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Megan Fox Has a Tattoo Next to Her Pie

Megan Fox Has a Tattoo Next to Her Pie

Megan Fox shows off her shoulder tattoo some more at the Aussie screening of Transformers at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park on Tuesday in Sydney, Australia. Her shoulder reads: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.”

Fox has said of her tattoos: “I have five. Anytime I have a feeling about anything, I get tattooed. I have a poem I wrote on my ribcage and a symbol for strength on my neck, and my boyfriend Brian‘s name tattooed next to my pie.” Her pie!

The Brian she referred to is Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame. The two are supposedly still engaged…

It seems like Megan‘s been the only star hitting the international premiere circuit all by her lonesome self! Did all her male co-stars — Josh Duhamel, Shia Labeouf, and Tyrese Gibbon — all go on vacation or something?

30+ pictures inside of Megan and her tattoos…

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megan fox tattoos 01
megan fox tattoos 02
megan fox tattoos 03
megan fox tattoos 04
megan fox tattoos 05
megan fox tattoos 06
megan fox tattoos 07
megan fox tattoos 08
megan fox tattoos 09
megan fox tattoos 10
megan fox tattoos 11
megan fox tattoos 12
megan fox tattoos 13
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megan fox tattoos 15
megan fox tattoos 16
megan fox tattoos 17
megan fox tattoos 18
megan fox tattoos 19
megan fox tattoos 20
megan fox tattoos 21
megan fox tattoos 22
megan fox tattoos 23
megan fox tattoos 24
megan fox tattoos 25
megan fox tattoos 26
megan fox tattoos 27
megan fox tattoos 28
megan fox tattoos 29
megan fox tattoos 30

Photos: Sergio Dionisio/Getty, Costas
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  • Coco

    Her looks reminds me of Angelina although her features aren’t as sharp or distinctive.

  • Kelly D

    She’ll be covering up that “pie” tattoo before she can blink. How stupid.

  • L

    How to doom a relationship, tattoo the persons name on you. What a moron. And let’s all agree NOT to start calling it “pie”.

  • animatrix

    Angelina has more distinctive features and to me is EVEN more beautiful than Megan!! But YES!!!!!! Megan is a very beautiful girl!

    I Hope Megan blows out the water Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel!! I hate this two girls and Megan is sooooo much beautiul than this two Jessicas!!

  • LOLOLOL!!!

    I think she’s just drop-dead gorgeous! It’s high-time we had some new “faces” in H’wood. I’m getting tired of the usual suspects.

  • black

    Angelina Jolie 2.0.


  • [Famous Fug Face]

    She’s hot, to bad she has horrible booobs.

    Coc, she reminds you of [her] because you’re obsessed.

  • Nadira

    Ofcourse when she breaks up with Brian she will want to remove that tat. I have nothing against body art, but to put the name of your current fling on yourself is a stupid idea for the obvious reason.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Every time Megan gets a thread on this site all the comments will have [insert name here] name in it.

  • LOLOLOL!!!

    Wow, FamousFugFace……

    You’re right. Her bewbies are kinda crummy, esp. for such a young person. Oh, well…at least they ‘re real {for now}

  • dark_angel

    Dark Hair??, Multiple Tattoos?? OH YES!! This girl is copying Angelina!! Hehehehehe!! But Hey, the two of them are very beautiful!!

    I agree with you; animatrix….. i hope Megan takes down Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and ALSO Lindsay Lohan!! All of this girl SUCKS!!

  • Neela

    Not quite keen on her look. If we’re going by physical appearance here, then, yes, I agree she’s pretty, but she also looks bitchy. I think it’s the high arch of her eyebrows and the thick make-up. She also kinda looks like a porn star. Sorry. Still, mine’s just one opinion; I just have a predilection for softer looks like Natalie Portman and Sophia Myles. But yeah, Megan is pretty though. That’s unmistakeable.

    Overall, however, I don’t have a real or deep opinion of her because I haven’t seen her acting range, and I don’t know much about her personality.

  • Lucie

    what exactly does her tattoo mean??

  • colsen

    # L

    NOT all relationship are Doom because you get an Tattoo of the name of your boyfriend or husband!! Just look at Antonio Banderas and Melani G.!! She has a tattoo of him and they are still together!!

    Megan really does looks bitchy!!! She is very pretty, but her look is too hard like an Porn Star!!

