jealous. JT looks like he’s trying to keep a fake smile on his face.

  • Monica

    I suggest you watch the video images of Justin talking to Cameron alot more than she was talking to him. Cameron is not trying to make Biel jealous. Again, they are over each other and have moved on. Let the two mature people be friends.

  • Mr. Ed

    Let’s be real here. If you ladies current boyfriend or husband were standing along side of his ex. You ladies would be nervous too and so would the guy.

    There isn’t a lady on this earth that would not be cringing at the though of her man with his ex when their relationship is still fresh. I’m sure Cameron is just as jealous of Jessica as she is of her. I hate when people fall into that celebrity fantasy and think these people cannot act like normal person would act. Take off the rose colored glasses.

    Any other time while Cameron and Justin were still a couple, they would be avoiding standing next to each other for the camera like they didn’t know each other. No photo opportunity would make them fake smiles like they’re doing now.

  • Monica

    Cameron has no reason to be jealous, she had Justin for nearly four years. It’s likely Cameron’s new rumored fling that’s jealous.

  • ms katie

    Look at Justin’s eyes, hes obviously on something. How about a pool? coke, vicadin, or speed???

  • cutie pie

    hey cool spark stop watching the mans hard on damn

  • maddie

    its strange they never bothered making a point about them liking each other until they broke up
    before they would never hold hands or pose together

  • Steph

    theyre friends, get over it!

  • Yily

    They should totally get back together. I can’t believe they broke up and Justin ended up with that retard Jessica Biel. She’s fugly. Cameron is way better and a sucessful actress at that. I think Justin and Cam’s personality match. They invest a lot of time together. I think their relationship lasted for 4 years. And in the ended Justin ended up with tard Biel? He can do better.

  • WTF

    She’s like a crazy stalker and JT’s just clenching his teeth hoping she’ll go away.

  • lauren

    he must be cheating on Mansica Biel with Cameron, ha ha Manface must be going out of her mind seeing them like this

  • Julie

    What the hell is Cameron wearing?

    At first (when they started dating) I hated this couple, you know because JT and Britney were soo perfect for eachother, but now that they’re dunzo I actually kinda liked them!!
    How ironic!

  • lennie


  • cindy

    When your with someone for so long and you break up and you run into each other you have to be friendly especially in the public eye.You still have rspect for each other and thats what their doing.Everyone says cameron is tryin to look good for JT and make jessica biel jealous like its a bad thing.How many of you out there breaks up with someonee and not do the same thing?Lets remember guys their still human beings.