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Akon - "Sorry, Blame it on Me" Lyrics

Akon -

Akon has released his apology song called “Sorry, Blame it on Me” in response to the suggestive video of him dancing with an underage fan during one of his concerts in Trinidad.

He publicly apologizes to his tourmate, Gwen Stefani, who lost Verizon as a sponsor because of this incident. No release date has been set for the the song but you can download the Akon‘s “Sorry, Blame it on Me” MP3. Check out the lyrics below!

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Posted to: Akon, Gwen Stefani

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  • African girl

    What a stupid thing to do?

  • T

    What a rad thing to do, owning up for mistakes and willing to put things you don’t think are your fault on your shoulders anyway in a genuine way. Right on Akon.

  • magnus

    Cause he had any other choice?

    The guys a pedo.

    She should have turned around and fired him publicly.

  • alwaysright

    Akon is a huge idiot. This song and the lyrics are so hypocrite! First he appologises and all and then in the end of the song he revokes all the things he said; “Even though the blame’s on you
    I’ll take that blame from you”. So what if the girl was underaged. That kind of behavior is not acceptable even if it was an adult woman! I just don´t get people who adore him. c´mon, little kids watch what he does on gigs from tv and they think it is acceptable. Thanks akon from ruin children. Just think about if some man would do the same thing to your sister, daughter, mother, cousin etc. before when you think what´s cool and funny.

    Akon should GROW UP and try to learn some manners!
    Akon, please, leave Gwen alone. Nobody needs or wants you to entertain.

  • Harrison

    He should have waited and added a verse apologizing for throwing that kid off the stage

  • tambay

    It sounds like a backhanded apology…he apologized because he was forced to not because he was truly sorry…he really didn’t take the blame for his actions…that’s just sad.

  • It’s not all black and white

    he’s a thug.

  • luvmebabe


  • natalie

    He’s full of sh-t. It’s clear he doesn’t feel bad about any of it:

    I’m just a singer trying to entertain
    Because I love my fans I’ll take that blame
    Even though the blame’s on you (3x)
    I’ll take that blame from you


  • Get a Bowl cut

    “For rising back out disgracing my name
    I’m just a singer trying to entertain
    Because I love my fans I’ll take that blame
    Even though the blame’s on you (3x)”

    Uhhhh…. and that’s an apology HOW???

  • hey

    I love Gwen.Not to familiar with him.But she should tell him to take a hike.Thanks but no thanks!Tell him Gwen.I mean is he being serious or what?

  • Michael

    Are you fucking kidding me?! This guy simulated the RAPE of a teenage girl. She went up there to dance for a “prize” trip to Africa. He then said, in fact, he was the prize. He grabbed her, threw her on the floor, held her there against her will (as she struggled to get free he banged her head repeatedly on the damn floor), spread her legs, and then began to thrust her. Jared, I usually love your site, but calling a simulated RAPE “dancing suggestively” is beyond the pale. I doubt you’d be happy if someone referred to gay bashing as just friendly “rough housing.”

    Poor girl. She thought it was just a dance. SHE got blamed for what HE did, too (She was wearing “provocative” clothes and too “good looking” so naturally this excuses an adult male for getting “carried away.”). This is just bullshit. Blaming a kid for something as sick as this is too fucking much.

  • Michael

    Oh, and one more thing: rape is not just being impolite to all those asshats out there that find it hilarious. It’s not a war crime for nothing.

  • hayley

    That’s not an apology! Not when you say sorry which is immediatly followed by blaming the young girls dad, then the club and then your fans.

    “Why doesn’t anybody wanna take blame
    For rising back out disgracing my name
    I’m just a singer trying to entertain
    Because I love my fans I’ll take that blame
    Even though the blame’s on you”

    Why not be a man Akon and actually step up and offer a real apology – to your fans, to the underage girl, to Gwen and to the fan you tossed around like he was human garbage!!!!!!! Then again, you’re not a man, you’re just a little boy……

  • Sheryl

    Not only is Akon a talentless hack, he’s a criminal! His behavior should not be tolerated period, not by either kid’s parents (both kids are minors!!!) and certainly not by the police!
    This song is in no way, shape or form an apology – I’d go so far as to call it an ANTI-apology

  • fightback

    Folks – please do not reward his inexcusable behavior. Don’t buy his CD’ ‘s and don’t go to his concerts. Abusive pedophiles do not deserve a forum of any type much less our hard-earned $.

  • Dev

    I was very disappointed in Gwen for not kicking him off the tour after the first incident. She is showing she doesn’t care much about the fans either. Akon is pure trash and Gwen, she’s just a coward!

  • Namewithheld

    I worked at the concert where the fan throwing occured…and this is a FAMILY concert. In the 13 shows that KFEST has put on, nothing like this has ever happened. Usually the artists are great, some even come and hang out with us during the show. Akon though he was the “man” and could do whatever he wanted. Picking up that kid (who is prob 100 lbs soaking wet) was the worst thing I have ever witnessed.

