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Jennifer Aniston is a Goree Girl

Jennifer Aniston is a Goree Girl

Jennifer Aniston will produce a period musical for DreamWorks titled Goree Girls, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which she may also star in.

Goree Girls is based on a true story about singing prisoners — eight women serving time at Texas’ Goree Prison during the 1940s who formed one of the first all-female country and western acts in the country and captured the hearts of millions of fans in the process.

Aniston, 38, is a former partner of ex-hubby Brad Pitt‘s production company Plan B. She has several producing projects in development via that relationship including the upcoming The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which Brad stars in.

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  • sool

    cool this is going to produced by plan be isn’t it?

  • bella


  • It’s not all black and white

    Maybe it is time for her to change career paths anyway. Behind the scenes.

  • julia

    please Jared She is not involved in ANY WAY with TAOJJ.

  • andrea sanchez

    bravo jen, you are bautiful an your boy mmm excelent.

  • sara

    She and Huvane needs to stop implying that she still has something to do with Plan B.

  • Where is the script?

    Where is the script?

    … until then

  • Kelly D

    Why do so many of you hate JA? Pathetic evil losers, just jealous and hateful. Karma is a b!tch too… give the poor lady a break, she’s just trying to live her life! What did she ever do to any of you?

  • Jane

    Glad to hear her life is getting on track again, with interesting work projects and that incredibly hunky new guy with a better body than Brad!

  • James

    I love jen, excited to see the movie!
    And please people, can we stop with this fight ?

  • ?

    from PH:

    In other Manly news, Jen is trying to kill her already tepid film career.

    Aniston is producing and may star in a movie musical about singing prisoners.

    Great idea!!!

    Do it!!!!

  • ?

    PH,hes being sarcastic and mean of couse.Jen’s career has tanked!and is non-existent.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully Jen has no monetary interest in Jesse James. Brad has screwed it up to the point that it may never open. Last I heard it COULD open in Deceber in LIMITED THEATERS. Seems it’s too long (4 hours) and very boring.

  • SAD

    Whatever happened to her other 3 forever work in progress, pending production mode movies WANTED, SENATOR WIFE & GAMBIT ?

    She never seems to be able to do anything on her own. She never accomplish anything without having an entourage. Even this is her bff producer friend project Kristen Hahn. gosh , she really is a failure.

  • I didn’t know she could sing…

    Is she in fact going to be in this Country Western play?

    As far as Plan B, the couple of articles I’ve read from reliable sources state she took a handful of projects with her to produce under her own as of yet named production company, along with a monetary payout. She also stated in one of her post divorce interviews (I forget which)that Plan B had gotten too big and that was one of the reasons she was ok leaving it behind. She is not a part of the company anymore and the current projects have nothing to do with her. The last one she was associated with (or Kristin Hahn anyway) was The Departed. This blurb from Yahoo (original source of this particular news snippet) is incorrect as AOJJ is Brad’s and Plan B’s.



    About Jolie’s performance – CANNES: Trumpet the cause, don’t dwarf it + models dissed at the Du Cap, a Rolls ride and Clooney in zoom
    By Liza Foreman

    “When I did make it into the cinema to see “A Mighty Heart,” “We Own the Night,” and “Ocean’s 13” frankly I asked myself why I’d bothered. The first featured Angelina in one of, I thought, the kitschy-est performances of her career. Following on from the work of Jennifer Lopez in “Bordertown,” which was laughed out of the cinema at the press screening in Berlin, it makes you wonder whether it’s not better for actors of a certain stature to trumpet these causes rather than dwarf such important political films.”

    PS…Ocean’s 13 BOMBED!!!! barely 33 million???!!

    Angelina Jolie ((((dwarfed such important political film)))))

    Jolie’s performance was (((kitschy)))))

    A Mighty Heart WILL BOMB!!!!!! It’s unfortunate because Marianne Pearl deserves better.


    Yet ((((another True & Bad Review))))

    For A Mighty Heart:


    the tomato meter is falling at rottentomatoes… it was 86 last week, 78 this week:

    for example:
    A Mighty Heart, by Ed Gonzalez
    Posted: June 7, 2007

    Bad Michael Winterbottom movies are not uncommon, but none have been as useless as A Mighty Heart. The film’s only achievement may be what Premiere’s Glenn Kenny acknowledges as the director’s understanding that audiences are no longer able to look at Angelina Jolie onscreen without seeing Angelina Jolie. Winterbottom recognizes the actress’s iconicity as a force that must be reckoned with—which is to say, disguised. Except the tricks he employs to help the actress disappear into the film’s tapestry of uncertainty aren’t exactly new and reek of evasiveness. You could say they’re as transparent as this painstaking chronicle of a police investigation is gutless.

