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Katie Holmes -- Now With Super Short Hair!

Katie Holmes -- Now With Super Short Hair!

It’s fresh, it’s edgy, it’s perfect for summer!

Katie Holmes enters the wild in a leopard-print chiffon dress and shows off her spankin’ new short do as she dines out with hubby Tom Cruise on Tuesday night in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The couple dined at chef Wolfgang Puck‘s modern, elegant single-room steakhouse “The Cut” at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie Holmes’ new short hair — YAY or NAY?

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# 1

beautiful !!! first !!!

# 2

Stepford wife. Cute duo for my mom.

# 3
chimpymimp @ 06/13/2007 at 10:01 am


# 4

I like the hair..
I do not like the dress..

# 5

she looks more and more like an old woman and him like her father.

# 7

Sorry Katie , I don’t like it all.

# 8

I think it looks great! Wish more stars would do this .. especially Courtney Cox and that long, stringy mess she has. It never looks combed and she wears it via the 60′s … parted in the middle, flat on her head, tucked behind her ears … yuck!

# 9

I don’t like it. I think she was much prettier with long hair and I think it makes her look too old and frankly too much like she’s REALLY trying to be like Posh. Worse yet- now Tom, Suri AND Katie are rockin’ the same kind of “short and shaggy” ‘do. Great for Triplets- not good for “Papa”, Baby and Mommy.

NOT GOOD. I don’t care how many times Jada Picket-Fence-Smith says that Katie is a strong woman and can speak up for herself… Tom and his crazy cult friends rule that household and I wish they’d stop trying to make her look “all grown up”. She’s a young woman- let her look like one!!

the scientologists will not be happy. she will be assassinated

I must say: Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes are easily among the ten most beautiful woman alive and Tom Cruise´s tapped both´ asses. This guy is a lucky *******.

forget about her. what is wrong with him again. get him a stylist. those three piece suit are gross. all that money and no taste.

I love Katie’s new short hairdo. It’s summer and it will be much cooler for her. Not to mention easier to manage.

Junk in the trunk @ 06/13/2007 at 10:17 am

I like it. She reminds me of Jackie O in these pics.

You can see Victoria is her current best friend :)

She is a cute girl and I like the hair. I am glad she stopped having her picture taken hanging around Tom’s neck like some baby animal hanging onto its mama.

Like the cut, and that’s all I’m saying. I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything about this short silly man. Oh, and I can call people short, ’cause I’m short! LOL

Not good on her….makes her look older. She looks better with long, flowing locks.

Well now she has the official mom hair. She is looking older by the minute. Big Nay!!

I really like her hair. The dress not so much.

[Famous Fug Face] @ 06/13/2007 at 10:31 am

Great couple, she looks good.

Hollywoods #1

Interesting @ 06/13/2007 at 10:36 am

WTH…is he trying to make her into a clone of himself? And what’s with the trashy outfit. She look like someone’s ****** grandmother. Gross

I think the cut looks good on her, but she didn’t do a good job styling it. Tom needs a makeover!

The hair looks great and she is beautiful.
She just needs better taste in men.

Awful. Especially since her ears stick out. She should not have her hair this short with big ears !!

know it all @ 06/13/2007 at 10:44 am

She’s trying to look like a boy to see if Tom is able get it up with a woman.

I like her with new hair style. its cute and it doest look older for me.
the dress reminds me victoria.


OMG! Her hair looks fug! Love, love the dress! Tom showing off his kitty cat! Ha ha ha. She’s much prettier with long hair. It’s of knock off from, Kat’s friend Posh. Don’t like Posh’s hair either but, her figure is fantastic!
It’s weird. it seems like after a kid is punched out the, hair gets whacked off. Always seems to work that way. It’s probably a summer coiff obviously. Sorry, Kat. Not the best look. Oh well. Hair always grows back.

I’m sure Posh can be blamed to some extent for Katie’s new cut…

honestly, she doesn’t look good like this . I mean her face.

I think she looks cute!

Tom, Katie and Suri looking more and more like each other…LOL

I think she looks more like Maggie Gyllenhaal with her hair like that especially in those pictures.

I like her dress. But she is getting agly.

she has some serious ass !!!

My take is, I like the haircut, she should flip it out and make it hipper. Don’t like the dress it makes her look older. She shouldn’t wear leapord print in that fabric, tone and shape it looks ladyish. Leopard looks better darker and fitted more. That dress would be good on her in black or white. Tom needs to lose his hairdo also. It makes him look old and nowadays his age is considered young so he should get a younger cut. I like them though, seem like nice people.

She wants to be just like Victoria who looks like a ***** for some reason..

Her legs are very fat huge for the skinny girl.

Her hair does not look nice anymore and her face is ughh…..

