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Ellen Degeneres Wins 'Outstanding Talk Show'

Ellen Degeneres Wins 'Outstanding Talk Show'

Funnywoman Ellen DeGeneres is congratulated with a kiss from girlfriend Portia de Rossi (in Zac Posen) after The Ellen DeGeneres Show picked up the trophy for “Outstanding Talk Show” at the 2007 Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Friday. This is Ellen‘s third consecutive win. She also picked up Outstanding Talk Show Host.

In her acceptance speech, Ellen jokingly called Bob Barker a “quitter” (he’s retiring as host of The Price is Right after 35 years and 50 years in all on television).

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# 1
Kathaleeny @ 06/15/2007 at 11:40 pm

YAY Ellen – we love you

# 2

I’m glad she won. I love her show.

# 3
[Famous Fug Face] @ 06/15/2007 at 11:49 pm

I knew she would win, her show rocks. Those view chicks probably Hate her. Lol

# 4

Ellen might be funny and all, but Portia should really aim higher

# 5

hey did anyone notice that they are both sporting the same gold bands on their ring finger? Hmmmmmmmm……..i wonder?

# 6

Angelina Jolie is a LYER. First she says she is going to take a year off to be with Pax…now she is working the red carpet, shooting a movie, flying to pakistan, etc.

# 7

I love Ellen so much.

# 8

another note re A. Jolie -

explain to me, why would a woman promoting a movie on freedom of the press have her lawyer draw up that horrible letter????

# 9

I love Ellen and I am glad she won!! Don’t like the Colonel Sanders outfit though… KFC anyone?

Michael C @ 06/16/2007 at 3:19 am

She doesn’t deserve it.

And why is Portia in outdated Zac Posen?

#6 – I’m not particularly a huge fan of AJ (& it’s completely off-topic for this comment section) but blatently wrong statements annoy me far too much to ignore.

I believe AJ said she’d take the year off AFTER she’d already finished filming Mighty Heart thus no flying to & from Pakistan cos she’d already filmed it by the time she’d said that, she can’t get out of promos simply cos she wants to take a year off, it’s written into star’s contracts that they have to do promo so she has to do it whilst the film is new out. And with the new movie being shot I believe she said it’s this one film & THEN the year off…oh and it’s spelt LIAR.

i’m not a gay but i think that they are ideal lesbian couple luv y’all

ellen say something about angelina jolie????
i don´t understand why the fans here always speak about jolie, jelous maybe??

I adore Ellen! She’s funny and adorable, it’s so great she and Portia have found each other. They look really happy together.

Predictable but deserving.

poyui, it’s funny that you call angelina jolie’s fans jealous. but i’m sure you spotted mj’s post before talking bulshit. this post is about ellen and portia and mj came here complaining about jolie. why didnt you tell them to shut up instead of attacking the fan? stop pissing smelly double standard urine.

arden, yeah, i’ve noticed the golden band too. it looks like ellen and portia got secretely married. these bands dont look like promise rings. they’re definitely mariage rings. congratulation ellen and portia. we love you!!!

Ellen is funny. NO wonder Portia digs her. Didn’t I hear that many women look for men with a good sense of humour? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as some would say.

is ellen degeneres lesbian?

maniston´s fans leave angie in peace, speak about the ugly friend of courteney and david arquette. why no have films to make? poor maniston

I’m glad Ellen and Portia are together – it seems like a real, stable relationship between two people who do love one another… opposed to Anne Heche who used Ellen for career advancement.

[Famous Fug Face] @ 06/16/2007 at 9:06 am

Gem, you’re a fool for falling into that idiots trap.

MJ you are a riot–thanks for the laugh! You know opinions carry a lot more weight if the person writing them is literate. If you would learn how to spell, punctuate, and use grammar–and of course write–you’d be far more effective. But, of course, since you are probably between 11 and 14, you still have a lot more schooling to go before you know what you are talking about! Also, a course in critical and analytical thinking would also help your muddied mind!

luv lesbianz,
they’r hottt

how the hell did angelina jolie get into this topic…ive had enough in the other topics about her but now leave her alone…im a big fan and if you were a fan you would know what everything is about and not just the fake tabs….if you were a fan of a celebrity …you people would know more things than what i would know if i didnt care about that celeb….so stop bringing the angelia jolie topic to another topic that has nothinng to do with this topic..this topic is completly different

I love Ellen and her show but the pics of her holding hands and kissing her girlfriend………..yuck!