  • Daniel

    Akon thinks fame gets him a free ticket to do whatever he wants.
    I hope he gets sued and tossed in jail for assault of a minor and engdangering a child.

  • Akon=rapist

    Like the poster above said, are you kidding me?????
    This idiot did not simply dry hump a young girl in Trinidad like the media is reporting, he acted out a rape. Watch the video on youtube, he had TWO guys hold her down. The girl is 14!! 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • idontsupportpedophiles

    This was not an apology. Don’t support this brainless thug, Hit him where it wil hurt him most, in the wallet. Don’t download his songs and don’t buy his music!

  • Dad2girls

    You’re right nothing speaks louder than your money or lack thereof!
    Don’t let this guy get away with this! Write and email Gwen Stefani and her management and demand that Akon be removed from the tour.

  • Sdf

    Great song!

  • brass

    If Gwen Stefani were smart, especially now that she is a mom herself…she should fire Akon from her tour…her acceptance of his behavior and further promotion of him on her tour only supports his behavior and condones it.

    His song is nothing but an attempt at trying to stay in the spotlight. He needs to quit.

    His behaviors are wrong, sick and should not be tolerated!!!

  • lilflowa

    even tho the act was wrong and totally unacceptable wat the hell is that underage girl doin in that club?!! If She had manners and behaved herslelf she woulda been home like a good lil girl!! now look wa happened! tut…..i mean if she wasnt underage the story wouldnt have got blown up as much as it did…and he’s right why aint the club takin some of the blame??

  • sayitnow

    I’m not defending him but it was a 21+ up club. What the hell was a 14 year old girl dressing sexy at a club like that for? And more importantly, what kind of parents let their kid go to a club like that? If she snuck in and she’s like that, then its a little bit her fault.

    Now. At teh same time. He’s let his fame go to his head, I’ve heard it from several people that know him personally. It was wrong on his part to do an act like that, and im sure you’ve all seen the tapes via Youtube.

  • http://Akon:Sorry,Blameitonmelyrics Beautitude

    this song is very embarrassing to this girl especially in the last verse. that song rock. it’s the best song i’ve ever heard for the year so far.

  • Rick

    This is one of his best songs and at least he saying you can put the blame on him but we should not we should take the blame for are once actions no one should put it on him he saying sorry and we should thank him for that if we could all be like that it would we a better world but we cant

    Thank you Akon

  • sweetiepie

    that’s crazy! no one else was blamed, and “I’m just a singer trying to entertain” is that his excuse for throwing the kid off the stage?! it’s not freakin entertaining!

  • itsme

    i don’t believe that he was tryin to apologize he was more so just taking the blame for it. The only reason it’s even so public is because he’s an artist. But I read what everyone has written so far and some of you do make good points but i would like to just point out the fact that it is the clubs responsiblity to control who is allowed in their clubs. I have worked the doors at many parties and clubs and if we say you have to be a certain age than that is what you have to be. Granted there are fake ids out their you can tell them apart from the real ones it just take time. SO there are more than one person who should be taking blame on this. He was wrong for however it was that he was dancing with her but if she had been of the approiate age she was suppose to be i doubt that it would have went down like that.

  • mel

    whats with Gwen she tours with a pedo? what he did was fucked up and everything she worked for he just took one them away. what is the world of entertainment coming to. she must need akon to sell tix or something why elese would she keep touring with him. shes is getting kind of wack touring with pedo’s is a big no no. he must be friends with r.kelly. he ahas 3 and 4 wives anyways anywho #4 why does he have to go back to africa.

  • mel

    OMG did anyone watch that video he is HORRIBLE. Gwen why us she touring with this guy. he has the audacity ni one video to say im a muslim that why im not at the bar and i dont smoke but he grinds his co%k on some girl.whats with gwen she is getting wack why is she touring with this bump he is a disgrace to muslims, and africans no wonder ppl have issues with both of them. she must need tix sales or something im glad verizon dumped her and he doesnt have any sponsors anyway. thats just wrong

  • oooo


  • itsme

    i agree with you oooo clearly all people see is someone dancing with a underage girl forgetting the fact that she shouldn’t have been in there in the first place … what he was suppose to check the girl id hisself when he invite them up on stage; i think not … and ya’ll talkin bout not buyin his music and stuff really get over yourself cause he still makin paper day in day out

  • theshortestprincess

    OK lets cut the bull and be real people….

    1. the song was not his apology. it was more of a satire. him basically sayin even it was not my fault im goin to take the blame. hes being sarcastic.

    2. most importantly…WHAT WAS A 14 YEAR-OLD GIRL DOIN IN A 21 AND UP CLUB!!! thats why the club got shut down. have you people ever been somewhere where there was an age limit??? because if you have you would know that they suppose to check your id thoroughly to make sure no one underage is admitted. and im sure even though she was dress older she still had the face of a baby. thus why the club was shut down. and where the hell were her parents? and whoever decided to publicize that she was 14 where were they when she was let in the club?

    i have seen in many concerts fans brought on the stage and things worst than that done to them. usher did it in concerts, pretty ricky, and a list of other artist. its apart of the performance!!! the only reason everyone is gettin so work up about it is because she was 14. her lil butt had no business in that club so whatever happen is on her if she felt uncomfortable she could have walked off stage so its whatever…akon keep doin what you do cause im lovin the music…people that think he was in the wrong grow up…and lil girl you need an ass whoopin.

