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Affleck and Damon Celebrate Father's Day in Hawaii

Affleck and Damon Celebrate Father's Day in Hawaii

BFFs Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reunite for Father’s Day on Sunday for a little vacation in Hawaii with their respective families.

Ben brought along wife Jennifer Garner with their 18-month-old daughter Violet. Matt Damon was accompanied by his wife Luciana Barroso and their 1-year-old daughter Isabella (both not pictured).

Ben looked like he was getting into the holiday spirit with his old faded Bermuda shorts, tube socks and old worn trainers.

Violet in 10 years: “How embarrassing, Dad!”

At the age of 8, Ben first met Matt, who was 10, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they both grew up (they lived two blocks away from each other). They became best friends and co-starred in several films together including Good Will Hunting, which earned them both Oscars for Best Original Screenplay.

Other pictures include Ben & Jen leaving for Hawaii on Saturday via private jet from Burbank airport in California.

20+ pictures inside of the Affleck/Damon‘s Hawaiian getaway…

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01 affleck garner damon vacation hawaii
02 violet affleck ben affleck
03 matt damon vacation hawaii
04 jennifer garner violet affleck
05 affleck garner damon vacation hawaii
06 affleck garner damon vacation hawaii
07 jennifer garner ben affleck vacation hawaii
08 jennifer garner vacation hawaii
09 jennifer garner ben affleck private jet 01
09 jennifer garner ben affleck private jet 02
09 jennifer garner ben affleck private jet 03
09 jennifer garner ben affleck private jet 04
09 jennifer garner ben affleck private jet 05
09 jennifer garner ben affleck private jet 06
affleck garner damon vacation hawaii
ben affleck hawaiin shorts
jennifer garner ben affleck vacation hawaii
matt damon hawaii 01
matt damon hawaii 02
matt damon hawaii 03
violet affleck jennifer garner hawaii 01
violet affleck jennifer garner hawaii 02
violet affleck jennifer garner hawaii 03

Photos: / Binns / Symons / Andrade / Perkins
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  • Claire


  • Shmoo

    That’s really sweet!

  • malibumom

    Violet is a cutie pie-I love affleck and damon-Ben I have your next oscar-60 pages down 60 pages to go-take a chance!

  • twokids2

    I like those 2 couples. And of course, their kids. I think Matt is one of the best actors right now in Hollywood. Good to see they keep their friendship.

  • Mmmmm

    Very cool that they still have their connection and stayed true to their friendship. Certainly seem like the most down to earth.

  • Didi

    you can tell Matt Damon approves of this Jennifer and not the other Jennifer-fur-wearing-latin-ho-Lopez. You hardly ever saw Matt and Ben hanging out like old times, before he got with Garner. I am pleased for them

  • Kelly

    So cute! JG is one of my faves and I love to see “normalcy” from this couple! I really hope they go the distance.

  • l’invidia……chebruttabestia!

    Thanks so much for this pics! Adorable families!

  • Eathan

    That’s cool that they’re still friends after all these years.

    Is Jennifer pregnant?

  • Rii

    So cute! Great families and great people. Violet is so cute. It’s so wonderful they have maintain their friendship. Lovely pictures!

  • ann

    Men seem to light up whenever they are with other men. Ben looks really happy here. Brad Pitt’s fun side also comes out whenever he is with George Clooney. Being with other men brings out their competitive spirit.

  • http://justjaredmatt&ben veronica

    What a beautiful family!!! Jennifer really inspires me to be a better mom!! GREAT LEGS Jen.. What’s Matt doing to his wife I’m assuming? please more pics of this 2 great,normal families in hollywood.

  • grace

    He looks happy because he sses his old buddy Matt again!He doesn´t care about his stupid wife!Or dou you see that ins the pics?

  • Dirty Denise

    Little Violet is a cutie pie. I am glad Ben got with Jennifer Garner, he is such a nice guy he needs someone like Jen Garner.
    That barracuda Jennifer Lopez was toxic for him.

  • l’invidia……chebruttabestia!

    Grace…here you are again! always saying smart assumptions! But maybe those are the only things that your brain can elaborate! I’m really sorry for you!

  • PingyPonga

    Is it the first time we see pictures of the Affleck family on aprivate jet?

  • Didi

    Garner looks pregnant, either that or she’s having a fat day

  • Violet

    I like Affleck family but I prefer Dempsey family.

  • Franny

    I think barracuda is an apt name for Jennifer Garner as well. She has quite the history with men and using and dumping them. Please do not be fooled by the dimples.

