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Liev Schreiber: I Smoke Around Pregnant Women

Liev Schreiber: I Smoke Around Pregnant Women

Two big thumbs down!

Liev Schreiber puffs away on his cigarette while walking with his very pregnant girlfriend Naomi Watts on Monday morning around the SoHo district of New York City.


Naomi, 38, and Liev, 39, just attended the Tony Awards last night. The couple are expecting their bundle of joy later this summer.

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  • HottieTottie

    He’s an ass! ’nuff said

  • SJ

    Oh Jared, get off your high horse!

    My boyfriend had the odd crafty cig around me when pregnant, we have three perfectly healthy children.

    This modernised world sucks.

  • Indie

    Thats just sad. Im sure he will be puffing away in the house that the baby will be forced to breathe in aswell. :|

  • jess

    are we sure that’s a cigarette?

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    both of them are boring.

  • Ali

    jess… come on. it’s a cigarette! thats pretty obvious.

  • Vasco


    How paranoid can you be?!

    They are WALKING OUTSIDE!!! Do you think it’s going to harm their baby’s health?! Come on!!!

    That street is probably full of SUV’s and big cars passing by, leaving the air full of unhealthy substances.

    Anti-smoke totalitarism and histerical propaganda is more dangerous than smoke!!! It’s the new fascism!

  • Keto

    chill out people! they’re outside…

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Liev is totally pulling a Brad Pitt with the smoking. Ooops Brad is fraud and hides his smoking.

  • nemesis

    Oh…so what.
    just show us the photos and try not to impose you biases. she doesn’t seem to mind.

  • Jill

    The cigarette is in the other hand away from Naomi. Not to mention he’s outside. It’s not like he’s blowing it in her face.

  • lol

    lol @ haters who CANT STOP DISCUSSING PITT AND JOLIE every.damn.chance.they.get. Im not sure who’s worse. The insane fans or haters.

  • suspicious package

    Come on, Jared. They’re outside and the cigarette is not directly in her face. The pollution from the passing cars is more dangerous than the second-hand smoke from one cigarette, smoked outdoors.

  • maxine

    He tried to quit but his character in the play Talk Radio chain-smokes so he said he was unable to do it until the play’s run is over (in two weeks). He also said in an interview that he’s definitely going to quit before the baby comes. I don’t think he smokes at home.

  • Emma

    I second that Jared!

    Boo smoking around a pregnant woman! Boo smoking! It makes one smell bad.

  • Sarah

    I hate smoking and shame on Liev for not giving it up during Naomi’s pregnancy. But it IS outside and there are loads of terrible things that also happen to cause Global Warming, smoking is the least of the worries.

  • emma

    thats not too bad, if he was in a confined room with her, where the smoke had nowhere to escape, or he was sitting opposite her at a cafe outside smoking blowing the smoke in her face, id call that dangerous and selfish and irresponsible. but outside, nowhere near her face, with the air circulating, she isnt going to inhale anything more than she would walking down the street outside on any given day. Naomi looks cute pregnant.

  • me

    He is smoking outside in public where everyone else smokes. And when he is home perhaps he smokes outside. My friend does that so that his children aren’t exposed to the smoke. So just chill people.

  • lol

    I am not fan of Cancer.

  • maxine

    PLEASE, he has no choice, his character smokes in Talk Radio and Liev has 7 or 8 performances per week. He said he’ll quit once the play is over.

  • Amy

    1. They are outside meaning she’s probably getting it elsewhere on the street.

    2. It looks a little photoshopped. I wish I could see the original resolution photo because I can’t tell if the way the cigarette blurs into his finger is light or bad photoshop.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    It’s just not justifiable. You NEVER know. The amount of poisons in the air already. Esp. since this couple lives in Los Angeles…the crappy air quality capital of the Nation. He should be more respectful…

  • Dancer

    I’m sorry, but he has a fan base which probably includes teens and he shouldn’t be smoking in public. Period.
    second hand smoke is bad no matter where you are–inside or outside. And for those of you who support his right, think of the cumulative effect of everything–the second hand smoke, pollution etc. and ask yourself if it is worth the risk of harming your baby.

  • deeve

    Please! I hate cigarette smoke but they’re outside. Besides, back in the day before everyone was so freaking uptight (in public but God knows what they do in private) everyone’s parents drank AND smoked and most people came out okay.

  • SJ

    Oh Dancer, shut up. Liev does not a have a fanbase of teens.

  • Leslie

    Word Jared. Hope he doesn’t do that at home.

  • giveitup

    This thread has nothing to do with Brad Pitt. There has never been any pix of BP smoking around pregnant AJ or their kids. BP said in EW interview that a certain someone did not know that he occasionally still smokes. This sounds as if he is not smoking daily packs as he used to do and is making the effort to stop, which is a good thing.

    That said, leave these people in peace. Yes smoking is a terrible habit to have, but it is also one of the most difficult habits to completely stop. They are walking outside in congested NYC with all kinds of harmful car exhausts and fumes and vapors in the air.

  • chimpymimp

    For goodness sake they are in the open air…perhaps all cars should be destroyed too as they pollute not just pregnant women but affect people (including pregnant women) across the world who don’t drive. Puritans without a brain

  • astrid

    Please, people. Puffing one cigarette or drinking a glas of wine while pregnant would not make your babies come out with two heads! I would hate to live around people who were so uptight about every freaking thing I did.In fact, I’d hate being a celebrity no matter the adoration and media ass kissing they receive. Every single thing is scrutinized to the nth degree.

