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Brad & Maddox: No Special Treatment From Mars

Brad & Maddox: No Special Treatment From Mars

Brad Pitt and 5-year-old son Maddox apparently walked into sci-fi-themed eatery Mars 2112 like regulars and waited in line like the rest of the patrons.

Papa Pitt patiently waited in line for the spaceship ride for Maddox. Admission price? $2!

In a couple years from now, Brad will have to start making reservations.

“Table for 16, please!”

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maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 01
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 02
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 03
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 04
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 05
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 06
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 07
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 08
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 09
maddox jolie pitt mars 2112 10

Photos: Splash News Online/Brian Prahl/James Ambler
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  • briseis

    Oh Lordy, Jared, another thread? You are spoiling us, but I am so confused now. I have been greeting someone two threads ago, and she responded on the previous thread, and now I have to respond on this thread. My head is spinning, but it’s a good spin!

    The real tita, andito na ako! Ang dami kasing thread ni Jared — hahanapin ko pa nga ang response mo sa akin sa older threads. Life is good for us JP fans, ano?

    Char, asaan ka na?

    Hello kina Angelah, jjoy, port orange, at iba pang mga Pinoy lurkers!

  • Daisy

    It’s nice to see that they try to live as normal as possible when they can.

  • BAMPZS Forever

    Good for them, I doubt BP would want special attention

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    after seeing the video it makes you respect the guy even more.

  • bdj

    That splash video was wild. BP just kept his calm and piggyback Maddox on into the eatery. I wish them all the best. Maddox,Pax, Zahara and Shiloh are cute children and I sure that BP and AJ take great joy in them. Best wishes to BAMPZS. Thanks Just Jared. Happy Father’s Day.

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for another thread. You Rule sir!

    They seems to have a wonderful time, look at Mad’s face, he’s so happy to hang with his father.

  • Charity


  • Kelly

    Awwww cuteness overload!!

  • truth

    They are trying to live a normal life. Happy Father’s Day Papa Pitt.

  • twokids2

    I just love angelina jolie and brad pitt!

  • tabloids

    Happy Father’s day, daddy Brad. Maddox is having so much fun.

  • welcome

    Maddox and Dad, cute overload!

  • where is the bodyguard?

  • Andrómeda

    Love to see Brad with Maddox. You think the family will stay in NY all the weekend?
    Happy father´s day Brad.
    JJ Thanks…

  • Go Mad!!!

    Look at the expression on Mad’s face when they are away from the crazy photogs. Priceless!! He looks like one happy, happy kid.

  • happy

    I am happy for you Brad. Maddox is so fun.

  • happy

    Brad’s said, i just want to wake up to my kids, father’s day or not. Cute.

  • Sarah

    I’m sorry, but do you have some kind of obsession with Brangelina? ;D There not even that good.

  • twokids2

    admission fees $4.00
    lunch $20.00
    Mad’s beautiful happy face Priceless

  • pokeman

    you haters should choke on all the nasty things you said about Angie.

  • happy
  • natalie

    Maddox is ADORABLE and a little bada$$. Love it!

  • happy

    Angelina Jolie took pity on a member of the paparazzi on Thursday, giving a lift to a photographer whose bike suffered a flat tire.

    “She was one of the nicest people I have ever met. And it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life,” said 27-year-old Splash News snapper James Ambler of his 30-minute car ride with the actress.

    The London native had been following Jolie on his bicycle — which allows him to easily move in and out of traffic — when he accidentally ran over a nail.

    “When I realized I’d got a puncture I thought I was going to lose her and not get any pictures.”

    “The next thing I know, Angelina’s car is pulling over,” he said. “Angelina winds her window down and says ‘Lance, why don’t you jump in the car?’”

    The 32-year-old A Mighty Heart star told him that she and her family were so impressed that he was able to keep up with the car, they had nicknamed him Lance after cyclist Lance Armstrong.

    “She said, ‘We love having you riding alongside us. You’re always happy, always smiling. The kids enjoy watching you whizzing along on your bike.’”

    Even after he’d climbed into the actress’ car, the photographer remained dumbstruck.

    “I got in and said, ‘This is so strange’,” James recalled. “She just laughed and said, ‘Well, it’s a strange world we live in.’”

    The snapper said Jolie was “really chatty” and asked him questions about himself and his job and where he was from.

    She even told him she and boyfriend Brad Pitt, 43, don’t understand why they were such hot property and asked which one of them made the best picture.

    “She said, ‘Brad and I always wonder which one of us is the priority,’” James revealed.

    “She said, ‘We just don’t understand why people always want to take our picture. We never go out drinking or anything like that.’”

    “I just laughed and said ‘Well, you are quite popular, Angelina. I don’t know how you do it, smiling for the cameras all the time.”

    “She just said it was part of the job.”

    He concluded: “I think she took a bit of a shine to me. Brad better watch out!”

  • ada

    trying to live normally…..but look at all those photographers stumbling over themselves to get a snap of them…what a surreal life, though they do seem to take it in stride….

  • truth

    ‘Lance, why don’t you jump in the car?’ Nice one Angie.

  • twokids2 hi im twokids2 3&4

    11 twokids2 hi im twokids2 3&4

  • Amaya

    Estelle, I read your post from the last thread, I doubt they’d care lol And a certain someone might have security call my house too.

    I checked huffingtonpost and they posted the TDS interview. Most of the comments are positive.

  • BAMPZS Forever

    happy | 06/15/2007 at 6:23 pm

    “She said, ‘Brad and I always wonder which one of us is the priority,’” James revealed.