    Asking no questions, giving no insights, and demanding nothing of his audience, Winterbottom dramatizes the last days in the life of Daniel Pearl in his typically cold, hyperventilating fashion: cinematography that looks like the walls of the Lincoln Tunnel, shots that don’t last more than five seconds, and lazy cultural specificity. His faux sense of urgency attempts to keep the blood pumping, except all it does is camouflage this historical recreation’s almost disturbing lack of resonance. Getting at nothing about Daniel’s wife Mariane (Jolie) as a woman or a journalist, or the ethical conundrum of Americans living in foreign lands, Winterbottom settles for a cliché portrait of a wife waiting for her husband to come home


    By Jessica Warren
    Jun 13, 2007

    Esquire Magazine does an in depth fluff piece on Angelina Jolie this month that is celeb worship beyond its finest. But it may not hold up well for Brangelina fans that have always claimed that Jolie didn’t split Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. The article comes straight out and says that Brad left Jennifer for Angelina. Jolie has always maintained that wasn’t the case.

    It first notes that Brad Pitt bought ‘A Mighty Heart’ for Jennifer Aniston as soon as he read the manuscript, with the idea in mid that he would give her the lead role in the film. Of course jolie gets the lead now as she is with brad. Then the article flatly states that Brad left Jen for Angelina.


    “When Brad Pitt left Jennifer for the Angelina after the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith…” the article notes in one area. In another area it talks of the Us Weekly Magazine cover that speaks of Jolie’s “Twisted Double Life” and notes that one part of that is “because she wrested Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston.” Did Angelina steal Brad away from Jennifer during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

    Were they going at it during the filming as all the rumors speculated at the time? And the real question did she hint to the author Tom Junod and come clean that she is a home wrecker as many have called her since the split of the golden couple? Or was it just the author’s opinion?

    Did Loonies praise Esquire magazine????

  • julia weinstein

    isnt this the ja thread?

  • Mmmmm

    Poor thing cannot have a title without being linked that that toolbox. Moe Money!

  • fit
  • anon

    The whole world knows that Brad left Jennifer for Angelina..including Brad himself.

    So what’s the big deal about the Esquire article? Tell us something we don’t know already.




    Domestic: $40,288,778 59.0%
    Foreign: $28,000,000 41.0%
    Worldwide: $68,288,778

  • missouri girl

    To AMH will bomb | 06/12/2007 at 3:35 pm

    Talk about rotten tomatoes…

    The Break UP 33%

    Along came Polly 27%

    Derailed 20%

    Rumor Has It 18%

  • kb

    Angelina goes after what she wants and whenever she wants with everything she has.

    She wanted Brad . She went after him. And she got him. Good for her. She saw a good thing, and she didn’t care about what anybody would thing or say.

    Once Angie sets her eyes on something or somebody, there’s no stopping her.

    I would have gone after Brad, too. I wish I was more like her. She is my hero. Life is too short. No excuses!

  • carolina a.m.

    Good for Jen!!! Sounds like a great choice.

  • bellebeesting

    Jen’s on a roll! Love it.

  • AMH is Praised !

    AMH is praised highly on all critics review . RT has 80% FRESH REVIEW . !!

    “Those willing to stay with this often demanding film, though, will find an unusually balanced view that celebrates not only Mariane’s courage, but the Pakistanis who fought valiantly on her behalf.” Film Journal International Erica Abeel

    “[An] expertly fashioned documentary-style drama.” Hollywood Reporter Ray Bennett

    “The sad saga of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl has made it to the bigscreen with facts, figures and beating heart intact in A Mighty Heart.” Variety Justin Chang

    4/5 “The director’s rapid-fire and choppy editing gives you a genuine feel for the many different sides of Karachi, and the urgency of the investigation.” Times [UK] James Christopher

    4.5/5 “The movie’s frantic bustle releases into an explosion of grief when Mariane finds out what we already know.” Jurgen Fauth

    4/5 “Not many movies can break your heart, keep your adrenaline racing and remind you of life’s value all at once.” Lexi Feinberg

    B “As Mariane, wife of slain jounralist Daniel Pearl, Angelina Jolie renders admirably understated performance, but Winterbottom’s political drama is too safe and middlebrow, unable to decide what it is about and whose side of the story it is telling.” EmanuelLevy.Com Emanuel Levy

    “A straightforward, highly competent thriller. As you’d expect from English director Michael Winterbottom, the picture possesses levels of moral complication that are at first invisible; it feels like an extra-long episode of 24.” Andrew O’Hehir

    “A compelling, intellectually and emotionally engaging film.” Cinematical James Rocchi

  • AnistonFAN

    Wow. She’s looking really beautiful lately. I think she is def over Billy Brad Twit and the lingering smell he left in the air.

