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Wentworth Miller: Korean Coffee Commercial

Wentworth Miller: Korean Coffee Commercial

Here are some screencaps and the commercial of Prison Break star Wentworth Miller as the spokesperson for for Nam Yang French Cafe, a Korean coffee drink.

Earlier this year, Wentworth modeled for Korean jeans brand Bean Pole.

At the end of the commercial, Wentworth says, “Enjoy the Premium. French Cafe.”

Watch Wentworth Miller‘s “French Cafe” commercial below!

Wentworth Miller – “French Cafe” Commercial
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wentworth miller korean coffee 01
wentworth miller korean coffee 02
wentworth miller korean coffee 03
wentworth miller korean coffee 04
wentworth miller korean coffee 05
wentworth miller korean coffee 06
wentworth miller korean coffee 07

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  • julia weinstein

    Yay, i love WM.

  • jenn

    no question that he definately tastes better than the coffee…and that black suit just makes him all that much more handsome :)

  • Tee Hee

    I like him, though I think too much exposure to commercial advertising could ruine his acting career, no matter if it is about product oversea or domestic.

  • [marie]

    Please do a movie Went!! I’d see it. No more korean commercials. Your still hot though.

  • meemee

    I love the commercial! Went looks hot :o)


    went enjoying his successful so why not?
    nice commercial ..

  • Softspoken

    Yum,Yum,Yum Give me Some!!! and I don’t mean the coffee!!! LOL!!! Damn the man is fine!!!

  • AG

    Hot Hot Hot!!

    Men look good in a black suit, esp. Wenty~
    I so like MANLY look!

  • kate

    Heres korean’s best famous blog

    It’ll be helped.

    Lots of information!!!

  • anne marie

    i would rather see him in a movie, what’s the point in doing commercials? he deserve better than that, wrong choice in my humble opinion.

  • kj

    i visited your blog but only found old pictures that jj posted here several month ago.

    no offense but when you invite the others, please be ready with new pictures or new article, ok?

  • azer

    beautiful very hot guy

  • hoppla

    I like him.
    You know, he is so famous in Asia.

  • ysyt

    he is so hot in a black suit!!! what a perfect guy !!!!

  • Giuliettonzola

    oh he’s so cool in those pics…Black suit… aww…!!!

  • Passing Through

    Does Big Gay Wenty just have that one facial expression? Dude..take some acting lessons!

  • Scooby Doo

    God, he’s gorgeous!

  • Sprinkles

    I guess sex sells coffee! LMAO..that commercial is too much!

  • Ali

    #16: Duh! Stop with the gay thing!

    He’s so hot in that commercial.

  • homa
  • anne marie

    dear passing through, just,pass through… without any comment please.

  • Bunny

    Very hot ad and I don’t drink coffee. Could have used a bit of a smile at the end-Went. But that black suit is a keeper.Do a movie, TV stardom last just so long and then you are back to heap like so many before you.This may be your only one chance-take it.

  • StuBache

    Just loved the commercial,very well done.Just a question though…Why has all the commercial sponsorships Went has done been in Korea?

  • DeeCee

    Looks like he’s having an orgasm in it….this is hot…but I still wouldn’t buy crap coffee.
    Celebrities do commercials abroad because they don’t want to be over exposed in the America market and take away their image as a serious credible actor. All celebrities do this for $$$$. But with the stipulation not to air the commercial in the States. Otherwise top producers and directors who would otherwise consider that actor might say..’nah not him isn’t he the guy from that coffee commercial.’…who’s going to believe him playing this character in my film.
    But with the internet Wentworth should know that it would be leaked out.

  • Mama Bear

    If coffee can make a person that introspective-looking, make mine a venti please!

  • mia

    it is amazing how much money you can make for just being fine. and our teachers and doctors get peanuts.

  • -_-

    I dont agree with Kate.

    Is it really “Best Famous” site???


    btw, Justjared, where did you get the commercial video?

