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Jessica Alba is an Angel

Jessica Alba is an Angel

Jessica Alba (in Guccici) has a halo floating above her head! And it’s not photoshopped!!

Director Tim Story, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd walk the blue carpet at the world film premiere of Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer” at the London’s Vue West End on Tuesday in England. Alba accentuated her custom Gucci gown with jewelry and shoes from the fashion house.

The entire Fantastic cast will make a guest appearance on NBC’s The Today Show this Friday, June 15th. You can check out a video of some of the Fantastic cast talking at a press conference in Rome.

P.S. Someone just happens to be holding a hula hoop in the background, behind Jessica. Strange, huh?

15+ pictures inside of Alba, Chiklis, Evans and Gruffudd

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Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty
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  • alizee


  • Mondo Bongo

    Love the dress!!

  • Indie

    lol. Thats something. :cute:

  • JJaddict

    This is one movie I won’t be watching this summer. I found the first one boring and the acting performance embarassing. Usually having a good looking cast helps keep it a little more interesting but it didn’t help in the first one so I’m guessing it won’t help in the second movie either. I would rather watch Pirates twice than pay to watch this.

  • ketmem

    wow, that dress!!!

    anyone knows whose it is?

  • Burpie

    I lo0ove that dress.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    she is truly breath taking.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I like alba but she’s the worst out the cast. Its like that bosworth chick in superman – not a good look.

    I hope this movie doesnt blow like the first one.

  • J3$$!C@

    Jessica looks so beautiful. Love the dress.

  • Didi

    my husband is in the front row. took a picture with her and everything. he had a four hour erection after meeting this b*tch.

  • JJaddict

    10 Didi | 06/12/2007 at 8:40 pm
    my husband is in the front row. took a picture with her and everything. he had a four hour erection after meeting this b*tch.



  • Jennie

    She’s gorgeous in just about anything she wears !

  • James

    10 Didi | 06/12/2007 at 8:40 pm


  • Anthony

    She actually looks pretty good, not as boring as usual. Still won’t be watching the movie, first one sucked way too much

  • hotglassgurl

    @Didi . . . hope you took advantage of that!

  • ketmem

    i think the dress is hot but she’s way overrated. like many young hollywood.

  • cindy

    I love jessica alba. She is in the rare group of young hollywwod that doesn’t go out and get wasted and show off her private parts.

  • Burpie

    She’s wearing Gucci, btw.

  • dat_dOod

    lol omg this chick is a complete YAWN fest.

  • wendy

    Ioan Gruffudd had had major botox to the forehead area.

  • Eathan

    Can’t wait to see the movie!

    When is the american premiere? And where – in LA or NYC?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    not usually a fan of hers -usually find her impossibly bland but in this outfit: she’s perfect. perfect.

  • duba

    Whay are the men wearing so much makeup?

  • just me saying

    i can’t understand why people are so interested in her. in my opinion, she lacks the movie star charisma, appeal and real sexuality. i agree that she’s overrated. but to her credit, at least she doesn’t drink and drive and show her privates to the public so i guess she’s okay.

  • Yily

    Jessica Alba looks beautiful but she is so annoying at times! I’m so sick of hearing her complaining about her beauty and how she can’t get a job in Hollywood because of her sex appeal. We get it, you’re beautiful Jessica Alba so quit your whining! But just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she have talent. I can’t remember a good film that Jessica was in and I watch a lot of films. No wonder directors doesn’t want her to star in their movies. She has the acting chops equivalent of the Olsen’s twins. Jessica Alba should be a model and not an actress. Nobody wants to hear what she have to say. We only want to look at her.

  • xy

    isn’t anybody noticing how she is sweating under the belt?

  • Jake

    Jared- got any pics of Kate Walsh at the premiere ?

    According to Wire Images she was in London too, seeing as her fiancee Alex Young is the studio executive in charge of the movie.

  • maggie

    i think she’s in gucci!

  • wha?ever

    Thanks Jared for not including Ioan’s disgusting fiancee Alice Evans in your group of premiere pics! Their fakey poses together are…well…so fakey. Blech! Plus we just don’t need to see one more fashion disaster.

  • Sarah

    I saw Jessica Alba at the premiere and I usually think she looks kinda dull, but she looked great! I think it was because I saw her in real life.

  • Alexandria

    I’ve never ever ever been a Jessica fan and more often than not I bash her but I will admit she does look very beautiful here.

    Still a no-go for Chris though. Not a big fan of the chauch

  • It’s not all black and white

    She’s boring and a bad actress.