Love the hair, but that dress is orrible

It’s a very cute cut and I’ll bet it’s much more versatile than long hair. She’s looked exactly the same for so long, a change looks good on her. Plus, it makes her look less like a little girl and more like the woman she is. Maybe people will start giving her a little credit. I’m not a Tom fan anymore, but I also don’t think she’s being led around on a leash.

eh. i dont really like it.

lol Tom is starting to look like George from Seinfeld! lol

I would like to lick her legs to her bum and then to her corn…

IMO, the photos are not good enough to make a fair appraisal of the new cut. I agree with others in that she is trying to be hip and popular like Posh. Talk about opposites. Katie could never be a “Posh” and Posh could never be a “Katie”. If I were Katie, I would run from Posh. I wouldn’t trust Posh around Tom. Before you know it, Posh will be after him.

She’s got a gorgeous face so she can pull of the hair style, but I do think that she looked fab with long locks.

Errrr SHE’s holding the door for HIM!!
Forget about the hair, THIS is what suckss in that picture.

julia weinstein @ 06/13/2007 at 11:29 am

That was the funniest thing i heard all day,

I love her new do and her new look. She looks so much put together now. With long hair she always looked like a clueless fashion mess. This is much better. She looks adorable.
I love short hair, but if I get one like Katie , I am sure my boyfriend will dump me ;-)
He says he doesnot feel any attraction towards a girl with short hair,its like a dude.

But I like it, I like Katie’s new hair.

star you are so right!!!!!!! my god he looks awful. i mean compare him to how brad pitt dresses and its like no contest. he really should check the mirror proper before he leaves the house.

yeah i didint like the hair on her, or it just not styled easily thats y it doesnt look good at her..i think long hair is much fit to her

how tall is Tom? does anybody know for sure?

I am reading some comments on her dress ….
I think she has tried to wear more “sophisticated” clothes ever since being with TC. Either she has chosen that herself or he is trying to make her into something (whatever that is).

I like the hair. Tom looks like a dwarf. She just towers over him and looks awkward in any picture of the two together. They just do not look good together. Strange – I thought Nicole and Tom looked like a better fit, despite their height differences (see – I’m not against short men!) but somehow, he and Katie just look much more awkward together. She perhaps doesn’t have the grace that Nicole has to carry off the height difference without looking uncomfortable.

julia weinstein @ 06/13/2007 at 12:19 pm

Shes beautiful but the hair is flat and dull. I think she was much sexier with longer hair

It’s teetering a little towards the “mom hair” territory. Oh but what the hell, I think she’s a sweet person and it suits her look. Very cute and fresh.
And as for Mr Cruise, what the hell happened to the MI bod?!

she looks beautiful, it shapes her sculpted face very well.

Nothing edgy about that hair! how bland! n y is she always in those god awful shoes….they look like granny kicks!

Katie couldn’t look bad if she tried. Tom is a total mess, he needs to lose weight, get a haircut and start working out already. He’s starting to go the John Travolts route…

Bruna Gabriella @ 06/13/2007 at 1:05 pm

totally yay!

YAY!!!! i like the new hairdo, she looks really beautiful….

This is not her best hairstyle. She has big ears for one thing and does not need short hair to point that out. Secondly, she is still a young woman. A mother yes, but a young woman. Why not at least give it some flattering coloring and layers? It just seems that no matter how hard she tries she still just looks awkward. Hard not to have some sympathy for her…

Cute hair. Not too cute on Katie. I can’t decide whether it makes her look 45, or like a 12 year old kid.
she needs to leave Tom. seriously.

Um… Why is SHE holding open the door for HIM???

She looks like Maggie Glyenhall (spell?) with that cut.
Cute though.

hello maggie gyllenhaal

She’s so lovely.

I love it! She looks stunning and chic. Also, what’s wrong with a woman holding up the door for a man? Welcome to the 21st century!

OMG , the girl has no personnality !! It’s obvious she imitated Posh whose influence is at its highest being in LA !

Katie looks hot.She’s all woman now.

I know she’s trying to copy Posh, but Victoria actually is a stylish woman who can pull all sorts of looks off effortlessly. Katie Holmes is — well she’s frumpy and “stylish lady” is not a look she can pull off.

I see no Poshness at all. Its a different look on Katie and it fits her well.
She can look beautiful in short and long go.
Perfect for the summer or maybe another movie in the works after Mad Money?

Bill Paxton @ 06/13/2007 at 2:37 pm

She looks a little like Magie Gyllenhall (how the eff do you spell their last name???!) bakc in Mona Lisa Smile.


Yay! It looks very classy. Go, Katie!

Looks like a bad cut – prefer her hair long. Why do Tom’s suits always look ill-fitting? He looks awkward in his clothes. Her dress and shoes – too old for her. Pattern seems like she is trying on someone else’s style.

Katie rocks. I love her long hair but wow this looks amazing on her too.

