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Megan Fox is Mikaela Banes

Megan Fox is Mikaela Banes

Megan Fox (in Alexander Wang) heats up the stage in Seoul, South Korea with director Michael Bay on Monday during a photo call for the live-action film Transformers.

Korea will be the first country to screen the new robots superhero flick, which will be released on June 28.

In Transformers, Fox plays Mikaela Banes, the love interest of Shia LaBeouf‘s character. Her father was a “grease monkey” and she has inherited some of his skills.

Fox, 21, is reportedly still engaged to 33-year-old actor Brian Austin Green (90210‘s David Silver). Has anyone seen an engagement ring recently?

20+ pictures inside of the foxy Fox

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megan fox seoul korea 01
megan fox seoul korea 02
megan fox seoul korea 03
megan fox seoul korea 04
megan fox seoul korea 05
megan fox seoul korea 06
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megan fox seoul korea 20
megan fox seoul korea 21
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Photos: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty
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  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Hot. To bad she’s as flat as a board.

  • Sarah

    She’s really scanky and she is rude when people interview like she is all high and mighty.

  • Fan

    G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S !!!

  • kris

    I bet you she isn’t wearing an engagement ring so not to lose male fans now that she could become the nexy Lindsay Lohan or maybe she is embarrassed to let people know she is engaged to the guy from 90210. And people’s reaction would be “Wait, say again?! She’s engage to THAT.”

  • lili

    she’s hoooooooooooooooooooot but not calassy at all

  • lili

    i mean classy

  • Jinx

    Beautiful girl, whoever she is…

  • J

    She’s the next Angelina Jolie…back when she did Gia…

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    something about her during interviews I don’t like, a little arrogant maybe ?Hmmm

  • Dieter

    this girl is really HOT !!!

  • fatigd

    she’s pretty but looks plastic and fake like a porn star

  • lurker

    Eh, she is definitely not the next Angelina Jolie. Megan is quite hot, but so are a lot of other people. It takes more than that to play in Angelina’s league. :D

  • o.g. beatch

    She seems a tad full of herself. But lets get real, hell, if I looked like her, I would be too.

  • julia weinstein

    agreed. her lips look a lil’ artificially pumped up also.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    lucker, you’re sucking a little to hard.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Pllllleease, she is much hotter then Angelina. Only thing hot about Angie since she shacked up with that nancy girl (brad) is the gossips threads about her life.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Although Lurker she does have the same gross Tramp stamps like Angelina so they are certainly in that league together, sagging tat skin club.

  • W

    Hotter than Angelina Jolie~~

  • veronica

    please don’t even compare her to angelina, this fugly slut is nothing but a cheap wannabe. ew. flabby arms.

  • pretty not beautiful

    shes pretty but to much make up lipstick overdone makes her look cheap.,not angelina not close but sort of katherine zeta.kzj still got her beat though.give her a bang.the skirts awful.shes cute though.better than alba.jmo.only mine.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    all a bunch of stans

  • Raichill

    I have to agree. She is more beautiful than Angelina!

  • Leela

    baby prostitute.


    More beautiful than Angelina, and WAY more beautiful than Lohan. She’s in the Lohan age group, I’m hoping studios and fans will click with This actress instead and Lindsay will just dry up and blow away already!

  • live and let live

    She looks older than 21. She is pretty. I hope she does act dumb like the other young actresses of today

  • Well

    16 Colbert ROCKS

    Well at least we know Aniston is not even in the running for the prettiest or classiest. But she does win a the biggest FRAUD. Since she is dating around. I wonder how many of her dates have spent the weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Megan Fox is seriously an Angelina Jolie wannabe with the dark long hair and tatoos. I mean check out her style compared to Angie’s. It’s so unoriginal. Angie is STUNNING, Megan is porn star hot.

  • nokia

    Oh hot hot..hollywood need more like this.. she is not angelina..she is better,angelina sucks…megan is prettier and hotter

  • neil

    Who cares! TRANSFORMERS NOW!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh **** hot hot..hollywood need more like this.. she is not angelina..she is better,angelina sucks…megan is prettier and hotter

    Looks like a Maniston fan is among us.

  • R

    2 good for that BAG guy

  • looks alot like

    For some reason she reminds me of Danica MaKellar(Winnie Cooper)of the 1980′s Wonder Years show.

  • Beth

    She is probably trying to portray the image of a single woman. Being single and a “sex symbol” is more appealing. Probably just keeping their relationship on the down low so make her more appealing and sellable for this movie.

