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Tom Cruise is a Priest

Tom Cruise is a Priest

Tom Cruise carries 14-month-old daughter Suri out of the Eden Rock Hotel and down a flight of stairs at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat in Cap d’Antibes, France on Tuesday.

The father-daughter duo, along with Katie Holmes, headed over to a party at Paloma Beach, where Katie dropped to her bathing suit and took a dip in the water with baby Suri.

The Cruise clan is in town to join in on the wedding celebrations for fellow Scientologists James Packer and Erica Baxter. It’s been reported that Tom has attained the highest level of “clear” in Scientology, so he is now qualified to perform Scientology weddings.

Will Tom officiate the wedding ceremony tomorrow afternoon?

Tom Cruise… The actor. The father. And now the priest?

15+ pictures inside of Tom, Katie and baby Suri

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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  • pokeman

    Suri is cute but I think Shiloh’s eyes and her feature are much more beautiful than Suri.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Now that’s a beautiful child.

    Tom looking like he in the best shape of his life.

  • Cyny

    Omg!! Shes lovely!!

  • hehe

    i like Katie’s high heels.

  • Mini

    How hilarious!!! Katie can’t even walk in the high heels she’s got on. She IS obsessed with Posh. Or maybe Tom is and he demands that Katie dress like her. When you sell your soul and family (Katie’s family and Catholic background) to become a robot for “the biggest movie star ever” (her words, not mine), what can you expect. She obviously has no respect for herself.

  • disagree

    Shiloh is adorable, but she’s kind of regular for a cute Caucasian baby. She’s not breathtaking like her mom was. She might be in the future, though.

    Suri is not breathtaking either, but she’s more unique. She looks like nobody else’s child and she’s a cutie pie.

  • Eli

    Suri is so cute!!! I think Suri and Shiloul are the cutest celebrity babies!! :) also donald trump child is beautiful, he looks like a doll!!

  • be

    I’m just glad Tom Cruise seems to have dropped the Crazy. What! that baby only 2 months older than Shiloh and Kingston yet her hair is as long as her mum’s. She’s even rocking a bob. I call fraud.

  • angelinammm

    she will be beautiful if she looks like Katie :)

  • Nanea

    Tom Cruise a… priest? Has Xenu gone to his head?

    Oh, and $ciento is not accepted as a religion anywhere in Europe, they have to pay taxes and are even closely watched in some states because of their crazy dogmatics.

  • Rory

    Katie is beautiful and Suri too!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Lmao # 8 was bald until it was 3 y/o.

    People with ugly bald babies will probably dislike Queen Suri.

  • willow

    Is it jut me or are they looking like American royalty? Katie looks like Jackie Kennedy. I definitely see the Victoria Beckham influence in Katie – in dress and attitude. Tom is in great shape. I hope he does some more good action movies. Hollywood is getting pretty dry. I couldn’t care less about the rumors. He’s a great action star.

  • KarenA

    Amazing looking family. ITA, willow. Tom, Katie and baby Suri look like they’re out for a royal play-date. They’re lovely.

  • black

    Just to clarify one thing- Angie wasn´t cute as a baby.






  • re-clarifed

    Angelina Jolie was a gorgeous baby. She looked the way she looks now – w/big beautiful eyes and pretty lips. Why do you think she was named Angelina Jolie? Her parents wanted a beautiful name to match her beauty.

  • Ira

    Even bald babies aren’t ugly! All babies are cute!

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    Stop comparing babies you insane weirdos.
    I can’t believe how you’re bringing Shiloh and AJ on this thread!

    Suri is a cutie period.

  • alexandra

    Suri is so cute. She looks just like Tom and has Katie’s feature. But her resemblance to her dad is uncanny.

    I can definitely see some of Posh’s style rubbing off on Katie.

  • um humm

    katie is the smartest chick on the planet-get pregnant by boyfriend
    boyfriend dumps you
    convince hot hollywood millinaire to marry u
    get married have your baby pass it off as his
    get pregnant by hollywood millionaire whose sperm count is now up! thanks to scientology
    live your life girl!

  • Up and at em

    #16 get over yourself. Now you’re gonna say anyone out with their bahy is competing with angelina. Crap Why am I responding to such idiocy oh well…

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I guess Tom should of check all the celeb blogs before leaving his house to live his life and conducts business.

    Some of you must really love the way [insert name] dcik taste cause you’re sucking it mighty hard, and this isnt even her thread. Lol

  • Up and at em

    whoops baby*

  • Scooby Doo

    Suri sure is a cutie :-)

  • thetruthis

    None of the stars have given birth to one single gorgeous baby. Suri, Shiloh, Kingston etc are all adorably “cute” but there hasn’t been one baby yet that I would describe as striking like the Gerber babies. My opinion.

  • Eathan

    So HOT!

  • Eathan

    Suri looks exactly like Katie!

  • Roxy

    why bring Shiloh and Angie up this is Tom and Katie thread. I love the Jolie-Pitt family and will always defend them. Give Angie and Brad a break. Tom and Katie’s baby is cute. Stop comparing one child to the other.