  • neo

    Is that her real hair color????, because it looks colored not natural!!!

  • mamia

    mm… she’s died her hair dark, tattoed herself… now what’s missing is a bigger pair of boobs and a bigger pair of lips up and down of course… then we’ll soon have a clone…

    the only difference is, this megan woman here poses like a porn star… even her name sounds like porn… i dunno… maybe she’s in the wrong industry… i’ll go see transformers and see if if i’m wrong…

  • Neela


    That’s it. Her look is too hard. She’s too pretty that it’s also difficult to look at her. Also, her prettiness may go against her a bit because it may be hard to take her seriously as an actress. Not trying to be mean, but it would be hard to get past her looks; she may get typecasted in one-dimensional roles, and more than likely, she may wind up being cast as a sex siren or as a mean girl/antagonist type most of the time.

    Hollywood is full of pretty girls, but talent is really hard to come by. Then again, she is young and she can work on her potential. She seems to just be going with the flow and enjoying things as they are. If so, then good for her.

  • mamia

    to neo, she’s not naturally dark haired. google her name and u’ll find for yourself.

  • NIN

    She is hot, but I agree with a few of the other posts on here in regards to her looking like a porn star. Those lips look enhanced to me…may be it’s just the lip gloss. But yeah I think she is going for the AJ look. Hope she doesn’t go the Lohan way.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I watched a porn yesterday and one of the actresses were named – mamia!

  • Neela

    Actually, last week VH1 was showing Maxim’s Hot 100, and I think she was in the top 20, in the teens. She mentioned she likes stripper heels/shoes—at least really high heeled shoes. That statement won’t really abate some people’s opinion of her porn star look.

    Yeah, I wish she wouldn’t copy. I wonder what she would look like au naturale–sans dyed hair and make-up. Would she be as stunning and less porn-looking?

  • neo

    I google this girl. and WOW!! This girl is just 21 years old?????

    She looks older!! Maybe the “porn star” look makes her look older than she is!!!!

  • animatrix


    Yeah, it doesn’t look good on her that she coying Angelina!! And this Angelina look doesn’t even look good on her!! I mean; she looks more like an Porn Star!! This look is too hard for her!! SORRY Megan… but there is ONLY one Angelina!!

  • Mmmmm

    WOW even Angie has a tramp stamp next to her pie .. altho Angie’s changes every few years depending on who she is currently boning. But yea other then the stamp tramps she looks nothing like Angie, this girl looks health and not dead.

  • julia weinstein

    immitation is the greatest form of flattery…
    all hail ms. AJ

  • angelinammm

    beautiful woman
    I also have to agree with animatrix

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    what’s the smell…? {sniff sniff}
    That’s what it is – Jealous puss`c. Bunch of Jealous biishes hating on Megan cause she look good, and her looks are threatening to their Goddess.

    Some funny ass wacko stalkers. Lol

  • Neela

    Yeah, I guess it’s flattering, but at the same time, how far will she go if she’s just immitating?

    I also like Angelina. She has grown over the years. Some people have a difficult time forgiving and/or letting go of her past deeds, but she hasn’t looked back and she is happy now. Because she is popular, then, naturally, there are also detractors that question the motives behind her charity work and will be captious about her appearance, but over all, she is accomplishing something; she’s doing a lot of good, a lot more than I or many others on this board have done. But, then again, can’t expect everyone to like her.

    This Megan girl is young though so, she also has time to grow, too. Hopefully, she won’t get caught up in the superficial aspects of Hollywood. To echo another poster’s sentiments, hopefully she won’t go the Lohan way. At the moment, all we have to go by are her looks because we don’t know much about this girl and her acting skills.

  • Neela

    Even porn stars are pretty.

  • know it all

    she’s really pretty but those tattoos are horrible! Who in their right mind tattoos Marilyn Monroens face on their hand or a boy/girlfriends name on your body (my sisters EX-husband tattooed her name on his arm, notice word EX!)

  • ?????

    it’s true. we only have her looks to go by. this girl’s rather new and we’ve only seen pics of her (posing). so, fug face #27, posters are gonna judge the way she looks. if she has more on her resume then maybe people would let up on her. otherwise, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.
    not into angelina, but this girl does seem to be channeling the early years. she does have weird boobs and a porn look. but she has a very hot porn look. i’d dig her.
    as for jessica alba, she’d be even hotter if she weren’t a b!tch and if she didn’t think too highly of her limited acting chops. jessica biel is beautiful and athletic but can’t act. and blohan just needs to disappear.