  • Chin…a rich loser

    24 missouri girl | 06/13/2007 at 2:29 pm

    LMAO :D

    she’s a loser and her morons fans come to talk about Jolie…

  • AnistonFAN

    ooops….make that the STINK he left behind.

  • sara

    Uh, even when they were married, Brad made it clear that neither he or Jen had intentions of starring in A Mighty Heart. The film was stuck in development hell when it was at WB and only picked up speed when it landed at Paramount.

  • My 2 cents

    25 kb

    She wanted Brad . She went after him. And she got him. Good for her.

    Angie did not go after Brad. Brad pursued and chased Angie and then he dumped the child-hating b-i-t-c-h.

  • Observing

    16 AMH WILL BOMB!!!!

  • What a joke

    and of course, those criticizing AMH will bomb is because it’s too much depth for the simple minded fans of Aniston to understand a movie such as AMH .

    You know, AMH is draining to the mind , it”s a thinking movie for the more worldly and intellectual.

    Aniston fan as with Aniston can only absorb so much in one day. Aniston Fans need simple brainless movie such as TBU .. where Aniston flashes her butt and breast to get viewers to watch her. No thinking needed in that one.


  • kb

    No no she wanted Brad . She was smitten with Brad from the moment they started working together. I am glad that she went after him. Jennifer is ugly. Angie is beautiful. Brad and Angie belong together.

    Bye now.

  • keep trying

    Yeah, Maniston fans never will understand a movie like AMH, too intelligent for them

  • TO#16 AMH WILL BOMB!!!!

    16 AMH WILL BOMB!!!!
    Please seek a friend or a priest,it aint that serious and so much energy and anger is so not worth it.This is a celebrity gossip blog.Shouldnt take this to heart.You don’t know these people,and honey they don’t know you.None of us.Put your energy and anger into something else,cause that posts is SCARY!NoT WHAT IT SAYS BUT THE ENERGY AND dare I say ANGER SPENT ON IT!!Calm down..Breath…Pray or whatever it is you do..


    AMH is a small arthouse film, not a blockbuster – they won’t be releasing this into 4000 theaters like they did with that movie, the no talent TV sit-com hack was in with Vince Vaughn where she whored out her personal life and her own real life ‘break up.’ It’s not breaking wide, so the hater idiots won’t get a chance to watch for box office receipts and how it does against f*ckin’ Pirates.

    What really matters is that it’s critically acclaimed and that people are already clamoring to see it wherever there’s a sneak preview – and that they’re touting Angie for Oscar.

    Sorry loser fanistons.

    Oh, and if this bit of news is true – if she’s smart, and if her ‘partner’ is smart (you know, Kirsten Hahn, the chick BRAD FIRED because she gabbed about his personal life to Vanity Fair – like catty hanger on b*tch that she ACTUALLY is…bahahaha!!) – they’ll keep Maniston BEHIND THE SCENES *ONLY* – and make sure she’s not on the set as she needs a ‘CO-partner’ to do anything in LIFE even take a sh*t, let alone get a film made.

    Not only can she NOT act, and all of her performances get SAVAGED by CRITICS, more importantly, she is box office POISON, as the 4 films that she tried to open ON HER OWN, all TANKED.

    ..and Jared – I know HUVANE is keeping all the bloogers and tabloids happy by taking a sh*t all over your heads, with this constant smelly stream of highly questionable Maniston news…but enough is enough.

    She is looking so pathetic at this point, I’m starting to feel sorry for her.

    Liek a monkey flinging his own sh*t, I really do have to ask…is that it Stephen??? Is there anything else you want to leak & deny to the press about the sit-com HACK???

  • Mmmmm

    Total porn for Chiniqua, look at the lezzy go!


    Contrary to a report claiming otherwise, has learned that Jennifer Aniston is not in the process of adopting a child. Though OK! Magazine’s cover claims that Aniston was inspired by Sheryl Crow and new “boyfriend” Paul Sculfor to adopt, it just isn’t so.

    Aniston’s rep tells Us: “It is completely false. Jennifer has not met with any adoption agencies.”


