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Megan Fox Has a Tattoo Underneath Her Armpit

Megan Fox Has a Tattoo Underneath Her Armpit

Megan Fox, aka Mikaela Banes, continues to knock it out of the park with her interesting fashion choices, opting for a black minidress with a decorated 5-stud neckline at the Transformers photo call on Wednesday.

The event was held at the CarriageWorks Center in Sydney, Australia, where the actress finished off her look with a pair of metallic Christian Louboutin pumps and simple jewels.

And discovery! One of Megan‘s tattoos is underneath her left armpit. From what can be seen, it starts off with “There once was…”

The Transformers star also has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade, one by her nether regions, one on her right forearm, one by her left ankle and one on her neck (a symbol for strength). Megan‘s also mentioned that she has a poem on her ribcage. So she has at least seven tattoos?

35+ pictures inside of Megan down under…

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megan fox armpit tattoo 01
megan fox armpit tattoo 02
megan fox armpit tattoo 03
megan fox armpit tattoo 04
megan fox armpit tattoo 05
megan fox armpit tattoo 06
megan fox armpit tattoo 07
megan fox armpit tattoo 08
megan fox armpit tattoo 09
megan fox armpit tattoo 10
megan fox armpit tattoo 11
megan fox armpit tattoo 12
megan fox armpit tattoo 13
megan fox armpit tattoo 14
megan fox armpit tattoo 15
megan fox armpit tattoo 16
megan fox armpit tattoo 17
megan fox armpit tattoo 18
megan fox armpit tattoo 19
megan fox armpit tattoo 20
megan fox armpit tattoo 21
megan fox armpit tattoo 22
megan fox armpit tattoo 23
megan fox armpit tattoo 24
megan fox armpit tattoo 25
megan fox armpit tattoo 26
megan fox armpit tattoo 27
megan fox armpit tattoo 28
megan fox armpit tattoo 29
megan fox armpit tattoo 30
megan fox armpit tattoo 31
megan fox armpit tattoo 32
megan fox armpit tattoo 33
megan fox armpit tattoo 34
megan fox armpit tattoo 35
megan fox armpit tattoo 36

Photos: Sergio Dionisio/Getty, Splash News Online
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  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Hot. and not bony.

  • alizee

    so proud of it, yet so UGLY

  • o.g. beeyotch

    this girl should seriously consider hiring J. Alba’s stylist. Pretty but So unbelievably tacky.

  • Mmmmm

    Holy smokes, that had to hurt!

  • suspicious package

    She looks like she’s trying to be Angelina Jolie.

  • Didi

    who the f*ck is Megan Fox

  • bdj

    Just another wannabe. They are a dime a dozen.


    She has the most f*cked up legs of any celeb I’ve seen to date. Short, and thick – with canckles. I’ll take bony over that ANYDAY, fug wuss face. They give her all the elegance of a pit bull. She should wear pants. ALWAYS.

  • kate.

    that is her tattoo on her ribcage
    most of her tattoos can be found here

  • aintnofool

    Angelina Jolie wannabe, but difference is that Angie is HOT and this thing isnt

  • julia weinstein

    she already appears to have a diva attitude

  • fit

    who is she? she’s trying real hard to look like jolie

  • Kendra

    There’s only one Angelina Jolie, so I don’t think she would dare to go there. But can she act? I’ve never heard of her before this Transformers movie.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Look at that smile – she’s always ‘smiling’. And those legs – sexyy {2 Y’s}

    I’ve seen a lot of female celebs tattoos and hers are by far the Best. Perfect shading, good line work – not faded – disappearing.

    a complete upgrade.

  • Nando


  • Please

    She’s like a runaway P ussy cat Doll

    she looks like Carmen Electra. Sorry but this Megan thing is nobody.

  • Alexandria

    Just because a girl has a lot of tattoo’s DOESN’T mean she’s trying to be like Angelina Jolie. Geesh. Angelina Jolie wasn’t the first female to be covered in tattoo’s, in case everyone hadn’t noticed.

    Megan is very beautiful when she’s not all done up and caked up in make up. I suggest all the hater’s take a look at some of her candids. You’ll all be kicking yourselves for bashing her once Transformers comes out and you see how fabulous she is

  • um

    I cliked on the pics to make them bigger. she’s ugly and has that kimora lee Simmons neck thing going on. Yuck.

    she’s not a celebrity. she’s filler for the blogs.

  • julia weinstein

    We will all laugh at gilded butterflies?
    and mary had a little lamb

  • Shar

    I think she looks like Carmen Electra too. I think she hot.

  • (‘@’)

    Stop showing off that tattoo please…sick of it!!!

  • amle

    the blonde is way prettier.

  • inhirnamy137

    Everytime I see a pic of this chick, I see her making Angelina type poses.

  • Natalie

    It’s obvious that Megan Fox has good looks, but she looks like a PORN STAR. Everything about her is too overtly sexual.