by theway lesbians are sick because how is the world going to be increasing in population when two ladies are going to be having sexual intercourse.friends ok but relationship with another women is kind of weird to me since im a muslim .in my religion we dont beleieve in this stuff..we beleive that if you were born a women you have to love a men but i still think ellen is good since this has nothing to do with her anyway

layla…thanx thats my point..thats disgusting to kiss a women if you are one…at least do it privatly and not show it off like its a good thing

why cant lesbians be attracted to males and not women…i mean men are hot and sexy and sweet…they have everything womens dont have..they are diffrent and loving a women is like loving your own body..what ever the lady has you have the same so just look at your boobs if you are attracted to them lol

well… done with the lesbian thingy

cutie, that was mildly entertaining “what ever the lady has you have the same so just look at your boobs if you are attracted to them” lol

What does Ellen have on????!!! A deserving win though.

Colbert ROCKS! @ 06/16/2007 at 3:47 pm

Hot Kiss!

one not fooled @ 06/16/2007 at 3:50 pm

Okay, so where in the Lesbo handbook does it state that in partnerships one has to be totally butch while the other is Fem?! I thought the point of being with a woman is that you’re attracted to the feminine as opposed to masculine. Why mimic a hetro relationship?

A girl cant kiss another girl on the lips. Thats sick!

Very good examples for the rest of us to follow. And we wonder why young people now have no sense of direction or propriety. These are the people we have to look up to – two women french-kissing on the red carpet.

Isn’t it funny how we accept and put up with all this crap, alienate our beliefs until all hell breaks loose? Then we wonder why God (or whatever higher being we believe in) has forsaken us…this is just disgusting. Take this **** home and do it there. I don’t have to see it.

I love Ellen – she’s the funniest person on earth.

cutie…get a clue (and an education).

Ellen should have kept the white pants that cam with that suit and worn that. And ditch the shoes.

yeah, in your religion they believe in cutting off your hand if you steal, or stoning you to death if you are unfaithful. No wonder why you have these antiquated sex role beliefs. You still believe in Tinkerbell? Personally I think all religions are poison and stupidity, and you help to prove the point.

Portia gave Ellen a wedding band (from Tiffany & Co) about two years ago, for Ellen’s birthday, as a sign of her commitment to Ellen. Ellen later purchased a (matching) ring for Portia for her birthday (which, I believe is about 2 weeks after Ellen’s). I think Ellen also pruchased a Tiffany & Co diamond engagement ring, which Portia often wears to functions (it’s a stunner).
Whatever the two of them wear, they look hella hot together. Although, I do think that the bolero jacket is ALWAYS a fashion faux-pas!
How could Portia “aim higher” than Ellen? Ellen is smart, funny, business-savvy, approachable, amicable, sexy (for a 49yr old, she does very, very well in a pair of jeans and All-Stars!) and – if it counts for anything – wealthy.
All the happiness in the world to them. Everybody deserves love.


They are such a beautiful couple. I hope that they can tie the knot one day, too bad they can’t have a child together. Maybe Macholi Colkin will donate for ellen. I caught this video for a song about gay pride, a teaser from this band called The Influence.

Ignorant people!!! @ 06/18/2007 at 11:58 am

Why are people so ignorant?? Stupid stupid people in this damn world!!

Maybe people should keep there immature comments to themselves!

Love is love and has no gender. If a man wants to love another man and a woman love another woman then AMEN!!! No one has the right to juge anyone!! I really don’t care who you are or what you have to say. It’s all blah blah blah…

I feel the people that are so grossed out or think “that’s sick”, really like it and just don’t want people thinking there a little gay too.

Just keep your immature comments to yourself cause nobody really cares and the wourld would be such a better place to live without people judging one another!!!!!!

Ignorant people!!! @ 06/18/2007 at 11:59 am

Rock on Ellen and Portia!!!

I love you…………….

It dont matter to me who who loves who. I dont understand lisbeans or **** men who love men. I cant understand it. I feel like its up to them. My friend next door is aa lisbean and I I haave learned so much, I realize I dont haave to understand it. She is a good friend of mine. Thought I’d never say that.

i agree with ya cutie! but ellen rocks though!

been there done that @ 11/02/2007 at 3:37 pm

I’ve been there. Doesn’t make it right. I understand the temptation, but stealing can be a temptation also. Should we start justifying all sin just so we all can live in an ingnorant world. I came to Jesus to get past my temptations and to help control them. I knew they were wrong. Lesbianism Gays, God Bless them I hope they make their lives right w/God. But it isn’t our business. We all live a sinful life. I worry about myself and my relationship with God. Why don’t you all do the same.

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