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Separated at Birth: Jennifer Aniston & Paul Sculfor

Separated at Birth: Jennifer Aniston & Paul Sculfor

To the left, Jennifer Aniston posing in her first ad campaign for smartwater.

To the right, her rumored British model boyfriend Paul Sculfor in a strikingly similiar pose.

Pics you might have missed: Aniston‘s first smartwater ad here. Sculfor even left with her house on Sunday carrying a smartwater bottle.

Sculfor was filmed for Victoria Beckham‘s reality TV show. Loads of his modeling shots here.

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  • Mariska

    they look great!

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Smart water does a body good and apparently a mind too, nice trade up!!!! I bet they will need all that water after a long nite of adult fun! Good for you Jen!

  • mello


  • Anonymous

    Great picture, Jared. Thanks. He’s definitely a trade up from Vince in looks, but I like Vince and think he’s got a lot of character and was good to JenAn. The verdict is still out on this guy. At any rate, you go, Jen.

  • Rox

    Jen looks fab! That is a very common pose with photographers. The b/w add at the dinner table is beautiful.

    Mello, you Angie freaks need to get a f’ing life. Seriously.

  • Rox

    That should be b/w AD…

  • Indie

    Has anyone tasted that water yet? Water is just water.. is it not?

  • Diana


  • dsh

    I went and bought tons of Smartwater for me and my family. My refrigerator is full of Smartwater. I love it.

  • mello



  • angelinammm

    I wish her happines. They look beautiful together.

  • ole miss rebel

    He looks like Mark Walhberg a little to me.
    She looks great in the ads.

  • sammy

    Cool for c list actor wanna be. He using her for fame. Nobody know him before and she could not date actors because no body wants to ruin his carrier.

  • N to the O

    I went and bought some Smartwater as well, it’s actually very good. Jen looks gorgeous in her pics for the ad and Paul is just too handsome for his own good. I’m so happy for Jen, but I really did like Vince.

  • Mackattack

    I don’t know, these pics looks weird to me. Something is off about her face, does anybody else think so? It’s kinda frozen looking (botox?) and stiff. Very stiff smile, very stiff overall. And I’m not a Jen hater AT ALL. But the pic with her legs crossed, she looks mad (would have been better with a smile). And that pose is not sexy on her at all. The one at the table, her hand is positioned weirdly and her face looks stiff. Maybe it’s just me.

  • Anonymous

    Indie – I bought some and like it. It tastes like Fiji Water only far less pricey. I’m a coffee and coke drinker – hate water, but this stuff is good. In my area it sells for a buck thirty five for 33 ounces, screw top. We don’t have the sport bottles yet in Florida. Try some.

  • Mediterranean

    Jen, why don’t you do an advertisement which suits yourself? SMART(????)water?

    Smartwater won’t give you what you need to have: brain!

  • Sierra1

    she looks good hope this relationship last & yes I’m a Angelina fan, good luck to Jennifer :)

  • N to the O

    Sasha | 06/11/2007 at 12:21 pm

    Why would she want another Brad? Obviously he wasn’t the guy for her so why are you trying to push him on her? Besides not everyone in the world thinks Brad is all that and a bag of chips. Personally I think he is a Robert Redford clone and Angelina’s puppet. The man has no balls of his own. Jen is blessed to be rid of Brad. Anyhoo, you must be so jealous of Jen if you have to come here and rag on Jen and her new dude instead of “rejoicing” in the coupling of Brad and Angelina.

  • please jared…

    WTF Jared!?? Are you in love with them now?

  • xniston

    ah… THE fugly, ugly AMERICAN… one vacuous being… smart water my assssssssssss… it’s aqua scam… asinine

  • liv

    Thank god she will not have another Brad. For all you BAMZ fans who keep on wanting for her to move on,well she has and so has everyone else. Just be happy for your idols and leave Jen alone. She is great and unlike your idols can hold her head high. Everyone else in the world know what they both truly are even you fans. hahahaha

  • JillyRose

    The fact she endorses this water, doesn’t make me want to buy it (I’m already prettier and smarter than her..ha ha). Now if Angelina endorsed it, I’d be running to buy a bottle! At least she’s unique and different and more gorgeous than the average person.

    No wonder they say Jen is the girl next door, nothing special, could be by neighbor (in fact my neighbor is better looking than her).

    And unless gals in America are like “America’s Sweetheart” …. manipulative, self-centred and insecure, then I guess she does represent you gals.

  • julia weinstein

    she looks nice in the photos, good luck 2 u jennifer.

