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Vix & TomKat Cheer on Becks

Vix & TomKat Cheer on Becks

Victoria Beckham cheers on hubby David Beckham from the stands during the the final Spanish league football match of the season. She was accompanied by their three sons — Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, 2.

Also seated in the stands right besides them were Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes. What do you think of Katie‘s look? Still liking the short hair? Or does it look too much like Posh?

Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal was also spotted in the stands here.

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01 tomkat posh soccer game
02 tomkat posh soccer game
03 tomkat posh soccer game
04 tomkat posh soccer game
05 tomkat posh soccer game
06 tomkat posh soccer game
07 tomkat posh soccer game
08 tomkat posh soccer game
09 tomkat posh soccer game
10 tomkat posh soccer game
tomkat posh soccer game 01
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tomkat posh soccer game 03

Photos: AFP/Bru Garcia/Getty, Splash News Online
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  • Kristin

    Yeah, Tom and Katie were there! What a great support team!

  • Thom

    Tom’s hitler hairdo is making me feel ill.

  • SkankyHO

    Her hair is horrible…she looks so much older with short hair. I hope she grows it back out SOON.

  • Natalie

    Katie always looks so miserable now, except in that last picture she is actually cracking a smile. Shocking.

    Tom owns her, and I can’t decide whether the haircut makes her look like a dude or a soccer mom. Posh’s cut is more stylish and sexy than Katie’s.

  • Natalie

    Love the “daddy” jersey Cruz has got on. Cute fam!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Finally a real celebrity family!

  • Christina

    Victoria looks FIERCE!! She seems like a great mom. BOO at TomKat though!

  • Mondo Bongo

    Tom has me puzzled.. with the hair and the
    tight three piece suits..very strange!
    Katie looks good!

  • Kathaleeny

    Her hair is cute. It could go a little shorter and spikier. She’s a doll and she and her family (including Tom) can move to Shreveport, Louisiana anytime they want. She spent several weeks here working on a film and they are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. All the things you read about them are a big bunch of b-o-l-o-g-n-a.

  • Dirty Denise

    3 SkankyHO | 06/18/2007 at 12:10 am

    Her hair is horrible…she looks so much older with short hair. I hope she grows it back out SOON.
    She doesn’t look older with her hair like that, she looks like the same Katie with short hair.
    It’s cute.

  • a realist

    I love that hair cut on Katie. She looks so cute.

  • Fleasha

    I don’t know about that SkankyHO, if anything, Katie actually appears more youthful than she usually does. Of course, it helps if she’s donning cheery little dresses like this and the haircut complements it well. Those black Giorgio Armani suits that she used to favour so much somehow aged her.

  • uke-chan


  • julia weinstein

    Are they the only three with sunglasses on? weird

  • Hmmm 2nd returns….

    3 SkankyHO | 06/18/2007 at 12:10 am

    Her hair is horrible…she looks so much older with short hair. I hope she grows it back out SOON.
    She doesn’t look older with her hair like that, she looks like the same Katie with short hair.
    It’s cute.


    Sorry, she does indeed look older. Nothing qrong with that, she can stand grow up a bit, but can she do it with her own style and not a “Posh” makeover. Tom? What’s say. He’s an idiot…a maniacle idiot.

    As far as them being so great…I’m sure they were but instead of bying cupcakes, ice cream and oh yeah…having Pizza flown in from Chicago, couldn’t they have taken a tour of the more poor areas and devastated ares and tried to REALLY HELP people?

    I’m not the greatest giver in the world but I do give, even if it’s just putting one child through school or sending boxes of supplies to the needie in NO, at least I try. What do they do exactly?

  • tantti

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are the most annoying celeb couple like, ever. It’s like they got haircuts at the same time.

    And they both look like shit.

  • no likey

    apart from the kids, none of them look good. i think katie lost way too much weight and she looks really hungry. the hairstyle isn’t doing much for her either. have never been a fan of tom so i won’t comment.

  • kiti

    Honestly, do these people look like they want to be looked upon as everyday people?
    Katie’s haircut is nor here nor there. Is it the haircut that makes her look older or the lack of a full meal? Posh looks much older than her years too. In this picture, I would remove TC’s sunglasses. I’m sure they’re chic and expensive, but they look cheesy.

  • Anthony

    Tom and “kates” hair look awful, He’s like her strange little master now

  • Kathaleeny

    Oh FOOEY #15 she was here working and the amount of money those movies bring to our area helps the economy greatly. Fills hotel rooms, restaurants, bakeries, TARGET! Starbucks, limo drivers, laundries, maids, baby sitters, you name it. And we have plenty of people who escaped Katrina who are now living in the area. So she was helping as well as making her little corner of the world a happy place.

  • Ella_


    Terrible, terrible! It was so embarrassing looking @ them, you just cringed. They looked UGLY & it was as though they were @ a FUNERAL! So sad to see…

    What a game by Real Madrid. Beckham was CRAP yesterday but at least we got the job done.

    HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tina

    That game was awesome!!!
    I love the “daddy” jerseys beckham’s kids have on

  • angelinammm

    2 Thom | 06/18/2007 at 12:09 am

    Tom’s hitler hairdo is making me feel ill.



  • katiefan

    oh good lord!

    I wondered who the old lady was next to the munchkin, to my dismay it was kate cruise.

    long gone are the days of the fab miss katie holmes, she will be missed.


    unhappy fan


    Run Katie Run

  • jlw

    mrs cruise looks rather glum and kinda out of place..she’s got a i wanna be sumwhere else look on her… and mr cruise is looking like mr tom cruise.