  • N to the O

    Katie has class. She’s got a Jackie O vibe going on, and her hair emphasizes that. I hope she is above being hurt by the stupid crass things people say about her because I think she is lovely and classy.

  • Dancer

    #13 and 30
    Jackie O? I don’t thinks so. Tom is no Jack Kennedy! Katie looks more like a gangly colt that hasn’t yet found her balance or legs.
    And what is with the heels? You wouldn’t see Jackie O fumbling down the steps.

  • jeni

    Katie looks like a middle aged woman

    Suri is cute, she looks like Katie with Tom’s nose.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I think all the [insert acronym] fans dislike Tom because he’s a bigger movie star than Brad. ~True story~

    I think its a ridiculous reason to dilike someone.

  • Diana

    Baby Suri is just adorable!

    I am starting to like Katie´s hairdo, now that has settled into something less coiffed.

  • Lee

    This family ROCKS!

  • Mimi

    Wow! Katie looks great…nice legs! Suri is soooo adorable, too.

  • gizmatage

    Suri’s a very cute baby. She sure does look like Tom. I’m not a fan of Tom’s (or Katie Holmes’), but I don’t get those who doubt Suri’s parentage. I mean, she looks very much like Tom, and she also has Katie’s features.

    Now — on to Katie. Why is she looking more and more and more and more like Posh every day now? Just how she dresses and all? Short and VERY high heels? First of all, I don’t care who wears it, it’s dumb. Second of all, I mean, where was she going?

    That’s why I buy the “Jolie-Pitt” family more than I do this family coz usually, the pictures of Jolie-pitt families look more “natural” than the almost always coreographed pictures of the Cruise’s family. Just my two-cents.

  • snowy

    Hilarious with the matching mother daughter bobs. Still Surie looks like TOm I think.

    Only wierdos compare babies to each other – you compare them to their parents

  • http://justjaredmatt&ben veronica

    I just can not understand katie’s way to dress lately, she sure looks funny and trashy instead of classy…she needs to stop copying others and find her own way to be glamorous and happy(HER LEGS ARE LIKE A MAN”S LEGS).I do not think Tom has anything to do with the things she wears lately and when he holds her hands I think it’s because she might fall from wearing those horrible shoes. I think Tom’s carrear is suffering from the time he met her,I do not think he’s the one that controls her I feel the other way.They just don’t look right.. to bad!!!. Suri is beautiful!!! and so is Shiloh their differents but PRETTY.

  • It’s not all black and white

    Suri looks like Josh Hartnett.

  • Michael C

    Tom has manboobs.

  • Me

    Suri is the cutest celebrity baby girl. Dannilynn (I don’t know how she spells it ) is the second cutest. Shiloh is cute but she is the 2nd runner up compared to these two. The Cruise’s seem very happy & I wish them the best.

  • Laureen

    The Cruise’s look like, they are ready to play a game of golf. Oh Valiet, please fetch my golf cart!FART!How fucking yuppie can we get? 4!!!–across the head! Knock some sense into them and this media whoring. They are so friggin boring. Enough already. Golf anyone? Enough said.

  • Mediterranean


  • Jill

    Uh… Jackie O was the first lady, a philanthropist and a national icon…

    Katie is an actress people… an ACTRESS

    And I’m guessing that the mind-blowingly bad performance that she gave in First Daughter isn’t enought to get her near the White House…

  • Mediterranean

    to DEAR JARED,

    St Jean Cap Ferrat and Antibes are two different places in South of France. St Jean Cap Ferrat is between Nice and Monaco but closer to Nice, Antibes is between Nice and Cannes but also closer to Nice.

  • Sonny

    Dancer your are 100% correct. Compare these two losers to the Kennedys?? Tom and Katie may be without morals just like John and Jackie but they certainly don’t personify class.

  • Sheri

    Katie should take a lesson from the Britney Spears book of child rearing…what “not” to do…don’t walk down a flight of stairs in 5 inch heels carrying a may have an “oops” like Britney almost dropping Sean…course she had a drink in her hand as well!

  • to#33 [Famous Fug Face]

    33 [Famous Fug Face] | 06/19/2007 at 3:12 pm
    I think all the [insert acronym] fans dislike Tom because he’s a bigger movie star than Brad. ~True story~

    I think its a ridiculous reason to dilike someone.

    Fug I like you and all but everyone knows you are trying to incite mean comments.please know you get mad when you think people are picking on celebs you like and you call people racist and crazy stuff.
    This is a tom&katie&suri thread and lets not pit one celeb against the other,Fug you know you do this to get a rise out of people.dude it is not right you good.

  • Juno

    With all that friggin money, Katie has not learned how to dress right. Hit or miss and a lot of miss. This shoes is overkill for the short/sweater outfit. Especially for this somewhat casual affair, a dressy sandal would have been more appropriate. I also agree that she doesn’t have nice legs. Even though she is tall they are rather hefty for lack of a better word. She should choose outfit that would enhance her best features, not the bad ones. This super short short is awful on her.

    As for Tom….. the man is still hanging on to his waning fame. Time to let go.

    The only positive – Suri is a cute little girl. Let’s just hope she don’t end up weird like her parents.