Nicole Richie: Pregnant AND Engaged?

Nicole Richie: Pregnant AND Engaged?

Nicole Richie keeps her fans guessing about her possibly pregnancy, wearing a loose-fitting maternity style dress in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The Simple Life star raced past photographers on her way into LA’s Sunset Tower Hotel, staying tight-lipped about her private life.

Earlier this weekend, it was reported that the Simple Life star is not only pregnant but also engaged to Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden.

Richie turned up at the Center Dance Arts benefit at the Beverly Hotel wearing a diamond engagement ring, according to the New York Post.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nicole? Is she pregnant, engaged, both or neither?

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  • Susan

    If she is pregnant she needs to really take care of herself and EAT for the sake of the baby.

  • june


  • Indie

    Well Im doing my best not to dislike anyone that I do not personally know, so I wish the best for her.

    At first I thought it was total bull, but you never know. She could very well be. Im not sure what kind of mother she would be though. She doesnt seem ready for that, at all.

  • Jess

    She sure looks pregnant, but I doubt she really is– she just happens to be aware of the fact that everyone *thinks* she is and honestly, it’s getting her more publicity than ever, so she dresses in so-called maternity clothes to keep us talking.

  • jonnie

    but can u just imagine if she really is pregnant, how weird would that be, but i dont think she is, but then again hillywood is a crazy place. if she is she needs to eat more, and look healthy for that baby.

  • jonnie

    i meant hollywood

  • Agustina

    I think she’s pregnant. She better protect that kid of Paris.

  • sofia

    she might be….her chest seems larger than usual, but then again she could be wearing a push up bra…so whos know? time will tell…

  • Leslie

    I figured it was just rumors, but she’s actually got boobs–something we haven’t seen on her concave body for a while so she could be. Or she started eating again.

    I think she’s a riot on TSL but hopefully she & Joel are just a phase, and the baby just a rumor. She can do better heh.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Since this is officially a [insert acronym] fan site.. I guess I’ll have to settle for this corpse.

    I hope she is pregnant with the skunks baby – so she can gain some damn weight.

  • mandy

    first of all, that isn’t a “maternity style dress” as the photog agencies are trying to sell it as. because i wasn’t aware that kate moss was designing maternity wear. that dress that nicole is wearing is from kate’s topshop range. i wore a dress with the same cut the other day, does that mean i’m pregnant too? don’t think so. and secondly, the post is reporting her engagement ring? the ring she was sporting at the ysl party was on her middle finger, not her ring finger. i’m not denying that either of them are true or not, but it’s the media that’s playing this up to be so much more than it really is.

    if she is, good for her, if she’s not, it doesn’t matter. she’s still happier (and healthier!) than she has been in awhile. she deserves the happiness considering all of the crap she gets from the tabloids.

  • cdn

    one friend is in jail, the other is rehab…what is a girl to do so she gets some attention as well?

    — neither deny nor confirm any report…seems to be working, non?

  • Kendra

    She is definetly preggers!!!! i know very well!!!! i see her all the time!! she is atleast like 2 1/2 or 3 months.

  • Mary

    wow I she has really big feet!!

    About the pregnancy thing, I dont think she is because people who have low BMI, it is harder for them to get pregnant. I’m sure she has a super low BMI!

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    Who cares?

  • Sarah

    She older than I thought she was, so I guess it’s appropriate. If would be great if she put weight on for the sake of the baby IF she is pregnant, but I’m not really one to tell someone what to do.

  • grace

    I don´t think she´s pregnant!I thought she still struggles with her eating disorder!?How is a pregnancy working with than then?

  • Violette

    I would be seriously shocked if it turns out that she is. At the beginning I would have categorically said she wasnt, but I have a pinch of doubt now. She comes across as being way too irresponsible to have a child – or maybe thats just her image I dunno. As for her being engaged, who knows, I’d love it if she were, but just cos she wore a ring on her engagment finger doesnt mean that she is.

  • Sarah

    Ok TMZ has ‘confirmed’ she is pregnant. But is TMZ reliable?

  • Shoegal

    I think she`s not pregnant but might be engaged. I guess we will have to wait and see…

  • Aight


  • lora

    See, THIS is why so many young women have eating disorders. Everyone gets on her case for her weight.(glad no one pays that much attention to mine, i’d go crazy) and now that she seems to maybe be gaining a few lbs..everyone starts saying she is pregnant!

    She is wearing one of those loose flowing dresses that is popular now..

