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Nicole Kidman's 40th Birthday Bash

Nicole Kidman's 40th Birthday Bash

Nicole Kidman celebrates her 40th birthday with a girls night out, as organized by lil’ sis’ Antonia and mom Janelle, on Saturday at Sydney’s Icebergs Restaurant in Bondi Beach, Australia.

Country singer hubby Keith Urban is expected to join Nicole on her actual 40th birthday on on Wednesday, June 20.

The festivities will continue all week long when the movie queen also celebrates her one-year wedding anniversary to Keith on Sunday, June 25.

Also pictured: Nic‘s gal pal Annette Overton, the sister of Australian TV journalist Peter Overton.

Bigger pictures coming soon…

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Ben McDonald
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  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Nicole still looks good in an old messy funny looking way.

  • Frenchy

    Happy birthday to a nice and eternally chic woman.

  • Dancer

    Thanks for posting this JJ. She looks gorgeous and classy as always!

  • Pandora

    Famous Fug Face Said: “Nicole still looks good in an old messy funny looking way.”

    LOL — I love how you phrased that. Great choice of adjectives w/ an emphasis on messy and funny looking. :)

  • Notbusy

    Love the jacket with the skirt. She makes every outfit look classy.

  • Jillan

    She looks old. If not for botox she would look 50.

  • Sarah

    Poor Nicole, she’d look better if it wasn’t for the botox. Still a great actress, though.

  • Didi

    I wouldn’t be celebrating the fact that I’m 40 and an old bag. its too depressing. after 30 it’s downhill.

    she still looks good for 40 though.. a lot better than her wank*stain of an ex husband Tom Cruise, she just needs to put on more weight

  • Sarah

    It’s also 1 year since both her and Keith have been married. Congratulations to both.

  • lamb

    What’s up with the stupid school girl hair ribbon – you’re 40. Nice that they went out and partied without the recovering acholic husband. We wouldn’t want him to put a damper on the party.

  • Dieter

    She is so beautiful, fantastic bum

  • Daisy

    Thanks for the pictures. She looks great!

  • me

    holy botox hell…she must have her own personal botoxier by now…prob.the same one that brad pitt has.

    ha! they’re botox buddies.

  • shawn

    She is botoxed to the max.

    I saw a candid pic of her and she is really old looking without all that botox.

  • maxine

    she looks cute except for that schoolgirl hair–I agree, once you turn 40, ribbons start to look weird, “crazy old lady” weird. She should get a more updated cut.

  • Daisy

    40 is not old. Some people need to lay off the botox comments, a lot of people don’t have wrinkles at 40.

  • Heather

    Cameras just happened to be there? Happy Birthday to Nicole, but why does every “private” event have to have cameras at it?

  • Dieter

    She still has the tightest butt around and everybody knows you can´t botox this !!!

  • Pandora

    Maxine — “crazy old lady weird” for sure. I actually just noticed the hair ribbon. I wonder if she’s “all there”, mentally? I’ve never known any adults and certainly none at 40 (who look older, as she does) wear a hair ribbon. She ranges between trying to play the vamp and then a coy little school girl. No, she’s can’t be “quite right”. Not possible.

  • Didi

    40 is old. my granny was wearing elasticated knickers and and the Lanz flannel knightgown at that age

  • Didi


  • Diana

    Dieter .. we get it … you like her bum

    I love all her movies except Eyes Wide Shut and that first one with Tom where she was a brain surgeon and only on her 20s …ja!

    Her hair always looks messy, with whitish roots!? She should let her true ginger colors out.

    Happy Birthday!

  • Lilly putty

    I think Nicole is incredibly beautiful, and those comments about botox, should be done by some experts not for some jealous and stupid people!!!

  • Sarah

    I adore Nic’s way of dress.She is very feminine and classic.The hair is very good in my opinion….

  • Louise

    I’m seeing that many people don’t understand anything about botox…PEOPLE DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT IS BOTOX?
    if yes, you should notice that nicole has not botox!she has a perfect skin because she never exposes herself to sun, she sad that million times!!!!

    Happy Birthady Nic, and thaks for being as you are: talented, sweet, beautiful and GREAT!!!!

  • Ginger

    You´re so right LILLY PUTTY!!!

    Congratulations Nicole!i wish you the best!

