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Angelina Jolie: Pimp My Picture, Not My Life!

Angelina Jolie: Pimp My Picture, Not My Life!

Angelina Jolie tried to keep things focused during Wednesday night’s NY premiere of A Mighty Heart. Media outlets were required to sign contracts before talking to Jolie (as drawn up by her Hollywood lawyer Robert Offer).

Here were the contract terms for interviewing:

  • No questions regarding her personal relationships
  • In the event Interviewer does ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships, Ms. Jolie will have the right to immediately terminate the interview and leave
  • The interview may only be used to promote the Picture. In no event may Interviewer or Media Outlet be entitled to run all or any portion of the interview in connection with any other story
  • The interview will not be used in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning, or derogatory to Ms. Jolie
  • The tape of the interview will not be released to Interviewer if any of the aforementioned things happened

One reporter from a major outlet said, “I wouldn’t sign it. Who does she think she is?”

FOX News reports that USA Today, the Associated Press and other media outlets canceled their interviews with Jolie. When she heard the reaction, Jolie scrapped all print interviews.

Hey Angelina, would have interviewed you!!

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  • feelfree

    first? at least top five, right?

  • Angelove

    2nd :)

  • angelah

    another thread…

  • Jubilee

    Can’t wait to see the movie. Tonight we’ll see her on The Daily Show and Larry King.

  • African Girl

    Hey Angelina, would have interviewed you!!

    Rotflmao….yeah coz you aren’t a crybaby people.

    Still don’t get what the big deal is, she asking that the focus be on the movie not her personl life.

  • truth

    That’s right, Angie. The press needs to get their priority straight, especially on a serious movie like this. She has done enough personal interviews on MC and Esquire, they should give her movie attention too.

  • African Girl

    Okay…I meant because “you’re not a crybaby like the FOX people.”

  • omg

    Who does she think she is?

    Oh pls like you don’t know. Shes ANGELINA JOLIE, better step in line b!tch.

  • truth

    I always like to hear her side of the story too because the press run with all sorts of wrong information and interpretation.

  • J

    We’ll see what she says about this on Larry King…bad form…

  • liv

    I am a little bit confused…we have just been hearing about all of the interviews where she talks about her family and brad and her in talking in the nude..what changed all that?

  • truth

    I’ll say if she wants us to focus on her movie, let’s focus on her movie.

  • truth

    In January 2002, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl traveled to Karachi with his pregnant wife, Mariane, in pursuit of the truth. He was investigating a possible tie between “shoe bomber” Richard Reid and Sheikh Gilani, a Pakistani cleric who dabbled with radical Islamic groups in the past. “Meet him in public” everyone warned Daniel, fearing for his life.

    But it didn’t matter. He was brutally murdered after being abducted by jihadists who, in a bitter twist of fate, had nothing to do with the lead he was pursuing. They just saw an opportunity to seize a respected American journalist and torture him until the U.S. government caved in to their outlandish demands. Which, of course, never happened.

    A Mighty Heart is Mariane Pearl’s account of the five weeks leading up to her husband’s death. It’s based on the memoir she wrote of the experience in hopes that her son, Adam, could get a feel for the great man his father was and how much people cared about him.

    The irony is that the title is easily the most sentimental thing about the movie. Director Michael Winterbottom (Road To Guantanamo) uses his polished, documentary style of filmmaking to put us right there in the situation and keep tensions high. He creates a sense of urgency with the gritty camerawork and setting, which aptly complement the powerful, talk-heavy script by John Orloff.

    For this reason, A Mighty Heart works surprisingly well as a nail-biting political thriller. Although it’s based on real events that were plastered all over the news five years ago, it seems fresh, and you just may find yourself hoping for a different ending than the one you know is coming.

    Most of the film is set within the home of Daniel’s friend/colleague Asra Nomani (Archie Panjabi), which becomes the headquarters for the investigation. There is a real sense of community on display, bringing together friends, government captains (Irrfan Khan), security specialists (Will Patton) and employers (Denis O’Hare) with a common goal to save a life.

