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Chad Michael Murray and His Young Love

Chad Michael Murray and His Young Love

One Tree Hill hunk Chad Michael Murray, aka Lucas Scott, and fiancee Kenzie Dalton attend the “A Time For Heroes” charity event on Sunday at the Wadsworth Theater in Westwood, Calif.

The event was sponsored by Disney to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Chad, 25, and Kenzie, 19, have been engaged since April 2006, when she was still a high school senior. The married couple-to-be have been dating since December 2005 just months after he was previously married to Sophia Bush, his co-star on One Tree Hill.

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Photos: Fernando Allende/Splash News Online
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  • [Famous Fug Face]

    How you leave Sophia then get with a fcuking baby?


  • Sarah

    What an idiot. He’s going to divorce another girl? She’s only 19 and they’re engaged, he’s only 25 and has been engaged twice (married once and that didn’t last long).

  • Katrina

    he is a dickhead!! he is goin to cheat on her eventually!! i used to think he was hott! what a loser . . .

  • Deja

    they are both ugly. He’s a D lister and she’s fat.

  • cindy

    i think chad michael murray is hot.i liked him better with sophia even though he cheated on her with paris hilton.

  • Michael C

    Chad is hot.

  • Indie

    She’s fat? lmao. I dont think so.

    Like this relationship is going to last, right? :roll:

  • babyblue

    she is adorable and really pretty!!!! I love him and I hope she makes him happy! They are cute together!

  • melissa

    how pathetic this is. she is a little girl…and he is a pedophile.

  • hayley

    gross, and his nose really bothers me.

  • abby

    I love Sophia, That is all.

  • natalie

    Chad’s child bride must be pretty stupid to get engaged to him, or anyone, while a senior in high school. Its borderline creepy.

    Props to Sophia Bush for dumping his ugly a$$. Sophia is all class. she is beautiful, smart, talented, and has a great career ahead of her.

  • Melanie

    Can I just say, FUG!

  • hh

    such a cute couple! he is gorgeous, she’s stunning. and they are in love. I’m glad he got rid of that ugly wife, Sophia Bush,who is just a liar and fake person

  • Patrizia

    It is so cute how much time you guys spend bashing a guy who you dont even know.. It`s kind of pathetic, he seems happy, does it really matter how old that girl is?? get over it guys

  • Kelly

    OMG HIS HAIR IS NORMAL AGAIN THANK F*CK FOR THAT I like the rough look he has going on but he lost his appeal a long long time ago

  • magnus

    I’m 29 and my girlfriend is 19. I’m cooler than Chad Michael Murray. :P

    If that chick is fat you lot are either a)anorexic or b)just your usual jealous hog beasts.

    He traded up. Big deal. I mean all the more power to a guy who can trade up from Sophia Bush. Maybe this girl is smarter, nicer, more easy going or all of the above?

    I notice how no one cares a bit that he’s went out of his way to raise money for pediatric AIDS research. lol Why would you care about that? No all you care is that he wouldn’t even f*ck your fat ugly old a$$es even if you paid him.

    Take a Midol and calm the f*ck down. Hell eat some donuts if that’ll shut you up.

  • lisa

    Chad did not cheat on sophia with paris `come on.

    I actually like sophia; i think she is a pretty good actress and i must admit i thought that she and Chad were going to last. but hey` his lost.

  • scorpio

    His mother abandoned his family when he was just 10 years old that way he wants to get married…

  • me

    Lol…he did not trade up…definite down-grade.
    To say she’s fat though is ridiculous…this girl needs to gain some serious weight…she has no body shape…she’s pretty but NOT beautiful or anything special…neither is he.

    Sophia’s too good for him.

    A matter of time b4 he cheats on his new child bride….or she cheats on him.

    Chad got engaged soon after his split with Sophia b/c he was lonely…with that said this won’t last.

    People are fucking idiots for saying Sophia cheated on him and she’s a liar…I won’t even get into that.

    The thing for me that proved Chad cheated was that footage of a papparazzi asking Sophia if Paris deserved to go to jail…she didn’t respond to that question but her friends said stuff like “yes, she does!!” and “I hope she rots in there!” those are Soph’s closest friends are u telling me they’re not going to stand up for one of their best friends who’s husband had cheated with that skank?

  • libby

    look famous fug face, chad is not a dickhead u bitch.

  • Cici

    you are so mean chade to cheet on Sophia Bush with perez hillton.this girl is ugly.and the girl you are with right now

  • Heather P

    I think CMM is the bomb yo!!! I’d tap that #@!$%%# in a minute. Later skaters.

  • Amy

    chad’s mom did indeed abandoned his family when he was just 10 years old but ironically he cheated on Sophia before, after and during their entire relationship. you’d think he learned from his mother’s mistakes! what an asshold.

    I dont who who’s the bigger dickhead, CMM or that Spencer horse teeth jackass from The Hills.

    and NO kenzie is not fat she’s just too young and blind to be engaged to this egotistic bad actor.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Team Sophia!!!!!!


  • Jonathan

    Sophia is soooooooooo much better
    CMM is pure trash

  • Britney


  • Me

    Used to like him but then he had to be fug and cheat on his wife. What a nutjob.

