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Jennifer Aniston: Adoption Papers Filed!

Jennifer Aniston: Adoption Papers Filed!

Inspired by her friend Sheryl Crow & the suppot of her new man (British model Paul Sculfor), Jen’s filed the papers to adopt her own baby son

Jennifer Aniston is adopting, an adoption agency source tells OK! magazine.

Aniston is apparently working with the same agency Sheryl Crow used to adopt and would “love a boy.”

A friend of Aniston‘s tells the magazine that she’s been thinking about adoption for a while and got the process going after seeing Crow with newly adopted son Wyatt.

“The process has 100% started,” a source says.

UPDATE: Jen‘s publicist Stephen Huvane tells US Weekly, “It is completely false. Jennifer has not met with any adoption agencies.”

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  • Shar


  • Francophile

    Good for her if true ! I hope it will makes her life more fulfilling !

  • [Famous Fug Face]


    This is going to be an entertaining day. Time to watch the madness. Ha

  • adoption agent

    She only wants to adopt now to stay popular in the media-but look for Huvane’s statement coming to you soon

  • angelinammm

    hpefully it’s true

  • Shar


  • Francophile

    To 1

    Sometimes priorities change with evolution and timing. I guess her priorities have changed and she is now ready to make that step.

  • Didi


    here we go..the angelina inferiority complex exposed. her next baby will be from africa, watch this space

    brad and ange must be laughing their heads off

  • Dancer

    I thought in some interview she said adoption wasn’t for her and she’d never do it?

  • liv

    Maybe she really wasn’t really in love with Brad. All involved are better off with what they have now. I think it was just wrong how it came about but I think that is why Jen is okay because even though the divorce came about how it did it still must have been painful. for her or for anyone for that matter.

  • Amy

    She’s talked about wanting to adopt a few times in interviews over the past few years. But I’m sure the Brad and Angie fans will find a way to make this revolve around BAMPZS regardless.

    What an effing horrible thing to say that she or ANYONE only wants to adopt to stay ‘relevant’. We rarely hear about Jennifer Aniston, yet the nutjob Brad and Angelina fans think that every story about her is connected somehow to their saviors. Let it go. It’ll be okay, I promise.

  • Scorp

    If true, good for her.

  • julia weinstein

    good luck jennifer aniston

  • Amy

    Didi – if she’s using Sheryl Crow’s adoption agency, the baby won’t be from Africa. Read the piece and use your brain.

  • Shar

    Is somthing wrong with this site?

  • teyxo

    freaky magazine cover . . .

  • j

    ROTL… whahahahah….

  • Milli

    Adoption is the new Black!


    I called this, as soon as I saw Crowe with her baby.

    See, this is how Maniston works – she can’t do sh*t under her own steam – she’s always too concerned over how sh*t will look…if she hadn’t had a close pal she could say she was ‘INFLUENCED’ by, she was afraid people would say she was COPYING ANGELINA JOLIE, and also that she had FAILED at her plan to ‘HAVE’ children.

    But (if true) Crowe gives her a good excuse to say she’s suddenly had an ‘epiphany’ about adoption. As if she hadn’t been around damn near 40 years and seen a million other people adopt babies…even people that are her own friends.

    Hahahahaha!! She is SUCH a famewhore. The leaks and plants by her and her PR team are so obvious — ROFLMAO, but using a baby to get publicity?!! UGH. That is just RANK.

    This is a woman who said she would NOT ADOPT, that it was NOT FOR HER, a mere 12 months ago.

    But Sheryl Crowe ‘adopting’ suddenly gives her the itch?

    She is such a weak, sad publicity whoring follower.

  • Heheheheh!!
  • teyxo

    so, what’s the story about brangelina’s summer vacation? ;P

  • j

    cheap publicity…

    her fag boyfriend seems not working enough…

  • Shar

    7 Francophile | 06/13/2007 at 11:33 am
    To 1

    Sometimes priorities change with evolution and timing. I guess her priorities have changed and she is now ready to make that step.

    i hear u, i just don’t understand why people only give her the benefit of a doubt and not Angie, when she does something, people bring up her past and says she still the same when clearly she has evolved as well. I think anyone with a heart who goes to these places where people are suffering their whole lives would be changed forever, not just angie, but jen and anyone else.

  • [Famous Fug Face]


  • Shy

    Poor baby, he wont be happy. He will probably spent the time with his so called mother only for a paparazzi walk. And all the other time he will spent with the nanny. Like Britney – took her son for a 10 minutes and then “O’k, i’m done”. You know – she did saw how all the other Violet, Ava, Deacon, even Sury getting good press for their parents. Everyone think they are cute. Now she will bring that kid for a walk so that fanistons may go “awwh”.
    The hypocrisy of that woman amazes me. The fact is – she doesn’t want a baby. But will (bye) get it only for a good publicity.

  • Mmmmm

    WOW Chiniqua is gonna blow a nut, she was hoping that her and Jen could have that baby together.

    With B&A giving the silent treatment to the hags (after using them for the PR Parade) they will go monkey crazy today. Gonna be a great show today.

  • Sarah

    Good for her, congratulations Jen.

  • Indie

    Well thats realy nice. ^__^

    Maybe she wasnt ready to be a mother when she was married. I mean come on people, I love Brad & Angelina too but give the woman a break already.

    And no, I doubt they are laughing at all, for one I think they have better things to do with their lives and two, considering they are all for rescuing children and are always encouraging others to do the very same thing Jenn is apparantly going to do.. they probably think she is doing a GOOD thing. Please, dont make the very same people you love so much look like immature idiots. HAHAHA LOOK AT JEN ADOPT. SO STUPID? I mean, come on. A baby needs a home, and she is willing to give him one. Isnt that what realy matters here?