    Angelina is fantastic as Mariane Pearl, transforming not just her physical appearance but her entire persona. Gone are the sexy, attention-grabbing antics, and in their place are subtlety, strength and an empowering sense of optimism. She is barely recognizable as this woman who kept it together and never lost hope amid a grueling quest. And you’d never guess it from Alexander, but she pulls off an extremely difficult French/Cuban accent.

    Daniel (Dan Futterman) appears in A Mighty Heart mostly in flashbacks with Mariane, which are done tactfully and without piling on the sap. They’re mainly shown in regular, everyday moments, just looking at each other with love and going about their daily business.

    While no recreation could ever truly capture what they had or the tragic direction their lives would lead, A Mighty Heart makes a surprisingly effective attempt. After all, not many movies can break your heart, keep your adrenaline racing and remind you of life’s value all at once.

  • Nadira

    One reporter from a major outlet said, “I wouldn’t sign it. Who does she think she is?”

    lmao. Well obviously theres the point. The media realy does only gives a shit about her private life. She was there to promote the fu*&^%* movie, not her children and what she will be doing on her vacation. *rolls*

  • angelah

    see they clearly have other intentions thus the ‘i wouldnt sign it’ remark…bitches

  • chez

    Just seems to me that she talks about getting naked in the bath and that Shiloh is a blob and blah blah blah, why the sudden change of heart? Freedom of the press, my arse!!!

  • kb

    She is acting like the queen of America. It’s going to backfire. Wait and see the backlash in media.

  • Dirty Denise

    Eff those idiots at I mean Fox. Those b*stards just want to pry in she and Brad’s personal life.

    Angie did the right thing, she wants the focus to me on the movie.

  • African Girl

    omg | 06/14/2007 at 11:53 am
    Who does she think she is?

    Oh pls like you don’t know. Shes ANGELINA JOLIE, better step in line b!tch.
    Lmao….she is THE Angelina Jolie (never forget the “THE”) Yep, The one and only Angelina Jolie!!!

  • Mmmmm

    Finally .. Brad told her to put a sock in it. That is what happens when you share your life with the world and then expect them not to want to know your personal life. Hopefully she has learned her lesson.

  • Gabriella

    Ciao.Ciao Angelina.Good for her!!!Angelina wants this movie to be about the content matter and not stupid personal questions.Marianne and Angelina and Brad are great friends.Reporters,some are known to stray to away from the content matter of the movie but gossip!Go Angelina you RULE!!!!Amore!



  • truth

    Nothing changed. She gave the personal interviews already and they always overshadowed the movie, so she’s saying let’s focus on the movie now.

  • sheryll/sh3ll

    hahahaha….way to go angie!
    the media outlets thay backed out only shows they are interesred on angie’s personal life not the quailty movies she starred.

  • Frenchy

    Did the press forget why they were there? Um the real press did not bu the fake press were there on false pretenses. It’s about A Mighty Heart.

  • sheryll/sh3ll

    i mean …that backed out…lol

  • dsh

    I am not going to see AMH.

  • angelah

    11 liv | 06/14/2007 at 11:55 am

    there’s a time and place for her personal tidbits but this event (AMH premiere) should just be more about the movie.

  • sue

    all she had to do was say no comment. She’s getting a Mighty Big Head. No pun intended.

  • holsan

    She is so full of herself!

  • Janice

    This lady can never win. It’s crazy the lengths that people will go to, to try and bring her down. Fox sucks Ass.

  • truth

    When she said she was going on vacation, there was someone who thought that was being promoted over her movie, so now she’s saying let’s focus on the movie. I don’t see the big deal.

  • me

    If she doens’t want to talk about her “personal relationships” or children, when the fluck have I been hearing about them nonstop for the paste several months.

    Isn’t it time for them both to retire to some third world country so I don’t have to be subjected to them anymore??

    Brangelina lunatics, come out on and let the worshipping commence once again. Freaks.

  • African Girl

    16 kb | 06/14/2007 at 11:56 am
    She is acting like the queen of America. It’s going to backfire. Wait and see the backlash in media.

