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Zac Efron - "Elle" Magazine's Zac Attack

Zac Efron -

High School Musical star Zac Efron is featured in this month’s Elle Magazine as in month’s man you must “know see hear watch read.” The interview took place over the phone — Zac called collect from a pay phone in Hawaii, where he was spotted canoodling with his High School sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Any Tiger Beat reader can tell you that he’s a Libra and has a little brother, Dylan, Australian shepherds named Dreamer and Puppy, and a Siamese cat named Simon. That he’s scared of sharks, zombies, and the creepy girl in The Ring, and is ticklish. That he likes chunky peanut butter and autographed baseballs. That a Tyra Banks poster once hung on his ceiling. That his nickname is ‘Hollywood.’

‘At first it was mostly kids who recognized me,’ Efron says. ‘The past eight months it’s completely turned around. It’s been moms and dads. And Mrs. Robinsons. Wink, wink.’”

Bigger scan below, including some Zanessa pictures! Strangely enough, Zac is holding a fork and knife and sporting a William Rast t-shirt from Justin Timberlake‘s clothing line.

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Photos: James White
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  • a

    first?! cool. :) and yay for zac!

  • suzy

    him and vanessa are sweet together.

  • Natalie

    Do women actually find this guy attractive? His eyebrows are more tweezed than mine

  • Didi

    has he even reached puberty yet?

  • [Famous Fug Face]


  • raider814

    Yeah, he’s reached puberty, he’s 19. He is adorable, handsome, hot, and sexy. Watch him this summer in “Hairspray” and stay tuned. He’s going to be BIG.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    If you looked at this pansy in a threatening manor he would piss himself. Sissy boy.

  • Melis

    there they go again the brother and sister, couple -gross. good, get it out of your system Zac you are about to blow up and you don’t need tag-along-no-talent by your side.

  • meme

    whats peoples problem, why do you people care so much..because you dont like nessa dosent mean he dosent like her…you nevere know maby he is inlove with her…mabye thats the reason hes with her….

  • jen

    wow u r all like old and stuff
    they r the hottest teencouple
    so since u dont fit that age range your
    hes cute shes gorgeous
    her album went gold with pdiddy’s u know who he is
    shes the spokesperson for neutrogena
    they r both just getting started
    they have a following of millions
    as for the monkey comment soooooo tells how freakishly old u r
    wish them the best hes 19 shes 18 and they work very hard
    peace-out peep!!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    jen, sorry.. but you were trying ‘way’ to hard.

    and going gold is a failure, unless they spent peanuts to make her albums.

  • hil

    all u guys who are negative about Zac and vanessa are just jealous losers who don’t know what talent really is.

  • It’s not all black and white

    Kids today!
    Can’t live with them, can’t shoot them.

  • mary



  • suzy

    going gold with out much promo outside disney is good.she is talented but she just needs to do something out of disney and she has time on her side being that she is only 18.

  • Michael C

    I like Zac but he hasn’t got much going for him.

  • jen

    hey fug face chill
    a little 411 doesnt hurt anyone
    going gold is pretty darn good
    not bad for a first album i used p-diddy beacuase when she got hers his name was also there along with clapton they went gold too that month fyi

  • Lily

    Sorry, but his eyebrows are way too perfect…

  • Jessica

    I’m guessing they were eating dinner because it looks like he has a napkin on his lap!

  • Justin Timberlake
  • bri

    aww, they’re cute together.

    what’s with all the haters?! its not like you can control the celebrities on who they date.

  • tash

    and wow, so a tag along talent has been appraised by Forbes list as one of the hottest/richest youngstars last feb, even zac wasnt part of that list.

  • Daisy

    wow… i’m surprised at the negativity people are throwing at them. give them a break! they’re both very talented and have achieved a TON already for being so young still. that’s really impressive. they are good together as a couple and obviously care a lot for each other having dated for awhile now. we should respect that and leave them alone and not throw so much negativity on them. love them!

  • Nessa

    Don’t stop with that!

  • Alayna

    I loce Zac, i met him not to long ago, but i don’t like the fact that he’s dating vanessa. I like her and all but they do not make a good couple. but,

  • peteski

    why does his face look like it’s made out of wax?

  • http://JustJareddotcom Vanessa H.#1 fan!!!:)

    Vanessa if u r reading this please get back 2-gether w/ zac u guys r sooooo cute 2-gether!!!!
    Preety,preety please!!!! Just 4 ur # 1 fan!!!!!
    I’ll Always b ur # 1 fan, no matter what kind choices u make. but make the right one and u kinow what that is,{be w/ zac} always,Vanessa Hudgens #1 fan!!!!lov-ya peace!!!xoxo!!!