  • Yily

    This girl is smoking hot!

  • hot

    She’s very sexy, especially in these pics! Not so much in the others though. No idea who she is but I’ve got a feeling we’ll probably be seeing more of her in future.

  • (‘@’)

    Stop showing off that tattoo on the back, Miss Angelina Jolie wannabe. So dumb!!

  • i agree

    I agree she does look like Danica MaKellar(Winnie Cooper)of the 1980’s Wonder Years show.

  • hey#37

    Winnie Cooper’s real name is Danica McKellar.They do look alike.

  • brown eyes

    megan good is hotter

  • Belen

    Angelina is classier, better actress, well-known and her tattoos look better…but, why the hell you guys say Megan is not even to get compared to Angelina? Maybe they are not at the same height, but I believe that Megan is muuchhhhh more beautiful. Her face is pure armony, phisically she is GORGEOUS…something that in my opinion…Angelina is not. Angelina is very very beautiful, but Megan is extremely beautiful, she just has to get a fashion and make up assessment, that’s all. I agree tought that Angelina has a higher status and has a more elegant look, Megan DOES look cheaper. Regarding Lohan, it is not necessary even to say a word about it, Lohan is not pretty at all to me, she is just a plain girl. It’s ridiculous that Megan wants to be a Lohan when she is already better than that. Lohan doesn’t have where to start with Megan, she can´t compete against her in anything. Megan is way much hotter, I understand Angelina being among the 10 most beautiful women, and also Megan…but LOHAN???? Oh come on!!! Who said that?

  • Bad boy

    shes hot and all but come on whats up with the flat board like that guy said

  • Dizz

    Megan is married to Brian now but you guys should really mind your business and keep your opinions to yourself. No one cares what you think so get LIVES!!!!

  • Francesca

    Wow she doesn’t look so much like an ancient tranny porn star here and in some of the pics it doesn’t look like she’s promising all the photogs a blow job. Thank God we don’t have to see that weird fake plastic cleavage she kept shoving in everyone’s faces In “The Transformers.” She still shouldn’t be allowed to play anyone under 30. And please someone, anyone, steal her fake orange tanner.

  • Anna-Marie

    this is mostly for anyone whose seen transformers
    but her lips WERE NOT that full in the movie. no wonder she looks perfect
    anyone can be beautiful (superficially) with a little nip and tuck
    here and there.

  • Sander

    She’s a tramp, trying to be hot in a transformers movie… come on like we care…
    Why do they always cast those screaming little bitches, just give us a real woman!

  • maria luisa

    i think she’s gorgeous. in a completely fake artificial tanner, implant, lip plump, anorexic kinda way.

    the onyl thing i give her credit for is her height and color eyes…. somethings you[‘re jsut born with…

  • Ladiesman217

    i thought she looks like in the movie but in real life she looks diffrent.
    she looked in the movie so hot and in real life she looks very diffrent.
    not ugly but not so hot like in the movie.

  • truth

    How is this 10 pound of makeup, fake lips, dirty hair, acne scarred skin, buck toothed, old looking hag hot? This girl is trying waaaaaaaay too hard. Fake as hell.

    And to top it all, she is stupid (read an interview) and a horrible actress.

    She is hot, yes. But she is FAR from beautiful, FAR from gorgeous, FAR from pretty, FAR from cute. Since when did the fake bitchy whore full of stds look become beautiful? It’s not.

    PS: Her lips are artificially blown up. I can show you pictures of her before, she had NO upper lip whatsoever. I used to like her back then, actually. But now she looks like a drunkard/stripper/hooker.

  • truth

    i thought she looks like in the movie but in real life she looks diffrent.
    she looked in the movie so hot and in real life she looks very diffrent.
    not ugly but not so hot like in the movie.
    I agree. In the movie she looked naturally beautiful (thanks to photoshop). In reality she has to put a whole lot of makeup on to look good. And she ends up looking tranny-licious most of the time.

    By the way, these pictures are good compared to most of her candids. She looks less trashy than usual.

  • david

    She’s a tramp, trying to be hot in a transformers movie… come on like we care…
    Why do they always cast those screaming little *******, just give us a real woman!


    I agree. What the hell? Disney sucks…boohoo I can’t watch Hannah Montana anymore. Is that the cause she’s choosing to fight? How Disney doesn’t allow Miley Cyrus to get naked as an example for kids? Very smart!
    How old is this girl? She looks like she’s 40 and sounds like she’s 10!
    And she looks like a wax statue.