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Clive Owen Keeps it Real With His Wife

Clive Owen Keeps it Real With His Wife
  • Clive Owen goes on a shopping trip with his wife.
  • More Britney in her panties
  • Jessica Alba is a Golden Goddness
  • Ryan Phillippe takes his kids for a walk!
  • An Olivia Wilde Picture Moment
  • Alessandra Ambrosio looks clean and classy at Armani.
  • Hollywood has gone baby crazy!
  • Eva Longoria is getting married here. Ooh la la!
  • All the stars want to wear white skirts nowadays!
  • Does Britney change clothes for cash?
  • Paris saw a plastic surgeon while under house arrest!
  • Kelly Clarkson fires her manager, mere weeks before her new album drops.
  • Mariah Carey has asked Island Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid to stop Eminem from slandering her in his upcoming album. A source tells OK! magazine that Eminem raps about the old rumored fling for several new tracks.
  • “Everything is going to be good. I can see her life picking up, and it’s going to be great for her,” Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ mother, tells Us Weekly. The pair, who have been estranged since before Britney’s stint in rehab, reconciled Sunday at a family barbecue. Meanwhile, the Daily News today ran a photo of Spears experiencing a wardrobe malfunction after partying at Joseph’s in Hollywood Monday night.
  • After attending a private reading of the work held last week, Jake Gyllenhaal might star in the political stage drama Farragut North, to open this fall. Gyllenhaal would play an idealistic communications director for an unorthodox presidential candidate said to be based on 2004 Democratic candidate Howard Dean.
  • Rumor has it Brandon Davis, tired of people calling him “Greasy Bear,” recently went on a diet. He sowed of his leaner figure at a party the other night at the Diesel flagship store in L.A., where he drank only water.
  • The July 1 concert for Princess Diana will air as an NBC prime-time special. Performers include Elton John, Duran Duran, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West, and Lilly Allen, among others. Princes William and Harry told Today show co-host Matt Lauer in an interview to be broadcast Monday on NBC that they still think about their mother’s death all the time. “There’s not a day goes by I don’t think, you know, that I don’t think about it once in the day,” said Prince William. This August will mark the 10th anniversary of Diana‘s fatal car crash inside a Paris traffic tunnel.
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  • Didi

    I love this message on the dlisted site:

    [i]Sorry to break it to the fat chicks, but there’s no way in hell Clive could get it up for that plumper unless he’s getting PLENTY of it on the side. Gorgeous people are throwing themselves at him every day and he’s only human. There is no way in hell he could maintain monogamy with that hippo, no matter how “in love” he is[/i]

    its exactly what we’re all thinking.

  • Pandora

    #1: Ummm, to be perfectly honest, yeah…you bet!

    Who’s buyin’ this? :)

  • Vera


  • ????????????

    There goes D.ick head Didi again, with
    one of her many ignorant comments, girl
    you are getting famous.
    By the way D.ick head speak for yourself,
    there is no exactly what we’re all thinking,
    your comments are pure D.ick head Didi’s

  • Natalie

    Clive is sex on legs.

    He loves his wife and his kids. It only makes him sexier!

  • Didi

    there’ll be thousands of women who’ll raid the sweetie cupboard tonight thinking they have a chance with the chubby chasing Clive.

  • Didi

    the multiple question mark wants my autograph.

  • Indie

    Not everyone is a superficial ass.

    Reese’s son looks so much like the little boy I used to baby sit when I was younger.

  • Laureen

    Jesus! That’s Clive’s wife?! Hippo with trunk legs. He’s so fine and sexy. Is she preggers? That could be the case.

  • Didi

    that does not look like his wife at all actually.

    google sarah-jane fenton

  • Didi

    9 Laureen | 06/13/2007 at 5:28 pm
    Jesus! That’s Clive’s wife?! Hippo with trunk legs. He’s so fine and sexy. Is she preggers? That could be the case.
    doesn’t look preggers, because she’s fat all over. I know some women go sideways in pregnancy like salma hayek but pregnancy boobs don’t sag and flop as much as that. nah shes just a heffa-lump so there is no excuse.

    it doesn’t look like his wife anyway if you look at the other pics

  • KrungKrung

    ohmigod, that woman is clive’s wife? nah ah, can sum1 fill me in please?

  • ALI

    I love Clive more now. He’s not superficial, probably the only one in hollywood.

  • xenu

    I can’t wait until you girls grow up and squeeze out a few puppies. Blubber City, here we come!

  • ????????????

    No!!!!! D.ick head Didi i want your brain.

  • Natalie

    #13 – ITA. It just makes me love Clive more, because he isn’t shallow.

    Obviously he loves his wife. They have been together for 12 years and have 2 daughters together. When you’ve been with someone that long, the relationship is no longer about having a hot piece on your arm. They are happy so good for them =)

    Clive is my favorite actor. Beautiful, smart, a class act. He’s the best!