  • Lovea

    well ahbvioulsly they must be doin somethin rite cuz u guyz r takin time out of ur life 2 talk about them

  • Izzy

    yay!! Zanessa together rox my sox off!! And all you hater’s can just kiss my @$$ hehe jk

  • http://none there a awesome couple

    are zac and vannesa still dating
    and is zac starring in HSM 3 or not. (:

  • http://- Zanessa 4ever

    Zanessa, cute couple, Nessa and Zac worked so hard to get a life like being a star, celeb, can’t you peeps juz stop saying bad words to them, they’re like soooo talented, skillful, if 1 day I can meet them it’ll be my super duper lucky day…Won’t you peeps think that?

  • Brittany

    Zac and vanessa are such a cute couple and I think that ashley should buzz off. Vanessa stop being nice to ashley just to get with zac. Is zac even in love with ashley ( please don’t be) OMG You guys are a cute couple ( zac and vanessa bot ashley)

  • gigi

    dear lord
    you girls, haters just want yet ANOTHER lame reason to hate vanessa, when you know that she AINT GOIN NO WHERE, she’s kickn ass in the buisness more than ever. if you ever get to met her youll know then that she is just one of the few celebrities that actually has a natural face that’s stunning with or withOUT makeup,it’s pretty insane.
    be with her NOT against her,;;
    she did nothing wrong to you girls,

    &if your not a fan of vanessa & since your obviously a fan of zac then you should so RESPECT to the girl that’s his.
    if your a true fan of zac efron’s like you say “you are” then DONT EVER diss the one girl that he’s already in love with, you know you can tell when somebody is in love ok.

    im getting sick of you people being so rude to somebody you dont even know personally, when you KNOW already that zac&van..that you can’t break them,apart alright so just flow with the zanessa DAYUMM

  • tye

    wowwww, you guys are mad dumb. your talking about his eyebrows.
    zac is gorgeous. like it or not. and he’s with vanessa and they love each other. LIKE IT OR NOT. stop bein a hater and trying to bash him on the internet. look at were he is making money and living the life. and what are you doing??? on this website makin fun of him.


  • zac

    zac omg hes is so hot

  • lauren Reid =D

    How Come Your So Hot! .. How Can Anyone Look Like That.. I LOVE LIFE !

  • lauren Reid =D

    Justin Timberlake Wus Attacked ? =O Im His Biggest Bigggggggestt Fann ! Hes Soo Hot I Love Him Love Him Love Him Love Him .. Sorry To Zac Is He Actually Looks At This Anyway .. Your Still Hot Tho! =D
    Anyway Byeee x

  • lauren Reid =D

    Wut Assholes Think There Cool Coz They Leave Abuse On Here ! FUCK NUTS!

  • Sarah

    oh can we get news on his brother? See if he looks like Zac! :P
    Sarah xxx

  • Sarah

    oh forgot to mention, WHY DO A FEW OF YOU HATE VANESSA? You have no right! She’s done nothing wrong! She’s just in love with a ok, hot guy but THATS IT! Don’t be annoyed cause you had a one in a hundered chance of metting Zac and him falling for you so just drop it!

  • Katy

    you guyz who talk crap about Zac and Vanessa are just really jealous and have no life!

  • alexa

    zac looks really hott in those pictuers i think him an vanessa make a great couple!!!

  • Lottey

    I think that they make a beautiful couple. Although I’m heartbroken myself they just look s cute together. There are rumours thery are engaged and Vanessa’s pregnant. It has been established that 2 months ago they had lost their virginity at the same time!

  • Fabiola

    FORGET ZAC! Corbin Bleu is a stud! I remember when i watched HSM 1 and i saw Zac and i literally thought he was the most gorgeous guy EVER. The idk…he lost taste to me and i started to get curious about Corbin and then i watched jump in and learned more about him and WOW.

    He is just as cute and talented[maybe more?] than Zac.

    I an NOT trying to cut Zac down i think he’s cool. haha i guess my point is….


    haha i should leave and go find somewhere else cause this is a Zannessa thing. haha sorry!


  • lolo

    i love you zac

  • Sadia

    You bitch, you can’t keep you clothes on! Go 2 Hell! Good thing he broke up with you! Bitch

  • i luv zac


    I THINK THEY R PERFECT TOGETHER… :)… all the ppl that hate them togather u seriously need to open ur eyes, grow up, and get a life !!

  • http://nhjidsf Elmis

    hii all buddys i love zac

  • http://nhjidsf Elmis

    li osdea

  • Amber

    I think that Zac and Vanessa are the most cutiest couple in the worl…And I dont trust magazine’s anymore.Because they are saying that they are broken up, togther, broken up…But one thing that is that i want them to be together becasue i think that they are the cutiest couple.And there chemistry is amazing..And what is soo cute is that in high school musical they are together…And they are in real life…Which i hope that they really are..