  • ?????

    sniff here: isn’t that blatant hypocrisy in the air?
    fug face aren’t you a stalker, too, seeing as you’ve posted consistently and constantly on angelina and brad threads, too. just sayin’.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    ?????, I actually dont comment on angelina threads, I dont even go on them. As good looking as she is, I dont like stick figures.

    So stop fronting. And how you know where I post? Don’t watch me, watch TV.

  • Neela

    I’ve a tat, and I don’t find anything gaudy about Megan’s tats. They’re okay. I’m just not dumb enough to put a lover’s tat anywhere on my body. Too bad she had done that. Maybe her relationship with Brian will work out—for her sake.

  • ?????

    fug face i’ve lurked on threads, and i’ve seen you on those brad and angelina threads.
    what would i be “fronting” about. i just call you as you present yourself.

  • lili

    she’s pretty but i hate her booopssssssssss

  • Fleasha

    Yeah you just know Michael Bay is aching to tap that.

  • animatrix

    #33 [Famous Fug Face ]

    You have the nerve to say that you actually don’t comment in Brad and Angelina’s threads??, OMG!! You are a LIAR!! because you ALWAYS make mean comments in Brad and Angelina threads!!

    And secondly…. i’m more of a Brad fan; so i could care less if someone like Megan is coying Angelina look!! And i don’t think Angelina’s fans are jealous of Megan; because they had commented that Megan is very Beautiful, but they don’t like that Megan is copying Angelina’s look!!

    And i agree with them; because the look of Angelina is not for everyone. And this Angelina look or style looks too hard in Megan. I think Megan would look even more beautiful if she have a more natural look; because like this… she really does look like an Porn Star!!

  • Bunny

    She’s much prettier than Angelina Jolie. Her face looks good from all angles. Angelina’s head is oddly shaped so only certain angles are flattering. But Angelina definitely built up her sexy image with her “candid” comments. Angelina was nobody and would have remained so if it hadn’t been for her shenanigans: blood drinking, knife fights in bed, vampire lifestyle, etc., etc.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    animatrix, I’m a liar liar and my pants are on fire?

  • Mmmmm

    Was there a world before Angelina? I tell ya that girl created hair, looks, clothes, acting, charity, adoption and also told Megan’s parents how to create an Angelina look a like. WTF? LOL! Do you ppl live under a rock?

  • ?????

    hey, bunny. sure you aren’t an angelina fan? you sure know a lot about her. megan’s hot too, but make-up can do that to anybody. still, even with those wonky boobs and that pile of junk on her face, i’d dig her. heck, i can see why michael bay would do her. i bet that porn look has its full effect in the bedroom.

  • ?????

    mmmm has a point. but gotta tell you, you’re just as loonie and obsessed as the fans.

  • ?????

    fug face, i think you answered your own question.

  • to bunny 39

    Uh, don’t forget she won an Oscar. Yeah, that had nothing to do with her surpassing a nobody stature. Please, the woman’s gorgeous though quite emaciated. Can’t deny that.
    I’m guessing you haven’t grown much since your cynical pre-pubescent years. People do change.
    Give it a break already, Angelina has changed.
    And why the f&ck are we talking about Angelina. They’re both beautiful. One just has a longer list (bad and good) on her resume.
    This Megan chick has a lot to prove, but she’s her own person. No need to compare her to anybody.

  • Mmmmm

    43 ?????

    Rest assured, no one gives a Siht what you think. Dont make me psycho-Beatch on your annoying a__ like the other loonies I have learned from the experts so I am thinking that is a compliment?

  • madmax

    wow, the over the shoulder tatoo pose, that is so original! I have only seen her do it like 100 times lately!

  • g.

    Megan looks like ‘Winnie Cooper’ from the Wonder Years.They could be sisters.

  • Amazed

    Sheesh, even when the thread’s not about Angelina, people still manage to talk about her. That says a lot about her appeal and people’s fascination with her. Come on, even the haters can’t bleep her name off their comments. Some people may not like her and even though they don’t that really says more about their strange fascination with her than their distaste or apathy for her.

  • Burpie

    Wow, she’s really pretty. Great legs.