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Beyonce & Jay-Z Soak in St. Tropez

Beyonce & Jay-Z Soak in St. Tropez

Beyonce and Jay-Z anchor their private yacht at St. Tropez on Monday after vacationing together around the South of France for almost a week.

While soaking in the sun in each other’s arms, the cozy couple docked their little boat, the Lady Lola, and took in the sights with their bodyguard (he carried Beyonce‘s bag).

15+ pictures inside of Beyonce and Jay-Z passing through a nude beach. Beyonce is totally looking the other way and/or looks down on the floor. Jay-Z and his bodyguard look like to be having a good laugh over it…

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51 Responses to “Beyonce & Jay-Z Soak in St. Tropez”

  1. 1
    photo op? Says:

    Beyonce is dressed like she thinks she’s at a photo shoot. lol Not natural in my opinion.

  2. 2
    what Says:

    OK let me be first to scream media ho’s! Look how they love the attention! Look at the staged photos! They probably called the paparazzi themselves!

    I hope I made my point.

  3. 3
    shawn Says:

    The beautiful Beyonce. Nice couple.

  4. 4
    shawn Says:

    2 what | 06/18/2007 at 1:43 pm
    OK let me be first to scream media ho’s! Look how they love the attention! Look at the staged photos! They probably called the paparazzi themselves!

    I hope I made my point.
    LOL..The only point you made is, you are green with envy, of the gorgeous Beyonce and her wonderful guy.

  5. 5
    heather Says:

    is it my imagination, or can you see nipplage in that photo?

  6. 6
    yikes Says:

    5 heather | 06/18/2007 at 1:55 pm
    is it my imagination, or can you see nipplage in that photo?



  7. 7
    Pandora Says:

    How is she dressed as if she thinks she’s at a photo shoot? Incase you hadn’t noticed, she’s in a warm climate. So she’s wearing something light and swishy. She just happens to have a lot of nice clothes.

  8. 8
    Pandora Says:

    How is she dressed as if she thinks she’s at a photo shot? Incase you hadn’t noticed, she’s in a warm climate. So she’s wearing something light and swishy. She just happens to have a lot of nice clothes.

  9. 9
    Rainman Says:

    Why would they do that, it comes natural with them, people are noisy.

  10. 10
    [Famous Fug Face] Says:

    [#1] you see it that way cause you don’t get fresh. You – no style!

    She’s hot, his swag’s on overdrive like always.

    Doing you and stunting out of control hurts a lot of feelings.

  11. 11
    photo op? Says:

    full make up at the beach? come on! and it’s so obvious they are so aware of their picture being taken. the first series of pics that surfaced looked more natural. i suppose they didn’t like them so they called their own photographers for the bikini shots and these so she could look good with her oiled body and full make up. hey, it’s just my opinion, not like i know this for a fact or any of u for that matter.

  12. 12
    haters Says:

    first, she didn’t have any make up on what so ever when she was on the boat. I think she put make up on and got glammed up because they were going on shore. the 2 sets of pics that they took on the boat she didn’t have any make up on this one because she was going to be around people and knowing they are going to be snapping shots of her I don’t blame her I would have put on a lil make up too!

    She is all that and they are very cute together I hope they make it. Beyonce is really hot and the two of them together is way hott!

  13. 13
    Carl Says:

    All you jealous haters crapping on Beyonce. You wish you did look that good and able to vacation. If she was in a tee with holes in it and a pair of old torn shorts you still would have something negative to say. Everyone wants to be Simon on American Idol. Your comments aren’t as witty and just down right hating. You have nothing good to say about this couple because they look like they both are enjoying themselves while you and I are typing on a website bored to death. At least I’m not hating because I’m jealous of them like the rest of you haters are just for the fun of it.

    Get a better job and you too can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Instead of always trying to find something stupid to say when it’s not needed.

  14. 14
    Rose Says:

    If that is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, y’all wouldn’t hate. Stupid haters! Always want to hate. It’s Beyonce business, why ya’ll care??!

    Bee looks so hot!

  15. 15
    photo op? Says:

    what hate? i don’t feel anything at all, much less hate. and no, she’s not someone i would be jealous of. i didn’t think i said anything bad about her. and yes Carl, i couldn’t find something nice to say either. i’ll try so u won’t be so angry… the sand they’re walking on looks nice and soft.

  16. 16
    Kells Says:

    Bee & Jay look fabulous! I love this power couple. Enjoy you vacation Bee you worked hard and deserve it. She looks so beautiful and Jay looks like money! Lifestyles of the rich and fly!

  17. 17
    wow Says:

    Just because someone disagrees or doesn’t like her doesn’t mean that they’re a hater! Grow up!!!

  18. 18
    Rose Says:

    ^ YES, they are HATERS. Cause its basically the same people who hates them. You grow up. Stupid.

  19. 19
    Kells Says:

    Don’t be mad! Get your ducks in a row! When you grow up, you too can live the fabulous life!

  20. 20
    Julz Says:

    hottest couple in the business!!!!

  21. 21
    Mary Says:

    Lol , look at B’s face when they’re passing the nekkid folks hahaha!

  22. 22
    Milli Says:

    Is st tropez a nude beach, cuz I see a lot of pixelation going on in the pictures. Lots of dudes lying naked under umbrella.

  23. 23
    Diana Says:

    She looks stunning, as always …

    Nude beach for the retirees!?

  24. 24
    Mmmmm Says:

    She is smoking but I am sorry he is not, he must be really funny or a total tripod.

