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The Beckhams to Storm Singapore

The Beckhams to Storm Singapore

David Beckham and wife Victoria pass through London’s Heathrow Airport reportedly en route to Singapore for vacation on Tuesday.

This follows David‘s win of the Spanish soccer league title with his team Real Madrid. Victoria and their sons all cheered on Becks as well as Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes. The adults even enjoyed a celebratory dinner together in Madrid shortly after.

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Photos: Getty/David Dyson
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  • Jill

    These two look very good together. He almost looks like he’s a bit protective of her. I hope the media doesn’t ruin their relationship.

  • lilflowa

    Posh looks fierce n stylish they do go well togethr…..becks lose that yelloow fingimabob oon yer head lol

  • lilflowa

    Its like Lady and the Tramp lmao!!becks almost looks homeless………he still 1 fineeee specimen tho haha

  • Suzz

    DidnĀ“t his team starting scoring once he was back on the bench ( left the field limping )… so over-rated and so going to the US. Bye!

  • Michael C

    Yay Singapore!

  • natalie

    Posh & Becks look hot together! I love the fact that despite all the media craziness surrounding them they have stayed close. They have been together for years, have 3 lovely boys, and still remain close. I like the fact that they show their affection w/hand holding. Its cute.

  • Kelly D

    He looks stupid with that yellow thing on his head. But that’s OK, cuz his wife always looks stupid. Perfect for each other.

  • fifi

    I love this bohemian look on him! this is how i dress! I’m african american, and I’m going to stock up, on these hats this fall!

  • hot & humid

    why are they dressed like that in singapore? i’ve been to singapore twice, it’s really hot and humid. why are they in sweaters and hats??? i would’ve died of heat if i wore what victoria beckham is wearing. anyhow, i’m sure they’ll have a good time, it’s a wonderful place for a vacation, very modern, good food, shopaholic paradise. maybe they are investing in the future casino projects or something.

  • hehe
  • lilflowa

    The pic was taken at London heathrow Airport….She’ll probably take off the sweater wen she gets to singapore dontcha think?

  • nokia

    b/c they are departing from london, i went 2 london 2 days ago, and it was cold there now, windy….

  • hot & humid

    ok, i didn’t know they were still in london. bad mistake. :lol:

  • in da neighbourhood!

    why would you want to go to s’pore?….oh yeah…THE GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!…she shop stuffs on sale????

  • nokia
  • Undiscovered

    damn i wish i live in singapore. any chance they also visit indonesia? lol. probably not in a million years.

  • wtf

    nokia, thanks for link, but don’t tell brangelina thread, they will go and ruin it for david.

  • Stav

    Does anyone know the brand of the messenger bag that David is carrying?

  • Popsugar

    They have a twin less famous couple. When she was blonde. Glad she went brunette. She is much prettier that way. Love her style, but not that look.

  • lisa

    Damn…i am so jealous! I was just in singapore for two weeks…boo. Singapore is the ultimate vacation destination…Becks made a good choice!

  • v

    omygod they are coming to singapore?! i live in singapore!! let me bump into them please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • in da neighbourhood!

    singapore is too sure u’ll bump into them somehow…just glue urself to orchard sure they will be there..oh…google most expensive hotel in s’pore…am sure you can find them there…hehehhehehehehehhee..not expecting them to go to night safari or s’pore zoo or sentosa though….but i think beck may have some taping to do since startsports/espn are based there..
    singapore not bad… a country….

  • Lisa

    Ahh bless victoria, she spent what all of 3/4 days with her kids, now she needs a holiday, what a wonderful mother she must be.

    Someone give that bitch a burger ASAP.

  • Eathan

    They DIDN’T go to Singapore, it was just a connecting flight. They went to Phuket, Thailand for vacation!

    Hopefully they’ll have some well deserved rest without paparazzis interferences!

  • twinkle

    the rumour..They went to Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

  • twinkle

    the rumour..they went to Yogyakarta – Indonesia

  • trf1960

    Whats with the tea cosy on his head? Can’t stand her and can just about stand him but seriously, just wish they would off to the States and live a quiet family life. Sadly, I don’t think this will EVER be the case with these two though.

