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Kate Walsh Rubs Belly, is Pregnant?

Kate Walsh Rubs Belly, is Pregnant?

Kate Walsh and studio exec fiance Alex Young dine with friends in Los Angeles on Saturday. Looks like Kate is a habitual nail biter!

After dining, the newly engaged couple indulged in a little of romance, kissing and caressing Kate‘s belly. Is our TV doc knocked up?

Kate, 39, and Alex, 36, announced their engagement over a month ago after being together for a few months. Kate‘s Grey’s Anatomy spin-off entitled Private Practice premieres this fall on ABC. More pictures inside…

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is Kate Walsh pregnant? Or is the belly rubbing just coincidence?

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kate walsh pregnant 05
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Isbp/Zfi
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  • Rox

    Love me some Kate Walsh! Gotta say coincidence though, even though he breasts look larger than usual. Hmmmm… I dunno. If she is, great for Kate! She looks so the smitten kitten with her guy.

  • Diana

    Cant she be any more gorgeous? … even without makeup! Wow!

  • ZZ

    Oh cute those two sure are in love. And she looks great without make up!which is not the case for many actresses.If she is pregnant good for her.

  • S.

    5 to 7 weeks. No more. Baby in early February.
    Lets organize a pool?

  • Dolphin

    New KW entry =)

    They look really cute together and madly in love.

    It seems so wrong of me to say but I don’t think its gonna help the spin-off plot if she is indeed preggers.

    Thanks for the pics and keep it coming

  • Izzie

    omg they are so cute together and of course she looks stunning as usual even with no makeup, pregnant? hmm will have to wait and see.

  • kateismybestfriend

    She is so cute! The 5th picture is the most adorable thing in the world. I love it. Her dress is gorgeous and so is she…she looks amazing w/out make up on.

    isn’t this like the 10th article about her being pregnant?!?! I actually laughed my ass off when i saw the title.

  • mary

    Oh yeah,

    pregnant and i’m really happy for her!

    i want more pics!

  • fit

    she looks like Aniston

  • Paula

    Why do you keep posting pictures of her, she is boring.

  • Lily

    She can’t get pregnant, it’ll ruin her new show…can you imagine the main character having to leave halfway through the first season? So I’d bet that those two are being very careful :P

  • SantaCutie

    Very cute, especially the first picture.
    If she’s really pregger well, will be interesting to see how they will work it in the spin-off.
    She looks happy that’s all that’s count

  • N

    She looks nothing like Aniston.

    & I know I know, its much more fun to post Pitt/Jolie or Aniston pics because that creates drama, right Paula? :roll: This blog isnt being read just by YOU. If you’re not interested in someone, then dont comment, obviously.

    I doubt she’s pregnant. He had his hand on her belly.. doesnt mean he’s necessarily rubbing it. My husband has placed his hands on my stomach while holding me like that and I’ve never been.

  • sarah

    she’s beautiful, and she seems love a lot her guy!!!!! It’s great!!!!! love her so much!!!!!!!

  • fit

    13 N | 06/18/2007 at 10:04 am
    She looks nothing like Aniston.

    IMO she looks like Aniston. She doesn’t have her chin but in some angles she does look like her

  • Charlie

    Im so pleased for her for so many things: shes just stunning and so on top of her game and looks beautiful with or without make-up. i love the fact she has found someone to share her life with and he looks lovely and if you see her interviewd her face always lights up when she talks about him. if they are having a baby im thrilled for them and wish them the best of luck and happiness for the future! :D GO KATE!


    I HOPE SO!

  • kate

    She’s so not pregnant. Rumors have been going around forever based on the clothes she’s been wearing, but that’s what is popular now. Plus, the way he has his arm around her is how most guys hold their girlfriend when they’re standing in public – I’ve done it and I’m definitely not pregnant. Besides, if she were pregnant, these rumors have been going around forever – there would be a sure sign by now.

    Plus, didn’t anyone see her strip on David Spade? Did NOT look preggers there.

  • Charlie

    That is a GOOD point although it could be early stages and she’s not showing yet but they both know!!!!!

  • Kate Walsh = Love

    I follow everything they say about Kate, she is not pregnant people, In a recent article she wrote, she would do anything to have kids but her main focus at the moment is her job. Shonda sure as hell wouldn’t be very happy if she was pregnant and they hadn’t even started her show yet.

    And doesnt camera add weight to a lot of people? Think about it people.

  • Matt

    I don’t think she would have done that HILARIOUS skit on David Spade’s show if she was pregnant. Either way, as long as she’s happy, who cares ?

    Great pics. Thanks Jared :)

  • Dolphin

    It would be a lil crazy to get pregnant in this early stage of the new show as it will surely drive the network bunkers.

    I agree, it’s must be an affectionate action and not some caress-the-baby move.

  • LoveKate

    YaY, more Kate pics!!! Alex and Kate are so cute together. Preggers? I dont know, but if so congratulations to them. I Love Kate Walsh.