  • myself


  • ya ya

    A halo? Come on! That’s a bit much for this conceited girl. “They can (papparazzi) take my picture if I have a movie coming out.” She’s all fluff. Not an actress at all. I saw the death stare she gave to her co-star when they all went up on stage at the Mtv movie awards. Damn! Faker.

  • b*tch slap

    Her head is misproportioned, as is her body. She’s just odd looking. Either her hairline is receding or she’s developing a five head. She didn’t look like that a few years back. Love the dress, though.

  • walker

    These are the people of the moment that the media throws at us, talented or not. Publicity, hello! That’s why her skinny butt is all over the place these days. Ugh. I guess the first movie sucked? Well the sequels to these sucky movies usually do too, so I will not be seeing this one. Notice,

    nobody talking about Scarlett, Nicole Kidman, or Kate Winslet? You better enjoy it while it lasts Alba and the rest of the cast. Cause as soon as one of these ladies ( or all of them) come out with something of their own, you guys will be long forgotten. For a while at least. Til it’s your turn again.

  • ya ya

    Oh Ok! I see. The hoola-hoop, as in the halo. Got it. She’s still conceited though. Remember her on Punk’d? What a b**ch

  • b*tch slap
  • walker

    “George Lopez started talking Spanish to my dad, and he(my dad) told him: I don’t speak Mexican.” OMG. I see now where this girl gets her hypocrisy from.

  • bettiep

    She switches the “nice” on and off really well. Saw it at the Mtv movie Awards. Her co-star leaned in front of her to talk into the mike so she was not able to be seen for a few seconds. But that smile of hers definitely went away right then. I think she wanted to burn a hole through the back of his head with her eyes.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    24 just me saying | 06/13/2007 at 3:16 am

    i can’t understand why people are so interested in her. in my opinion, she lacks the movie star charisma, appeal and real sexuality. i agree that she’s overrated. but to her credit, at least she doesn’t drink and drive and show her privates to the public so i guess she’s okay.


    couldn’t agree more.

  • mel


    you are funny. were u mad at him?

  • jessica alba 1#true and real fan

    I’m jessica alba defenily 1#fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love her more than anything and anyone!!!!

  • jessica alba 1#true and real fan

    God..i really LOVE this girl..when i listen her name, when i read her name, when i saw pictures of her, when i read what she say, when i hear she talking, i just love her more!!!!!!!she IS the most perfect, wonderful, amazing, stunning, GOURGEOUS, sweet, intelligent and important famous celebrity of my lfe..and i couldn’t “live with out her”..seriously, i just can’t stay one single day without her sites..hers pictures..thinking of her..EVERYTHING!!!i’m not lesbian, i just love her..she is my idol..i venere her!!!!!!she is my diva and i just can’t exaplain what i fell for so big, so true..there’s no words.. i just love u…i’m your 1#fan…that’s no doubt…

  • jessica alba 1#true and real fan

    loving u allways.. u are the best sweet, my idol, my inspiration, my sunshine my EVERYTHING!!!i love u!!i wanna meet u and be like u.. i’m your 1#fan.. i love u!!and don’t worry, cuz u are the most wonderful, brilliant, amazing, cute, sweet, spectacular, fanatstic, beauty and gorgeous woman on the world..u rock!!!!! here is your bigger fan!!!!your 1#fan!!!and die haters!!!!u are the hottest and sexiest woman!!!no doubt!!!

  • ally

    What is wrong with you people? Why are you so mean about someone? I think Jessica Alba is a very pretty woman and a really great actress! I personally think she is the kind of role model a little girl should go after! I think she was wonderful in the first Fantastic Four and she WAS in the 2nd one too!

    She is a really pretty woman and that dress is gorgeous on her! I think she is a great person because she does not show off and flash people like some of those people out there these days! She is a true person!

    I love her and think she is gorgeous, a great actress and a great person!

  • -


  • devil_undercover

    She’s pretty, love the dress!

    It’s nice to see someone who isn’t like the rest of young Hollywood- going and getting p*ssed.

    I don’t think she’s a great actress, and I didn’t like her much before.

    Though when I watched Never Been Kissed I thought, Hey very pretty girl, who’s she.

    Well, on the new cover of InStyle she looks fab!

  • linda

    all this talk about how ppl won’t watch the movie cuz the 1st part sucked really amuses me! just cuz the 1st 1 was bad, doesn’t mean the 2ns part is gonna b just as bad! i watched the 2nd part, n even though I wouldn’t say it was “great”, but it was definitely ALOT better than the 1st part! so i really recommend ppl give the 2nd a go, just assuming that it’ll b bad is just so bias!
    Anyway, i like Jessica, i think she’s a good actress! if u ppl think she’s bad, then i really would like to see YOU ppl act! i doubt any of u can do any better! geez!