  • anon

    To me he looks a little bit like Brad Pitt, and a little bit like Olivier Martinez.

    I think he and Jennifer would make a beautiful baby!

  • deb

    9 dsh
    Good for you! Now can you please tell me why you bought a lot of Smartwater. Does it taste differently than any other expensive bottled water?
    I am really curious. Aside from hydration what else can the water do for you? How much does each bottle cost? I am glad you can afford to Smartwater for you and the whole family for now and forever use and I am sure Jen will make money from all the buyers like you. I guess it is a win-win situation for you and Jen, isn’t it.
    If you can convince me to buy Smartwater, I surely will. Please help out!

  • betty

    I am sick and tried of you all comparing her men with Brad when everytime she hooked up with some one .
    Last year it was Vince You all say he is better younger and then after a year he couldn’t stick around .Now comes the model dude to compare with Brad. who is next? stay tuned

  • kate

    Wow, beautiful pictures! :)

  • betty

    20, sasha
    I really don’t care who she is dating but I hate it when you all try to compare him with super brad who was a sexiest man alive twice and way too successful at 36.
    I hate the fact that you all are in angie tread bashing her but you don’t want Us to come her. You can’t have it both ways first get out of her tread.

  • fyi

    they aren’t a couple : this is Huvane playing games

  • Hoops

    I too am going to buy Smartwater, reason being to see what all the hoopla here on JJ about Smartwater is all about! If a brand of water can promote this kind of attention it must be good! Oh and save all the lame smartwater jokes, please! lol

  • vomit

    I just wanna PUKE!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    [21] STFU, its of for Jared to post 5 Jolie/Pitt related threads in one day but he cant post a thread about this ugly biish? Suck a Dcik and die slow stupid.

  • Riley

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks more feminine than she does?

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    are his eyes open in that picture? Lmao

  • wizowski

    Nice Job Jared.
    Keep poking the Loons with that stick! lolololololol

  • Dancer

    #16 Mackattack–
    I agree, these pictures of her look really weird. The one of her legs crossed, is okay, but the rest almost look like they are highlighting her in a Jay Leno chin way.
    I think Sculfor looks like a combo of a young Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe.

  • seperated by…

    seperated by a lack of photoshoot creativity? or the fact that he is gay? or the fact he is hired by Huvane as a cover ?

  • wizowski

    21 please jared… | 06/11/2007 at 12:29 pm
    WTF Jared!?? Are you in love with them now
    he’s in love with watching you loons make fools of yourselves.

  • truth from lainey

    Transparent commercial whorage and Jennifer Aniston’s pathetic attempt to stay relevant – here’s Paul Sculfor leaving her house at the weekend. The new boyfriend she is denying is her boyfriend who is also supposedly a former drug addict and according to the web buzz also a maybe gaybe clutching a bottle of what looks like Smart Water perfectly posed for the pappies.

    Smart Water, in case you haven’t heard, is also Jen’s new employer – she recently signed on to a new ad campaign and the model man in her life just happens to be carrying it in his right hand as photographers were waiting outside.

    Coincidence or conspiracy?

  • anon

    A combination of Brad Pitt and Olivier Martinez. Not bad! You go girl!

  • Huvane blew it again

    she stole his idea because they didnt expect him to become known………. until the tabloids traced him ! They wanted a mystery date and now she looks like a clone. Huvane blew it again.

  • http://JustJared carolynlee

    Re Liv #23 : every one in the world does know them both . They know them as great actors , philanthropists , activists , humanitarians , good parents , and very smart . They will leave a legacy that wil benefit many ( tens of thousands ) of people . Who will benefit from Jen’s stay on this planet ?

  • NORA

    Haaaaaaahaaaa – this is so hilarious !!!!!
    I wonder when this loser’s ‘contract’ with Jen will END… I believe Vince’s ‘boyfriend contract’ with Jen lasted about 6 months, plus a bonus because they got together again in London or somewhere right when they were promoting their movie somewhere in Europe…..

    9 dsh
    “I went and bought tons of Smartwater for me and my family. My refrigerator is full of Smartwater. I love it.”
    So, dsh, did you paid from the corporation as well??!! Please save yourself. I will never in a million years buy Smartwater… Let us know if and when the proceeds will go to help the needy, not the dumb and the righteous.

  • Roxy

    I am not a Jen fan, so I don’t go on her threads and bash her. I think she looks good in the pic, and I think she has a great body, she has really nice legs. I always thought so. The photos looks a little suspecious to me, but hey if she’s happy then that’s great. It’s been two years and the Brad/Angie/Jen triangle is still going on. The paps are going to eat this up.