  • jess0

    Yes, smoking around pregnant women does harm the baby. I can’t believe people here are saying it dosen’t. Maybe you’re dealing with a bit of guilt. This is an important stage of development for the child. Why risk it’s health.

  • hmm…?

    I agree that smoking doesn’t do any good, but I don’t think you have to get paranoid over that, either. Quitting smoking (I’m not a smoker. I don’t drink either, but-) is a hard thing to do. Really. Because you get addicted to nicotine. My dad is a smoker but my sister and I are doing fine. Yep. I mean, we’re healthy. No, actually, my sister is. I’m okay- I just tend to get flu more easily. That is all. BTW, I love Liev! He’s so classy-looking and seems like a perfect husband. Naomi is a beautiful woman and they look so good together.

  • Lola

    They are bloody well outside!! Maybe she should walk around in a glass bubble…at least she’d be safe from hyper judgmental moralizers

  • maxine

    JESUS, PEOPLE, READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE YOU POST! HE CAN’T QUIT BECAUSE HE HAS TO CHAIN-SMOKE EVERY SINGLE DAY WHEN PERFORMING. THAT’S THE REASON HE SAID HE CAN’T QUIT NOW THOUGH HE TRIED. HE PLANS TO QUIT AS SOON AS THE PLAY IS OVER, HE KNOWS IT’S NOT GOOD FOR HER OR THE BABY. Sorry for screaming but I explained it twice before and none of the judgmental morons took notice. He discussed it in an interview recently, he’s not some cad who is not aware of the dangers of smoking or doesn’t care.

  • Shawna

    i read the same thing, maxine. thanks for defending liev. he’s a great guy, he usually doesn’t smoke around naomi, and he wont be smoking around the baby.
    about liev not smoking bc of a teenage fanbase: the great thing about this couple is that they dont let fame rule their lives. they just try to live normally and ignore the cameras. it’s awesome that naomi doesn’t feel the need to dress up and wear makeup all the time. personally, bad influence or not, i like that he doesn’t live his life based on what his fans will think.

  • Shelly

    Brad not only smokes cigs, he Angerlina smoke pot!

  • lmao.

    He’s aware of the dangers and yet he took a role where he had no choice but to smoke? Please. He must suck then, if he cant even turn down a role that requires him to put his own health at risk. And if you are going to whine about how he wanted the role, same thing applies. He obviously doesnt give a damn about his health. Thats just dandy for him.

    If you realy believe that once he’s done with his “performance” that he is just going to kick the habit like it was nothing, your an even bigger moron than he is. Its called an addiction for a reason.

  • lol

    Shelly you are an idiot. This ISNT about Brad Pitt. And if your going to post, try and make actual sense.

  • AIKO

    35 Shelly | 06/12/2007 at 6:01 am


  • witchcurlgirl

    oh god…all you smoking Nazi’s relax. Its not your kid or your life……

  • Юля


  • Mama B

    I don’t smoke but my Mom did with me and I’m perfectly ok as are all my 5 brothers and sisters. On the other hand my Mom’s best friend who never had a smoke in her life died of lung cancer…you never know what is going to get you. With the way doctors preach doomsday for everything we do you’d wonder how humanity made it to the 21st century…because they weren’t all hypocondriacs that feared everything around them! He is OUTSIDE and living in Manhatten there are millions of other pollutants to worry about. Bloggers suck y’know…All sitting behind their computers shouting out their unwanted opinions on EVERYTHING. Naomi and Liev clearly are quite happy and maybe they just don’t have a stick up their arses and are paranoid freaks. North America has a much higher cancer rate than anywhere else in the world and it is because of things like processed food and chemical and nuclear plants. Leave these two alone…they are a normal and happy couple…Something bloggers hate so they have to find something to nag about. Must be nice to not have to do any real work for your living.

  • blah

    please, everyone knows that jj is run by 13 year old girls and this just further helps to prove it. stop worrying about what he’s doing and worry about your own damn lives.

  • ebz

    Cigarette smoke be it first or secondhand smoke is very risky and dangerous to ANYONE lol especially pregnant people and little kids/babies……Liev shouldn’t smoke around her………actually for his own health he might want to stop for himself also.

  • orphie

    And just why is this anyone else’s business, again?

  • deeve

    Orphie is the voice of reason in the wilds of Puritania.

  • nat

    Im just so tired of that hysterical bullshit ! Come on, the guy is outside and he is not exactly blowing towards her.
    what about car fumes ? Maybe she should be moved 10 miles away from the nearest town, you never know.. it can be harmful for the baaaaaaby too… pathetic :(

  • Chillll.

    haha. i feel like the majority of you people are a bunch are idiots.

    one: i like how that one person brought up about how a few generations ago, mom’s smoked like it was going out of god damn smile and look at adults now. perfectly freakin fine.

    two: why are you guys so into these people’s lives? none of you know them i’m sure and so give it up obviously they don’t give shit about what you think or else he wouldn’t smoke in public.

    three: just because he has a role where he has to smoke it doesn’t mean anything. maybe i’m just a rare breed, but i can smoke for months at a time and then just stop. and that’s it. if cigarettes are there i’ll smoke if not, meh.

    so serisouly. get over it.

  • Bea

    What I find funny about this is that Liev was the narrator of PBS’s Nova Program ‘The search for a safer cigarette’–which spends the entire time talking about how cigarette companies do the best they can to keep cigarettes unhealthy and addictive…I would think that having to narrate through all the scientific talk, it’d sink in as to how unhealthy it is, and how he’s supporting a pretty unethical industry.