    Wow. She’s looking really beautiful lately. I think she is def over Billy Brad Twit and the lingering smell he left in the air.


    That’s funny you should say that. Because even Maniston disagrees with you, since this pic was taken BEFORE she got a face full of plastic surgery and had her 3rd nose job. :lol: You should have written Maniston and told her not to mess with such ‘beauty,’ — tried to convince her to NOT go under the knife.


  • Dancer

    You know, I love how all the haters are now attacking Brad with a vengeance. They’ve all gone on with their lives, but because AJ hasn’t exhibited any signs of being bothered by the haters, they’ve now stepped up their Brad attacks.

    If Jen wants to date Paul S, who appears to be a former coke addict, gay porn star etc., I’d say let her do it. Angie has the best with Brad!

  • watever

    41 NO ADOPTION STORY | 06/13/2007 at 3:02 pm

    Contrary to a report claiming otherwise, has learned that Jennifer Aniston is not in the process of adopting a child. Though OK! Magazine’s cover claims that Aniston was inspired by Sheryl Crow and new “boyfriend” Paul Sculfor to adopt, it just isn’t so.

    Aniston’s rep tells Us: “It is completely false. Jennifer has not met with any adoption agencies.”

    LOL someone should give Cliniqua an award she prenounced that Huvane will be denying those adoption reports…..

    It’s like they are leaking stories then denying them like in a split second just to keep this b*tch in the tabloids in time for AMH..Let it goooooo!!!! He’s not coming back !!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • AnistonFAN

    I think Jen Aniston is fab. This sounds like a great project and Jen seems to be right back on track.

  • TOHoJoFans

    Jolie fans are so eaten up with jealously of Jen. So amusing. Run along, loons, hasn’t Jared given you a BRANDgelina thread today?

  • jen sells water, angie donates



    13 June 2007

    As a way of thanking Angelina Jolie for the tremendous exposure they received after she wore Bochic jewelry to this years Golden Globe Awards, Bochic will be donating the jewelry she wore to USA for UNHCR in support of World Refugee Day, recognized each year on June 20th. In addition to her work in film, Angelina has become well known as a humanitarian, particularly in her role as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

    “To have one of the most beautiful women in the world wear Bochic jewelry to the Golden Globes, was of course very special for our company. For a long time we have admired Angelina’s commitment to charitable causes, and we are very happy to be able to support her work by donating the jewelry she wore – especially to an organization like USA for UNHCR,” explains David Joseph, Bochic’s President and Co-Founder.

    The pieces will be auctioned by, a leader in online auctions benefiting charitable organizations, with all proceeds going to UNHCR programs in Chad for refugees from the Darfur region.

    The Bochic necklace and earrings worn by Angelina to the Golden Globe Awards is a vintage-style suite of rose cut diamonds set in 22K gold.

  • Lulu

    all this fight about three people we don’t even know, the only things we “know” about them is what the papers say. So stop judging them.

    And by the way i’m a JA fan and i was able to see AMH at Cannes and liked it. I wasn’t impressed by AJ or the movie but i think the movie is good and her performance was ok, but it’s true that you hear so much about her now and see her everywhere that it’s hard to find her credible in movies now, you just see AJ on screen, i don’t know if you know what i mean, it’s hard to seperate her and the caracter.

    Anyway, i don’t think this will be a huge success because that’s quite a complex movie, it makes you think a lot, but i personnaly enjoyed it.

    Sorry for this long post ;)

  • Message for Clinq-er

    Give it a rest, girl. You’re going to lose your mind because things are just getting better every day for JA.

  • fit


    Domestic: $44,058,753 61.1%
    + Foreign: $28,000,000 38.9%


    = Worldwide: $72,058,753

  • watever

    Aniston is a very insecure and mentally unbalanced human being if you can even call her that…
    This my friend is PR gone wrong.

    In 3 days Huvane is trying to make it seem as if Aniston is still a A-list star with a happy life and a acting career on the go.

    MAN(Paul Sculfor watever the f*ck his name is)
    CAREER(Gorree Girls)
    Commercialy Bankable( SMartwater)
    Family Oriented( Adoption)

    I tell you he probably sat their with her on a table and told her the things she”s missing write now in her life and she said these four things and then they sat their poundiring how to come up with all of this shit.. this my friends is not tabloids it’s PR.

    And all for what ? Because AMH is premiering and she wants to see if she has everything going for her(in her crazy mind) if she’s more loved, wrote about in the tabloids and adored by the public then Angelina Jolie her problem is not Brad leaving her sorry ass.
    Is who he left her for.