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Victoria Beckham Enter Dodgers Heaven

Victoria Beckham Enter Dodgers Heaven

Victoria Beckham dons a Los Angeles Dodgers windbreaker and sky high wedge sneakers as she throws out the first pitch for the pitch for the Dodgers Mets game on Monday at Dodger Stadium.

On throwing out the first pitch: “I’m gonna do the best I can, this is a huge honor for me.”

On when she’s moving to Los Angeles: “Mid-July, I reckon. As a family, we’re really excited about moving to L.A. He’s looking forward to coming to a Dodgers game as well.”

On hubby David Beckham watching from home in Madrid: “I’ve been to lots of soccer stadiums, but this is something else,” she said. “I’m going to do the best I can. It’s a huge honor for me. David’s going to be watching at home.”

Watch the video of Posh pitching — she’s got quite the funny throwing style!

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Photos: Mark Avery/AP
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  • tia

    oh my God is she SMILING !!!!!!!!!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    some movement – personality – thank god.

  • Reader

    AWW! I love her. She seems like such a sweet person.

  • Christina

    Awww Victoria looks so freaking ADORABLE!! She looks like such a nice, cool person to hang out with. I’m still jealous you got to talk to her Jared! She looks amazing here!

  • Nando

    I freaking love how the news are become more Spice Girls-related. Victoria, Mel B…some sparingly Geri & Emma…

    Seeing all of these news about the Spice Girls is getting me pumped up. ^_0

    I am predicting a Spice Girls reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paulo

    I love Victoria!!!!!!! She does seem cool, we always see her serious, but that is because the paps are always bothering her, but she is really getting the press all worked up before David comes to the States mid-July. I cant wait!

    There are talks that by the end of this year there will in fact be a Spice girls reunion.

  • Jennie

    Aw, she looks so cute !

  • SkankyHO

    ehhhh she doesn’t even live in the US yet and I am already tired of seeing pictures of her.

  • Dirty Denise

    Oh my, that girl has such as utterly unattractive body, she is literally walking on sticks. I just don’t see her holding on to that husband of her.

  • Jull

    she looks really cute and lovely smile!!!
    I love her! and love her shoes!

    but Im sorry to say this…who is still going to Spice Girl’s concert?
    they alive in just memory now.

  • L

    I think she is adorable! I love seeing her with her boys and can’t wait for them to get to the states. She seems like a really great wife and mother.
    I don’t think she has an utterly unattractive body, I am built just like her :( and my husband and two little kids tell me how pretty I am all the time.

  • Yily

    She’s so cute! What an adorable woman. We always see her so serious so this is something new. She’s having fun and we get to see a side of Posh we haven’t seen often. Posh rock!

  • Michael C


  • cutie pie

    too skinny and ugly dont want to see her ever again

  • Julian

    i really really like her.
    bute shes doing everything for some attention!

  • Meg

    She looks so much better when she smiles! Good lord. What a difference.

  • 2985

    I think she should show more of her personality like this! It’s good! It’s understandable how people who have never, ever seen Vic in interviews, etc think she’s a miserable cow, but she has a really wicked sense of humor! :) She’s quite self-deprecating at it, witty, tongue-in-cheek AND she smiles and laughs a lot in these interviews, etc.
    I wonder though, did she get those wedge-sneakers custom-made for her? Coz they don’t look like those el cheapo ones, and no, I don’t like hers either but I guess she needs her heels at all times. :) A gig as her podiatrist must pay pretty well then.

  • Oh Dear

    Seriously this woman is ugly. Her throwing that ball is hilarious she’s got absolutely no strength whatsoever.

    I actually think she looks worse when she smiles. She’s got like baby teeth and no lips. That is beyond gross.

  • Depeche

    she would to anything to have some attention, so stupid and fake

  • Yily

    I don’t know why the British media dislike Posh so much. Is it because they’re jealous of her success and fame? America seem to love this girl. I don’t know why England does not. The media in Britain is ruthless, way way worse than in the U.S. If you’re a celebrity and you’re living over there, there’s always going to be some horrible stories about you from the press. Thank god Posh and her family is moving to the US. At least over here, they don’t have to deal with that. The American press have nothing negative to say about her except for her shopping trips heheh.