  • ELLE_sweden

    omg!! this commercial was weird!! it was like a horror movie or somethin!! but went looks good no matter what!! :) it’s like second korean ad he’s doing… I wonder why.. gosh!! for me this is so weird!!

  • lorie

    i love you went

  • SweetyKat

    Is it just me, or are those foreign commercials weird. I guess something DOES get lost in translation. Went looks great as usual, but he looks lost or something. Then he looks as if something made him sick to his stomach. It’s not his fault, he’s just following direction, but what? I just don’t get it. Let me just say again, that he’s such a beautiful, beautiful man.

    As far as celebs doing commercials, they do them all the time, domestic and foreign. If you don’t see their faces, you hear their voices. Julia Roberts for AOL, before they got bought out, Gene Hackman for Lowes, George Clooney for some car I believe a while back. These are Oscar winners folks. Don’t knock Went for this, please.

    To Mia:

    I don’t know any doctors that make peanuts.

  • http://deleted DeeCee

    the funniest comment I’ve read so fars: He looks like he’s looking for the mothership! LMAO!!!

  • Laureen

    OMG! HOT!!!! Him and Hayden Christensen. Those guys are so hot and look so fuckable! I’m drooling.

  • angie

    OMG he looks sooooo HOT!!!!

  • darcy

    holey fuck i fricking love this man hes sooooooooo hott !!!

  • Jaye from Corea

    I need to watch TV. I’ve never watched that commercial!!!

  • Safa

    Great for wenty AND I want to say thanx to jared for the New news can wentworth come to the middle east

  • SweetyKat

    OMGosh! He is so handsome and sexy. He looks like he smells so good! I love a whiff of him. : )

  • Honeychild

    The man looks hot in black. Damn, he’s fine!

  • angell cakes

    i want some coffee now!!! too bad wenty cant serve me,…… such a great commercial i wish it would air in canada lol

  • Kez

    Oh good god! Went in black…THUD

  • foreverItaly

    hot… hot… hot…

  • SweetyKat

    Went should launch his own fragrance with Armani or CK and call it Empyreal. It should be clean,crisp, a tiny bit woodsy, and filled with his pheromones(not the synthetic ones). And of course, he should do those commercials, too!

    He’s doing well, and he still makes me proud. I personally can’t get enough of the man. He should endorse whatever he wants, as long as I can see the ads.

  • interrogative french

    Since when French Café is supposed to be “quite something”??? Weird! I heard of italian, turkish, colombian coffee… but french???
    I think too much commercials kills a bit the artistic work of actors, I don’t know, especially when then talk! I kind of liked the bean pole jean’s one, kind of funny with allusion to PB, but this one is just out of context.
    And, BTW, what does LMAO means? Laugh something???

  • minnie

    wow i havent seen this ad before and its sexii went looks sooo hot and decent in this ad. i’ve seen the beanpole ad before and it was hothothott!
    actually i dont get why ppl make comments about doing commercials cuz here in korea all famous actors and actresses do commercials it doesnt mean they cant act tho.
    anyway… he’s such a hottie lol plus he can act 2!

  • minnie

    wow i havent seen this ad before and its sexii went looks sooo hot and decent in this ad. i’ve seen the beanpole ad before and it was hothothott!
    actually i dont get why ppl make comments about doing commercials cuz here in korea all famous actors and actresses do commercials it doesnt mean they cant act tho.
    anyway… he’s such a hottie lol plus he can act 2!

  • SweetyKat

    Interrogative french:

    LMAO means laughing my a$$ off.

  • Clearlight

    Onto the vid…omg! my first reaction lmao? he looks good..but its really tacky too…making a coffee ad so dramatic..the tone of this vid is better matched to a cologne for men…its embarrasing lol! other than that he still looks sexy!

  • :)

    «:P:» «:E:» «:R:» «:F:» «:E:» «:C:» «:T:»

  • Hannah

    Sad news for all girls: Went has a new BOYFRIEND. His name is Luke McFarlane and he’s an actor. He also went to Asia with Wenty.

  • jen