  • Jennie

    She looks adorable. Hopefully this time, his second marriage will last. I really like Chad.

  • kleigh

    I like Chad but he’s NOT ageing beautifully…

  • socaan

    god this girl kenzie sucks!!!!how can he be that blind ??? she better should go and play with her barbies !!!! sophia is such a classy girl, talentant, beautiful, smart and gonna make it in hollywood and chad don’t even get lil part in movies :rolleyes:

    hh | 06/11/2007 at 1:16 pm

    such a cute couple! he is gorgeous, she’s stunning. and they are in love. I’m glad he got rid of that ugly wife, Sophia Bush,who is just a liar and fake person

    shut up girl you suck and are blind !!!!

  • guest

    Not only is this guy a Douche Bag, but he’s such a moron for cheated on Sophia Bush. Why would someone actually do that??? Thats being a MORON. Chad Michael Murray – Murray + Moron = Chad Michael Moron.

  • Mebees

    NOT aging well at all, wait…………. i seee…. LIFETIME NETWORK in his future.. yeahhh. He’s got issues! Jerk. but put a bag over his head i’d hit it!

  • starved

    i second: TEAM SOPHIA!

    i used to love him, but his success got to his head i suppose…

  • Lucie

    Yes, leaving sophia and taking up with this preschooler is definitely career-ruining stuff. Oh well, he’s a has-been now

  • victoria

    thats disturbing… and its just EWW!

  • Sasha

    Before Jerry Seinfeld got married. His former girlfriend, Soshanna Lonstein
    was 17 and still in high school and he was in his 40s I believe. She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She didn’t need his money No one said crap about it either.

  • libby

    who watches the show one tree hill

  • Becky91

    i think personally u all need to get over urselves soph and chads relationship in private may of been a disasater and its non of our concern if hes in love with someone younger than himself its up to him
    i like soph to but it dont mean i m a b*tch about chad.
    its not kenzie fault for their break up and also te eganment may of been to soon after chads marriage broke up but wat the hell if u luv some1 it doesnt matter about ages or how long ur together before that or anthing else
    no ofense but i think all u lot need to get over ur selves people make mistakes but hey ! grow up and leave them to it!

  • katrina

    ok, when i just found out that they got married i literally choked on my drink and spewd!!eww
    but the point is chad doesnt deserve anyone coz he cheated on sophia with ‘paris hilton’
    the s**T of the century!lol

    as for kenzie shes way too young, i mean, hello, shes in her senoir year and chads like,25 and shes 19. not a good match
    and i think kenzie should get married someone her own age not some cheat who gets girls to cheat on wich he’ll do on kenzie then the next girl (if he gets one) and the next.
    the cheat cycle

  • Moi

    lol, omg she’s my age. WTF?
    Apparently he didnt cheat on Sophia with Paris.
    I hear he cheated on Sophia with that extra from the show. Hold up..that’s her ey? Kenzie?

  • Sophia

    What the hell is wrong with eyes they look weird

  • Rach

    i am not really bothered by them but i can’t believe someone called kenzie fat! she looks like shes almost a size zero

  • fritz

    oh my…i just hope Chad realizes what he’s doing…..we are not to judge that’s true, but the fact that he’s married in a couple of months then cheated with paris, divorced and an instant got a chick in replacement and now being engaged again???!!!….do you think that’s normal…nahhhh i bet just crazy, MADNESS…

  • lala

    once apone a time chad was a nice hot guy…and maybe inlove!now he is grouse,hot,perverse and not in love!whoever said that kenzie is smart…is a big liar…did u looked at her face…it’s all plastic!i’m really sorry that cahd becamed the person that he is right now…

  • dasha

    Team Sophia all the way !!!!!
    She deserves better than this idiot.
    Kenzie is so ugly and so “hi i’m a stupid blond”, perfect for chad for sure.
    You lost the best thing of your miserable life jerk !!!!
    TEAM SOPHIA!!!!!!!!

  • CS

    Sophia should have given Chad a chance. But, I understand her. CHEATING is still CHEATING, no matter how you look at it. He should have stayed faithful. I think it makes no sense at all. Chad hooking up with Kenzie after divorcing with Sophia? Maybe he needed someone to replace her. If it took years of dating for Chad and Sophia. Then how come it took only months for Chad and Kenzie? It shows that he just really needs someone. It’s like he’s desperate, but not really. And who in the right mind would get engaged at the age of 19? She hasn’t even been to college yet and she intends to get married with Chad?? What does she plan to do with her life? What if they get divorced, what will she be? I mean, okay, Chad is HOTT and it’s kind of like a ONCE IN A LIFETIME I’M SOOOO DAMN LUCKY CHANCE but she should have thought about it very well. Does she even really know Chad? And doesn’t she think that if Chad was able to do that to Sophia then the more he can do that to her. I mean, she isn’t even that popular. How would she know who’s with Chad, what’s he doing and all that. He could definitely do anything without her finding about it.

  • bob

    haha i died when you said that sophia has class. she is a bitch that is to “hollywood” for everyone else, funny uz no one knows who she is.

  • bob

    he is hott. glad he dumped that dumb itch he married the frist time

  • bob

    he is hott. glad he dumped that dumb itch he married the frist time