  • me

    bwah..delusion never grows old!
    of course she has botox…everybody in stupidwood does it. some more (kidman, brad pit etc.) and some less (clooney, demi moore etc.)

    oh and “eyes wide shut” was the best movie she ever made. she played cruise on the wall. and kubrick delivered a genius movie.

  • Great!!!

    Thanks JJ for the photos.
    Happy Birthday Nicole!all the best to you!
    she si very beautiful in these photos!
    love the coat!

  • etta

    A 74 year old Nicole is still better than some 25 year old nobody with fake breasts..

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    nicole’s still hot, she just needs to do something with her hair – and clothes.

    and she looked way better without the botox.

  • Didi

    oh please they had to pay for sex lessons for tom and nicole, that’s how *iss poor that movie was. kubrick was probably banging his head against a wall.

    And how embarrassing is that? after 10 yrs of marriage you have to be told how to pork your own wife cos you don’t know where to insert your pecker. I bet Keith Urban has no difficulty in that department, that’s why Nicole looks much happier. I always knew Tom was a closet case and was always very questionable why they chose to adopt their kids (before hollywood adoption become cool) when they don’t even have fertility problems.

  • natalie

    For those of you that don’t think she uses Botox – you have got to joking, right? There is proof in this picture alone. Compare old Nic’s face with that of her friend’s in the picture. Sure she might stay out of the sun, but you can’t stop laugh lines or crow’s wings by your eyes from smiling and laughing throughout your 40 years of life – those come naturally. Nothing but Botox in that face – well, I take that back, there are probably some “parts” too.

  • mAmBoO

    Didi r u single I wana marry u
    u so funny LOL!

  • comeon

    natalie not saying whether she uses botox or not – but at 43 I have no crows feet or laugh line on my face. I do go in the sun, just have great family genes. THAT is more responsible for where you will/won’t get wrinkles. My mom is 70 and has NO lines on her face either so that makes me happy.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Tom – Mega movie star
    Unknown – Drugged up alcoholic loser

    Nicole with Tom – Always Hot
    Nicole with Unknown – Look at her. Hmmm..

  • CateBlanchett_Fan_4ever

    She’s very beautiful and classy! And she’s a great actress! These comments about botox are stupid and BORING!


  • mamafor

    Tom Cruise mega movie star…Do you mean Tom crazy-drag queen-scientologist-Cruise???

  • Pete

    Nicole is gorgeous, she doesn’t seem to have 40 already!!!!!
    I love her and Keith too!
    Wish the best for both!

  • ally

    Happy birthday to her! Hope she has a great one!

  • ISA

    Nic always wonderful, this woman is so elegant..

  • Miller

    Gray roots and ponytail. HA! Is she drunk? Is that why her friend has to hold her up? Drunk old ladies are soooooo attractive! And she has gross pointy

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Nicole needs to dump that loser, he’s done nothing but bring her down.

  • Love

    Happy Birthday, Nic!

    You are a princess.

  • Jane

    Nicole is so gorgeous but she also seems to be a good person with a balanced life. She has friends, a close family, a hunky hubby, works hard but also has time for fun and “giving back” with her UNIFEM and charity work.

    And smart enough to stay out of the sun with her fair skin! Botox or no, you don’t have skin like that if you don’t take care of it.

  • BREN

    Is that all yall have to do is to talk about someone.Nicole is a very pretty lady and keith is very goodlooking himself.And as for nicole dumping the loser She did dump the loser a long time ago maybe you know him his name is tom cruise.(duh)I sorry but i can’t stand tom cruise the way he treated nicole.nicole is with someone much better, you are right nicole is a princess.


  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    She probably doesn’t need the botox. If that isn’t her sister (which it’s not) it must be her mother. And how great does mom look???? AMAZING!


  • R

    looks great for 60, too bad she’s not that yet

  • Erik

    Gorgeous as always. Most beautiful lady in the world. Happy birthday Nicole!

  • Jill

    She looks happy!

    I hope that her husband and kids are with her for her 40th – has anyone heard if Keith is back in Aus yet?

  • gizmatage

    Gosh, for those who think 40 is old, you guys need to get a life. I’m still in my early 30s, and LOVING it. And I love getting older…. Hey, Maya Angelou says “when you know better, you do better” — and w/ every year added to your age, hopefully you do.

    Nicole looks beautiful, and to me, those who cannot say nice things about her, but actually took the time to come here and made sure to write the nasty things about her — -well, I just think they’re sad.