  • angi

    She´s not as good mother as she could be, neither wife.. She should be here in Madrid right now (with her 3 little sons) instead of being losing her time around the world. David is always cheating on her, I can understand it, she is stupid and only worries about clothes, parties, and how to get some attention. Because of her ambition David is leaving Real Madrid, one of the best soccer teams of the world earlier than he should, why? Because Posh wants to go shopping with Kattie or JLo, that´s all. And please she is so thinny, don´t say that body is pretty…

  • Ruth

    Dear Posh! She will do anything to get into the media! A woman with no singing or acting talent makes a fortune from some girl group, marries a VERY handsome (but very cheating) husband and is constantly in the press for doing what? Perhaps someone can explain her “success” to me? What exactly does she do except run around shops and sell herself?

  • indiesr

    #20 Yily:
    She has yet to meet TMZ…trust me she and David have a hair out of place and tmz will be all over it, and probrably have it on video :lol: American press is just as ruthless or worse than Europe, give them a minute, they are not quite hear yet, and when it starts to happen…remember this post. :)

  • ImpeachBush

    David’s screwing chicks at home in Madrid, not watching her –who wants to bet.

  • Eathan

    She looks phenomenal, as usual!

    Love her smile.

  • William


    It’s over.

  • mls

    This woman is so over tan and overated. Other than being a mom, what does she do again? She looks like a walking stick with over size silicon breast and a blond wig, whose mouth when open looking like she’s ready to suck you know what. If it wasn’t for her husband she would be much less of a nobody than the other spice girls. Besides most of her outfits make her look like a high class hooker. She is always forcing the sex appeal, it just doesn’t come off as natural. She’s just another Paris at this point in her life… famous for nothing than her family (husband), wealth and a has been. Get a grip and get a real story. I’m so tired of see the please need me, want me, be jealous of me look.

  • Bendy

    Meh… another attention w hore… and this is probably in relation with her show too, I suppose? Urgh… she’s sickening. Thnx god she’s leaving the UK. I feel sorry for the Americans.

    I agree with you, Angi. Becks had a good future in Madrid. But because Posh is fed up with the way people can’t stand her in Europe and especially in her homeland because of her ‘i’m all that’ attitude, she ‘ordered’ him to sign with the galaxy soccer team in LA, so she could shop, party and have more press coverage.
    She thinks she’s found paradise. Meh, not. Like indiers said, the American tabloids will destroy her. She’ll rush David to pack their bags so fast that she can go back to her beckhamgham palace.

  • LJ

    Dear Angi it was David’s choice to go LA not Victoria’s because that time Real didn’t wanted him (now they want again) and he don’t want to play other teams in Europe than Real and ManU and he thought then that his career in English national team is over so HE wanted to go LA, Victoria wanted back in London near her family.. but of course you hate Victoria so you want to believe that way..

  • LJ

    That shows that you don’t know anything about David, he is really stubborn and he make his own choices..

  • Serena

    Lol, I would’ve thought she’d improved her speech. Not articulate at all. Repeating the same thing over and over again: ‘y’know, it’s a honour..y’know, I’m very excited…’ Rofl!! She’s worst than David. She’s got enough money in her pocket but can’t be bothered to get some speech classes!

  • Ayaha


  • Serene

    Lol LJ! Angi is so right! Posh wanted to move to LA so she could be with her buddy KH. David only had to see which team would take him on. Seriously LJ, don’t you know who wears the trousers in this family?? Have you ever seen the two of them in interviews? David is generally a shy guy compared to his wife.
    If you live in the UK, do you remember that reality program about 3 or 4 years ago about the two of them? You could tell who was the boss. There was no discussion about that.
    I don’t know if David has changed since then. I suppose some men mature in their thirties and sort of assume thier independance and David must have done so. But remember, He CHEATED on Posh more than once. She knows that and he’s trapped. He’s got to please her to keep her happy. So whatever she says, he’ll do. If she wanted to move back to England, believe me, David would have done so because the English people miss him and want him back.
    You don’t know the power an angry cheated women has over a weak man.

  • meh

    Sorry, but she looks uglier when she smiles!
    And why a high-heeled shoes/sneakers? Ridiculous!

  • Diana

    She is pushy, how can he make his own decisions (?) …lol… And she so much want to get out of Spain and forget Davids’ affairs.

    She looks so much better when she smiles and doesn’t pout or whatever is that she does.

