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Woody's Family Settles in Spain

Woody's Family Settles in Spain

Woody Allen arrives in Barcelona, Spain on Monday, accompanied by wife Soon-Yi Previn and their daughters Bechet, 8, and Manzie, 7. (They carried and pulled their own luggage!)

Woody, 71, and Soon-Yi, 36, plans on staying in Spain for a few months to film his yet-to-be-titled summer film project starring Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem. The ‘Woody Allen Spanish Project’ is scheduled for a 2008 release.

Some background: Bechet was named after jazz clarinetist Sidney Bechet. Manzie was named after Manzie Johnson, a drummer with Bechet‘s band.

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  • Maria


  • Nadira

    Sadly I cannot not look at these people without thinking about Mia farrow and that whole situation. I guess something like that never fully dies down. :|

  • Keto

    same here nadira,

    i hate being a moral compass but that was too much.. ohh man..

  • Kelly D

    Beyond way too much. The man is disgusting. I don’t understand why people still even respect the guy and star in his HORRIBLE movies.

  • Mmmmm

    WOW I didnt know they had kids together. Are they adopted too? I am finding out I know nothing about celebs .. thanks Jared.

  • Madgie

    I agree Nadira, but they’re lasting longer than most couples in Hollywood, so they must be doing something right.

  • Indie

    #5, I could be mistaken but Im pretty sure they are their bioligical children.

    The whole situation is just… odd.

  • Milli

    I hope he does not screw his adopted daughters, sick old man!

  • Keto

    on the other hand whatever he does in his personal life doesn’t affect my views about his art..

    many great artist had lousy personalities, did things waay overboard..

  • Milli

    These little girls are their adopted children.

  • HottieTottie

    I’ve been over this whole Woody Allen thing for ages. But, you know… I have to say I’m surprised they stayed together this long. I can’t believe she’s 36 years old already.

  • Maria

    Nadira: I could not agree with you more. If it weren’t for Mia, this chick would probably be out in the street selling herself. WAIT, she did do that — and look what she got! YUCK!!!

  • Klaus

    Soon Yi better pray she doesn’t get dumped for one of her daughters.


  • magnus

    He’s arguably the WORST “film maker” in history.

    Over rated? The fact that he’s rated at all is insane.

    Prime example of a certain religion favouring their own.

    F*ck that demented old r*tard.

    He makes cr@p that’s lapped up by pseudo intellectual half wits.

  • victoria

    gross. he’s gross and his “wife” is gross! gross gross gross!!

  • Maria

    Kelly: I don’t understand how actors like Scarlet Johanson can make a movie with this creep!! I did see ‘Match Point’, which was very good. I would NOT have if Woody’s ugly mug was in it, though. The man makes me want to use the toilet!!

  • Indie

    Oh realy, Milli? I stand corrected then. Sorry about that. ^__^

  • Maniston

    I am surprised that he was allowed to adopt any kid considering he slept and married one of his adopted kids in the past

  • Franny

    I never believed Farrow about all this. He all of a sudden became a child molester in his late 50s? Not likely.

    She just used the dynamite charge of child abuse as payback for his leaving her for her adopted daughter. I understand the anger and pain but it doesn’t justify false charges.

  • debjosy

    They are his biological children with Soon Yi.

  • debjosy

    They are his biological children with Soon Yi

  • Nadira

    How long have they been together, Madgie? Its so rare for a hollywood couple to last more than 5 years or so. With the few acceptions of Rita & Tom and Danny and Rhea and a couple of others ofcourse.

    Ew Milli, if he does I seriously think he should be banned from society. Who on earth would give someone who behaved the way he did a child? I know quite a few couples and even singles who would kill for an adoption to happen and would make fantastic parents, but financially they do not qualify. And yet because Allen has money he’s permitted to adopt. It just sucks.

  • debjosy

    Sorry for the double post.

  • memo

    14 magnus | 06/12/2007 at 4:35 pm
    He’s arguably the WORST “film maker” in history.

    Over rated? The fact that he’s rated at all is insane.

    Prime example of a certain religion favouring their own.

    F*ck that demented old r*tard.

    He makes cr@p that’s lapped up by pseudo intellectual half wits.


    WOW magnus:

    how about adding a little “I THINK” or — in my opinion to your post..

    also — religion?!? i am a muslim and i love his earlier films, many people do in my country..

    you are attempting to insult those who love his work but you just end up sounding a wee bit ignorant — with all due respect ;)

  • TiaBia

    How strange…one daughter looks exactly like Soon-yi and the other looks exactly like Woody Allen…so strange

  • TiaBia

    Well Franny…I’m assuming she said it was child abuse because although he wasn’t her legal father, Soon-yi was like a daughter to him UNTIL he started having sex with her…..shutter…CREEPERS

  • Nisha

    They are their adopted daughters. Do a Google search.