    She needs to take a cue from someone like Natalie Portman. Naturally beautiful, with lots of class!

  • amle

    why did megan wear a trashbag?

  • Passing Through

    Okay…pardon my French here, but this is the 2nd or 3rd time Jared’s had a thread on this chick and all I want to know is – WHO IN THE FCUK IS SHE? Is she famous for something or just another spoiled socialite like Paris Hilton? I see she’s in some summer flick based on a kids toys…but other than that…what’s she done? What am I missing?

  • Rachel

    Someone please tell me why she was picked for the Transformers role…

  • luvmebabe

    just another wanna be Angie. So Sad!

  • sally

    pretty girl..trying real hard to be trashy

  • g.

    I read she had her lips scuplted and enlarged and has been open about it.I still say Danica McKellar or a young Cher,check her profile out her nose is thin snd pointed.Shes cute but I keep thinking Hugh Heftner should give her call.

  • to#.26 Passing Through

    to#26 Passing Through.
    When you find out please tell us.I still don’t know.And I’ve google her.

  • [Famous Fug Face]


  • Tash

    Sorry, but its not the tattoos by themselves that make her an AJ copy – its the look, the attitude, the whole lot. And that doesnt make it a bad thing – shit – if I could look more like Angelina I wouldnt be complaining! Leave her alone – shes fine.

  • Anonymous

    She is an Angelina Jolie wannabe. Her look is so unoriginal. Everyone who looks at her immediately thinks she’s a rip off of Angelina. Megan never looked like this pre-Transformers. In fact, she looked COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. She didn’t get ANY ATTENTION until she dyed her hair and got tatoos.

  • kate

    An unoriginal look since Jolie is already flaunting it. Dare I say that Fox has great legs, in fact it seems she has a great body. By far 100% better than the actress she is copying.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    pre-transformers: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen – she looked the same. Lol uh huh.

    why would anyone know who she was before transformers? she didnt do shiit but Hope & Faith. Lol

  • angelface

    i saw her on some talk show, its a poem that she wrote, that goes down one side of her ribs, something like there once was a girl who loved a boy until he broke her heart…..

  • R

    doesn’t look like she realizes this just yet, but there’s some incipient hair loss happening on the sides of her head, esp in pic 03…

  • holly

    I’ve heard she was the oldest daughter on John Ritter’s sitcom. She was blonde on the show.

  • lolo


  • Denny

    Megan starred in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with Lindsay Lohan and then did some work on Hope and Faith. She’s a natural brunette, but she colored her hair to a lighter brown for one season of H&F then went back to her natural darker roots. I don’t think she ever appeared on the late Ritter’s show. It’s possible that she might have been blondish as a child like a lot of people, but she’s definitely a natural brunette. As far as tats go, Megan’s always had one or more. She’s a really pretty and down to Earth type of person even though she looks a little stuck up. Nice pair of very shapely legs on her too. =) You don’t often see that in Hollywood. Wish she didn’t mess with her lips though. They were just perfect before. Oh well.

    Here’s a great website with plenty of old and new pics of her.

  • luckystar

    Stop hating! The girl is very beautiful…She’s even better looking than Angelina.

  • patrick

    angelina jolie wannabe! eventho angelina is a bitch, and now ugly SHE WILL NEVER BE A REAL SEDUCER LIKE angelina

  • FS

    Maybe she’s trying for Dita Not Jolie-please tell me not Jolie!
    The hair and eyes have to be fake.
    There is just something so ugly weird and trashy about her. She should never ever be allowed to play anyone under 30 ever!! And she shouldn’t ever star in anything-she ruins it.

    This is a new low for Hollywood.

  • your mom

    wow, i’ve never seen to many judgemental, jealous people in one spot! Take a look in the mirror, baby, cause what you see will not be without imperfections. Remember that when youre picking apart other peoples looks.

  • Tammy

    you guys are so pathetic..i cannot belieive ur calling her a jolie wannabe just because she has a couple of tattoos..any for those of u calling her ugly uh well take a look at urselves..this girl has great skin, gorgeous eyes n hair and an amazing body..most of u guys r fat with pimples..if ur so much better like u claim 2 be then please tell me why u weren’t chosen to be in transformers? megan fox is probably the most prettiest girl in the kills me to say that cuz i am incredibly jealous of her but w/e..

  • twinklingevnstar

    It says, “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart.” It’s weird, but she’s hot, so who really cares? The only one I don’t care for is the tattoo on her forearm.

  • cici

    someone please tell me who her dress is by!?!?!

  • Jo

    You are all haters shes gorgeous and shes real. shes not like most of the fake ppl in hollywood.

  • sarah154

    lol Get over it!!! you guys are just jelous hahah if you dont like her then dont search her up!!! get a life and quit making fun of people just cause your not theat pretty.