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Britney Gone Wild in Yellow and White

Britney Gone Wild in Yellow and White

Britney Spears walks hand-in-hand with her cousin Alli as they arrive at the Four Seasons hotel on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 25-year-old pop princess looked like she just came back from a work-out wearing a bold yellow-and-white-striped sweatsuit including a short-sleeved hoodie and pair of itty-bitty shorts. Brit covered up her hair roots with an orange-and-gold head scarf and toted around her fave metallic handbag.

Much improved from last night’s fashion debacle!

Bigger pictures below!

Just Jared on Facebook
britney spears cellulite
britney yellow white striped sweat suit 01
britney yellow white striped sweat suit 02
britney yellow white striped sweat suit 03

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  • sarah

    I think she looks cute…better than the usual “fashion” mistakes.

  • Indie

    Well atleast its an improvement.. in the fashion choice that is.

  • twinkatplay

    i heart britney!! but bless her, she’s a bit c.r.a.z.y

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Hahaha Look @ that dweeb.


    no ass.

  • Yily

    cute outfit from britney. love britney but she need to get her act together before i completely lose interest.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    If you have dimples in your legs, time for longer shorts

  • Milli

    Well, before everyone bashes her for her cellulite, I don’t think she can do much about that.I havenot seen a single woman without at least some cellulite .
    She is working out , alright, I can tell from her thigh muscles.I am surprised to see she has so much though.
    May be she should get regular body massages, she certainly can afford it and it might help.

  • james

    im losing interest…her new album better be toxic times ten!! dang, i loved that song x

  • [Famous Fug Face]


  • seen it before

    Ive seen her leg look the exact same way on another photo awhile back.It was claimed by her fans it was photo shopped to look bad.I didnt think so because after her first child her leg was saggy.But this photo is corect.What I want to know is this from the LIPO its said she has had on her thighs,knees and calves?And whats that scar on her right thigh in front not the knee scar but leg? Im guessing plastic surgery and babies and women have some naturally,put it all together=Britney.Bad Surgery.

  • yara

    whats the big on havind cellulite? every woman has!!

  • Tara

    You can’t do anything about cellulite but she could at least wear longer shorts.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    These photos are almost as bad as the ones of her in that bikini. Yuck!

    That ass and those legs are dis-gus-ting.

  • sac

    come on!!! she has cellulite on one leg and not on the other one?!! if you buy that, then you are really stupid. Britney has beatiful legs, and i can’t wait for her new album

  • Sarah

    I seriously think that if people stopped talking about her she wouldn’t be acting like this.

  • hey

    that is not just cellulite.

  • STFU

    You guys really need to stop photoshopping her pics to add cottage cheese. We’ve seen the real ones, and no one is stupid enough to believe it when one has major cellulite and the other has none. Why are you so intent on making her look bad/worse?

  • Cynthia

    Yuck, and her legs looks nasty

  • André

    I give up.
    I used to think she could come back and be huge again.
    But after these…

  • audrey

    So what if she has cellulite…she’s human. Quit being such b*tches. I’d like to see what you fatasses look like.

  • jonnie

    so one day brit leg looks like that and then the other it looks hot, its obvious that someone messed with her leg, i agree this is a bigger improvement from last night, brit should stick with the casual look

  • egads

    She looks cute in that outfit. Thank God for that Ali cause she’s managed to keep her grounded. Brit Brit seriously needs some babysitting all the time and hand-holding. Hope Ali doesn’t turn around and sell her out like all the people she trusted did on her these past few months and years.

  • LOLOLOL!!!

    She’s TWENTY FIVE????????

    Jebus! She looks 10x worse than THIRTY five year olds I pass on the street every day! my GOD, she looks old and beat-up!!!!

  • Burpie

    Are scarves on her head her new “thing”?

  • junebug

    is it just me, or did britney NOT have cellulite until recently? if you look at pics from before she started getting lipo-dissolve treatments, she’s pretty cellulite free:

    looks like she’s gonna have to suffer some consequences from wanting the quick way out…

  • 1006

    Girls please…you CAN do something about cellulite. We arent born with it you know. Put down the damned fork and do some cardio and if your too lazy then for the love of us all, wear more clothes. I am 43 and the only dimples I have are on my face.

  • STFU

    #26: Cellulite is not a result of being overweight. Google it/Wikipedia it.

  • vajayjay

    forget the cellulite, no matter what this woman does, her trashtasticness will NEVER, EVER go unnoticed.

  • Kt

    These are OBVIOUSLY photo shopped!

  • Jillian

    11 yara | 06/12/2007 at 7:12 pm
    whats the big on havind cellulite? every woman has!!

    WRONG…every woman does not have cellulite. I don’t.

  • Nadira

    1006: Good for you. I wasnt aware women should be living to please others.

    Not everyone is overweight because they didnt ‘put down the damned fork’. My co worker is overweight and suffers from a thyroid condition. But I’ll be sure to let her know she should get her ass in gear and do some cardio just so women like you arent sickened by her body.

  • Dieter

    Amazing pooper – I´d hit it in a heartbeat !!!

  • L

    30 Jillian | 06/12/2007 at 10:02 pm
    11 yara | 06/12/2007 at 7:12 pm
    whats the big on havind cellulite? every woman has!!

