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Cruise Clan Clad in White

Cruise Clan Clad in White

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes arrive in Nice, France via private jet on Monday with their 14-month-old daughter Suri.

After attending David Beckham‘s last soccer game in Madrid, the Cruise clan arrived in France with all matching head-to-toe white and off-white ensembles including Katie in a pair of short shorts. Even Suri‘s teddy bear matches! (Katie‘s carrying it.)

The family is in town for the wedding of Aussie heir James Packer in France’s Cote d’Azur, which will take place on Wednesday. He’s s one of the Church of Scientology’s richest benefactors after he inherited a $6.5 billion fortune from the late Kerry Packer, his father.

10+ pictures inside of Tom, Katie and baby Suri

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01 suri cruise tom cruise
02 suri cruise tom cruise
03 katie holmes short hair
04 katie holmes short hair
05 tom cruise private jet
katie holmes short hair 01
katie holmes short hair 02
suri cruise tom cruise 01
suri cruise tom cruise 02
suri cruise tom cruise 03
suri cruise tom cruise 04

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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  • Milli

    Katie is living the high life. BTW, Tom looks like a girl, and this coming from a perso who does not hate him or dislike him.He looks funny.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    awwww so cute, they all have the same haircut.

  • jan

    He looks just fine…he loves that Suri…and they are just a fine looking group….

  • knut

    katie (or suri?) has a stuffed knut that she got while visiting knut in the berlin-zoo. cute.

  • Noelle

    Those are such adorable photos. They make a lovely family.

  • Me

    So first matching haircuts, now matching outfits. I guess it wasn’t enough for Tom to take away Katie’s friends, family and religion–now he’s banned her individuality, too.

  • dahlia

    Oh, can it, Cruises!

    Obnoxiously dressing yourselves all alike isn’t convincing anyone.

  • Lucy

    Has anyone ever seen Suri Cruise walk?

  • Pandora

    ROFL! Ridiculous spectacle. Isn’t he a bit old to play matchy-poo?

  • Vee

    Katie’s haircut looks like a clone of Victoria Beckham’s–I hope she doesn’t turn out like her! Victoria rarely smiles and seems a little stuck-up.

  • kathy

    How I wish i had their life,.. you haters are just jealous.. private jet! that’s the life

  • Diana

    Weird! all dress the same! Maybe they have too much white clothes in their wardrobes …what?

    Suri, looks adorable.

  • brangaloonie

    i think they are going to the wedding of that fug australian guy. so maybe it’s a certain dresscode.
    who cares…i love me some suri.
    she is the hotness.

  • Jane

    Didn’t I read somewhere that Tom owns his own Gulfstream jet?

  • Eli

    Suri is just too cute for words!!!!!
    I love katie’s new haircut, a lot of actress have short hair now (Selma Blair, Michelle Williams, Sienna Miller…), I think they’re perfect for summer!

  • angelinammm

    in wprd of katie h. “that’s amaaaazing”
    they look good
    suri looks happy

  • amanda

    She start look like Victoria beckhams. Trust me this never work. It is a matter of time . It is for disaster. One should have thier own sense of style and Identity.

  • dahludb

    This is for kathy, who thinks we “haters” are just jealous…

    Yeah, I’m jealous of someone whose husband dictates what she will wear, what she will say, who her friends will be, who follows her into public restrooms, and who has people with cell phones and blackberries accompanying her on every outing.

    I’m jealous of her baby, even though I have two beautiful babies of my own. And even though I have help with my children, it’s only ONE person, three days a week, so, yeah — I’m totally jealous of the SIX nannies who are raising Suri. (Since when does ONE child need SIX of anything?)

    And especially, I’m TOTALLY jealous of TomKat’s CARBON FOOTPRINT. Yeah. I jus’ LURVE the idea of leaving all kinds of crap in the atmosphere with my very own, mega-polluting Gulf Stream private jet, when all those other, more environmentally-conscious movie-stars have to settle for FIRST CLASS on a commercial airline flight.

    Yep. Jealous. Very perceptive.

  • brangaloonie


    you really are stupid and hungry, right?
    get a sandwich and shut up bitch!

  • tits


    What are you crazykat?

  • Sapphire

    I like the haircut, it makes her look more mature… and it was the right move.

    Before she was wearing clothes that were much to old for her, with the haircut, she looks more like TC’s wife and not little sister.

    I wish the entire family a good summer.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Lucy, Yes.. You havent?

