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Rihanna: Jay-Z Screens My Suitors

Rihanna: Jay-Z Screens My Suitors

TRL fave Rihanna returns to the Total Request Live studios on Monday to promote her new album Good Girl Gone Bad, out in stores now.

The Barbados-born singer wore a sexy lower-back-revealing Alisha Levine top with a leopard print and a pair of Cassette skinny jeans. Colored denim’s never looked so good! She accessorized with Christian Louboutin heels and RJ Graziano jewelry.

It was just revealed that if you want to date Rihanna, you have to go through Jay-Z first! Rihanna opened up to People at the “Celebrity Legs of a Goddness” event about Jay-Z, who discovered her and signed her to his Def Jam label.

On Jay-Z screening her potential suitors: “I just found out from a mutual friend that guys will talk to Jay first before they try to approach me.”

On how much of father figure Jay-Z is: “He’s very protective. Jay has my best interests in mind. If it’s a good guy I know Jay won’t shut him down. But if he’s not, Jay will be like, ‘No, no, no.’ ”

On the guys who have tried to date her:”He actually never tells me. I have no clue who they are and I guess I’ll never know.”

On the guys she prefers: “Tall guys who have a sense of humor, love to laugh, have a good time and good conversation,”

On the perfect date: “Low key, just hanging out and watching a movie.”

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna rocking yellow jeans…

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rihanna yellow jeans 01
rihanna yellow jeans 02
rihanna yellow jeans 03
rihanna yellow jeans 04
rihanna yellow jeans 05
rihanna yellow jeans 06
rihanna yellow jeans 07
rihanna yellow jeans 08
rihanna yellow jeans 09
rihanna yellow jeans 10
rihanna yellow jeans 11
rihanna yellow jeans 12
rihanna yellow jeans 13
rihanna yellow jeans 14
rihanna yellow jeans 15

Credit: People
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  • kay

    why are we being force fed? there are other up and coming starlets that are actually news worthy grrrr.

  • Just Jared

    No one is forcing you to be here, kay.

    Rihanna is gorgeous with an chart-topping album.

    So of course she is newsworthy.

  • Indie

    Who? And eww at those banana pants. :lol:

  • Izzie

    Being from Barbados myself i agree with Jared, she really has helped to put our tiny little country on the map, so any news about her is good news. Great pics btw!

  • angelinammm

    she mentioned somewhere that she likes Wentoworth Miller

  • BBperfume

    I think she’s already stealing Beyoncé’s thunder, fashion-wise,charttopping-wise,and sexy-wise.
    At least some fresh news! Go Miss Sunshine!

  • Sarah

    This girl is a mediawhore. In a few months time, no one will want her. It’s better to keep lowkey and then come out because people would want to see you. It’s kind of boring see her everywhere. Her forehead is massive too, so it won’t be very hard to miss her, either.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Izzie, which part of Barbados are you from?

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Sarah! I bet your a fatty with just two friends. Why would you put her down? She’s just working what she’s got and there’s no crime there. While we all critique her pics…what are you doing that’s newsworthy?

  • Fat-girl

    “This girl is a mediawhore. In a few months time, no one will want her. It’s better to keep lowkey and then come out because people would want to see you. It’s kind of boring see her everywhere”

    LOL!!! If this were true, Beyonce’ would’ve been dead and gone loooooooooong time ago!

  • Queen Bee

    She’s poppin’. Does anyone know who sells the colored jeans? VB had a pair of blue ones that were hot too.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Sarah, she just came out with an album, didn’t you know?

    She’s in the business of making and selling music, and apart of that job is going out and ‘promoting’ the product you want the public to buy. oh yea, and she sells a lot of records.

    If I didn’t already know you were and idiot, your stupidity would’ve shocked me

  • Free Mimi

    Love, love, love the yellow jeans!

  • Hottie101

    She has a great body…not too thin and not too bootylicious just right!

  • ParisisBurning

    God I can’t stand a white shoe. Fly ass jeans tho’

  • ReesePieces

    Hate to say it but her legs are a little to chunky for those jeans. They look like to thick utility poles straight up and down.

    She almost has cankles. That’s why I’m still wondering why she was chosen as Legs of a Goddess:(

  • Madgie

    Dear lord, this slut is going to steal Beyoncé’s man, I can see it. I’m no fan of Beyoncé but you can tell Rihanna’s going to ‘cheesy-line’ her way through Jay-Z by using the awful ‘Umb-er-ella’ lyrics.

  • Anthony

    Not a fan of that outfit…but as far a beyonce goes I would rather look at Rihanna any day

  • rancour

    OMFG!! Is she already bleaching her skin??!! Wow, talk about being proud to be black. Shame on you, B I TC H!! YUKKKK, that pic with her hand on it…. Ugh! Disgusting. She should go back to covering her large forehead. It’s fucking scary!

  • cutie pie

    i dont think she is bleaching her skin she is already light nobody wants to be white that bad but michael jackson and i think he learned his lesson. rihanna is pretty but no comparison to beyonce no way

  • Didi

    does Jared have a thing for her or something? why is she always on this f*cking blog?

  • rancour

    Of course I know she’s already light but she’s getting way lighter than before. You can tell by her hands. I know the difference between a light black girl, a mixed race, a black girl and someone who’s definitely bleaching her skin. And Rihanna is doing just that. She looks like a mixed race now. In few years, she’ll probably turn white.

  • -ch-

    she’s a copycat..
    she copy everyone..
    look at her hair..
    look at her videoo
    so similar to the other
    and i think she’s obsessed with beyonce
    rihanna is awful!