  • Didi

    I think she’s constipated.

  • Calliope

    The whore is pregnant?? Vomit. Poor baby.

    Shonda will write McSteamy in PP.

  • Mwa

    They look blissfully in love.

    More KW pics please.

  • Charlie

    Yes im just glad they both look so happy and in love! :D

  • LoveKate

    Calliope, you are a stupid bitch. Shut the fuck up and go to hell bitch.


    Calliope SHUT UP!!!


  • sarah

    yeah calliope!! shut up you maybe have a probleme in your head!!! YOU CAN HATE HER, you are free!!!!! OK i don’t tell you that you can’t hate her!!!! BUT YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RUDE AND IDIOTE, BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE HER, BUT WHY ARE YOU LOOK AT HER????????HIN!!!!????? me I hate riahna, but i never tell in tihs site that she’s a bitch or something!!!!!!!! SO FEME GRO GUELE NEW AWH!!!!FUCK YOU AND YOUR……………………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!! I prefer don’t tell you!!!!!!!!! MERDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    ahhhahahah!!!! didi your are so funny!!!!!!! she’s constipated!!!!ahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • Kimmmm

    Ive been waiting to read Calliope’s comment. Made my day :)

    She looks gorgeous and the dress is super cute. Idk how they’ll write it in if she is preggo…damn you Shonda! Addison COULD have had a baby, but noooo

  • em

    lol @ Calliope. green is so not your colour. you are actually kind of pathetic. go away now.

    i think the 5th picture might be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. i do wish alex was easier on the eye however, to make my icons prettier but sure, kates gorgeousness makes up for it. why does she look like that without make up. maybe i should start trying her beauty tip that she gave in “instyle” its clearly working for her.

  • Samantha

    It makes me sad I’m kinda over her and her new show is going to be awful. But she looks great.

  • Goldentail

    I’m with you Em, my fav is also the fifth picture.

    Samantha, I wasn’t also blown away by the backdoor pilot but I’m really wishing that after the tweakings that Shonda & Co are doing that it will be a hell a lot better.

    More picx pls JJ.

  • Meanie

    Aw she’s so pretty even without make-up.

    I’ll feel totally bad for her if the spin-off doesn’t do well and I don’t think having a baby will help the show plot-wise.

    Does anyone also think Alex looks a little like Will Ferrell? Lol.

  • Calliope HATER

    seriously.. why do you even bother to post if you’re just going to say you hate her?

    i bet you hate her so much you love her.

    doesnt make sense? but whatever.

    you just post hateful replies on every Kate posts. why do you even care if you hate her so much? seriously.

  • Calliope HATER

    oh and i forgot to say…

    Kate looks so gorgeous and cute in those pics.

    and Meanie, lol thats what i thought at first.. that he kinda looks like Will Ferrel

  • Meanie

    Calliope HATER, I love your screen name!!!

    And hope there’s more KW news coming…

  • LoveKate

    Haha, Calliope HATER, I Love you name! Calliope is just a lonely old bitch sitting at home with her thousand cats, b/c noone likes her.

    Thanks Jared for the Kate Pics!!! Keep them coming PLEASE!!! We love Kate!

  • Me18

    They look smitten and if she’s preggers then it isn’t showing.

    I second that LoveKate, Keep the KW pics coming Jared!!! Please……

  • KateFan

    Kate Walsh is soooo Gorgeous!!! Even w/o makeup. They are a cute couple.
    I can not wait to see her show. Im so over Grey’s.

    Keep us updated on Kate Baby? News Please!

  • Tam

    Ehh im over her!!

  • tam

    Ehh im over her, and her new show didn’t look all that interesting!

  • Sandy

    Calliope isn’t alone. I’m anti whore too!!!
    Kate Walsh is an horrid whore

  • Violet

    I think Calliope is free to write her opinion because it’s a free space.
    Personally I don’t like KW.

  • Calliope

    Morons! Calliope isn’t my real name.
    I’m free to write my opinion on the public blogs.
    I like to joke with you. KW will be proud of her childish fans.

  • Charlie

    Just wanted to say that someone said she wouldnt have flashed the camera on that show if she was pregnant, maybe she didnt know she was then and just found out like realli realli recently like a few days before that picture was taken. Calliope i agree you can write your opinion but jesus you go way to far. she is a humna being you know and a beautiful one at that what right do you have to say some of the stuff that you have and why post negative comments anyways its just asking for a reaction. secretly i think you just love the attention which is soooo sad by the way! I LOVE KATE WALSH! :D

  • Chickha

    I’d never intentionally wish or say hateful things to or about someone, especially those that I don’t personally know but then that’s just me.

    I love Kate Walsh and I hope that her show will do great both in ratings and critics.

    I really wish her well, if just to show others who bash her otherwise.

    More picx and news of Kate pls Jared.

  • John

    Yay for new candids!
    I love Kate, she’s so gorgeous and i’d love to see her pregnant!

    Keep the KW pics coming!!! :D