    Wait…what…are you saying she’s not? Oh my Goodness! imagine that… I thought, with craziness over this, she was indeed the queen of America or even the world for that matter.

  • truth

    They use her to sell magazines everyweek, so she makes money for everyone. Everybody should be happy.

  • Keto


    she is under the worst kind of backlash for two years… so let me ask, what’s new here??

    good for you angie.

  • Katherine

    Its not going to backfire at all!!

    She is doing the right thing by keeping the focus on the movie, and this is a serious movie not about taking baths and burping babies, that info can be giving at the laid back premiere of O13, and to MC and Esquire, but not on the red carpet with the real Marianne Pearl present.

    Fox News (the most UNRELIABLE source of news outhere) needs to get a life….she probably wouldnt talk to them anyhow knowing the fake news they report day after day.

    Cant wait to see her on Larry and The Daily show.

    And to KB, she’s NOT Queen of America sweetie, she’s the QUEEN OF THE WORLD! Take that b*thces

  • angelah

    AJ did the right thing! I think this move was just a minor up yours, I cant wait for the ultimatum from them though..heheh.

    The U.S. media clearly dont kow when theyre askign things out of bounds. The focus should be about the movie and nothing about silly queries just to be twisted by them i.e. that brief piece about Hilton from Showbiz tonight- they freakin implemented Jolie’s Esquire quote to PH and other hw wanna be stars. You see, and that is why a lot of individuals believe what they read from th rag mags or hear from these’poor news shows’ since they clearly dont have ne ideas how these crappy reporters/writers fabricate accounts and decontextualize the real deals(quotes).

    The Jolie-Pitt duo should do this more often and hopefully more A-list stars will follow their method so these media can start going back to the drawing board, ask theirselves of what things are essential when interviewing/writing a report.

  • a

    how is this negative? it sounds perfectly reasonable. I would do the same thing.
    Focus on the movie, not her family.


  • what?

    21 EXACTLY | 06/14/2007 at 11:57 am


    Angelina Jolie. Who the heck do the press think they are? they are there to ask intellecutal quetions about this film. How dare the press want to ask personal questions on an important film like this? It’s about a fellow slain journalists. A real journalists like so many who put their lives on the line.

  • TO Perfect Match


    it is time for some stupid reporters to stop asking the same stupid question over and over
    like how many kids are you going to adopt, how many kids are you going to have, are you not planning to get marry ever etc etc etc SHEZZZZZZ!!!!

    Angie was there to promote the movie and not her life!!!

    and besides Angie has said already all she had to about her life with Brad and the Kids so SHUT IT HATERS AND GO AWAY!!!

  • Love Brangelina

    Watch AJ Tonight:

    9pm EST- Larry King Live (CNN)

    11pm EST- The Daily Show (Comedy Central)

    Let’s hear Angie’s side of the story b/f we rush to judgment. BAMPZS Foreva Haters!

  • truth

    When are we going to challenge our media? They put out news without checking them. I wonder when we will.

  • piper, with a low

    Angelina put the hammer down before Fox could get their cobble on!

    Oh, BTW… did these outlets opt to talk to Dan Futterman, the actor who played Daniel? How about Mariane, the widow and the author of the work that was adapted?

    Yeah, Fox… your game was peeped!

  • Dirty Denise

    I meant, “she wants the focus to be on the movie”.
    Not an unreasonable request.

    The b*tch reporter must have been up to no good, for her to not understand where Angie is coming from. The focus has to be on the movie. This is why people do not take the media serious. There are some real nasty b*tches in the media.

  • truth

    Yes, I’m looking forward to her interviews tonight.

  • Marianne Pearl

    “From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the people throughout the world who have given Danny and me support and encouragement.

    “The messages I have received from the five continents have shown me that a lot of you who don’t even know Danny personally have come to understand him as a man. Not a hero, not a spy, but an ordinary man and great journalist who has traveled the world to reveal facts and seek the truth — a value for him as sacred as freedom itself.

    “Danny’s principles were steadfast: He never accepted an opinion at face value nor submitted to those who tried to silence or pressure him, regardless of their power or nationality. All of this can be seen in the work he has produced over the last 12 years as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. A video has been produced of him forced to read a statement and then showing him dead and stabbed in the most cruel and cowardly manner.