  • Didi

    read the message again Amy. I said her NEXT BABY and there will undoubtedly be another.

    Only reason she is using the same agency as sheryl crow is because she can’t be ar*sed visiting a god forsaken shithole full of black kids with flies in their eyes. she can’t do without her weekly hollywood beauty regimen not to mention her $10,000 a bottle hand sanitiser.

    Maniston is trying to portray an image, that image being ‘hey look at me, i’m moving on with my life. I hired a gay english nobody to play my boyfriend and i’m also adopting a son to prove i am not a shallow self obsessed conceited bitch who’s about as maternal as jack the ripper’

  • liar

    1. Jen is the biggest copy catter
    2. Jen is the biggest liar

    didn’t she give an interview recently that says that she will never adopt. ?????????????

    such a hypocrite and liar !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well, she need to quit her crack, smoking and dieting habit. She probably freak out changing poop on the baby’s diaper.

  • Makes Sense

    Certainly makes sense now that BP is even more shallow then I thought he was. He and Angie are perfect for each other, insecure and desparate.

  • Seriously…

    Can we keep the JP’s out of this thread. They are happy together with their family and have nothing to do with JA.

    As for JA, if true and she’s adopting good for her. She had stated shortly after the divorce when asked that she wasn’t interested in adopting but maybe she changed her mind. Bottomline, whether she wants kids or not isn’t really the point. She didn’t want them with Brad otherwise she would’ve have had them. Brad is better off in his situation and it’s fate he has children with who he has them with. JA’s fate is her own and that’s cool too.

  • Riley

    It’s a good thing she’s adopting, that way the kid won’t have her chin.

  • Liz

    Cliniqua – you said it best! Agree 100%!

  • Kelly D

    CLINIQUA get a brain, get a life, & go the fuck away please.

  • Chord

    These stars are actually adopting their own biological children; they hire a surrogate to carry their sperminated eggs. (It keeps them from having to gain weight and/or explain.)

    The surrogate plan was active years ago but the mothers received so much criticism. (Think DIedre Hall.)

    I believe these women have adopted their own child via surrogate: Sharon Stone, Calista Flockhart, Sheryl Crow. Look for Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, and Courteney Cox to follow.

  • julia weinstein

    That was funny but her chin would look good on a boy.

  • Shy

    I love how they sad: “Inspired by her friend Sheryl Crow & the suppot of her new man Paul Sculfor”….

    Inspired by who? Drug addict bisexual who uses her for a personal fame…. The one that she knows… like… 5 minutes?

    And why not gave birth? Oh yeah, that will spoil her figure. Sorry i just can’t imagine her to be mother.

  • Hypocrite

    Here’s is what Aniston told Larry King . She said Adoption is not for her What a big fat liar she is !!!!!!!!!1

    Jennifer Aniston said she has not left hopes to have a complete family once, with kids and a perfect husband.

    “In five years, I would hope to be married and have a kid. I still believe in marriage 100 per cent,” Jennifer Aniston, 36, said in an interview.

    But Jennifer Aniston is no way plans to be a single mom. Even more, she seems to be dissing Angelina Jolie on the subject of kids.

    When asked by Larry King about children, Jennifer Aniston said she will never be a single mom.

    “Never say never, but I don’t think so,” she replied.

    And it also seems her grounds about adoption are also firm.

    “I know, and that’s fantastic,” Jennifer Aniston said about adoption, “For me personally, I’d like to share that with someone else.”

  • Didi

    33 Riley | 06/13/2007 at 11:49 am
    It’s a good thing she’s adopting, that way the kid won’t have her chin.

    LOL exactly

  • liv

    What interview was that where she said that she would not adopt???

  • Zoregon

    is this true?? Is this really true?? Come on, people!! This is coming from OK. The king of trashoids!! Wait for the cover of her and her baby and then congratulate her. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

  • Ms. Annabelle

    she doesn’t even like kids, adopt my a$$

  • Here we go again…

    Gawd! This woman cannot do anything on her own. She has no original thoughts or causes or passions of her own. She always has to follow in the footsteps of her friends. There is nothing interesting or inspiring about her. The reason why she gets so many hits on these blogs is that she elicits such strong emotions from people…How can such a boring, uninspiring, self-serving person be so famous?

    Besides, all her friends in her Goddess Circle have kids now. She needs to have one of her own to keep up with her friends. Otherwise, she’ll always be the third wheel, the one left behind, the odd man out. Everything she does is about her. Also, having kids is such a huge responsibility. All the parents out there can attest to that. It’s not like getting a new pet dog!

  • Shy

    I hired a gay english nobody to play my boyfriend
    Hilarious. This is the way everyone should now call him.

  • Milli

    I don’t care if JA is doing it for publicity or not, I just hope if she adopts , she will give enough love and attention to the kid and not raise another f*cked up hollywood useless kid like Nicole richie or paris Hilton.

  • md

    Has any of you thought about the possibility that she actually can’t have biological children? Maybe she tried it for a long time and didn’t succed and now she wants to adopt. I’m not a fan of hers, but give her a break already!

  • Didi

    38 Shy | 06/13/2007 at 11:52 am

    And why not gave birth? Oh yeah, that will spoil her figure. Sorry i just can’t imagine her to be mother.


    she’s too posh to push, and doesnt want a scar

  • Excuse me

    Makes Sense | 06/13/2007 at 11:49 am
    Certainly makes sense now that BP is even more shallow then I thought he was. He and Angie are perfect for each other, insecure and desparate.

    Makes sense how?

  • hahaha

    julia weinstein | 06/13/2007 at 11:52 am
    That was funny but her chin would look good on a boy.
    look good on a boy ? Was Jay Leno good looking ?