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Orlando Bloom Lunches in London

Orlando Bloom Lunches in London

Pirates of the Caribbean hunk Orlando Bloom grabs a quick bite to eat while out and about on Tuesday in Soho, central London. The 30-year-old British actor also spent a few hours shopping before stopping for lunch.

In movie news, PoTC3 sailed atop the box office for the past two weekends but sank to No. 2 in its third week with $21.3 million.

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Photos: Splash News Online/PA
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  • me

    Now this is Perfection!

  • Amy

    He is so hot!

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    A bit feminine, but still hot on these pics!

  • Ali

    Aww he’s so cute!:)

    Question: Wasn’t there a premiere in London?!

  • Kelly D

    He’s gorgeous as always.

  • KC

    Ali there was not a Pirates London premiere. He looks so damn deliciously hot I want to eat him up!

  • Jonathan

    He’s such a terrible actor.

  • James

    Orlando ruined Potc for me ;(
    He is sooo annoying, thank god he doesn’t have any movies coming out

  • RAYG

    He is lookin much better since he has gained some of his weight back. He looked SICKLY to me when he appeared on the DAVE LETTERMEN show, a couple of month back.

  • Lisa

    Aw I know it’s hard fellas he looks so good, has so much money and is totally capable of making your girlfriend leave you that you can’t help but hate. Your whining is understandable. lol

  • Lynn

    WOW! He’s looks a lot less boyish than usual and more sexy MANFLESH. He got a girlfriend?

  • Diana

    He is adorable, I love his hairdo of all things …

  • Indie

    He’s ok. Not even sure if I wanna go see POTC3 yet.

  • Ann

    Un-buttoned button-fly jeans!!!
    I’d so wish to be in this car with him…

    And he just looks so manly lately…yummie!!

  • Sienna

    He’s so ugly. Looks like a drowned rat.

  • Amy

    I loved him in POTC 3! It was Keira that drove me crazy in the last movie. I’ve never been crazy about Orlando but I’m starting to change my mind.

  • creativegirl

    he is really yummy.

    I never much cared for him but a few weeks ago we watched POTC 1 & 2 for the first time back to back and I fell in love. Immediately went to see POTC 3 and was so sad that there was not another one to go see to find out what happens.

    He is adorable!

  • amanda

    He is adorable!!!

  • Diana

    I agree, he is not a very good actor. As much as I love all the Pirates of the Caribbean … his scenes bored me.

  • Gabriella

    Ciao,Orly is so Handsome!!!

  • ohmy

    Yay some Orlando stuff. Thanks JJ.

  • Haters Get A Life

    He’s a very handsome man and a good actor. I didn’t like him in Pirates of the Caribbean, he character was boring. But I’ve seen him in some other movies and thought he was very good. Some of you are just some lousy haters.

  • ricki

    Hellooooo hot stuff.

    Looks like the single life suits him very well.

    Can’t wait to hear how well he does in his play.

  • Donna

    I don’t get the people who call him feminine-looking. What female you know looks like this, and has that amount of facial hair?

  • Amy

    Orlando gets better with age – his looks and his acting. I loved him in Extras and Kingdom of Heaven.

    He is so gorgeous!!

  • meli

    Look he is handsome and a good actor!! I think he always impress us with his performances because he can be a serious, but funny actor too.So , for me he is just adorable!!!

  • laurichis

    Ithink Orlando is fantastic, he is very cool and very funny and I rally loved him in Kingdom of Heaven, too!!!

  • Leah

    He’s definitely not girly/fem, but he has “delicate features” and people praise Depp for the same reason while they b*tch on him.

    …don’t listen to James…as much as I like Keira, it was Elizabeth that ruined POTC3.

  • James

    Keira was equally bad in the movie, i agree.
    The only good things were Depp and Rush.


    And Lisa, if i’m have to choose someone to be jealous so i would say Brad Pitt, he’s got a gorgeous wife, a great carrer, with critic suport (something Bloom will never get because he’s not talented). And i mean, Angelina jolie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kate Bosworth

  • really?

    Brad Pitt has critic support? His movies do well because he’s goodlooking so women love him AND he’s macho enough that men think he’s cool, but the critics aren’t drooling. And pretty men generally don’t fare well with critics or (serious) award type things. Think its a coincidence Johnny Depp at 41 doesn’t have an Oscar. Any way I stray…loooove Orlando and yes i agree he’s starting to look more manly now that the 20′s are gone.

  • Love Orly Brad Johnny their hot

    Love love love love Orly and Brad and Johnny!Orly will get better roles eventually.Brad is excellent right now!And so is Johnny!I DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT CRITICS OR FANS SAY!They get my money everytime at the box office.Love them all!!!!

  • Leah

    Not a Brangeloonie.

    Sorry Brad doesn’t do much for me. Kate B. may be…a lot of bad things but Angie gives me the creeps, though she’s a good actress. They’re a TAD overrated these days.

  • James

    Watch Seven, Fight Club, 12 monkeys and Babel and tell me that Orlando is going to be a better actor.

    He has critic support, what happens is that his overposed public life affect it sometimes. But he has already beem nominated to oscar, golden globe…

    We can use johnny depp too, Orlando is never going to bee talented and respected as johnny.

  • ricki

    People said the same thing when Johnny was younger. That he’s just a pretty face and won’t get respect as an actor. Orlando has done well and has been praised by critics before. those works have just been greatly overshadowed by the pirates and lord of the rings films where acting is only secondary to special effects.

