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Gisele, What Time is it?

Gisele, What Time is it?

Time to get a watch!!!

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and English club Arsenal soccer star Thierry Henry announce Swiss luxury watchmaker Ebel as official timing partner of Arsenal soccer club at The Hospital on Tuesday in London, England. Gisele was also named Ambassador for Ebel at the press conference.

Earlier in the day, the Brazilian babe stopped by Regent Street for the flagship store opening of the Mappin & Webb, one of the UK’s leading retailers of fine jewelery and silverware (pictured inside, green carpet).

Gisele also recently ranked #53 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. “The highest-paid model in the world had two high-profile breakups last year: first she split with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, then long-time client Victoria’s Secret. But shed no tears for the Brazilian bombshell� The 26-year-old still commands more money and more contracts than any other model on the planet, gracing ads for Apple, Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli. Her line of sandals, Ipanema by Gisele, is expanding into the U.S. and Europe. Her latest paramour is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele getting her Ebel on…

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gisele bundchen ebel 01
gisele bundchen ebel 02
gisele bundchen ebel 03
gisele bundchen ebel 04
gisele bundchen ebel 05
gisele bundchen ebel 06
gisele bundchen ebel 07
gisele bundchen ebel 08
gisele bundchen ebel 09
gisele bundchen ebel 10
gisele bundchen ebel 11
gisele bundchen ebel 12
gisele bundchen ebel 13
gisele bundchen mappin webb 01
gisele bundchen mappin webb 02
gisele bundchen mappin webb 03

Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty
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  • Sarah

    Time for her to bog off.

  • Anthony

    She is worth the money, she’s soooo gorgeous!

  • tanique33

    aww thierry. nice pics. thanks jared.

  • julia weinstein

    Mmmmm, Thierry is delicious.

  • Ella_

    She looks good, in both dresses.

    Thierry is YUMMY!!!!!

  • Cindy

    Yes, Jared…so delightful. Too bad you have no taste. If this is the only thing you can find to report on, you’re just not trying. Gisele is an over-priced, selfish, immoral piece of home-wrecking trash. I’ve done a little digging myself and come up with a much nicer pic of your little poster girl. Feast your eyes on the woman who spouts off about ‘family values’ and wanting children. You may want to think twice about taking her up on her offer to bake cookies with the kiddies though:

  • Cindy
  • Suzz

    Love them both … She is gorgeous and one of a kind, and Thierry for me is the best player in the world … and so cute!

  • bridget

    Did Tom have his baby yet-He is getting back with Briget-

  • Michael C

    What a tranny!

  • Anon

    I agree with Cindy – why would Ebel want her to promote their watches. She is having an affair with Tom Brady whose expecting a baby any day with his ex – who is an ex because of Gisele. She is a porn model – – case in point!! She’s slept with anyone and everyone in the fashion industry who could help her career. She is uneducated and has a very unattractive manly face. Time to move on and put Gisele Bundchen out to pasture.

  • suzy

    Thierry Henry he is my husband i love him! please do a post on his hotness.
    Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal !

  • natalie

    Gisele looks good as always. She has an amazing body.

  • juana

    thierry, you’re awesome

  • Laureen

    Gisele, She is figure perfection. Love her dress. It really shows those looong legs! She looks amazing.

  • Sarah

    The guys dumps the pregnant girl and it’s Gisele’s fault…

    Take care of your lifes, people. Gisele is a model and there’s nothing wrong about Ebel hiring her. She’s beatiful and deserves it. And common, manly face? Just look at these pictures, she looks beatiful.

  • Ina

    Gisele is the best supermodel ever! She looks great…I don´t understand how can some people talk about her as if they know her! And about Tom Brady…if he doesn´t love his ex anymore you guys think he should be with her?? She is pregnant and so? He only has responsabilities to the baby not to his mother!

  • Anonymous


  • Eve

    Hate her. And now I have one more reason to root agaisnt Arsenal. I hate everything that is associated with that b*tch. Self absorbed stupid tranny looking bimbo.

  • shirley58

    What a scumbag she is. She is a has been.

  • pipi

    aww Titi looks great, Gisele doesn’t look bad herself.

  • Hot

    She has such a beautiful body. She looks good in everything and even better without anything. haha (wipes drool off chin and pushes jaw back up)

  • Vivi

    Thanx Jared! Gisele looks great as always!

  • Maniston

    Thierry is fine as hell.

  • duba

    Gisele’s body is incredible but her face has not aged well. Take a look at pics of her when she first came out 7 or 8 years aog and it’s a very natural and fresh faced look. Not so much anymore.

  • Nadia

    aww Gisele is so gorgeous luv her n Titi is HOT i’m glad hes stayin at Arsenal!!!

  • Undiscovered

    hayy titiii.. he’s va va vooom indeed.

  • luisa_sanchez

    he is so hot! damn…

  • Doriane

    she’s one of those people I scratch my head at what the big deal is? not a very pretty face and a looooot of creepy/slutty “art” pictures. she’s just a fucking coathanger using her ultra whoreness to sell products.

  • !!!! exclamation-mark happy!!!

    whoa never thought i’d see Henry on justjared!, cool stuff dude, your site is full suprises!!!