  • Eathan

    CORRECTION: Indonesian media reported that they arrived in a private plane from Singapore to Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

    No pix yet.

  • Caroline

    They look great together!

  • Lisa

    Eathen – your cracking me up. Admit it you need help. I suggest you get some friends because you act like the only people in your whole world are the Beckhams. Frankly who gives a rats behind where the hell these two media parasites have gone.

  • Eathan

    Lisa, you fucking whore, why do you even open a topic about The Beckhams if you hate them so much?

  • Brooke

    I agree with you Lisa…. let “Brangelina” adopt the Beckham boys’= at least that way they would undoubtedly receive a mothers’ love & attention! The Beckhams’ can go to h***! they are the world’s most pointless “celebs”…

  • Eathan

    Brooke, you’re a jelous bitch aswell as Lisa.

    Go fuck yourself.

  • Brooke

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me when one has a differening opinion/view of another-they are accused of being JEALOUS? I do not understand that logic- just because one does not like a certain “celeb”? So, all of the people who have a disdain for brangelina are actually “jealous” of them? I don’t think so… I think that they have a true disdain and disgust for them- ceratinly not motivated by jealousy… It is beyond me in understanding how not liking a “celeb”= jealousy on the commenters’ part… please explain that? Because, I can certainly say without one shred of doubt that I am in NO WAY JEALOUS of these two has-beens…

  • Eathan

    Brooke, i’m sure you’re just a FAT bitch with NO life.

    Poor you.

    I’d never dream of bashing some celebrity i don’t like. I don’t even open the topics about them.

  • Brooke

    No, you would rather spew venom at people who dare to disagree with you and your loveee for the Beckhams’… maybe to you, I don’t have a “life”… although, I will have to disagree… I have a very fulfilling life, thank you… I am just not in a love-fest with the over-rated Beckhams’, I do not think that they have their “priorities” in check, and I am just as free to voice my opinion of them as you are, you don’t have to agree with me, but for goodness sake- it’s not as if I said anything personally to attack or upset you personally, as you did in your reply post back to me… geez, I guess if you are a lover of the Beckhams’ anyone who is not starving themselves into anorexia is just a “FAT **** with no life” as you so elequently directed at me, huh? I am just interested in knowing why people scream “jealousy” when one has a differing opinion, that’s all… just asking questions… not looking for a venomous debate, if you like the Beckhams’- that’s great, I don’t happen to, and as I’ve pointed out previously- that does not disqualify me from commenting on them…. I do like Brad and Angelina, although alot of commenters do not, they are still “free” to leave comments… I do not personally “attack” anyone… can we just agree to disagree?? Geez… how old is everyone on these sites?

  • indiesr

    totally agree with you. People, grow up and realize that not everyone likes the same celebs…I certainly dont like the Beckhams much and I also think they need to spend more time with their children, that means travel with them as well…sue me. :)

  • LJ

    to you #37 they are going to holiday with kids next week, but they are now spending time without kids because kids have one week school left so kids are with grand-parents.

  • Brooke

    And that makes it alright? Do any other posters here have children? If so, you know firsthand how much time, patience and energy kids require of you… How can VB justify in her own head being AWAY from her children for such extended periods of time… as much as she “claims” that she is “working”- what is it she does again? She DOES NOTHING to quantify the amnt. of time spent AWAY from her children… regardless of who is “watching” them- she is their MOTHER she SHOULD WANT TO BE WITH THEM! This is why she sickens me so much… why have children, if you are not going to take on the full responsibility of actually spending time with and raising them? It absolutely baffles me… it’s like they only have the children to be able to come up with completely off-the-wall names to name them… I just don’t “get it”…

  • Eathan

    Brooke once again FUCK OFF, just because she doesn’t pose with her kids on every corner like Brangelina and other couples do, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t spend time with them.

    Pictures of her kids are FORBIDDEN and they sued lots of sites for publishing their pictures.

    One of their kids (Romeo) has epilepsy and when they found out about it they forbidden the pictures to be published, so that’s why you won’t see pictures of them with the kids or the kids will be taken out of the pix or their faces will be blurred.