  • Kasey

    Most actors don’t get praise or really hit their stride as an actor until they’re older. They’re are a few exceptions but you can’t say someone will NEVER be any good, you can’t tell the future. James is just a hater who likes to argue.

  • xenu

    Well helloooooo sailor!

    Have any of you saying he looks like a woman ever actually seen a female human? Because while he’s not hairy and brutish, he’s perfectly masculine looking. I guess emasculating him makes him less of a threat to some people.

  • xenu

    “He’s definitely not girly/fem, but he has “delicate features” and people praise Depp for the same reason while they b*tch on him.”

    And in ten years people will be praising Orlando and ragging on the new similar-looking heartthrob. A decade ago, Johnny got bashed. It’s a cycle.

  • xenu

    Man, I wish there was an edit post function.

    I’ll refrain from pointing out that most of the people bashing his looks and talent here are men. Oh wait, I just did.

    All the people whinging about what a terrible no-talent he is need to STFU and rent Haven or Ned Kelly and watch his episode of Extras. Because until then, they’re not really qualified to judge. The critics have probably only seen about 15% of his full body of work, and that’s not enough to write someone off.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about Brad Pitt. I had a crush on him back in his Legends of the Fall days, but he does nothing for me now. And sorry, but I don’t think he’s a very good actor. He used to be, but then he became a Big Celebrity, and now all I see onscreen is Brad Pitt emoting like he just took half a Valium. It’s like at some point he just stopped growing. That’s a shame, because he was brilliant in Fight Club and 12 Monkeys.

    As for Johnny Depp, that man deserves an Oscar but he probably won’t get one because he doesn’t kiss ass or campaign for one. I would imagine he hasn’t exactly ingratiated himself to the Academy, because he just doesn’t give a crap about them. He’ll get nominated 50 times in his career, but he won’t be taking any Golden Boys home even though he has earned a mantle full of them. And I get the impression that he couldn’t care less whether he wins any awards or not.

  • Karen

    Yeah, what a girl.
    Just shy of six foot, broad shouldered, sculpted chest, goateed, athletic, surfing, bungee jumping, rugby playing, motorcycle riding, deep voiced, GIRL.
    And one hell of a gorgeous one at that. Damn, I’d switch teams for that ‘girl’.
    Not to mention a bank account that could support a small country.
    Can I have ‘her’?

  • James

    I’ve already seen Ned Kelly, and he’s the worst of the cast! That movie serve to show that heath ledger could act (befora Brokeback Mountain), orlando looked and acted the same way.

    Ok, forget Brad Pitt. Take actors like Edward Norton or Christian Bale, they both are praised for the critics since the beggining of their carrers. As well Leonardo Dicaprio
    They’re real actors.

    That’s what i’m saying, you love orlando ? Fine. But don’t judge me just because i think he’s untalented and has non-screen presence, i don’t hate him personally.

  • It’s Me

    Every actor has their fans and their critics. I think Orlando has enough admirers to continue to do well. He looks really good in these pictures and I hope does well in his play. He seems like a guy who knows he has a lot to learn and is willing to pay his dues.

  • Leah

    “I’ve already seen Ned Kelly, and he’s the worst of the cast! That movie serve to show that heath ledger could act (befora Brokeback Mountain), orlando looked and acted the same way.” Speaking of critic-raved, Orlando actually got plenty more praise for his role than Heath for that, and one even went as far as saying he “outshone Ledger in every scene.”
    Just quoting, not trying to bash your opinion or trying to change it.

    “As for Johnny Depp, that man deserves an Oscar but he probably won’t get one because he doesn’t kiss ass or campaign for one.”
    Thank you. So tired of seeing the same 3 celebrities praised and raved about for the whole year, just because of the attention media exaggerate. Scarlett, anyone?

    Personally I think Orlando has a long way to go before being a “heavy-weight (Depp, Norton Pacino…) people admire him for OTHER reasons than his acting abilities.

  • xenu

    “I’ve already seen Ned Kelly, and he’s the worst of the cast”

    Then you obviously haven’t really seen it. Your last name wouldn’t happen to be Rousseau, would it? Tell Kate to fight her own battles, Zoolander.

  • lizzie

    Call me old fashioned, but since when is it considered ‘manly’ to shop for hours???? Boring – give me some action.

  • Kells

    My father went shopping for hours for some car part so I guess that means he’s not manly. You people have some f–ked up ideas of what it is to be a man. Your not manly if you shop for hours. I guess you should have your woman do that along with the cleaning and cooking.

  • Karen

    He was nominated for the Australian version of the Oscar (AFI) for Ned Kelly.
    You obviously didn’t see the movie.
    To each his own as far as likes, and dislikes. You don’t even really need a reason to dislike someone, sometimes you just do. But making up stuff to validate your opinion makes you seem juvenile.

  • James

    For me he was the worst of the cast, i didn’t say that Heath was fenomenal either (but he was good), the whole movie was kinda of a dissapoiment, the director somehow even got to make naomi watts look ugly and uninteresting!
    And the ending was just pure cliche, seriously, the minute that the shooting started was just pure blah.

  • James

    Stop giving excuses for his bad acting skills ;(

  • Diane

    Sorry he doesn’t live up to your standards James. Then again he’s out living the dream while your merely watching. A bitter sideliner who can’t spell phenomenal, praising and criticizing men he can’t compare to. Maybe one day Orlando will let you carry his bags.

  • Leah

    ouch, I think we’re a bit harsh…

    anyone notice that bulge in his pants?? ;P