    “From this act of barbarism, terrorists expect all of us to bow our heads and retreat as victims forever threatened by their ruthlessness. What terrorists forget is that they may seize the life of an innocent man or the lives of many innocent people as they did on September 11, but they cannot claim the spirit or faith of individual human beings.

    “The terrorists who say they killed my husband may have taken his life, but they did not take his spirit. Danny is my life. They may have taken my life, but they did not take my spirit.

    “I promise you that the terrorists did not defeat my husband no matter what they did to him, nor did they succeed in seizing his dignity or value as a human being. As his wife, I feel proud of Danny. I trust that our struggle will ultimately serve the greater purpose of resisting those evil people casting a shadow upon our world.

    “This responsibility rests with each one of us no matter our age, our gender, our nationality, our religion. No individual alone will be able to fight terrorism. No state alone will be able to wage this battle. We need to overcome cultural and religious differences, motivating our governments to work hand in hand with each other, perhaps in an unprecedented way.

    “I think we are now all aware that terror is not a problem facing one country alone, not Pakistan, not the United States. It is the worldwide responsibility of governments and we as journalists, professionals of all kinds and human beings — mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. We are all going to need courage and commitment. Let us inspire each other to goodness.

    “Revenge would be easy, but it is far more valuable in my opinion to address this problem of terrorism with enough honesty to question our own responsibility as nations and as individuals for the rise of terrorism.

    “My own courage arises from two facts. One is that throughout this ordeal I have been surrounded by people of amazing value. This helps me trust that humanism ultimately will prevail. My other hope now — in my seventh month of pregnancy — is that I will be able to tell our son that his father carried the flag to end terrorism, raising an unprecedented demand among people from all countries not for revenge but for the values we all share: love, compassion, friendship and citizenship far transcending the so-called clash of civilizations.”

  • Marianne Pearl

    When Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was murdered in Karachi, Pakistan in February 2002, his wife Marianne was pregnant with their son.

    Grief stricken, she says she knew at the time that she would soon have her son to live for. She also says she had to live to tell Danny’s story.

    Her book is called “A Mighty Heart.” It is a heart-stopping thriller and a heartbreaking love story of two journalists, Marianne, the French Buddhist, Danny, the American Jew, who traveled the world for four years with his barcalounger and mandolin in tow.

    Last night, Host Robin Young spoke with Marianne Pearl before an audience at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston. She and Danny had moved to Karachi from Bombay in the wake of 9/11.

    He scheduled one last interview on the night they were to leave. Danny was following a tip about Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber. He was to meet Reid’s elusive spiritual leader. Everyone had told him it would be safe, because it was in a public restaurant.

    Marianne didn’t attend, because of her pregnancy.

    After Danny went missing, Marianne and a friend turned their apartment into central command. Aided by a loyal Pakistani policeman, a CIA operative, and some of Danny’s colleagues from the Wall Street Journal, they began a frantic race against time to find him. They ultimately learned how tangled a web of Al Qaeda Danny was caught in.

    Then the photographs of Danny in captivity began coming in.

    Danny Pearl’s killers were caught and tried. But there are frustrations. Pakistani journalists accused Danny of being a spy for Israel. The Wall Street Journal may have endangered his life by turning over an Al Qaeda computer to the CIA, fueling rumors that Danny was an agent for the U.S.

    Marianne says she feels abandoned by the Journal in a disagreement over the legal fees in the Pakistani trial of Danny’s killers.

  • Mariane Pearl

    “Forgiveness is not a value strong enough to stand on. You have to win some sort of victory over the people who have hurt you.”

  • Katherine

    MMMM….by the way you spend sooooo much time on Brad and Angie threads, it has me thinking….Damn, she is a closeted Brangelina fan!! HAHA…Come out come out…

    Or better yet..go off and jump off a cliff somewhere and let the world be rid of one unworthy soul on this earth!

    She did the right thing, and anybody who doesnt like it, can go and F’ck themselves!