  • L

    Not so sure that is his wife she looks really different, maybe preggo. If it is and she isn’t preggo than great for Clive, love him even more for not being so superficial.
    And to Xenu, not everyone goes “Blubber City” when they “squeeze out a few puppies”. Lovely.

  • Didi

    not necessarily, if you eat the wrong sh*t during pregnancy then you’re gonna resemble a dump truck afterwards. I only gained 2 and a half stone and lost it after a year.

  • Didi

    15 ???????????? | 06/13/2007 at 6:30 pm
    No!!!!! D.ick head Didi i want your brain.


    sorry no can do, you seem like a questionable character

    ~ba-dum tish~

  • Didi

    12 years is f*cking eons by hollywood standards.

  • T

    Clive is my absolute fave!!! He’s so fine…

  • Laureen

    Didi, That is true. Poor Salma Hayek is carrying the baby sideways. How uncomfortable. She’s about ready to pop! I’m sure Salma is ready for the pregnancy to be so over with!
    Clive is just so hot. I mean, he’s worked with Natalie Portman durning that Closer movie & Nat stripped right in front of him! That heifer couldn’t be his wife! Clive was so hot in Closer!

  • Milli

    Geez, why are you people so superficial?You guys are no where near Hollywood.
    Let Clive have a fat wife if he wants. To get rid of the fat is not impossible, to change a nasty, mean person to a nice one IS impossible.
    I bet she is a nice person and he loves her.

  • Didi

    Laureen I agree, he was to die for in Closer. And Salma looks visibly pregnant cos her boobs have their own postal code and her belly is not only big sideways but outwards as well, whereas the heffalump in the pic has the classic disproportionate rubber tyre blubber problem going on

    anyway, I think the heffalump in that pic is his assistant

  • Laureen

    Didi, That was my guess that, woman in that pic was probably his assistant. I hope for Clive’s sake! Ha ha ha! Heffalump! That is good! Lol!
    We have 2 neighbors next door to us that are mega heffalumps! Widow and teenage son. Yard looks like crap. Never go out anywhere but, to eat. They get a shitload of take out. A lot of Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut sucks! Blech!

  • magnus

    I’m confused.

    All over.

    That chick is huge. There are limits. He’s a movie star. I don’t get it.

    Maybe she used to be hot? Maybe he just has such a huge heart he’s hung despite having the very real opportunity to rail supermodels?

    Maybe. But I doubt it.

    Something smells rainbowish in Denmark.

  • Jane Doe

    This is what is wrong with the country now, everyone is overweight and making excuses for it. You mean to tell me with all the money this woman has (if this is indeed his wife) she could not invest in some flattering clothing at the least? And forget big she is not even facially attractive from what I can tell.

  • mel

    #27 and u mean to tell me everytime u go out shopping u are well put together with makeup and u ironed ur clothes and ur hair is all beautiful like u just popped out of the salon give me a break. sure she could use a a few runs around a track for 4months consistently but hell who cant. her bill of health my be as clean as the next persons. this country is funny. she has on linen pants and a nice shirt i mean what do u want her to look like there shopping now strolling around cannes film festival shessh and who knows maybe she didnt feel good why is everonye so critical is somone too fat or too skinny. she couldhave worn a mini skirt and pink lipstick that would have really got u goin huh.. and who care with all the $$$ as much money as barbara walters has she hasnt gotten any plasic surgey i mean u wanna talk about someone needing to invest their money wisely.

  • mary

    After all, can anyone tell me if the pic´s woman is or isn´t the Clive´s wife?

  • Harrietta

    She does look very different to Clive’s wife.

  • anom.

    Well, I was thinking about what Didi said number 6.

    would I have a chance?

  • ana

    clive is one of he sexiest men alive,and his wife is sooooo ugly!!!!oh my god!!!! poor clive-he probably isn’t very happy with this woman(if she can be called a woman).he deserves so much better1

  • Nikki

    Seriously. His wife is so ugly!! He can do so much better. Damn, if only I had met him 12 years ago.

  • http://noWebsite Meike

    Oh is that clivs wife?

  • andrea zeller

    yea, i dont think thats his wife, but whatever, god i wish i could meet him!!

  • Nikki

    Go fat chick…Clive is a hottie! Although, I looked at her pics on IMDB and I’m not sure if that is really the same woman…..or maybe she’s pregnant in this pic? or recently had a child?

  • Lana

    his wife doesn’t look like that anymore. she lost weight. google her pictures!

  • D

    Clive is a nice kido…….!

  • Broderick Roediger

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  • CYLL

    NOT his wife. Tiz his his former Personal Assistant, O.G., who is now an indie documentary producer. Though interestingly, his wife is Sarah Jane Fenton is rather unglamourous – just a typical English mum.

  • ann

    You are a sick, bigoted cunt. CUNT,cunt, cunt, cunt