  • WTF


  • Mmmmm

    It is hard to tell if that is Tom or Katie carrying her … looks like they used the same bowl to give all of them a trim. Suri is a total babe tho awww.

  • Diana

    #24 … The same bowl! lol ..that is funny … it might explain the weird haircuts …lol

  • pr person

    Hot pants? $250.00… Another three piece suit? $2,500.00 Matching outfits?! PRICELESS!

  • kathy

    How come U People know so much about their life?? am confuse.. just like levin said u all are negative losers with nothing better to do

  • kiti

    You are posting on this web site just like the other people who supposedly have nothing better to do. You must have a little extra time on your hands? Think before you write!

  • libraesque

    I seriously can’t believe that they spent Fathers Day at a game without their children. This “couple” is the most bizarre in Hollywood.
    I can’t picture ANY other Hollywood couple with kids who would be in Paris at someones game instead of with family.

    Imagine Jen Garner and Ben Affleck sitting at some game on Fathers Day without Violet
    yea… would NEVER happen…..cuz they’[re normal

  • La

    I think they seem nice, yea they live a high life. If that is what they want fine with me. They seem like that is what they want to do. I don’t know what goes on with them as far as how he is with Katie. I think she looks good in these photos, her outfit is just right for her age in these pics but as far as Tom, come on buddy, don’t dress like a 60 year old wealthy dude. He’s what like 45. He doesn’t need to wear dork shoes, blech. Tom your not a geezer yet dude. Sure your wealthy but wear hipper clothes. I like them though, just wish they would dress different. Designers do make hipper, younger clothes.

  • Kelly

    What a beautiful family. I wonna see Katie upclose.

  • greenwithenvy

    I want to see Katie’s face and legs dammit!!!!!!!

  • Lin

    That’s not a bear, it’s a dog. I know because I have the exact same one. :)

  • Kiki

    Man, Kathy. Is Tiny Tom paying you for the PR? If not, then he should.

    Yeah, they look just like a typical family-on Mars or if your idea of typical is a has-been action actor, his beard, and a miracle baby that was the result of a 14 month pregnancy.

  • sunny

    I think it is funny how all the supports for this family defend them by only talking about how rich they are, and I agree, all this family has is money, no real love.

    I do have a question though, are hoolywood stars in some sort of secret competition to see who can have the biggest carbon foot print, and when will the award ceremony for that be, I think Tom Cruise may finally win something for once.

  • Lee

    They all look the same! HAHA! But I LOVE THEM!

  • Eli

    libraesque, they spent 90mn at the game, not the whole fathers day, also the game (at madrid, not paris) started after dinner, how do you know that they didn’t spend the whole day with suri before that?

    I don’t really understand how you people can make such assumptions on celebrities’ lives only basing them on a few pictures that represent only 10% of the during of a day!

  • Mol

    I thought its a scene with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne coming out of his jet. Too bad Katie didnt continue with this franchise.
    Nonetheless Im dying to see what her film projects may be including that of her husband.

  • cindy

    Suri is so adorable and her dress is beautiful.

  • Indie

    Not a fan, but Suri is very cute. ^_^

  • Sonny

    WTF is he wearing…Katie’s trench coat? He looks really feminine in it. I can’t believe all three are wearing the same color and have the same or close haircut. Maybe he likes to dress like a woman and she a man..Maybe it’s the scientology code.

  • Lindsay

    Love is in the air baby.

  • Tom lover



    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERYTHING! Suri, you are so alive, you rocks babe!

    I love the white look and the shoes, a real man, not a pussy like shaved pitt and mc caughnaugey!lol

    Katie is ok!

  • Tom lover


    I loooooooooooooooooooooooove yooooooooooou!

    kate, go away! ;)

  • Kiki

    zozo, did you forget to take your meds? Your hideous grammar is a dead give away no matter what alias you use.

    BTW, if you really want Tom to love you then I suggest growing a penis . . .

  • Hailie

    Tom lover, are you aware that you are behaving like an ass?

  • Farah

    Despite their glam life I think this family is the most normal,genuine and nicest in Hollywood.
    My advice to Tom lover is to watch out from rival Rosie O’Donnell who loves her Tommy to death.

  • mackenzie

    Boring … stupid scientology

  • libraesque

    hahahahaha, telling someone to watch out for Rosie, a big ol’ lezbian, who “loves” tommy a big ol fag

    yea, better “watch out” HA!!!

  • Jonah

    This family always brings a smile to my face.
    Suri is the most beautiful baby in Hollywood.

    Katie is glowing and Tom looks so good for his age.