Holey Moley Robin!!!! Is that Katie Holmes????

I get a boner looking at her.

Katie is surely blossoming.

I think she has been hanging out with Victoria Beckham too much!

She looked better with long hair and that dress is old lady like, I bet Tom picked it!

Yay! Yay! Yay! Katie girl- YOUR NEW DO’ ROCKS!

I love it…looks good on her..

I don’t hate them, …
But, does Tom let her wear a high heel?..I thought he didn’t like Nicole wore a high heel when she was with him.

Katie’s hair before was all messy and stringy.
It looked awful. Now with the short hair, her hair still looks awful. She is copaycating Posh. Katie is a follower not a leader. Katie has always been dull, boring, and a plain Jane.
Tom looks awful too. His face looks ugly, fat, and old. His face has ballooned up. His is is two or three times the size it used to be.
TOMKAT the most dull, boring, and uninteresting (fake bearded) couple in Hollywood.

Hey! I meant to say Tom’s face has balloned to two to three times the sizw it ues to be.
I hate them both.

good lawd, nooooo!!! her hair was GORGEOUS! why!? this reminds me of that keanu reeves movie w/theron where the devil (pacino) gets her to whack off that gorgeous mane for a dark bob…

and omg – SHE’s holding the door for him.

littlechickadee1127 @ 06/13/2007 at 8:08 pm

Fantastic!!! She should have cut it sooner. It makes her look much more sophisticated and chic.

Katie Holmes is all grown-up now and so is my son who used to have her posters all over his room during middle school years!

Katie has always been a beautiful girl though now she’s a beautiful woman–love the hair cut! From the side she reminds me of Jackie Kennedy and, hopefully, the classics will make a huge comeback this fall!

If she’s happy with Tom, I’m happy for her–I’ll watch “Top Gun”, again!

It’s okay. Not wash and wear though. Needs to be styled.

Katie looks beautiful.Love this new look.

foolishppl @ 06/14/2007 at 4:17 am

she can’t look good in anything

Nicole couldn’t wear heels cos she’s way taller than katie without her heels so imagine her in heels with Tom besides witout the heels katie is exactly thesame height with tom when she has her pumps on

I feel like this another PR atworking well that’s all they when they are together. No?

I say this because when ever they go out for dinner he’s holiding the door and holding (grabbing) her hand and leading the way like she’s a kid but this time she’s not only holding the door for him she’s holding(grabbing) his hand and he has that stupid childish look plastered on his face and she is leading the way but then i believe after the whole she’s in control”A TIGRESS”(no suprise she’s wearing a leopard print dress)statement they had to show the world by turning tables, just my view.

So ******* preidctable.

Oh no Katie!I loved her long hair!But her face is still pretty!Don´t like the dress either!

This cut makes her look old. There is nothing chic about it. Her long hair was her best feature when she has it styled nice. Her face looks odd recently. She just doesn’t seem happy and they don’t look like a happy, romantic newlywed couple. This look just doesn’t work for Katie. Tom looks awful like he just doesn’t care anymore.

Well i am not a hair stylist but i don’t like it she looks like shes in her 40s now … and i hope she didn’t pay hundreds for it for i think my sister could do better and she is only 11

luv ya lots

Silly….you are right!!!!! Always having PDA=somethings not quite right. Relationships fueled initially by passion alone rarely survive in the real world!

pr person @ 06/14/2007 at 3:16 pm

Katie tries to look sophisticated and chic… but the poor thing just can’t seem to get it right.

Way to go Katie. She’s a natural knockout.

Theylookridiculous @ 06/19/2007 at 4:34 pm


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that TomKat is trying to mimic Posh and Beckham. What do they have a couples crush or something. look really closely at the picture of Tom and Posh, did he set out to look like her or what? The look like idiots!!!

Theylookridiculous @ 06/19/2007 at 4:37 pm

Oh, and can I ad that the girl is still in her 20′s. She should look as young and happy as she is. I don’t know who’s idea it was to make her look I like a washed up older women but if that is the look she hoped to achieve gain 20 pounds and your there!

The hair is boring, the dress is horrid, and why does she wag the little midget around? Good luck charm?

She has killer legs, though. There are a million better looking dresses that she could wear to show them off- some of them are at Target!

She’s a pretty girl, so the hair isn’t a total loss

THe dress sucks ,its ugly but she was and stil is going to be one of the most beutiful faces .They’re a great couple always been hahhahaha .YEAH and now with hair-cut she looks younger but very nice :D:D:P:P

Narcissists (Beckhams, Cruise) want mirrors and objects, not real, unique people. I am sure they are slowly breaking down her personality.

Katie always makes me feel sad… don’t know why – like a lost girl trying to mimic a bunsh of pathetic narcissists…

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she looks soooo beautiful with short hair.

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