  • trf1960

    I have never understood the worldwide appreciation in this woman but then who am I to argue !!

    Love him though – I have always thought he has such a lovely, soft face and his accent is just to die for.

  • Dieter

    Giselle is the best supermodell ever – she´s worht the munny !!!

  • Dieter

    for some reason I wanna do my finger in her pooper

  • vivian

    I’ve always liked her but she is starting to look older already. I had a feeling all those beach days in the sun might catch up eventually. Look at the lines on her neck! She’s only 27 (in July)!!

  • miona

    OMG,I love his smile!

  • anon

    Look at this picture of Gisele doing kiddie porn. Yeah, she is sooo awesome isn’t she. She is a skank and a whore.

  • anon

    I’m all about family values…look at me baking cookies with this kid:

  • André

    I just can’t believe how mean and jealous some plp can be. How can u plp say such bad things about Gisele, like “she’s a porn model, a model ho” and stuff like that when u don’t even know her. I just can’t understand it. After reading this I’m promising myself that I won’t write a bad note about anybody else on this site cause I’ve just realized that it’s exactly what losers do. I don’t wanna be a loser like these plp that are so jugdmental and shallow.

    I think Gisele is great, gorgeous, carismatic, and smart…she’s something other models don’t have.
    Thierry Henry is cool too.

  • anon

    Hey Andre’

    How can you not think badly of this woman when she poses for kiddie porn? Did you even look at that picture of her getting ready to stick a rolling pin up her cro*** while a little kid looks on??? Just because a woman is famous and rich does not mean that she is a decent person. Usually it means the opposite. I can post quite a few other choice photos of this woman that are definetly porn.

    It has also been confirmed by one of Tom’s insiders that he was seeing Gisele at the same time he was seeing Bridget. It was confirmed that his go to man Will Dono -whatever his name is, was arranging dates between the two of them when Bridget wasn’t around. In my book that is cheating and pimping and that makes Gisele a homewrecker. Get your head out of you a** and quit defending this woman cause you think she looks good. She has the morals of an alley cat and is parading around the globe with another womans baby daddy like a dog in heat. I don’t care if Bridget tried to trap Tom or not. Gisele and Tom are gross and nothing will ever excuse the way they have carried on while he is getting ready to have a baby. This baby is the one that is going to be hurt by the constant PDA and lovefesting. Nothing can defend what they have done to his child.

  • BritBoy

    Gisele is fabulous. Andre is right. It’s not her fault if Tom doesn’t want to be with Bridget! Tom can’t help but be intriqued by Gisele, since so many others are.

  • anon

    Tom is intrigued with the only thing this woman has to offer and that is her body. Like other men, I am sure he just pretends that she has a brain in that empty head. Besides, you are all morons if you think he wasn’t scr**ing Gisele at the same time he got Bridget pregnant. She is a tramp, has always been a tramp and always will be a tramp. Do you wonder why Tom has not seen his family since all this happened??? They want nothing to do with Gisele. Tom hasn’t even seen his family on mothers day, fathers day or any holiday. This is not typical for this family. They have not visited him once since he hooked up with Gisele. Could the fact that she poses nude all over the place and bashes their Catholic faith have anything to do with it? She is a homewrecker and couldn’t care less.

  • It’s not all black and white

    Cindy | 06/19/2007 at 5:12 pm

    André | 06/20/2007 at 9:10 am Having an opinion, even a negative one, does NOT make you a a jealous loser.

    Though it might mean you are a moralistic, narow minded, low functioning prig like Cindy.

  • Freaky

    Gisele is beautiful and rich, and doesn’t care what any of you think of her. Move on.

  • Freaky

    Tom got Brit pregnant – how is that Gisele problem!!!

  • inhirnamy137

    I like Gisele dress, Henry looks out of place.

  • Eve

    Anon…André is the typical Brazilian gay/fashion icon wannabe. Don´t worry about what he thinks, I know the type because I live here and I have to deal with stupid people who like Gisele just because she´s “made America”. Gisele is mean, stupid, arrogant, ignorant, insecure (yes, she is because she didn´t allow Victoria´s Secret to hire Bar Refaeli just because Leonardo Dicaprio dumped her for a new fresher and prettier girl). And believe me, the only reason why people care about her is because she is successful abroad. The women Brazilian men enjoy are a way curvier than her. She would not be able to make a contractor turn his head to look at her while she was passing by…
    Here, when we see a man saying he likes Gisele, we immediatly assume he is probably gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). Gisele does have the fans she deserves. Brainless bimbos like her.

  • Eve

    And yes, I thought that picture where she stands near a little boy (with recently backed penis shaped cookies) simply disgusting.

  • Sienna

    Thierry is MIGHTY fine!!!

  • http://no? Visar

    kuku po ti isha ne vend te Henrit qatu uhhh

    Henry is Legend


    Gisele beautiful girls

  • anon

    I really hope Tom marries Gisele. He deserves to be miserable with this piece of Brazilian trash. Every time she opens her stupid, big mouth she’s insulting somebody – abortion, British men … WTF. I’m sure she doesn’t have any real close female friends. What natural, kind woman could really stand her???