  • Burpie

    Why the hell would she be bleachng her skin? LMAO what a ridiculous comment O_o

    She looks great in these pics. Love the yellow jeans, I’d never be able to pull that off, though!

  • lo-lo

    Rancour, for your information she is of mixed race her father is white (Irish) Barbadian and her Mother is Guyanese with barbadian lineage and by the way boo blacks come in all diffirent shades high yellow, brown-skinned and dark-skinned

  • Rancour

    Yes I know all this info about Black skin tones, thnx very much Lo-lo. No need to remind me this.

    I never digged in Rihanna’s personal life but hey, thnx also for letting me know she’s of mixed race. She used to have a nice light skin tone before and now she’s turning slowly white. It looks as if she wasn’t totaly happy with the beautiful mixture that her parents concocted. Shame!
    There are loads of mixed race singers and actors out there, Halle Berry, Thandie, Colin Rae etc, included, and never I’ve seen such skin tone transformation.

    Shame on her for bleaching her skin. Being mixed race is already such a priviledge for her but now she wants to imitate MJ.

  • Mondo Bongo

    My My My!! it’s a good thing this talented
    young lady’s career does not depend on the
    few air heads up thread! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    JJ~ where do they come from??? you should let
    them know this is your house, if you don’t
    like it get to stepping….>>>>>>>>>>>

  • !!!! exclamation-mark happy!!!

    what a bunch of low-lifes, skin-bleching? stealing b’s man? WTF??!

    Rhianna seems like a sweet girl, trying to her music out there and people are liking her stuff whats with the hate? “umbrella” is awesome!!

    nice smackdown jared *woot* *woot*!!!!

  • Raquai

    Damn!! People are eating her green with jealosy!! My goodness the poor child is out there doing her job and you haters are busy pulling her down.
    Advice to you all;

  • Manolo

    she’s a skank. she gonna steal B’s J. he dont care about B anyway. He can always shag this big head.

  • Just Jared

    I’m coming out

  • bunchof idiots

    talk about idiots, she didnt bleach her skin? skin tones get lighter, especially when you leave a nice warm island to america. the same shit happened to me, her daddy is half white her mom is guyanese black.

  • who??

    come to africa you’ll see blacks lighter than rihanna. they’re not even mixed, black has alot of skin tones

  • Rainman

    She’s selling!!!!!!!!!!! OK

  • Ross

    Rihanna maybe at the top right now, but when it comes to talents, look, music, entertainer, dance etc all that goes to Miss Beyonce. Beyonce can easily kick Rihanna’s ass to pieces. Rihanna have zero talents compared to Beyonce. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Y’all must be blind if y’all don’t think I am right.

  • cutie pie

    rancor you are clueless she is not bleaching her skin. for your info NOT EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE WHITE. so dry up and quit hating

  • cutie pie

    rancor not everyone wants to be white you are clueless

  • brown eyes

    rancor not everyone wants to be white you are clueless


    Well if it is true and he is looking out for her that’s great! there is nothing but vulchers in the music business waiting in the wings to suck the life out that young girl. so good for him for doing a good thing if it’s true. we have enough negativity in this world!
    give the girl a break!

  • MIckey Junior


  • MIckey Junior

    Those are RIhanna’s parents, now please, let this mess go. The girl is doing good right now, lets hope she can sell more records than she usually does.

  • MIckey Junior

    CORRECTION! I Meant RIhanna is Mixed! And thats her mother in the picture!

  • cutie pie

    rancor you are a idiot

  • http://jsutjared.buzznet marcia

    Please Rancor, Rihanna is not bleaching. She is just light . Not because you may not be satisfied with your color does not mean she isn’t satisfied with hers. Get over it and admire the natural beauty and light complected skin of the beautiful Rihanna. I wonder what you look like to be so adamant about proving that Rihanna is bleaching. What business of it is yours?

  • Mani

    What is ya’ll problem? Where do you get this information that she is bleaching her skin? Did you see her do it? Did a trusted friend tell you? I don’t think so. And about stealing b’s man, he’s kind of old for her anyway, why would she go there? And as mixed people grow up, their color will change a little bit. When I was younger, I had brown skin, now I’m lighter. I should know.

  • Mani

    The reason why Rihanna isn’t as good as Beyonce b/c Rihanna is still kind of new. Everyone foreva knew B b/c she was in the industry for a long time. And Beyonce has her own fashion line and perfume, so she more famous for that. When Rihanna is older and more known and maybe sell her own products, she will probably be as famous as Beyonce is now. And who told MIckey Junior that that was her mom in the picture?

  • stopbeing stupid seefor urself

    her dad isn’t white…u can look him up he is a little light sort of brown skin tho…i must agree …i don’t care for all the gossip but i’ve seen her and now her sudden skin transformation …so i guess i got the same question as others …is she bleaching? certainly looks that way…btw the are alot os mix by racial celebs they haven’t had this sort of skin transformation….execpt micheal jackson and he’s not even mix in any sort of way like tht…so how do u explain him? from black to white….why do pep do this to themselves?…it’s as if u gonna stay on top u’ll have to be lighter

    but any way her mom is black really dark skin and her dad is brown skin..but def not white

  • Akialmo

    one, rihanna’s father isnt white. he is of african and irish descendants
    second, black people who are light, are automatically mixed, that is why they are light skin. 100% “black” people are naturally dark skin.

  • vari des

    i read in a magazine i think allure she said her dad was half black half white and her mom was black…..she isnt mixed but black….her dad’s a light skinned black man…..

  • vari des

    she had a rough childhood b/c of her skin couleur…..and when talking abt this story she mention it was b/c of her dad being black/white….