    While she is “baby cute,” Violet is a very homely baby. Let’s hope it’s just a baby thing. But those are mommy’s genes sans make-up and hair people.

    Meanwhile mommy looks healthy and in good, normal shape. Even daddy looks better here than he has in a while.

  • grace

    Garner looks pregnant, either that or she’s having a fat day

    I don´t think she´s pregnant!The last pics I saw from her where on hat site,too and she weard a tight,black shirt!And the day before she went to farmers market with Ben and violet and she weared a short,pink sweater and that´s just 1 week ago!She´s just wearing a lose beach dress that´s okay and she´s flying a lot and havind a lot of movies coming up or filming and don´t forget the neutrogena deal she signed up to a couple days before!And I read an interview and she said there that she wants more kids,but not for a while and Violet is really young!

  • what

    what? no posts about them whoring out their kids? No cries of media ho’s? No one mentioning how it’s “sad” that these children have to live a life with paparazzi always after their parents? oooo, look, staged photos for the public to show that they are still friends.

    I hope my point was taken.

  • mimi

    I think Ben looks adorably dorky. He is such a good looking guy but you can tell he doesn’t think about it unlike Brad-match- my -highlights -with -my -womans- Pitt.

    And leave Jen alone. SHe looks fine she is just not anorexic looking like most of HOllywierd.

  • grace

    I don´t think she looks anorexic she looks thin and she does a lot of sport I don´t think she looks fat on that pics either look at her collarbone she´s thin and way from fat or chubby or pregnant she just wears a loosey dress that´s all!Good why does everybody ask when famous people are wearing loosey things,if they are pregnant!No wonder that everybody tries to be as thin as possible!

  • Love Matt

    Nice pics!! Good to see these two friends together again. One of the pics with Matt behind Jennifer while she’s bending over looks so wrong! :D I still think Matt won that oscar for Good Will Hunting and just shared the credit with Ben. Loved that movie. Nothing against Ben but I just don’t think as highly of him as I do Matt. :)

    I don’t know what it is but from pictures, I get the impression Jennifer is never at ease unless Violet is in her arms. Protective mommy, I guess.

  • blah

    wow, they look zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

    so damn boring.

  • kudos

    i love these two together. wonderful and beautiful pics!

  • Lucy

    Not that the radio is a reliable source of information, but I heard that she IS pregnant. Congratulations. They make beautiful babies!

  • snowy

    Well Love Matt,

    Ben has written screenplays since (movie gone baby gone– out this fall– and a couple of TV pilots) and Matt hasn’t so maybe it was the other way around and Ben gave Matt credit for what he alone had done. We won’t know unless Matt finally writes another screenplay and we can compare the two screenplays with GOod Will Hunting.

    Any way we have no way of knowing exactly how much each person wrote of it so unless you or I have proof there is no reason for your disrespect.

  • liza

    12 veronica | 06/18/2007 at 12:07 pm

    What a beautiful family!!! Jennifer really inspires me to be a better mom!! GREAT LEGS Jen..

    Right, cause nothing says a great mom like a great pair of legs.

  • liza

    what | 06/18/2007 at 1:20 pm

    what? no posts about them whoring out their kids? No cries of media ho’s? No one mentioning how it’s “sad” that these children have to live a life with paparazzi always after their parents? oooo, look, staged photos for the public to show that they are still friends.

    I hope my point was taken.


    LOL Well taken! So true, too.

  • Love Matt

    Hi snowy,

    No disrespect intended. Can’t you tell? I just think the world of Matt. :D Now that you mentioned Ben’s attempts at screenplays only makes me think he has more reason to prove something than Matt does. But I agree, you are right that I have no proof to back up my opinion. Maybe you’re right to think Ben is the one who wrote Good Will Hunting. I’m totally biased because I adore Matt and almost all his movies, not so much Ben but nothing against him (just think he’s admired more for his looks).

    I’m a Matt fan. :)

  • Hanna

    24 Love Matt…… You are totally delusional.

    Ben and Matt wrote “Good Will Hunting” together. You can’t change history because you HATE Ben.

    Ben has written several magazine articles. Written for a TV series he help develop
    (Push Nevada). And has adapted a screen play “Gone Baby Gone”, which he also directed. Due out this fall.

    I like Matt just as much as Ben. So, lets be fair….. what has Matt written since “GWH”?

    Matt probably doesn’t want any of his fans making up lies about him and his friendship with Ben.

  • DenialIsARiver

    Yeah, What. Your point is taken (roll eyes), You are trying to compare BRAND-gelina with Affleck and Damon. Difference is, these photos are taken with a long lens and nobody even looks like they are posing.