  25. 25
    coalharbourqt Says:

    They both look great and like they’re having a nice relaxing time – is that a crime or something? And who the hell made a law that said you couldn’t wear a bit of make up on vacay??? It’s not like they’re camping or something… Sheesh I’d hate to travel with some of your scrubby asses.

    Last but not least, what on earth does this thread have to do with Brad and Angelina? Nothing right. So even though I have a positive opinion here, I still think it’s stupid to say that some wouldn’t have a negative opinion if it was Angie and Brad. Dumbest comment ever.

    PS – many beaches in Europe and the Mediterranean specifically are nudity optional. Europeans aren’t stuck up prudes like many North Americans…

  26. 26
    La Says:

    Ha that beach doesn’t seem like their kinda place. They are adorable.

  27. 27
    bdj Says:

    It must be nice to anchor your private yacht and visit St Tropez. I can’t get mad at a couple who is doing it up big. Big pimpin style. Beyonce and Jay-Z are a cute couple and they manage to give back to others and the community. So it’s all good.

  28. 28
    Burpie Says:

    Awww…Love ‘em.

  29. 29
    natalie Says:

    B’s beach outfit is HOT! She looks great!

    Jay-Z and Beyonce look very happy together. Good for them. I truly wish them all the best =)

  30. 30
    mackenzie Says:

    I think they choose the wrong beach..!!

  31. 31
    David Says:

    Wow some really catty women on this board. Beyonce is gorgeous and you aren’t. Well girls if you actually WORKED OUT got into shape and EAT RIGHT. Maybe you would be fit too just like Beyonce.

  32. 32
    mackenzie Says:

    what the hell are they doing in a nudist beach.

    It is really not like that in the “normal” beach in St tropez!!

  33. 33
    Fresh Raggedy Anne Says:

    She looks great!!! I want to be her. She’s so Damn Talented!!!!! And she has a talented boyfriend… He’s awesome, comes into our shop time to time in NY…


  34. 34
    Mondo Bongo Says:

    I think it’s the real dogs that make all the hate comments about attractive women…
    Women with real beauty inside or out, celebrate
    each other …miserable real dogs…meow..

  35. 35
    julia weinstein Says:

    B is beautiful…no question.

  36. 36
    Junk in the trunk Says:

    Yup, that’s areola showing in the pics where she’s sitting down. It amazes me how often these clebs have nip slips. I can go through 37 years of life without ONE SINGLE NIP SLIP. Yet here they are, on a weekly basi. Amazing.

  37. 37
    Rachel Says:

    They look so good together. beyonce is so goodlooking.

  38. 38
    missy Says:

    Ok all i am seeing is naked old white ppl!! Bey looks like she is trying not to look with a smirk on her face as she looks down to the sand.LOL…But either way she looks beautiful, and if you seen their other vacation pics she is not wearing any make-up and she still looks great!

  39. 39
    !!!! exclamation-mark happy!!! Says:

    lol at pic 7,the ginger haired woman, is full of pride & looks FIERCE!!! Funniest pic ever!!

    beyonce looks beautiful,tho the earings are slighty on the tacky side.

  40. 40
    kate. Says:

  41. 41
    cutie pie Says:

    photo op your joke was tired and sorry about the sand looks good. im sure they both look better than you and so what if she wears makeup at least she aint showing her nasty snatch like that ignorant britney spears. hate on that

  42. 42
    cutie pie Says:

    ok lets get this straight those ole people are naked trying to get that sun tan all over tacky tacky tacky. beyonce showed class by putting her head down and it didnt look like she made racist remarks. but if it had of been the other way so many ole stale racists comments would have came out. the girl is gorgeous and has class.

  43. 43
    Tasha Says:

    I’m confused…if you guys hate Beyonce so much why are u looking at photos of her? Why are u keeping track of how natural the first set looked and now this set is more glam’d up? If you dont like her dont look at her pics, listen to her music or support her…i mean damn get a life or go comment on pics of those u do like. Simple as that.

  44. 44
    Ella Says:

    A nude beach doesn’t seem like their style.

    They look happy though so good for them!

  45. 45
    bigwill Says:

    bee and jay are the best famous couple and please yall dont listen to that the negative they so about jay-z and rihanna being together and if rihasnna was smart she would clear the rumors up so people wont be saying so many terrible things and for rihanna agin she need to sit her young self down some were jay-z is to old for her any way she need to stop acting like a you know what and for beyonce i love you and your beautiful and talent and i love your dancing its amazing and jay-z love your rapping but please dont be domb because if you know you have an amazing woman and if you were to break up she can find another you in a minute but beyonce is not that way so god bless you both.

  46. 46
    beyonce the 2nd Says:

    u haters realize u makin her famouse so keep doin it cuz shes a bd *****!! like kelis said *** yall ******* and keep taln that ****

  47. 47
    beyonce the 2nd Says:

    yall dum ******* that haete only makn her famous shes a bad ***** and has talent so **** yall *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    kneese Says:

    beyonce don’t look like she about to have a photoshoot to me…it just look like she wearing a bathing suit cover up she looks beautiful as always…and there facial expressions look so funny when they see the naked people on the beach lol

  49. 49
    sunshine25 Says:

    ok let me be te first to say dat there are so so so many haters dat its crzy….y hat they look good together nd they are so happy together…

  50. 50
    sunshine25 Says:

    y hate on them they look good together….i guess u hate cus u not them or u cant be wit them which one is it??????????

  51. 51
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