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'The Tudors' Kicks Off Season 2

'The Tudors' Kicks Off Season 2

Here are some sneak peek shots of co-stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill from the season 2 Ireland set of The Tudors!!

Season Two begins with Henry and Catherine still not quite divorced, and the nation in upheaval. Multiple Oscar nominee Peter O’Toole, 74, recently joined the cast as Pope Paul III.

“We’ve already written season two,” Showtime entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt says. “And it really is the marriage of Anne and Henry, which doesn’t happen until Episode Three. But then three through 10 are basically Anne of the Thousand Days, which is the three years of that marriage. She’s beheaded at the end of Episode 10, which won’t be a surprise to anybody. I think people do know that.”

And who can we expect to appear by the end of the second season? Jane Seymour! (Not Dr. Quinn…)

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ new look?

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Photos: Jonathan Hession/Showtime
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  • charlie

    hate the beard but still sexy though :-)

  • SJ

    He isn’t as cute.

  • Sarah

    Peter O’Toole? He shouldn’t start TV programmes!

  • haha

    wohooohoooooo!!! I love Henry Cavill. Heis going to be so big. Im so happy!!YAYY!!

  • Kaye

    … I think I’ld rather stare at Henry Cavill! :)

  • Diana

    I’m loving Henry Cavill,, so gorgeous!

  • Didi

    Cavill is better looking

  • Alexandria

    I love me some JRM on most days but beside Henry, I’m sorry. That man can pull off any hair style and still be a total fox.
    Is JRM still in rehab? What even happened with that, I don’t remember.

  • Sienna

    Henry Cavill is the foxy one! He’s GORGEOUS!

  • Dee

    Is Jane Seymour really joining the cast??

  • phlllygrl65

    Jane Seymour was thename of the woman who was Henry VIII’s 3rd wife.

  • Dee

    I just asked because the main actress from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is also named Jane Seymour. She was also in Wedding Crashers!

  • Samantha

    Is Henry Cavill gay?

  • Natalie

    JRM looks BEAT DOWN.

    He was beautiful in Velvet Goldmine and Bend It Like Beckham. I don’t know what happened to him after that. Too much hard partying maybe.

  • Sprinkes

    JRM has crazy eyes..he looks possessed. Henry Cavill is way HOTT! Although I do like him with his hair shaved better. IMHO.

  • LaLa

    yes henry is gorgeous , but i never found out what disease king henry’s sister died of? i know she was coughing up blood right before she died, think it was some of the left over “sweating disease” that was plaguing the area a few episodes before?

  • angelah

    Ooh lalala Monsieur Cavill. I wish I had showtime!

  • Tara

    The actress who will play Jane Seymour (not Dr Quinn) hasn’t been named yet.

    And Henry Cavill has denied being gay. I’m not sure where those rumours came from anyway. Just ’cause he’s pretty?

  • Tara

    To add: Henry does have a lot of gay friends, though.

  • Mama Bear

    Team Henry Cavill all the way!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Cool, to bad I didnt even see season 1

  • Ann

    Jane Seymour is not joining the cast. Henry’s 3rd wife was named Jane Seymour.

    Don’t care for the new look of either of them, BUT they’re still both HOTTTT!

  • WTF

    Damn he is sooo hot!! Almost as good looking as Orlando.

  • hot

    JRM has such kissable lips… not that i will ever get a taste of that :( i think he’s a good actor though, was good in match point. don’t know who that Henry guy is but looks pretty ordinary to me.

  • Jennie-sinserious

    I agree that Henry Cavill will be hopefully comming into his own. I first noticed him in Tristan and Isolde. I like Rys-Meyers but I think Cavill has a bit more charisma, he just needs to grow into it.Get a chance at some leading roles and he’ll blow up large.
    * Bites thumnail,anxiously awaiting Meadowlands*

    Thanx, Sinsy

  • Missp

    I think Jonathan is one hella sexy man…. lol

  • Skylar

    JRM looks pale..but still HOTT !!