  • find madeleine..

    i remember someone saying it was better to be talked about good or bad than not at all and people here have proved that big time.if you really want to make a point about someone you dislike so much,maybe its better not to waste your time and typing,huh?why waste time on people you hate when you can spend it on those you do like..just a suggestion.

  • psa

    “33 [Famous Fug Face] | 06/11/2007 at 12:46 pm

    [21] STFU, its of for Jared to post 5 Jolie/Pitt related threads in one day but he cant post a thread about this ugly biish? Suck a Dcik and die slow stupid.

    wooo you’re mom definitely teach you politeness.Every time i read your comments you’re always critizing making fun or being disrespectful towards the others.You should be banned.

  • They both do COCAINE too!

    Coke-head shame of Jen’s new hunk

    EXCLUSIVE: Friends tell how he snorted line with Kate

    By Jane Atkinson

    JENNIFER Aniston’s new fella was a raging cocaine fiend who snorted the drug with Kate Moss before they met Nelson Mandela, the News of the World can reveal.

    And pals of Brit Paul Sculfor warned the Friends actress to walk away from the relationship before she gets hurt.

    One told us: “Jennifer should get out while she can. If he can behave like that, what kind of person is he?”

    Friends revealed male model Sculfor, a former Essex roofer, has a sordid past that centred on an astonishing £450-a-day cocaine habit. They say:

    TRIED to bed All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, but was so out of it on cocaine that he ended up with her band-mate Shaznay Lewis.

    TOOK six months drug rehab, compared to the normal 28 days, because his coke addiction was so bad.

    NEEDS daily treatment to stay off it three years after beating his habit.

    ENJOYS controlling women and is a serial womaniser.

    Sculfor and supermodel Kate became friends after he won a competition to become a model in 1997, snorting cocaine whenever they could — even before meeting a revered figure like Mandela in 1998.

    Their agency Storm organised a fashion show in Cape Town which featured Paul, Kate and Naomi Campbell. Afterwards, they were invited to a reception at Mr Mandela’s home.

    Our source said: “Kate and Paul were doing line after line of coke backstage then going down the catwalk as if they were fine.

    “Afterwards they went to the Table Bay Hotel because they ran out of cocaine, and topped themselves up before going to Mandela’s.

    “As Mandela was inviting guests into his house Kate nipped into a toilet and started doing cocaine. I remember Paul telling me, ‘We were totally wrecked. Kate and I were so off our heads we couldn’t remember what we said to Nelson Mandela. And we couldn’t stop laughing about it’.”

    Jennifer, 38, who divorced Brad Pitt two years ago, has rarely dated since splitting up with actor Vince Vaughn last October.

    She is said to be smitten with Sculfor, 36, who spent a night at her LA mansion this month. She may not be aware of his murky past.

    Our source said: “Paul had a huge cocaine problem, taking about £450 of it a day. It turned him paranoid. He would tape up all his windows and hide away because he heard noises.”

    Sculfor finally checked into The Priory Clinic in Southgate, north London, at the beginning of 2004.

    The source added: “Most people attend a 28-day programme but he needed six months to get sorted. He had a rich friend to pay for it. Afterwards he went to Cocaine Anonymous every day. He’s still a regular and meditates every day to try to stay clean.”

    Sculfor’s addictive personality spilled over into his love-life too as he bedded a string of famous beauties.

    He became friendly with All Saints at the height of their success in 1999 and was desperate to bed their singer Nicole Appleton in revenge at her boyfriend at the time, Robbie Williams.

    One source told us: “Robbie had been rude to Paul so he thought having sex with his girlfriend would get up his nose. He planned to make his move but on the night took so much cocaine he didn’t know what he was doing and ended up with Shaznay.

    “He woke up and couldn’t believe it. He is obsessed with dating celebrities. He was engaged to Lisa Snowdon, who dumped him for cheating on her, and dated DJ Lisa I’Anson and Victoria Hervey.”

    It was at a London acting school that Sculfor picked up a string of women including Elaine Tan, EastEnders’ scheming Li Chong.

    Our source said: “He was vile to her. They met when he was dating glamour model Ebony. He dumped Ebony for Elaine but made her pay for it every second of their relationship.

    “He was an utter control freak. If she didn’t do as he told her he would scream his head off at her.

  • Snake Oil Water

    WTF are these people? Snartwater? Ya gotta be kidding me.

  • Cynthia

    I hope this is the real thing for Jen. She deserves to be happy. He’s hot.