    Angelina paraded her kids from a limo parked a few blocks from the art store, 2 at a time. And Holly was holding Z until Angelina saw the photo op. Even Lainey called it was it was–using the “Chosen One” to redeem herself in public opinion after all that bad press last week. Make sense now, stupid?

    Somebody this tactic won’t work for the pair of PR spinners. I hope I have a front row seat.

  • DenialIsARiver

    oops, correction: SomeDAY this tactic won’t work for the pair of posers known as BRAND-gelina.

  • What is Stupid, I think

    You know Affleck wouldn’t have gone out in that outfit if he thought he was going to be posing for pics. What is grasping at straws, methinks.

  • lula29

    I don’t think Affleck is hanging out with Damon for a photo op, but I have to say that his wife is constantly parading their daughter around and Affleck and Garner always use Violet to up their likability.

    If Jolie is “parading” her kids around as you guys say, tell me why Garner isn’t doing the same with all the pics of her and Violet in the park? And Affleck to, with all the “loving” gestures he gives his daughter at the park, after months of not seeing him really with her.

    They all play the hollywood game, all. I don’t think any of them hate their children, but I’m not stupid, even when it comes to celebs I like.

    Also, it doesn’t seem to me as if Damon knows Garner much. She seems on the periphery to it all IMO. Damon and Affleck are of course friends, and Garner is the wife Damon doesn’t know well, or hasn’t really met.

    As far as Lopez, Matt Damon has said tons of nice things about her in interview, including the fact that Affleck was in love with Lopez. He still speaks of her fondly honestly. I’m sure he thinks kindly of Garner, but I don’t think it’s that deep. I’ve always thought it was odd he didn’t go to Affleck’s wedding. I wonder why.

  • Justin

    Hanna you’re the one who is delusional.

    Matt Damon gets so much more respect than Ben Affleck ever will and everyone knows it.

    Matt Damon is a serious actor.

    Ben Affleck is a publicity whore and his career is pretty much a joke compared to Damon’s!

  • snowy

    Lula 29,

    Well, Damon sure is nice to give Garner the backrub! Her back must have been sore from the plane ride. He must know her oretty well to do that.

    How do you know how well he knows her? For someone who seems to dislike garner you do seem to think about her a lot!! Plus “know” a lot about her for someone who supposedly doesn’t care about her.

    BTW, Affleck didn’t go to Damon’s wedding either. Both had very small weddings with just one other witness, Nothing wrong with that.

  • Mediterranean

    Do please leave Jennifer Lopez out of this thread. Stop insulting her. She has enough have through because of Ben Affleck.

    Many things have been said why Ben has ended up marrying someone like Jen. And these are not flattering things at all. Then ?

  • Mediterranean

    Great legs???? I don’t understand you people.

    You say that Britney has great legs, you say Jennifer has great legs, you say Beyonce has great legs etc. All of them have thick and short legs.

  • blah

    matts lookin’ really hot, its nice to see matt and ben hanging out again. They all look so happy and normal, i love them all.

  • lula29


    The woman Damon is giving a back rub to doesn’t look like Jennifer Garner. Look at the clothes the woman is wearing that he’s giving a back rub to. Unless Garner changed her outfit, I’d say he’s rubbing someone else’s back, more likely his wife.

    Honey, I don’t know her, I’m observing photos, that’s all. You observed (erroneously) that Damon is giving Garner a backrub. I observed that Garner doesn’t seem that in the mix.

  • Mediterranean

    Look at the two different skin colours of two different women. She is not Jen.

  • Amy

    sooo cute!

  • Enlightened

    #19 – “I think barracuda is an apt name for Jennifer Garner as well. She has quite the history with men and using and dumping them. Please do not be fooled by the dimples.”

    You’re being fooled by the tabloids, loser, ’cause that’s not who Garner is…jealous much?

  • Fake

    Wow….What a quick transformation from miserable ,aloof stranger to fun-loving family man….Ben is a great actor and does not waste any time.

  • Suzy333

    ahhh. so refreshing to see normal hollywood people not being drunk, wearing too big sunglasses, and smoking with their kids.

  • Amy

    I really like Matt Damon. He’s seems like a great guy and I respect him as an actor.
    I try to ignore Affleck.
    I just don’t like Garner at all. She seems like a phony and I don’t think much of her as an actress. I think she trapped Affleck, but he’s grateful because it rehabilitated his image, which at the time couldn’t get worse.

  • mackenzie

    Love them

  • Fantomette

    I thought Ben Affleck had said that he would fly regular now… Busted!