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Katie Holmes Has Napkins in Her Dress

Katie Holmes Has Napkins in Her Dress

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes slap on their formal wear and head out for a night on the town in Cap d’Antibes, France on Tuesday.

Can somebody explain Katie‘s dress to all of us?

No, the wind isn’t blowing it up. But it looks like a couple of folded napkins are stowed away in her skirt in case of emergency!

Hey, maybe Katie‘s a messy eater…

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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  • Erlyn

    I’m surprised Tom has been approving some of these new clothes of hers. YIKES Very short, almost makes her look cheap! haa haa haa

    He is way too controlling! Everytime I see pics, he is holding her hand so tight it looks painful for her. In some pics earlier, his hands were red after letting go of hers. WOW!

    I hope that he isn’t as controlling IRL as he appears to be in pics!

  • julia weinstein

    lol #2

  • Erlyn

    Wow, I also just noticed, she wasn’t smiling in any of the other pictures! She must not have realized there were cameras shuttering or she would have had that stupid grin for sure!

  • julia weinstein

    oops, meant #1

  • mamafreak

    I think aliens abducted tom cruise. what has happened to him? he looks like dustin hoffman. it’s like his veneers fell off, he let suri cut his hair, and he broke his nose again, started taking antidepressants, got bloated, and fired his stylist.

  • wtf.

    Tom needs to get his ass back on his spaceship and head back to Planet Crazy Pants.

  • tom

    Tom cruise is short!!

  • Jill

    Tom looks attractive, but I don’t like Katie’s dress. She looks better in simple outfits with a splash of color.

  • Eathan

    It’s from Armani Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2007 collection.

    Check it out on under Shows.

  • mamafreak

    In WHAT picture does Tom look attractive? You’ve got some serious bad taste. He must feel like such a pathetic, fat loser in front of Beck.

  • malibumom

    I kinda like the dress, but I think she has a couple of shirts and pants tucked in there in case Tom spills something-

  • Sarah

    Someone’s obsessed with TomKat today.

  • be

    It’s wedding cake inspired. I guess.

  • Pandora

    I’m not sure how anyone can be expected to take these two seriously. Which is why they make such good humor, of course.

    One has to feel sorry for Katie. She used to be attractive with a sparkle in her eyes. She’s now assimilating the vacant Vix look.

    On a positive note, Suri is a cute kid. Where are their two older kids lately?

  • [Famous]

    Tom’s Fresh.

  • L

    She really is surprisingly pale. I mean I thought I was pale but wow! I look like I have been on a beach for a month next to her. It looks good on her but I just never really noticed how light she was until the pics at the Madrid game and then again here. She is almost the same color as her dress.

  • Eathan

    #16, She’s obviously not the type that has a skin that goes dark when on sun. she has a sensitive skin obviously.

    I’m sure she stays away from the sun aswell, it’s not like it’s healthy burning your skin.

  • [Famous]

    Let me look at Katie’s arms to see if there any bones or veins popping out.

    Nope – looking healthy, old.. but healthy.

  • Tallchic

    Tom, get a haircut for G sake! He looks like a 10 yr old little boy. As for Mrs. Cruise, if you can’t walk in the heels don’t wear them. She’s got to look at her feet every step she takes! LOL!

  • Diana

    It doesn’t do her any justice, for all the shopping this girl does … what a bad choice.

    Maybe she feels sick. Cheer up!

  • mackenzie

    She’s horrible

  • mackenzie

    and Tom looks like NOTHING

  • Jens best fan

    why is she looking more and more like Posh these days!!

  • thats_right

    Did Posh let her borrow one of her clothes she so much wants to look like Posh like its a good thing ewwwwww she cut her hair and shes no dressing like posh get your own style Katie girl and whats with this royalty treat the way she’s walking like here come the queen of England or may I add queen of aliens loooool

  • golden

    now this one bothers me! whaaaat??? scientolohy-prescribed outfit? one that defies gravity, of some sort. fine, fine tom, just fine.


  • snowy

    Fashion victim. Nuff said.

  • joseph

    tom is way too fat, he´s reaching his mid-forties and not aging well, short, fat, silly haircut, ridiculous shoes, he is a mess and waayyy too annoying overplayed! and katie needs a fresh air, i like her, but it´s taking a toll on her being an unhappy wife to a attention-sucker like tom, this proves that no money in the world can buy you happyness

  • gizmatage

    So, Suri’s there w/ them…. are the other two kids just back in LA w/ their Scientology tutors?

  • Maria

    The “problem” with Katie is her posture. She stoops over and holds herself like (excuse me, grandma) an old lady. She may wear cute things, but kills the overall look with her terrible physical posturing.