    It’s cute to picture AJ and BP teasing each other saying ‘they’re (paps) following you’ ‘no they’re following you’

  • coalharbourqt

    I’m a little late in the day getting here, but really love these pics/vids of Brad and Maddox having some father/son time together. I think it’s great that Brad and Angie make a point of getting some one on one time with each of their children, and I have no doubt that the kids really appreciate it. They are so aware that kids can often feel lost in the crowd in a big family and they do everything they can to give each child what they need. These kids are so lucky to have such wonderful parents!

    As for ‘that’s all’s supposition that Angie regrets getting involved with Brad? Ahahahahaha! That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! It is so obvious that they both feel this is the best decision they have EVER made – to be together and raise their children. As Angie said recently, they took a leap of faith and were fortunate that they turned out to be everything that the other thought were and more. What more do you want?

    Joy – saw your shout out a couple of threads back, and no, you are NOT just talking to yourself! I can only speak for myself in saying that I love reading all of the fans’ posts here, whether they are young or old, a new poster or an old poster – I don’t discriminate based on someone’s age, their nationality, language, or whether they’ve been here a long time or not. ALL of the fans of the Jolie-Pitt’s have something worthwhile to say and it saddens me when people are made to feel that their opinion is less important (which is exactly how I think Angie would see it too!). And you shouldn’t be discouraged from expressing your opinion just because it doesn’t follow the ’status quo’ of the other fans either. It’s never stopped Angie and it shouldn’t stop you I just wish I had more time to comment to more of you on how much I enjoy all the awesome posts here.

    Pax and hugs…

  • please

    Happy Father’s day, Brad.

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    Brad and Angie are teaching these children
    well….although he did not have to Brad waits
    in line. The “Hiltons” could take some lessons
    in parenting from Brad and Angie.

  • Besane

    My, I think that’s No. 1 Subway station on 51st street and Broadway :) Brad&Mad took a SUBWAY??? That means all those papps took subsways too? I guess he doesn’t need a body guard–papps = body guards, since if anyone tries to do anything they will be incriminated with picture evidences LOL!

  • test


  • Mondo Bongo

    To see all the madness Brad and his family
    has to go through, just to enjoy a little fun
    time with their children is sad…

  • coalharbourqt

    Jared “Table for 16 please!”. :lol: Now won’t that be a great sight! :-)

  • coalharbourqt

    In the fourth pic it looks like Maddox is waving at the paps – he’s such a little rock star!

    I counted 12 paparazzi in that one pic on the stairs – pretty crazy…

  • Luna loves pictures

    Looks like this family is having a good time.
    Kind of cool seeing celebs in normal places for normal consumers.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  • twokids2

    27 twokids2 hi im twokids2 3&4
    Hi how are you? Hope you are also having fun as I do.
    I am sure an impostor will be out soon trying to manuever me. We’ll see.
    I’ll still be lurking for just a short while, can you cover me when I’m gone. Thanks.

    I love angelina jolie.

  • A fan tired of the daddy Brad tour

    oh god, not Brad on the ‘I’m the best daddy in the world’ tour AGAIN. DAMN! Get us some pix of Shiloh and Angelina. Now those are rare and I’m betting pretty pricey , eh ?

  • http://htt// LOSER

    A fan tired of the daddy Brad tour = twokids2

  • twokids2 hi im twokids2 3&4

    twokids2 hi im twokids2 3&4 yes when can we go see our sister at da zoo gurl?And impostor you so funny were just on the other thread spewin venom..we got em fool gurl.wink wink is this youe new tactic we all knou u aint all there.who r u over there twokids2 or twokids2???

  • video from splash

    Brad Pitt and Maddox go for a playday at Mars 2112 arcade in NYC

    Caption: Begins with Brad Pitt exiting his SUV with son Maddox who is given a piggyback ride from his dad. A huge amount of photographers take pics of Brad and Maddox in a chaotic scene in the middle of Times Square as they make their way down a staircase to go inside the Mars 2112 arcade and restaurant. Brad is thanked for his good spirits and the two are then filmed inside the restaurant waiting patiently for their turn to enter. Brad is show squatting on the ground with Maddox as he laughs and Brad even greeting some of the people waiting in line and gestures for them to go inside first. Brad puts his shoulder on one of the patrons and one guest inside starts to pose for the cameras knowing that all the press are shooting Brad Pitt.

  • twokids2 hi im twokids2 3&4

    twokids2 hi im twokids2 3&4 dont go an change your name again or do dat petendin u like somebody gurl do u.jps know it anyway.

  • Lillianne

    For all the posters who are constantly complaining that the celebs carry their children too much – this is the reason why. Would you want your little one crushed in that mess? And it’s probably the reason why so many celebs have a scowl on their face when we see their photos.

  • Anonymous

    Here are great song choices for future Brangelina YouTube videos:

    Avril Lavigne-When you’re gone
    Ambrosia-How much I feel

    Can you add to this list?

  • WATCH THE VIDEO from splash


  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    It’s nice to see Mad having some fun. And what better way than having some son and daddy time.

  • kena

    they are so cute and adorable maddox is going to be one cool kid oh wait he all ready is

  • coalharbourqt

    Lillianne – you are so right! I’d be carrying/piggybacking my kids around the crazy paps too… besides, those little legs don’t move very fast so it’s easier to just scoop them out and motor inside as fast as they can… haters complaining about them carrying their kids have no common sense.

    Anonymous – my wish already came true – a video of them to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” :-) We have some amazing video-makers in our midst!

    How about Nickelback’s “If Everyone Cared”? It’s right in line with their humanitarian work :-)