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Katie Holmes Hides Baby Bump in Bathing Suit?

Katie Holmes Hides Baby Bump in Bathing Suit?


Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes spend a family afternoon with their 14-month-old daughter Suri at Paloma Beach in Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, France on Tuesday.

It was reported earlier today that Katie Holmesis pregnant with her second child. She was wearing a one-piece bathing suit by Eres to the beach… TIFWIW!

The Cruise clan arrived in Nice, France via private jet on Monday.

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suri cruise katie holmes beach 01
suri cruise katie holmes beach 02
suri cruise katie holmes beach 03
suri cruise katie holmes beach 04
suri cruise katie holmes beach 05
suri cruise katie holmes beach 06
suri cruise katie holmes beach 07
suri cruise katie holmes beach 08
suri cruise katie holmes beach 09
suri cruise katie holmes beach 10
suri cruise katie holmes beach 11
suri cruise katie holmes beach 12
suri cruise katie holmes beach 13
suri cruise katie holmes beach 14
suri cruise katie holmes beach 15

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  • Leonie

    Ahhhhhhh cuteness!!!

    I am more of a Brangelina Bunch fan than the Homes-Cruises, but that is sweet

  • Dancer

    Katie is wearing a very similar dress to Posh (see link below) in the middle picture, row two. First the hair, now the dress. And first Tom thinking for her and now Posh doing so!
    Katie, get a life.

  • grace

    I think Suri is really getting cute!But I think Tom looks horrible,bad hair cut!

  • angelinammm

    Suri looks adorable

  • Dieter


  • brangaloonie

    oh..looking at these..i almost want her to be pregnant again.

  • Anna

    i just love this family, i think that all this terrible things people said about TomKat in not true. I hope they are happy in their life. I’ve always been huge Tom fan, i dont really like scentology (i’m catholic) but he’s really good actor u can deny it.

    And Suri looks just like Kate, and even if Kate is Posh wannabe it;s better then she will be Britney;s wannabe ;)

    Greetings from Poland.

    P.S. Jared I’m here everyday, U are great ! Love u and that site!

  • julia weinstein

    Sweet…they seem very happy. Bless them.

  • jenspizzwater

    I like Katie’s hair and Suri looks cute.

  • http://none heartbreaker

    Katie is turning into Posh. Watch out girl Tom married you not Victoria Beckham. Don’t conform and lose the innocence we all fell in love with.

  • Brooke

    At least Tom and Katie take their daughter with them on vaca. unlike the snotty, selfish Beckhams’! who are only interested in procreating not actually RAISING the children….

  • Dancer

    Why is she wearing heels at the beach side party? One step on those rocks or the sand and she’ll go down with the baby. Everyone else is being sensible and wearing flats.

  • Ms. Teacher

    i love this family too! People are so mean to this couple but Katie is a great mom and tom is a great dad!

  • pipi

    Awww, they all look cute.

  • Me

    I see Katie’s stuck with playing mommy in front of their snobby friends. Oh, the things a girl must due to earn her paycheck. Bet she can’t wait to get back to the States so the kid can go back to the Scieno-nanny and Katie can concentrate on her life’s work: shopping.

  • cricri

    ERKKK! Katie looks like my grandma! But Suri is nice (except the haircut: she looks like a playmobil!). They seem to be happy

  • Dieter

    Katie is a wonderful mother an very talented actress – Tom´s first wife was Nicole Kidman and I don´t see any other woman who can compete with Nicole than Katie !!! God bless this family !!!

  • Eli

    OMG, suri is so cute|!!!suri and shiloul are just the cutest babies ever!!!

  • Nikita

    Love them

  • Sonny

    Dancer you are right. How thoughtless to wear such high heels to a beach side party if she’ll be carrying the baby. A baby/child does not have to fall from a balcony to to seriously injured. Her high heels are obviously more important.

    Katie is not “equipped” to wear short shorts. I know she can’t help it but her thighs and calves are HUGE compared to her upper body. She’s also way too young to have the cellulite on the front of her thighs.

    She’s obviously going through a iwannabeposh phase!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Leonie, who cares? STFU groupie.

    If that’s a “FANTASTIC TIGHT BUTT” you might want to go out more.

  • Milli

    Well well,most women I see here in the US have huge, really huige thighs and calves and tons of cellulite on legs, still they wear shorts. Come one people, one does not have to be a Victorias secret model to enjoy some sun and fresh air. Katie looks good. don’t hate.