  • Nando

    Jonathan looks like a zombie. Fuc_king scary!!!!

  • Ruth

    Very strange casting. JRM is so pale and delicate in looks. In accordance with his portraits from that time, the real Henry was an incredibly handsome man, very powerful and well built with blazing golden-red hair. Previous TV serials on his life made by the BBC used actors who actually looked like Henry – I wonder why they choose JRM?

  • Amy

    I think Henry Cavill is hot.

    Henry is supposed to be fairer haired and robust, meaning not looking like always dying JRM

  • Shoegal

    Henry Cavill is HOT! JRM looks nice :D

  • P

    JRM always has meth eyes. I’d still hit it.

  • Diana

    Rhys Meyer is such a weird looking guy … not hot!

  • Selma

    Henry was always my favorite on the show! That’s the only reason why I even watch it! YAY HENRY!

  • hot

    JRM can give me that cold signature look he has and I’d still melt. I’ll be staring at those lips the whole time. (kiss me… kiss me… oh please kiss me… lol)

  • cee

    OHMYGOSSSHH i love them both!!! wooot woot


    I absolutely am addicted to this show! I can’t wait until next season to watch Anne Bolyen get her head chopped off! It’s going to be a powerful performance. I hope they pick a great actress to play Jane Seymour.

    And I agree Henry Cavill is my fave man candy to look at. Yummy!

    Oh, and to answer someone’s question here… I believe Princess Margaret (Henry’s sister) died of “consumption” which was what they called tuberculosis back then. TB makes you cough up blood.

  • http://justjared soccergrl

    Cavill is totally gay and JRM is totally straight!

  • ana

    i love his beard! his soooo hot!

  • dc

    They need to have more Henry Cavill in season 2 (and more Henry Cavill nude ;) ) lol

  • Oli

    Jonathan looked hotter before, but this look makes him look more “royal”. Henry CAvill looks better now. And if they had casted someone that looked like the real Henry VIII I wouldnt watch the show :P

  • Sue Adler

    Like JRM without the beard.

    Henry’s sister Mary who is represented in Margaret is believed to have died of cancer.

  • SJ

    Two of the most sexiest men. Should be on People Magazine list of sexiest men.

  • twinkie76

    Henry Cavill is SO HOT YUMMY!!

  • Antonia

    Henry Cavill is nice but a very ordinary type of guy
    Jonathan Rhys Meyer is extraordinary HOT.

  • Coco

    Cripes, is there a Season for each marriage?

    Well, more historically inaccurate, bodice-ripping fun I suppose. Whoopee.
    Apparently the Margaret character is an amalgamation of the two sisters of Henry VIII. Let’s get real.

  • History buff

    Princess Margaret died of “consumption” better known today as Tuberculosis. Incidentally, Charles Brandon, Duke Of Suffolk died of the sweating sickness in or around 1485 so we might not be seeing a whole lot more of Mr. Caville

  • Robin

    Instead of speaking tosh about how sexy looking or s*** worthy the leading men are (god do you ladies think about anything other than blokes who would never look at you….ever), maybe the dim-witted tarts on this site should be praising the acting, costumes and locations in the really quite decent drama series.

    Hey before this drama was aired in the States I doubt you lot knew anything about our British History or could be bothered to find out. Add a few good looking slap heads writhing around naked and your off. The word shallow comes to mind. These guys are poofy actors. The real men are out in Iraq and Afghanistan or working as Paramedics on the streets of New York or London.

    Go Figure my lovelies…..

  • john

    phwoar am a mega huge fan of JRM think hes stunning oh and that beard just makes him even hotter

  • rachel

    Finally, a real man. Not cute, adorable, boyish, bla-bla but MAN!!! Henry Cavill has everything! – not just looks, built and height to say the least, but a tantalisingly delish smile which makes his eyes sparkle meltingly and a masculine voice that makes me tremble!

    I so agree with all the rest of the Henry Cavill team & “haha – wohooohoooooo!!! I love Henry Cavill. He is going to be so big. Im so happy!!YAYY!!”