    They do spend time with their kids. And do parents have to be there for their kids 24/7? Not if they’re healthy. Plus, they’re always with atleast one parent and Victoria’s parents are there too, the same as David’s mom and sister.

  • indiesr

    Get a life. They are crappy parents and overated celebs, especially stick spice Victoria…they are more important people and things in the world for you to get this caught-up in, you seem to know so much about their lives and schedule…hopefully, for your sake you take down the shrine and stop staking them, before they put you behind bars :lol:.

  • indiesr

    I understanding every parent needs time away from the kids, Doctor recommends it, but I dont think they spend enough time with them to begin with, David is always away due to the demands of his sport and Vic is always away trying to be a fashion icon (even though I do find some of her outfits flattering), who helps them with homework, projects, etc…they are going to be more found of the nanny and grandma, and the parents will regret this in the future because the kids will remember..even in theraphy.

  • Brooke

    indiesr: Thankfully someone else out there “gets it”. :)

    AS you point out Eathan- little Romeo has epilepsy, a very serious illness- all the more important that Victoria should be with him, tending to him and the other two rather than galvanting all across the globe on her one woman tour~! I agree with you about the fact that celeb children need not be photographed to appreciate whether or not their parents’ are good parents’ to them, but think about it for a sec… if they ( The Beckhams’) were that overly concerned with their children not being photographed- do you not think that they could prevent it? They are celebs, no? Think about this- Johnny Depp, one of the world’s most famous and influential actors… when do you EVER see pics. of his kids? RARELY! Why? Because he and his partner “protect” them from that side of “fame” and make sure that they live as “normal” a life as possible… kudos to them- they have their “priorities” in check!

    And, as for Ms. Beckham, C’mon what does she do that is relevant/worthwhile with her life? Every single day is a bloody vaca. for this woman, why she needs to “go away on vaca” is a mystery to me… she doesn’t appreciate all that she has,,, how many working moms would LOVE to be in her position to be able to stay at home with their kids? Probably most would and her she is squandaring her kids’ most formative years to promote her asanine self… only to feed her ego and her elusions of grandeur~!! It’s pretty PATHETIC~!

  • Lisa

    Brooke – Amen!

    Your posts are exactly on target.

    Victoria Beckham is more interested in the media circus that surrounds her, and her quest for global domination than she is on looking after her children. Her third child is all of 3 yrs old, and she still prefers to jet round the world constantly. Seriously how many days has she spent with her kids since January?

    I agree all mothers should have time out from their kids, but the amount of time she spends away from them is just ridiculous.

    As for their kid with epilepsy, yes I feel sorry, but I can’t help but think its a load of crap. I mean they said that flash lights would trigger off his seizures which is why they don’t want him photographed, which is fair enough, BUT when Real Madrid won La Liga there were millions of photographers there (it was night time) taking photo’s of David and his kids, and instantly I thought how come they are allowed to take photos of that kid now but not before!

  • Eathan

    Lisa, Romeo is obviously better now.

    And how many days did she spent with her kids this year? Shall i count? Yes. I’ll let you know.

  • Eathan

    Out of 171 days in this year Victoria spent 127 days with her kids (Brooklyn & Romeo), which means she wasn’t with them only for 44 days, and that was the time she had to spend in LA searching for a house and getting everything ready for their move. With Cruz, she spent 120 days, because Brooklyn and Romeo went with her to New York and LA and Cruz didn’t.

    David spent more days with the kids as he was mostly in Madrid, so the only time he wasn’t there with the kids was when he had away games or when Vic & Dave went to London or Paris for their birthsdays.

  • Christina

    Aww they make such a great couple They have been together for 11 years noe (1996) and are still going strong!! LOL at all the jealous haters who open up a topic about people they dislike :P Thanks Jared!

  • victoria

    omg!!! they’re coming to singapore?!??! i live in singapore! and my name’s victoria too! omg!

  • Lulu

    what They did in Singapore was only TRANSIT they DID NOT go out of Changi Airport..they went to YOGYAKARTA and BALI in INDONESIA for a Holiday Break… they didn NOT go to Thailand

  • deena

    oh my god he look great i can see that he is so sweet and cool and cutie….LOVE U..ByEzZ .(T.C)