    WRONG…every woman does not have cellulite. I don’t.

    Yeah, I have got to say that even after 2 kids, neither do I.

    However, I don’t know anymore which pics are real and which are not with her. One day she has an ass then she doesn’t. In some pics she has awful cellulite and then in another pic she doesn’t have any. I guarentee that we see these same pics somewhere else and there will be none. So who knows anymore.

  • cindy

    I use to love this girl when she first came out but ever since her and JT broke up she has gone down hill from her career to her looks. With all that damn money why does she look like that? you catch most females on a bad day and they still look way better than Britney on her nights of hitting the town.

  • Silvana

    well, sorr, but why your pics always have britney with cellulite??

    obviously is fake

    real »

  • lili

    just jared liar liar pance on fire.

    That is fotoshop.

    and for all the women who are jelous of Brit budy stuff.

    they will ignore the link of course they would rather belive that Brit leg look like the pothspoed pic.

    I guess is true pepole will do amything to some bad news pic of brit so the haters will have fun, becouse their hate is all the see.

    and I rather be a fan of Brit with all her mistake, then her being wirdo like Angi.

  • Mimi

    Her breast also makes me feel sad… you know…

  • 1006

    Hey Nadira,

    Obviously I’m not speaking of those that have medical reasons as to appearing unhealthy (thus health reasons) it’s those that wear “less clothes that have the most body to cover up phenomenon”. I get sick and tired of people claiming we are shallow for commenting on over weight individuals. It is a health choice not unlike commenting on a drug user or heavy drinking partier! Being over weight and unhealthy is a choice (99%) one makes one bite at a time. Health cost do affect us all and though I love all people regardless of size, I do wish they loved themselves enough to yes, “put down the damned fork and do some cardio”.

    P.s. cellulite is the combined result of skin losing it’s elasticity and the fat cells growing in size causing a crowding,lumping effect due to weight gain.

  • ella

    to Nadira

    women arent supposed to be “living to please others” I’ll give you that…

    cause if your body fat ratio is too high, your not going to be living long to please anyone.

    When was the last time you saw an obese person over 60?

    This isn’t just a cosmetic issue.

    Our children are the first ever to have a life expectancy less than their parents, EVER in the history of man, solely based on obesity related diseases. So I agree our society needs to “put down the fork and do some more cardio” for our childrens sake.

  • lmao

    1006, Your comments make any woman who is overweight feel like shit. Medical reason or not, its not your business how someone else chooses to live. Your loving people of all sizes is a joke. You ARE shallow, clearly a woman who is large and wears “less clothes” bothers you. Thats love? Right.

    And yes, it is a health choice, THEIR health choice. not yours.

  • Indie

    Being overweight is very unhealthy, and can and will cause an array of health problems, however I agree that its up to each indivual to make their own choices. Its not our business or right to judge another person when clearly we all have our faults. And yet somehow most of us here are guilty of that, each time we come to Jared’s site and make a negative comment about a celebrity, thats exactly what we are doing. Is it not?

    I also do not necessarily think 1006 was trying to be mean in her comments, I think she was trying to be helpful and perhaps it just came across in a negative way to some.

    @ Ella, quite a few women at my mothers bingo hall are 50+ and are overweight. Her card partner Jean is 66 and almost 300lbs. But yes, she does suffer with a few health issues.

    Maintaining a fit lifestyle is not easy for everyone, but for their own wellbeing I do think its good to encourage our friends and loved ones who are overweight to take better care of themselves as long as its not done in a hurtful way. But if they choose not to, it realy IS their choice. We cant make people be what we want them to be.

  • cutie pie

    who gives a damn what shes wearing please i can find better things to do with my time then this useless heifer. so see ya………………..

  • cutie pie

    who gives a damn boy these women done got all into who has cellulite and who doesnt. i have it and i luv my body and myself damn what a bunch of losers

  • Ok then

    Yeah because caring about your body = loser. *rolls eyes*

    I thought you had better things to do? Guess not, considering you stuck around to comment again.

  • Indie

    Cellultie IS a part of this post, considering all four pictures are titled “Britney Cellulite”, so ofcourse people are going to discuss it. People like to leave their opinion’s, it doesnt mean their losers, it means their intelligent for actually having a brain and using it.

    And thats just lovely that you love your body. I hope by calling these women as well as myself a “loser” makes you feel even better about yourself now.

  • audrey

    1006 – WTF are you talking about? Britney is not overweight. Actually women thinner than Britney who do cardio and weight training still have cellulite. You went off on this random tangent that really has no relevance, not to mention isn’t even true. You must be extremely insecure.

  • It’s not all black and white

    I am not a fan of hers, but those photos are obviously photoshopped. She may have some dimples on her ass but no way she’s got that much cellulite on the front of her thighs.

  • inhirnamy137

    She has celluite really bad,but I like her outfit.

  • 1006


    I’m not insecure. If you had read the post I was responding too my post would have made more sense to you. Britney is not over weight nor does she look (cosmetic) bad just because she has some dimples. Talk about someone being insecure…
    Do you happen to have a big fat ass?

  • pep

    Fuck you guy’s 1006 and Ella have it right and you know it.