  • Pete

    Katie looks 10 years older!!!!what she is doing????leave that stupid Tom!!!!

  • Lara

    I don’t like Tom but Katie seem to be a nice person, but she is becoming to copy of Victoria!!!!

  • Jonhyy

    What is that????CELULITE?????my god, she has a beautiful eyes, but her body is horrible, she seems to have more 10 years!!!

  • Mandy

    This couple is so anoying!!!!please they are not in loved!!!she is his robot, and he is pathetic!!!WEll done Kidman for leaving this jarke!!!

  • Noelle

    Those photos are so cute!

    Mandy, I am sure they are not “in loved” but they could be “in love”…

    I like the haircut, regardless of who else has a similar cut. Also, I am glad she is not ashamed of haiving some imperfections… she looks like a normal, happy mother to me.

  • Sarah

    Oh dear, Katie’s turning into Posh! Just don’t lose weight, Katie. Your body looks great!

  • Ben

    Tom leave that haircut please!!!!you look like a a freak!!!!
    And Katie is so boring, she tries to seem the perfect and pure girl!

  • Ben

    Tom leave that haircut please!!!!you look like a a freak!!!!
    And Katie is so boring, she tries to seem the perfect and pure girl!

  • Jinix

    Kate has what???27, 28 years old?i would give her 34, 35!why you’re trying to imitate the stupid posh????don’t you have personality????

  • Stella

    Thanks Jared for the pictures. I really like Cruise Family. They seem so loving to each other.

  • libraesque

    why is she wearing 4 inch hooker heels with short shorts???

  • libraesque

    also, if this is the look of a pregnant woman, she must be about 3 days pregnant

  • Holy

    Hate Tom, and Katie looks so unaturally “happy” we know what i mean?it’s seems a dark fary tail, where she has to do and to be as Tom wants!

  • Jennie

    They’re so cute, Suri is getting cuter in every picture I’ve seen.

  • Peter

    Katie is a beautiful woman. She’s a natural beauty and seems like the nicest celeb. Suri is just too cute for words!! By the way, she looks GREAT in the bathingsuit, not too thing and in shape.

  • mamafreak

    she looks old and haggard. why is she wearing a suit that not even sharon stone would wear. she’s not youthful, cute, pretty – she’s not anything but another bel air mom taking her tot out for a photo shoot.

  • Peter

    What a nice mom and daughter pictures! Katie looks perfect in the bathingsuit and Suri is just too cute for words!!! She will be as tall as her mum and apperently as pretty.

  • Lucy

    Cellulite? If you truly believe this, you need to get your head examined! Katie is nearly perfect. She is very thin and about a foot taller than her husband. If you saw her in person, you would take back all of your lousy comments about her. No wonder why famous people get eating disorders. Leave her alone ..

  • Nic

    DItoo!!! Katie is very tall and is so beautiful in person! I think her body looks perfect. People were saying she was anorexic the day of the Real Madrid day, next day they said she was pregnat and now that she has celullite…it’s just ridiculous, I would go nuts If I had to put up with all this crap. I guess being a celeb is not for free. For people who say she’s got cellulite, take a close up of the picture, and u will see nothing. Beyonce at the beach…THAT is celullite. Katie is a natural beauty and seems to be so sweet. Those pics with Suri are just priceless, so cute!!

  • Scooby Doo

    She’s in great shape! Is it true that she’s pregnant?

  • silly

    So they’re back to photo ops, and playing happy families since all the talk of unhappiness, they always have the need to prove to pple they are happy which makes the world see them as as joke cos if they really are they won’t try too hard, and wearing that hihg heel shoe at a beach party where everyone isn’t is simply trying to stand out for the paps like look at us

  • Eathan

    Dancer, Katie is wearing exactly the same Armani dress she wore at his fashion show in Paris earlier this year.

    Victoria wore this Alaia dress just last week.

    P.S. Katie looks HOT!

  • Eathan

    And The Beckhams take their kids to holidays with them obviously, but when they’re at the airport they have a deal with the photographers that they can have their picture taken but not the kids, that’s why we never see them with the kids at the airport.

    Plus, they travel separately aswell, in case of a plane crash.

    Simple as that.

  • preesi

    katies looking like a Soccer Mom in that silly ole lady swimsuit and haircut!

  • mackenzie

    the girl has NO ass

  • solo

    Her tighs are huge very huge just look her front photo.

  • tits

    Tom is getting more and more ugly everytime I see his picture. He is shrinking and getting more shorter. His shoulders are disapearing. just looking fug by day.