  • theoneandonly

    yo is this even a discussion

    there is no reason for this little debate to be even going on. Are you people even thinking about what you’re saying. He’s an entertainer. He was doing what he do. The only reason ya’ll feel the need to even put him down about it is because the girl was underage. But yet he had no way of knowing that since the club was a 21 and older club. The ones that really need to be speaking up and explaining theirselves is the club owners who allowed this underage girl to be let in the club and her parents for not knowing where there daughter was. I totally agree with #36 it’s a part of the show if the girl had been the age she was suppose to have been the story wouldn’t had even hit the press. And yes that girl need an old fashion butt whoopin that Big Mama would give ya.

  • 122506

    heyyy u haterszzz listen upppp this song is reallyyy good didnt anyone teach all of you “if you you have nothin to say dont say it!?”
    i dunoo i loveee thiss songg its reallyy cute!
    love itt! mwahsz!

  • Yeps

    I think that he means it. And that he will take all the blame for it.. But he is sorry. He just wants to make it clear, he didn’t know that she was underaged, and if it was in a 21 year older club why the fuck was she in there? He had no right thrusting the girl, but it seems like he feels sorry. And in teh even though teh blames on you. or whatever, hes probably saying .. ” I know that the girl got blamed, but I’m taking the blame from her ”

    Gets it?/

  • Spiceprincess

    Akon that was the best song that I have ever heard from you. Sorry, Blame it on me. I’ve hope you learn from your mistakes. It only takes a big man to admit. Keep on the right track and you will be ok. Love it.

  • no matter how old the women was

    there is no excuse, no matter how old a woman is, when THIS he did happened – every woman would care huge trauma beying almost raped like this

    even if it would be a club for people over 100 and the girl was there, there is no excuse for such a dehumanization of a female!!!

    would the act be better? less embarassing? less violent or even entertaining, when he would “stage”rape an adult woman????? no way!

    its horrible, and that she happens to be a kid just draw more attention to his action or any attention at all – as violence, rape against women is still often ignored and used as “art” in entertainment, where the artist or performer, who can behave like that (and call it art or entertainment) has just huge aggressivity and hate problem against females

  • don’t fuckin worry about it

    Man fuck what everybody says about Akon – he fuckin said he was sorry even though it wasn’t his fuckin fault. Why the fuck would Club Zen allow some 15 year old slut into a club where 21 and over are premmited? Hes right sayin nobodys being responsible and that he’ll take the blame. So……..fuck y’all that talk shit about him.

  • steve

    hows he a pedophile wen he thought the girl was 21?

  • steve

    and please name one other rapper/singer whos apologized for stupid shit theyve done, the entertain line dusnt mean anything he’s still apologizing

  • B

    this song is siiiiiick.
    screw all u hating parents who are like omg akon is such a bad person. and the one person who called him a stupid negro, go fuck yourself. this isn’t the sixties anymore dont bring racism into this. its a good song and he is taking the blame for his action like a real man would. right on akon. you mah boi kiiiid. for the rest of u blow meeeeeee

  • melibabe

    i’m not trying to defend akon either but a 14 year old really should not of been there… even if she was for her to put herself out there was wrong.

    as for akon, that video just disgusted me… even doing that to a girl that wasn’t 14 is just way too much… it looked insanely painful as well.

  • miaal

    Its her own fault.. looks to me like shes enjoying it.

  • blah blogster

    Bottom line:
    Akon is not completely accountable for what happened and should not be “disgraced” to such extent.

    Also, if some little ass in the crowd from upstate NY who is trying to be all wise and tough decides to throw something at me on stage-especially after all the hard work I put into becoming a well-known artist- then that little shit will face the proper repercussions. Throw that f***er off the stage. Ha ha that was hilarious. He threw something at Akon and then Akon throws him. Proper justice was served. The kid is ok anyway so **** him.


  • JBaskett

    First I think that Akon is a great Hip-Hop artist and that is great he takes the blame, just for the fans. But I think that is right for the club to get shut down because it’s their fault that they let a 14 year old girl in a 21 or over CLUB. Also I hope that the father takes responsibilty of the 14 year old for goin’ into a club when your supposed to be 21 or over.

  • haters fucking grow up

    To all those idiots that call that a rape, were you blind not seeing that little whore smiling and all excited? don’t you know you can’t rape the willing? have ever been to any hiphop concerts? what Akon did is so freaking common it is not even funny. In the Hot 97 Summer Jam this year, diddy and lil wanye invited some gals on stage and did exactly those things in the freaking Giant stadium. are you fucking haters even go out and live in this world?

  • JBaskett

    Oh yeah all ya’ll haterz hatin’ on Akon about this shit about the 14 year old girl, you should really hate yourselfs.