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Violet Affleck Hits Up the Gym

Violet Affleck Hits Up the Gym

Jennifer Garner spends Tuesday morning out and about with her 18-month-old daughter Violet Anne.

The mother-daughter duo hit up Kidnasium Children’s Gym in Santa Monica and then picked up fresh groceries at the Brentwood Country Mart, like they usually do.

Violet carried around a Max Daniel Rosebuds and Satin security blanket in hot pink ($20).

10+ pictures inside of Jen and Violet‘s day out!

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violet affleck gym 01
violet affleck gym 02
violet affleck gym 03
violet affleck gym 04
violet affleck gym 05
violet affleck gym 06
violet affleck gym 07
violet affleck gym 08
violet affleck gym 09
violet affleck gym 10

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  • Natalie

    Lovely to see Jen spending so much time with her daughter =)

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Thats an ugly kid.

  • Burpie

    In the first picture, Jen looks good and Violet comes out as funny-looking. And then in the rest of them, Jen looks blah while Violet looks cute LOL.

  • MEEmee

    She is too cute, love her dimples..Jenn is clearly a wonderful mom, always hands on

  • Kelly D

    Yeah that girl has some big ol ears!

  • animatrix

    Violet has very BIG EARS!! Poor thing!! She has Dumbo ears!!

  • Poor Violet!!!!!

    OMG!!!! that has to be the biggest ears i have ever seen in a little girl!! Poor little violet….. she inherit Mom’s fugly big ears!!

  • Natalie

    Violet will probaby grow into her ears as she gets older.

    The funniest looking kids grow up to be the best looking adults!

  • Rii

    Cute pictures. Jen and Violet are adorable together.

  • lula29

    Please stop posting pics of this woman! For one, there is no need for her to have her privacy invaded at the gym and two, no one cares that much to keep up with what’s going on in her life.

    Please make it stop!

  • Jill

    Please the girls ears are fine. Mother and daughter are adorable.

  • Mmmmm

    I think they are sweet together, and love Violets outfit!

  • l’invidia…chebruttabestia!

    Hey lula…if you don’t care about Jen and Violet…so why are u watching their pics and wasting your precious time posting a message in every tread of them?

    OMG…you are so pathetic!

    Anyway…thanks for these PICS…I love seeing how NORMAL their life is!
    Violet is so cute!

  • Jane Doe

    Her ears do stand out, but she is a child a will probably grow into them. It seems like last week when she had this baby now she’s like what 3? Time flies…

  • Jane Doe

    Shows how much I actually read, lol. She’s only 18 months! She’s tall!

  • mimi

    Please Lula29 don’t waste your time reading Jen Garner posts! Much less typing on them.If you don’t like them– skip them!

    I like them–keep em coming Jared!

  • chief red bull

    The cutest celeb Mommy and daughter out there.

  • abby

    They are adorable together. It makes me smile everytime I see Jennifer with her daughter. They are both always smiling :) Good for them

  • Indie

    Children are beautiful, period. ^__^

    I didnt know her middle name was Anne? Eww @ that though.

  • carinegt

    I am shocked with the evil commentaries regarding the ears of the girl, where this the respect is only one child, it she is pretty! He has a dedicated mother and he seems to be a happy family! A big kiss for this pretty family!

  • carinegt

    I am shocked with the evil commentaries regarding the ears of the girl, where this the respect is only one child, it she is pretty! He has a dedicated mother and he seems to be a happy family! A super kiss for this pretty family!

  • Lucie

    Am I the only one who thinks Violet is not as cute as the other celeb babies out there?? Not saying she’s ugly but everyone seems to think she’s adorable looking but I dunno. Oh well I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • Liz