  • Cha Cha Loca

    These can’t possivly be their biological children. One is Asian and one is Caucasion. If they were the parents the children would be a combination of the two, not one of each.

  • angelinammm

    I think one of those girls is adopted if not both

  • [Famous Fug Face]


  • Mediterranean

    Whenever I see his photo or hear his name, I feel like vomiting on his ugly face and his ugly wife.

  • babs

    I remember Soon-Yi when she was pregnant.

    He is well appreciated here in Europe, in fact he makes his films round here, far from puritans and bigots.

  • Pandora

    memo: Your comment re: ignormagnass is right on. I appreciate his films, too. What he does in his private life,though beyond bizarre, has nothing to do with the merit of his film work.

    And, as some people have said — this odd union seems to be working.

  • WTF

    He has a thing for Scarlett now, this marriage will be over soon.

  • pepe

    Now they walking round pretending to be normal! This sh*t is f*cked up, imagine Brad marrying Zahara, BLECH. That’s gross!!!

  • lillianne

    Let’s just say we wish the best for those two little girls. They had no choice in the matter.

  • Louisa

    Bechet is their biological child, Menzie is adopted.
    On my opinion Woody is one of the greatest directors AND actors ever! Give a fuck what he looks if he makes you laugh.

  • egads

    I wonder when or if he has told them already “Ummm girls, my wife and mother to you used to be my daughter!!” Eeeep!!! Where is child services in all this?

  • Jess








  • amanda

    In fact WA never adopted any of MF´s adopted and biological children from her marriage with Previn. WA is really highly regarded in Europe and some of his peers in the moviebusiness in US must like him too because he has won three AAs and been nominated 21 times; 14 as screenwriter. six as director and one as actor….Some of his films are really good imo. No wonder so many want to work with him, quite a lot of his actors and actresses have gotten nominations and awards when they worked with him!

    I can of course understand MF´s fury too, but Allen (and MF) considered her for a role in Mighty Aphrodite, it was rumored that the casting director said no…. MF´s marriage with and divorce from Previn wasn´t exactly free from ugly moments and accusations! Perhaps she is a very complicated woman too!

    Allen has said that despite the scandal’s damage to his reputation, Farrow’s discovery of Allen’s attraction to Soon-Yi Previn, by accidentally finding nude photographs of her, was “just one of the fortuitous events, one of the great pieces of luck in my life. [...] It was a turning point for the better.”
    He and his present wife have been together for more than 14 years now and seems rather happy!

  • Nora

    I can’t even comprehend what this couple is about…. Poor Mia, No, good thing she left this looney toon behind…

  • mina

    I love his movies, i own about 20 of them.
    Still, i wish he had’nt done what he did, it ‘s impossible not to think about the scandal everytime you look at them. AFAIK, they are his adopted kids.

  • Luke

    Do you people even do any research before accusing someone as a child molester? Soon-Yi was never his adopted daughter. In fact, he was never married to Mia Farrow. She was Mia’s adopted daughter with her previous husband. How is he a child molester when they got together when she was 22 and married when she was 25? Sure, the situation is icky but you shouldn’t go around throwing words like child molester without any proof.

  • Thx Luke

    WOW thanks for the education, is history repeating itself with another HW couple right now, I wonder what couple ran through everyone’s mind?

    What about Elvis and his kiddy bride and Jerry Lee Lewis and his bride? Those ladies were very young but no sterotype of child prev there, wonder why that is?

  • Shaking My head

    God, So many ignorant people on these blogs. Just because someone adopts a child does not mean they’ll molest them. You people need to get out of you hick towns once in awhile

  • Candy V. Spelling

    These are their biological daughters, obviously one looks like him and one like her. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two biological sisters who look so different.

    Woody also has a bio son with Mia Farrow; I think he changed his name from Satchel to Seamus. Farrow and Allen adopted a girl together; I wonder what’s happened to her?

    Thanks for this picture… I like because you show more than the same five young women over and over.

  • Yuck

    He makes Roman Polanski seem like a saint.

    He’s passe and irrelevant today.

  • Didi


    Sorry couldn’t resist taking the p*ss out of you hysterical sanctimonious self-righteous f*ckers.

    leave the man alone. Mia Farrow is a f*cking nut job.

  • Yuck

    I wonder how she will tell the kids how she met their father….YUCK!!! You think she will tell them that oh your daddy was my daddy, that’s how we met. Yuck!

  • Jane Public

    These actors and actresses who work with this pedophile are just as sick as he is. I will not watch any movies that Scarlet Johannson, Penelope Cruz and others that work with him are in.

    Jane Public