  • Nadia

    WTF goes to a soccer game wearing a three piece suit,except for the soccer bosses?

    Dunno. Looks kinda weird.

  • koala

    2 Thom | 06/18/2007 at 12:09 am

    Tom’s hitler hairdo is making me feel ill.
    Well, he’s playing a Nazi in his upcoming movie, Valkyrie. Infact, he was just in Germany to do pre-production work for the movie before he flew to Spain.
    It amazes me how people are always over- analyzing Katie’s expressions and trying to find something wrong. In the pic where she looks upset/worried, everyone around her looks the same. Perhaps their team did something bad or the other team scored. In the pic where she looks happy,most of the people around her look happy. Perhaps the team did something good. It’s not that hard to figure out!

  • rafael

    they are so PATHETIC! why are they dressed like that? they are in soccer game not in a fancy LA restaurant! they are wearing sunglasses and it´s dark! they are a bunch of freaks! david is the only normal of them! they are even more desperate for atention them britney,lindsay and paris!

    that being said… VAMOS REAL MADRID!

  • Julian

    poor becks.
    they will end up like tom cruise…

  • me

    lol….look at all the lunatics. btw, everyone in hollywood is insane, they won’t let you in otherwise.
    so don’t try to tell me that david is the only normal one…there is no such thing.

    and seriously…soccer will never make it in the land of fatties and dumbness. americans need their build-in breaks (when watching sports) to eat and drink themselves een dumber and fatter. and in socer they’ll have to wait at least 45min…wayyyy too long.
    gotta keep the pounds on.

  • SJ

    Who do those three think they are? Victoria Beckham is a skinny, talentless wench

  • hehe

    ^it’s rude to verbally attack fat people but it’s okay to do the same to skinny people? SJ, are you fat?

  • No Doubt

    F****** bunch of freaks. Victoria looks pathetic, its a soccer game no need for this stick insect to have her fake boobs hanging out.

    Tom always looks freakish. Katie is wanting to look like that alien Victoria, same haircut, same constipated look on their faces.

    Then you have them all wearing sunglasses at night. Shame they’re not animals, coz I would take the three of them to the vets and get them put down.

  • lola

    Posh spice is fake and awful, and katie is trying to be like her. I feel sorry for David he seems like a nice guy, but he’s married to a desperate media attention hoe.

  • true

    33 lola | 06/18/2007 at 4:36 am
    Posh spice is fake and awful, and katie is trying to be like her. I feel sorry for David he seems like a nice guy, but he’s married to a desperate media attention hoe


    You said it right! Europe is happy that she is going to America! People here don’t respect her!

  • true

    And also, that game started at 21:00 or as you say i think at 9:00pm … Evening … So I really don’t understand those sunglasses at night! They came just so that everybody see them! They don’t care about football at all!

  • jennie


  • Undiscovered

    wheee. i love rafael nadal, and the fact that he’s a real madrid fanboy makes me loves him more.

  • Eathan

    I watched it on TV, i’m so happy Real won La Liga and it was David’s last game, he must be proud.

    I’m so happy to see Victoria and all the kids there too.

    Tom and Katie were in Germany so they flew to Madrid to show their support, and how HOT was that KISS? Wow, they look so in love! Thank God the camerman caught them kissing!

  • Lulu

    They are dressed up because there was a dinner after the game to celebrate the title with all the madrid bosses, the players, their families and friends and everyone at the club, so don’t talk when you don’t know.

  • Grid

    I just LOVE Nadal! Lovd the first pic qhere we can see him! ^^

  • Diana

    Romeo´s laughing with grandma is priceless. That next to them is Becks sister.

    Now, why those two doing there? … they look like they are in a funeral. Booh!

  • SJ

    am I fat? size 12 is what you call quite healthy in the UK. I’ve got junk in my trunk too and I have never had complaints.

  • mackenzie

    Tom Cruz and katie !!!!!!!!!!…what are they doing here

    I’m sure they don’t even know what the liga is.. they don’t even know what soccer is.. !!

    I mean stay at home we don’t wante to see your faces !!!!!


  • Shelly

    Katie could not come up with an original idea or concept if God told her!
    Oh I forgot she does not believe in God, Tom told her…get my drift!!!

  • uke-chan

    it was not a hot kiss, i saw it too

  • indiesr

    Katie looks like she doesnt want to be there and have no effing clue what she’s watching. :lol:

  • indiesr

    eheh, Posh finally got her picture moment in the last pic…notice she is looking straight into the camera not at the game, she kills me. :lol:

  • Lola

    Lulu and Eathen get your heads out of the Beckhams butts! Lulu you act like you were there when they had dinner, are you they’re biggest stalker, get a fricken life.

    Eathen – so you love freaky Tom Cruise because they are friends with the Beckhams. Your a real Saddo. That kiss made me want to vomit, its was so not hot. The three of them with their sunglasses on looked ridiculous.

    I agree with Diana that pic of romeo and davids mom is lovely. I feel sorry for Cruz in that pic though, he’s looking down at romeo laughing and he wants in on the action, but instead he’s being held by a constipated woman that he has to call his mother.

  • new pics

    Who wears a three piece outfit to a soccer match…really???? They scare me all of them. The skinny spice girl as well.