    Hey guys
    Jen is a media addicted mad women.She just goes out with her little kid almost every day because she knows that their will be the paps.Have u never wonderd before why she always goes to the same places?This is just her strategy to get attention!!
    I know u might not trust me,but you can ,because I know her and this situation better than all of u guys.I used to work for her as a nanny!I just wanted you to know that she isn´t the super mom she pretends to be!It was horribel to work for her.Out for the media she is this normal cool woman but the truth is she is a careworn woman who knows that her husband doesn´t love her and her only way to get attention is to go out with her little daughter.It´s really sad.The Affleck family is really not a happy family.And if my husband would come home late every day und wouldn´t care about me I would leave him.This is why Garner is very is tense all day long and to forgett her amd situation she works wout 6 houres per day!The whole day long nannys are looking for little V(this is how we call her)And than after she worked out she tells her nanny that she wants to get out with V.After an houre she comes back and than she doesn´t care about V anymore.Than most of the time she goes in her bedroom.I don´t know,but my guess is Jen has some probs with alcohol.But I don´t really know.But often u cann smell alcohol on her.That´s the truth.But it´s sad the most of u will not beliefe me.But please tell me a reason why I should come her and tell u shit!i just wanted u to know.
    have a nice day!
    And maybe u see Miss Super Mom now in a diffrent way!Hopefully

  • grace

    Is this really true,liz?I mean yeah you´re right everybody can tell here,that you worked for her but I wouldn´t do it either I wouldn´t spread lies or anything because I don´t know her I just comment on the pics or interviews she´s giving!And it´s just my opinion that I can´t stand her!I´m not saying that she´s a bad mother but I don´t believe that she hasn´t got any help,she´s like any other celeb mum else!And BTW I don´t see others as often with their babies as her!Not even Suri!”Normal” celeb mothers like Courteney Cox,Sarah Jessica Parker,Jada Pinkett Smith… don´t show their children soo often!But I don´t know I don´t know why you shouldn´t come to this site!?I bet JG goes to cleleb sites aswell,like everybody else!

  • l’invidia…chebruttabestia!

    Thanks Liz…your words had really changed the way I look at Jen….now not only I think that she is a very good and caring mother but that she is also a very envied woman from people like you and your other friends that like to bash her in every possible way!

    May I ask you where are you from? I’m not from the US so it is accetable that I make mistakes…but since you are claiming that you worked for her I find pretty strange that you wrote UND instead of AND or FORGETT instead of FORGET, BELIEFE instead of BELIEVE and other imperfections!

    She works out for 6 hours? Are u kidding me? Have u an idea what mean to work out for 6 hours? Maybe not! Neither athletes work out for so long! And I don’t think that she has the body of a person that worked out so long! At least not now!

    And why you’r not working for her anymore? Let me guess…she bited you with a bottle of vodka and then she fired you without even pay you! Am I right? OMG…you can write a book and sell it to a publisher! You can make big money! I will by it for sure!

  • Liz

    #25 I´m sooo glad that here in this forum is such a clever-dick as u who can tell me all the mistakes I have done in my post.
    BTW you maybe know that nannys are often from foreign country !
    But I know the truth and I don´t have to care about some stupid asses like u are!!

  • Bella

    Why don’t you work for her anymore Liz?

  • l’invidia…chebruttabestia!

    You are not only of a foreign country…but you are also a very rude and impolite person who likes to say shit about people!
    Maybe that’s why you are not working for Jen anymore!

    Thanks for the great support that you gave to this thread! You are so helpful!

  • Goddess

    Whether liz is a former nanny or not, stop and think about the daily peep show this women is presenting. I read more cooing over Ben the daddy who at the same time doesn’t look happy in most family pictures. I think Jen sacrificed a lot for her crush and now she is paying the price. Neither one seems to have a big career right now either. Let’s watch this one and maybe liz is telling the the truth.

  • l’invidia…chebruttabestia!

    A peep show? What are u talking about? So now it’s a crime to go out with your kid, play with her or things like that! She isn’t going out naked…she didn’t show the world her most private parts, she doesn’t go out drunk and she doesn’t drive without the license! Those are peep show!
    If u don’t stand her…no problem, if u don’t find her attractive or a good actress…no problem! But why saying bad things about her personal life or to that poor kid? That’s something that I don’t understand!

  • Taylor

    Liz, you expect us to believe you worked for Garner and Affleck? I can’t stand either one, but give me a freaking break. She might very well be doing all this for the camera, but I highly doubt you worked for them.

  • indi

    I don’t believe what Liz wrote at all, you’re such a liar!

    I totally agree with l’invidia…chebruttabestia! idea.

  • Enlightened

    Agreed, this Liz is a liar.

  • virgi

    Child needs a bonnet or something

  • mira

    why the hell do you say “funny looking”? She’s UGLYYYYY. We aint here to be nice.