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Britney Auditions Backup Dancers

Britney Auditions Backup Dancers

Did she hire a stylist??? A+++++++++!!!

Britney Spears sports one hot black-and-white ensemble while out browsing for a new set of wheels at a roadside dealership on Thursday in Los Angeles — black hot pants, black waistcoat, white buttondown, a black fedora and a pair of peep-toes.

With her everpresent BFF cousin Alli Sims, Brit checked out the new Smart cars, which have some artificial intelligence (“AI”) functionality.

Earlier in the day, the pop princess headed back to the recording studio to work on her upcoming album during a four-hour-session. Two days ago, Brit asked fans to help her title said album.

Later in the evening, Brit headed over to Millennium Dance Studios, where she held auditions for two male back-up dancers. She was also spotted at a private school — The Little Red School House in Hollywood.

15+ pictures inside of Britney getting her Smart car on…

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britney spears auditions 02
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  • Nancy

    that’s pretty good, actually)

  • d

    wow she actually looks beautiful right there and dare i say it NORMAL…..even her smile looks genuine, and her legs look killer. lets see how long this lasts

  • Lill

    She looks great for a change…

  • Snarky Sharky

    WOW, she looks OK. A miracle?

  • Violette

    OMG! She very nearly looks good!!

  • kate.

    i must admit
    she looks pretty good. :]

  • mina

    I must admit, the clothes are ok but that face and her personality spoil it.

  • Silvana

    Personality A+
    Face A+
    Colthe A+

  • BBperfume

    I’m not a fan of Britney, but I feel sorry for her. I know how it’s like to be losing all u had slowly and u can only remember how great it used to be.
    I agree, she’s looking fabulous, and may I say that this outfit looks so like what POSH would wear.
    I really hope that she keeps it up, image is evrything! Posh better move on to a new wardrobe..

  • BBperfume

    Her cousin Ally looks like Britney just bought her a new wardrobe, and she’s dressed up more than usual since the Hawai get-away, and her gorgeous shades smell like $$$, no wonder she’s wearing them everywhere lately, while Britney changes hers twice a day!

  • Michael C

    Shit, why is her cousin in Missoni?

  • nataly

    she’s so pretty i love her

  • bob

    she’s very hot and believe me she’s very sweet girl

  • Jennie

    She looks great, I hope it stays that way.

  • Diana

    Looks good for a change, way to go girl!

  • Emme

    Women make an extra special effort to dress nice when buying a car.. Its all part of getting the discount.. *wink wink*

    So once again, she’s using her body for financial gain.. so whats new? hehehe….

    She does look most improved, but no doubt she’ll emerge in your usual style soon.. With or without panties – who knows.. :)

    Now watch the haters attack me.. ARRRGGHHH!!!!!!

  • blah

    i hope she chokes on her wig.

    i’m really surprised one of her breasts or her snatch didn’t accidentally fall out of her clothing.

    still white trash and will always be white trash.

  • bdj

    Trainwreck Part 25. Same old same old

  • J

    Damn britney, for the first time i can say this: HOT F*CKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sari

    are you kidding me? do you all have EYES? she looks like a god damn prostitute. there is NO class to this outfit.

    grade F on this one.

  • gypsy marie

    well, she looks to be feeling decent. good for her!

  • kelly


  • thoughtshewasdoomed

    im not a britney fan [well not anymore] but..WOW.

  • feet on the ground

    She looks like the old french actor Charlotte. Good fancy dress.

  • did she really hire a stylist???
    maybe rachel zoe?
    please someone have something to tell about it!?!!?
    thanks for now

  • b

    she looks hot. nice legs

  • Mmmmm

    Those buttons are her shirt are screaming HELP!

  • joe

    you shouldnt POST the actually name of the school that her kids might go too..its one thing to follow her around but its another thing to put her kids safety at hand.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    way to fat.

    she should drop about 25lbs.

  • MIKE



  • Lihara

    she looks pretty FINALLY!!!

  • Didi

    she still looks like a f*cking turd floating in the toilet that is peppered with undigested corn. kill her

  • flurbey

    Alli isn’t her cousin. Brit’s never said she was her cousin, it’s just something bloggers made up.

  • Didi

    29 joe | 06/15/2007 at 9:58 am
    you shouldnt POST the actually name of the school that her kids might go too..its one thing to follow her around but its another thing to put her kids safety at hand.


    I suppose they’re safe with the crotchless wonder for a mother then.

  • It’s not all black and white

    Sorry, her 15-minutes are OVER!!!!!

  • La La

    I think this outfit would be cute IF:

    1) she had a bra on
    2) she correctly utilized the buttons on this shirt (Brit Brit taking a cue from Lincoln Burrows, I see)
    3) she got rid of those “hot mess” shades
    4) Enough with the hats already! We know your wig’s not right, but still.

    That said, I don’t think she looks fat at all! I think her legs look great! Not many short girls can pull off those teeny shorts and still look as good as she does in them. Hooray for pants! And we must remember – she’s put her body through some shit this past year. Her body looks great for the hell it’s been through this year.

  • candigirl

    Gee when is Britney going to make herself go to dance and singing lessons? She sucks live. Instead of shopping and eating and going to starbucks, she should be learning to sing. She is a fug.

    She looks like a fat hamster.

  • ChaCha

    She is so fake!

    It’s even more obvious because Alli is so normal and natural.

    Shit Shit is also fat and looks like complete trash. She is the queen of hick fashion and sloppy dressing. She should go away and stay there.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Lincoln Burrows – LMFAOOOOO!!

  • Mee

    She looks so hot !!

  • Petushka

    i love her

  • Cynthia

    Oops the paps forgot to airbrush fugney’s pics. Looks like her shirt button is holding on for dear life, ughhh!

  • malibumom

    I’ve always wondered if she dresses like this now, who was dressing her a long time ago? My kid was a Britney fan and all I ever saw was nice little clothes and cute little dresses-but then we had the xplosion of someone look at me right now wardrobe and it was the most distasteful thing I ever saw-anyway in the words of Britney “we just country yall”

  • Mondo Bongo

    Is she still known as the Pop Princess?

  • bellaharo

    that outfit might look good on somebody else, but not on her! ick.

  • fuckyou

    She looks fucking horrible and all of you idiots are deluting yourselves! Get a god damn pair of eyes and see her as the skany trash that she is.

  • http://8 danil

    all those haters maybe got hired by paris or kevin..or something nasty as they are..its funny why people hate her so much while britney hasnt done anything wrong…and evne its wrong its also none of u haters’s ass business…shes on her way she can do whatever she can and u guys can barely sit your stinky ass at home and spit on your computer to release your jeaslosy.

    britney rocked,rocks,will rock.

  • http://8 danil

    what the hell has britey done to u haters above?are u guys always so nasty since the day u were born?

    shes so pretty and gorgeous here in this outfit, i dont know whether u guys need some therapy to gain some fashion sense…

    she rocks,she has got the body and voice..and she has got the right team to work for her forthcoming album…shes just screwing her life up to be crazy and forget all the shit left on her,she will be fine

    she can do whatever she likes to entertain herself while u guys sit your stinky ass at home spitting on the computer screen to release your jealousy.u see ,whos pathertic.

    she rocks.shes so real and different from those fake ass like Aavril …god,i lover britney.