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Avril Lavigne & Lil Mama - "Girlfriend" Music Video

Avril Lavigne & Lil Mama -

Avril Lavigne and Lil’ Mama dance it out in the “Girlfriend Dr. Luke Remix” (mp3). Check out the Avril & Lil’ Mama music video below!!

This song refuses to die and this remix will definitely be climbing the charts. You can pick it up on iTunes too!

I’ll be your girl. Lil’ Mama be your girlfriend…

Avril Lavigne “Girlfriend Dr. Luke Remix” Feat. Lil’ Mama
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  • Nando

    As Jessica Simpson puts it.. “OH MY GWAHHH…”

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    when I first heard the remix and seen the video I didnt know what to think – it gets a big WTF!?!

    I think I like it better than the original (I think?) to bad this lil mama person is trash!

  • WTF


  • Didi

    WTF! it’s raping my ears and eyes, stop it! ban it! most annoying song in the world.

  • alex

    wow.. avril’s such a little whore.

  • victoria

    eww… what the hell was that?

  • Annie

    Oh My god!
    i HATE it!
    the original was WAY better and that doesnt say much! although i liked Avril’s Pink and Black outfit, Rather cool!

  • Lianna

    this is GAY!
    Avril was better when she was younger.

  • lovemeorhateme

    i love avril and i love the original girlfriend, but holy shit does this version suck. the music vid is cool, but this skank ‘lil mama’s singing/rapping (crapping) is soooo fucking awful.

  • bonnie

    Wow… Avril rapping.
    Apparently there’s a new sign for the Apocalypse!

    ugh…make her stop.

  • Linsey

    I know i’ll get trashed for this, but i like it. lil’ mama is “poppin’”. Avril was better when she was younger, but still. It’s a good song and remix.

  • Lulu.B

    not proud of this, but i actually bought the original ‘girlfriend’ on itunes..

    but this remix is seriously annoying the shhh out of me. sucks.

  • Cynthia

    Avril is a good performer but, she is too old to be making a video of this caliber. She is not 17 or 16 like Lil mama. It could of been a better video.

  • Kaitlin

    yeah, i liked the original better, but at the same time i liked the different styles of music mixing. you gatta give ‘em props for being able to work together regardelss of the fact they’re styles are so different.
    feel free to throw tomatoes at me, its just my opinion.

  • Hope

    HEY! No MUTHERFUCKIN WAY!!! This remix gets a now way rating, -500 thumbs up, I have to say, Avril was the shit when i was 11 and she wasso cool, but OH MY GOD!!!! I hated the first one, and this is like the worst thign she could come out with, I used to seriously dislike her, but despite is the only word that comes to mind now. I wish the best to her…in another career… right now though….*clicks tounge* WHAT THE HELL were YOU (avril) thinkin???? HUH? id really like to get some answers because this disgusts me, its like her image and everything, way to sell out, way to sell out!!!!!!!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    She’s wretched and this must stop…..


  • Huh?

    I like it better than the original

  • Stacey

    i think it sucked. i liked the original version better. the remix completely ruined the song.

  • Rubin Ooze

    Uhm – didn’t the Rubinoos already write this song in the 1970s??

  • Tim

    wow this sucks

  • Tim

    this sucks as much as the mandarin version

  • Maria

    i like it. coincidentally i just downloaded Girlfriend the original the other night. i should download this version too.

  • kate.

    ……….. are you serious.

  • cruella

    what just happened??..O_O

  • drew

    Remixing a joke of a song doesn’t make it any better. If anyone over the age of 12 likes this you need to seriously re-evaluate how you see music as a whole.

  • hfvhyb

    Avril a joke! … before i thouht she was alrigh cos she could sell records with out being a blong bimbo but this whole “girlfriend” thing just proves me wrong

  • http://buzznet jamie

    eww!!! has avril betrayed us all and become a total poser? this video certainly makes us think so. i had my suspisions when all the preppy girls in my school started singing her songs, but now it’s confirmed. she is a total poser sell-out. i would rather stab myself in the eyes and ears with needles than watch this again, and im deathly afraid of needles. now avril is as bad an artist as this lil’ mama person is.

  • Nicole

    Ack! I liked the original “Girlfriend,” and I’m not afraid of admitting that. I thought it was catchy. But I absolutely do not like Lil’ Mama. I have nothing against her as a person, but I cannot stand her music (well, actually, I can’t even stand much rap) and I think it just totally ruins the song. Plus, the video frightens me.

  • jardley

    in some ways its better than the original, but i’m still speechless…

  • gfhfj


  • asdf

    It kinda seems more the a lil mama song FEATURING avril
    all the little brat avril does in the chorse and some at the end?
    both the orginal and the new versions are horrbile

  • kidv

    Wow. I like how she spray paints outside the lines and gets it perfect. Gay as shit

  • damnyall

    holy crap! love me or hate me girl, you are the mother fuckinest dumbest person EVER!
    i can not actually believe you said “crapping” and thought it sounded cool. this song isint the greatest….but you said crapping and thought it was cool. youuu damn motha fucka

  • wtf

    For the love of everything holy get this utter shit off planet Earth.

    I thought the first version was abysmal, this takes the piss.

  • Aillyn


  • FancyNancy074

    wtf is this madness?!

  • yy

    She’s like so cute!
    Damm ewww what happened to Avril?!
    She’s so ridiculous…

  • Avril Fan

    This version is good as the original, Avril looks as if she is having a great, fun time! and she is not afraid to try new things in her music. That other artists lack confidence in.
    People change over the years, so what if she has coloured her hair.
    Most of your opinions suck to me and hey you will get people that dont like her and her music and others that like it.
    Avril rocks *****

  • http://flymail star

    it skipped so much u couldnt watch it it suks !!

  • http://flymail star

    ewwwwwwwwww nasty

  • Cheyenne

    All of you are crazy. This song rox. I don’t know what all of you listen to coz obviously it sux. You need to listen to Avril Lavigne and Lil Mama. This song is the coolest song i have ever heard. I am always bopping to this song.

  • http://GOOGLE Cheyenne


  • DrMahmood

    I like it

  • diyah

    i need 2 hurry up and get home so i can see da video!!!

  • diyah

    i need 2 hurry ^ and get home so i can watch dat video!!!!!!!

  • hater

    ewwww, shit out of a box. wtf were they thinking? not only did avril sell out but that lil mama is annoying as hell. her voice literally stings my ears and makes me wanna expell everything in my stomach. great going avril, you just killed your own song. props to lil mama though, she knows how to be annoying ang look like crap at the same time. Congrats!

  • lil dj

    lil mama is a very pretty girl she is fine an i want to be my girl friene

  • sarah

    i totally agree with jamie.

  • Jordie

    This song is so Cool :)
    I love the Music Video!

  • rachael

    hi avril ure the best & i love the lil mamma video you & lil mamma look relly good together by rachael age-(14)