  • Ida


  • lauren

    look ya’ll the robot is smiling! Are you kidding me, playing sports in wedge heels, she looks ridiculous..she’s too fragile to play sports, you need muscle to be able to play sports, not fake nails, fake tan, fake hair, fake boobs, bones for legs, etc. Go back to England trashy skank!

  • S

    I love victoria! But her hair looks MUCH better long and brown. SHES SMILING too! WOW

  • LJ

    Serene i have followed his career from 1994 so i know much more than you know.. And he maybe is shy but it don’t mean that he can’t do his own decisions. But if you want to believe everything what’s papers write do it… If he do what Victoria wants he had never played in Real but for example Arsenal or Chelsea. Victoria may nowadays be friends with Katie but it was David who introduced her to Tom and Katie. And if she afraid that David will cheat her why she wanted to move to LA? That shoot down your theory..

  • baba

    ug! that is what she is and skelton for no reason. I mean she doesn’t have nothing that should make her like this .

  • yara

    she still posh on a field!

  • Mmmmm

    WOW she does have a grill and nothing is wrong with it … altho I can see why she doesnt smile tho she is still ugly so better for her if she TRIES to be sexy.

  • Eathan

    Who said he cheated on her?

    It was prooved that he didn’t cheat on her, but obviously tabloids didn’t feel the need to publish that on the front pages as it wouldn’t sell.

    That bitch Rebecca Cunt lied and said she slept with him on the day that was later prooved he wasn’t even in Madrid. LMAO.

    Offcourse all the other wannabes that claimed to have slept with him, even tabloids didn’t believe them. It was obvious they were hungry for money and fame after they saw Rebecca making millions on selling her lies to british trashoids!

  • Jelly

    David had future in Man U.
    and I think Man U let him out becouse of his wife.

  • Jelly

    why didnt they sue Rebecca?

    if Im wrong, correct me. I remember they sued news paper. but they didnt sue her.

    if she lied everything, they should sue her.

  • Gina

    Victoria, those are called high heeled sports shoes. LOL

  • Lee

    Are you all seriously believing all those women saying David cheated with them? Yeah right! The first one came out when Posh was pregnant… I seriously doubt David would cheat while she was carrying their 1st child. He has barely spoken to half these women that have claimed to have had sex with him. They sell their story for loads of money, and he sits with a cheating rep. Hardly fair, I would say.

  • indiesr

    All this talk about David cheating…goes with the celeb status. Personally, I dont know if he cheated, that’s what the tabs say, but also, I’m not going to say its not possible. 85% of atlethes cheat (so they say) from being on the road all the time and their fans willing to do anything for them (regardless of whether they are happily married or not, or how nice their spouse is or isnt). Most of them do not get caught, some do example, when Kobe Bryant got caught he ratted on Shaq who as yet to be caught…David??????

  • Serene

    LJ, you may have followed David’s career since 1994 and that’s good for you. I agree with you that David went to Spain on his own maybe because he must have found the strenght to say no to his wife. Posh refused to live over there. Only after he cheated on her that she decided to follow him.
    I will repeat what I said, Posh wants to be in LA to be with her mates and she longs for people to love her in USA. She’s no longer adored as much as she used to in the UK. People love David more than Posh. That’s why she’s running away. She assumes that Americans will be gentler to her and she also running from the shameful period in Spain. Everyone knows he cheats on her over there. The Spanish women don’t talk like the English girls who are just after the tabloids money.
    In LA, Posh is confident that whatever David does, he’d be followed by papies– and this is why she’s ensuring everyone knows who she is and who her husband is in LA. They’ll be watching his every move, so he can’t really cheat on her.
    My theory still stands out. Nothing you’ve said countered what I mentioned earlier. You’ve just added certain elements and cheers for that.

    As for David, he did cheat on Posh with Rebecca Loos. They never sued her bec they knew she was telling the truth and she had all the proofs for it(text messages, emails etc…) Do you think tough Posh would have let Rebecca get away with such a humiliating lie?? No way!! If all this affair had been constructed, we will be hearing their court battle now and Posh would have ensured that Loos’s life become a misery for the rest of her life.

  • gluvsposh

    More victoria goodness!! Thank you jared, you’re my new favorite blog site now! I can’t complete my day without getting a daily dose of posh.

    She looks wonderful even in a dodgers jacket! and she looks like she’s having a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see her spending the day with David in LA