  • Stacey

    Nicole is known to pull fake publicity stunts (ie dating Brody Jenner, Steve-O) so I’m assuming this is fake as well. Motives could be publicity in general, plus wanting to stay out of jail as has been put forth. Also, I don’t think she seemed physically able to get pregnant. It’s extremely difficult for an anorectic like her to get pregnant. So as for right now, I’m thinking this is all fake. Never can be 100% sure though! Miracles have happened before.

  • Violette

    Sarah – I dont think that TMZ is considered reliable, it’s usually ‘People’ that people look to if they want to know the truth, but i’m not too sure.

  • Victor

    just one thing…WHO CARES!!!

  • Delphine

    je suis tro contente qu’elle soit enceinte!



  • grace

    you said it lora

  • maybe

    i think she is preggo, and if she really is
    I wish her the best :)
    Nichole and Joel make a nice couple!

  • Yari

    umhuuuu SHE IS PREGNANT

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    The dying sidekicks want some publicity. She’s tired of Paris and Lindsay getting all the press.

    Very smart Nicole, you have Tons of MORONS fooled.

  • J

    I mean…can she even ovulate at that weight??

  • Fashion Critic

    every site has the same headline.

  • Fashion Critic

    either way she is LOVING the attention

  • molly

    No she is not, i’m sure! She just wants publicity so bad so she lets the rumors run wild and that is the why she hasn’t denied anything because if she did it, everyone would realise there is nothing intresting about Nicole

  • Ali

    who cares? no there there.

  • skinnygirluver

    I luv skinny girls. She’s carrying my baby.
    Whore’s shouldn’t get pregnant. :P She still has a good 5 years of whoring to do.

  • JJ

    well i m not native speaker so excuse me but how is it with her going to jail? in US if you are pregnant is there any possibility to not go to prison? i think she is

  • Sarah

    Sarah – I dont think that TMZ is considered reliable, it’s usually ‘People’ that people look to if they want to know the truth, but i’m not too sure.

    Ok thanks, I’m not American so I wouldn’t know. :)

  • Oh pleaz!

    There are lots of pregnant women in jail. Being pregnant does not stop anyone from going to jail neither does getting pregnant while having a congecal visit. Hell isn’t that how Tupac came into this world his mom was knocked up and in jail so there! If nicole is pregnant that’s a crazy miracle because like many have said before she most likely isn’t ovulating. For those who don’t know about biology and the female body look it up, do your research and you’ll agree it’s all for publicity.

  • Diana

    No, she is not pregnant … sorted then .. lol

  • essie

    wasn’t she on conan last friday? she wore a red slimming dress, didn’t look pregnant at all

  • me

    Havin a baby to get outta goin to jail.! Not! Thay can still send her to jail an she’ll have the baby there. Does the bimbo relize this?

  • huh


  • TO>>25 Victor


  • Natalie

    I think she MIGHT be pregnant. I didn’t think it was physically possible for someone her weight to carry a child but stranger things have happened. Nicole needs to gain at least 30 lbs either way.

    I’m sorry but I hope she isn’t pregnant because she would be a horrible mother.

  • Cat

    oh yeah, she’s definitely knocked up.

  • i like nicky,leave her alone

    Love you Nicky. I see the OB1SELY Paris haters sre here. NICK is not pregnant and if she is its her bizness! Nick is not PARIS.ITS not always guilt by association. Leave the young woman alone she is just going about her life. You people pick on everybody Rihanna ,Beyy, everyone, leave her alone.
    Go to trashney’s thread. Watch her interviews one day you just might get a clue,since you cant identify with a person who is having weight issues.

  • liz

    she might be because it sure looks like she hasn’t dyed her hair in awhile because of her roots.

  • scarlett

    how is that a maternity style dress? it’s from kate moss’s line for topshop, which by the way is a fabolous dress only she cant carry it that well because she has the body of nine year old boy. still i dont think she looks that bad she always look a little bit classier and more elegnt than paris and lindsay.

  • JOLIE so HOT to 34 molly

    34 molly | 06/17/2007 at 2:16 pm
    No she is not, i’m sure! She just wants publicity so bad so she lets the rumors run wild and that is the why she hasn’t denied anything because if she did it, everyone would realise there is nothing intresting about Nicole

    Why would she want publicity from those crazy wacko paps,havent you watch em in action.When she tries to get away from them they surround her like a pack of dogs in heat shouting mean things at her. Why should she tell paps or rumor mills jack? And I find her completely Interesting, you must to why else would you even POST,HUH?..No she is NOT pregnant,Not engaged either,jmo but if so good 4 her.