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Alba, Cook Spoof Ono, Lennon

Alba, Cook Spoof Ono, Lennon

In their latest promo poster, Good Luck Chuck co-stars Jessica Alba and Dane Cook spoof the Yoko Ono and the late John Lennon‘s 1981 Rolling Stone cover.

Five words: Dane, take off your underwear!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new “Good Luck Chuck” movie poster — YAY or NAY?

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  • Dancer

    Well, Yoko is one of the few celebs I really really dislike–so anything that reminds me of her, makes me want to vomit. Fair or unfair, I do blame her for the break up of the Beatles, for John’s descent into weirdness and for denying Cynthia Lennon the proper alimony/child support settlement and for John not seeing his son Julian unless he couldn’t get out of it!

  • Sandra

    That is very badly photoshopped.

  • Laureen

    Too bad he’s not butt naked like, John was!

  • Kendra

    Jessica looks verrry uncomfortable

  • [Famous]

    Haha.. YAY

    I think being a bad photoshop`ped photo was the point.

  • Sophie

    Yay Famous you changed your name!

  • chris gerston

    that would be like taking paris hilton’s face and photoshopping it onto the Mona Lisa – ( and I dislike Yoko as much as the next fan,)

  • [Famous]

    Lol. Yeah Sophie, I got tired of the ‘Fug Face’.

  • Sheri

    Just wondering…how could this be a 1981 Rolling Stone cover shoot of John and Yoko when John Lennon died in 1980??

  • Kelly D


  • The Cheat

    The Lennon picture was taken hours before he was shot.

  • Desdemona

    Honestly, movie posters nowadays are looking more and more ridiculous! They photoshop everything until the actors are barely recognizable and some body parts don’t look like body parts!

  • Shoegal

    Nay! I hate it!

  • Dina

    disgusting, in my opinion. :(

  • Sophie

    You’re much more classy this way.


  • nona

    i think it’s disgusting. esp considering that lennon was murdered within hours and this photo of them became iconic.

  • fifi

    she’s not that special to coy John Lennon! Who in the hell, do she think she is?

  • jen

    reallllyyyyyy stuuuupid
    john lennon the icon
    pls dont digrace their luv

  • tigress

    i hate it too

  • Andrea

    I absolutely hate it.


    DANE COOK IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • ilkeeze

    Nay. Total nay. This is offensive and disgusting.

  • be

    Those two were cooky for sure but they were so in love. Yay for the original Nay for the photoshopped.

  • ousslander

    I can’t believe he has a career. NOT funny in the least. Does he wax his entire body?

  • Luisa


  • jackjack


  • Anthony


  • Chris

    yay for Jessica…. i want to ssee this movie

  • Jessica

    What a stupid idea for a poster. And furthermore, Yoko didn’t break up The Beatles. The Beatles broke up The Beatles.

  • Maid


  • Georgia

    Why what?

  • Lily

    I don’t like it. John and Oko isn’t something you touch. And Dane’s muscles are soo fake..

  • SpicylilyBK

    Sad to see bad photoshop, no creative piece of work and touching the legend like John and Yoko…
    So Stupid !!

  • shopgirl

    totally disrespectful!! I hate it!!!

  • Samantha


  • Honkry23

    Really bad poster. This looks like there were to many cooks in the kitchen. You can tell Dane’s management wanted you to be able to see his face. If you are going to go with such an iconic image, you need to go all the way.

  • peteski

    how can they disrespect such an iconic photograph and figure such as john lennon for the sake of a what will most likely be an idiotic movie?

    what pains me the most is that it’s these two douch-bags doing it. at least if it were respectable actors, i could tolerate it.

  • Brittany

    They had to photoshop the hell out of that pic. Have you seen Dane Cook up close? I always thought he was hot until I saw Mr. Brooks. He has bad acne scarring that was really obvious on the movie screen. His skin looks awful.

  • loic

    i don’t get the john and yoko reference, but why the hell didn’t they just shoot it?

  • Cindylover1969

    Urgh… Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, and it’s HIM that’s almost naked? Ick.

  • Eathan

    jessica is HOT!

  • jenny

    jessicas pic doesnt look natural are sensual at all unlike johns and yokos

    R.I.P John Lennon

  • Harmony

    Dane appears to be cobbled together from a minimum of three different dudes. Major lolz.

  • fuckyou

    Absolutely HORRIBLE!!! Two nobodies spoofing Lennon and Yoko? Lennon?? DIE!!!

  • Naomi

    yep, that’s sucks big time. don’t like Beal don’t like yoko NOno, fan of John, man=a legend

  • c

    Does this mean the people who made the poster have run out of ideas?? nothing? sad….gorgoues people ugly fake looking poster

  • Quelue

    ugh hated it! i hate jessica alba for one. she’s so stupid. and why did they use this idea for the poster. way too much photoshop going on. the rolling stones cover looks so much better because it looks REAL! this new movie is going to tank!

  • Leanna

    way to besmirch the memory of a great man. UGH.

  • myself


  • tee

    jessica looks constipated.