    On the other hand, Posh’s outfits are ridiculous, BUT she holds herself really well and ends up looking not so bad. I guess it’s all an illusion, huh?

  • nameshname

    I remember when Tom Cruise was incredibly hot. Those were the days…

  • Dancer

    #28-I think the other two are in Australia with their mother. I read somewhere that they were out there for either a couple of months or the whole summer.

  • Marie

    Can’t Katie walk down the stairs without assistance? They look ridiculous in those sunglasses.

  • Ella_

    She looks awful, the clothes that she wears don’t suit her. She needs are REAL STYLISH not Victoria Beckham…

    Katie is PRETTIER and TALLER than her, what makes her think Victoria wants her to dress better than her???

    She’s more stupid than I thought! Tiny Tom has lost so much respect & credibilty since he came out (with sciencetology, not him really being gay AND hiding behind a girl with a one digit IQ who believes he loves her & not Beckham. If he plays his cards right he would bag David he isn’t clever at all).

    These 2 make me laugh and gringe at the same tinm.

  • kbcan

    This is the second pic in about 3 days where they have both been wearing almost matching cream-colored outfits. Whose idea is that? That seems to be as juvenile as Britney switching outfits with her goofball friends.

    At least Katie is trying with her outfits to be classy — although she doesn’t always succeed. It usually makes her look way older. And Tom — while he doesn’t have three pieces suit here, he seems to be dressing older too — and he just comes across looking stupid, because he has a silly haircut that doesn’t work with that formal of attire.

    I wonder if Katie can lend this dress to Britney — Brit always seems to spill stuff on her clothes, so now she has some napkins along with it to mop her mess up.

  • Laureen

    It’s time for those fucker’s to grow up! They look like they are going to the fucking prom for Christ’s sakes! Katie’s dress just looks stupid & so does short Tom.

  • Michael C

    I like it.

  • g.

    Tom use to be some what cute that is true. Now hardly,seriously what is up with his hair cut? That hair cut is terrible. It makes his snoze look even bigger.

    The space shades are a little bit much. Katie’s hair is not bad.I read they take little Suri who is so cute to the hair salon to have her hair done, this news was on a hair site not tabloid mag.

    I think the dress is nice, but I agree with her posture being bad. The purple shirt Tom has on? Wont even guess or imply. Katie I still like her, I just hope she is not as unhappy as she looks.

    All of Poshes outfits are not that bad.

  • alexie

    . . . there is just something not right about these two; maybe marriage adjustment? the vibes they are giving is that there is something wrong, and they are both conspiring to hide “it”.

  • Holy

    hugly dress, short man, robbot wife!

  • Village

    Her designer does not like to design for her. He is trying to send her a message. She is not getting it. He and his staff are laughing their heads off, and probably charging Tom ten times retail.

  • Nicole

    What happened to her? She looks like she’s the same age as Tom!


  • Dancer

    Katie needs a good stylist. Someone that will show her proper posture, the way to best move to show off these clothes, and of course, to pick clothes that fit her coloring, body style, and the event. She doesn’t have the innate feeling for style that Nicole Kidman had–and sometimes has now (she’s gotten so casual since Keith). She’d, Katie–would look better if she looked more confident and wore things that flattered her figure.

  • Dennis boy

    sorry katie, but i hate your new hair and that dress is terrible.Her legs are not in good shape and she looks tired and unhappy.
    No way this couple will stay together a long time!

  • Fenix

    since he divorced Nicole, Tom is “vulgar” and almost total “crazy”.I used to be a fan. but he changed a lot…Katie is not the right woman to him, she is almost a kid yet!

  • [Famous]

    since the divorce nicole has really fell off. damn I guess Tom was the glue holding her together. =]

  • Mediterranean

    Don’t tell me that she actually bought this dress! Oh gosh!

    This dress should not worn, even after someone pays you to wear it.

    Katie should not wear high heal because she doesn’t stand good with them.

  • Maybe

    She looks horrible!!! IMO, Tom has the hots for Posh and wants Katie to dress like her. Katie has no respect for herself….she sold her soul!!!! Now she’s just a big joke!

  • QueenOfTrashin

    OOOwwwww, child, don’t let her hit you with her razor-sharp knee!

  • anon

    what happened to katie..she used to be gorgeous.
    now she’s so skinny and narrow and has aged 20 years.
    bring back youthful katie!! :(

  • fifi

    fuck all of you sissys! Maybe her breat was sweating! you know for tose of us that actually have some, they do sweat from time to time!