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Willow Smith Films Her Acting Debut

Willow Smith Films Her Acting Debut


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s 6-year-old daughter, Willow, films scenes for her debut film on Monday on the Toronto set of the new American Girl movie, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery.

Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) will play the title character in the Depression-era flick. Other stars include: Julia Ormond, Chris O’Donnell, Joan Cusack, Wallace Shawn, Stanley Tucci, Jane Krakowski and Glenne Headly.

Via The Hollywood Reporter: “Kit Kittredge, the first theatrical adaptation of the popular American Girl line of dolls, tells the story of Kit Kittredge (Breslin), a clever, resourceful 10-year-old growing up in Cincinnati during the Great Depression who helps her mother (Ormond) run a boardinghouse when her father (O’Donnell) loses his job. Cusack will play a nurse who moves into the Kittredges’ boardinghouse. Thieriot will play a boy accused of committing robberies, while Shawn will play the editor in chief of the Cincinnati Reporter Register.”

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery is set for a nationwide July 2, 2008 release.

Willow‘s big brother Jaden, who turns 9 next month, has also dipped his foot in acting. The little guy picked up the 2007 MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance for the 2006 hit The Pursuit of Happyness. Jaden did not attend the Los Angeles award ceremony. Since the whole family is in Toronto, he taped an acceptance speech with his parents, which they showed after his win.

Last picture below: Will and wife Jada (not pictured) grab a bite to eat at Avenue Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel.

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  • News

    Willow? What kinda of F@#Ked name is that. She looks like a boy.

  • Kate

    willows a beautiful name i can’t belive you haven’t heard it yet! AND shes just a kid you FREAK! and will smith is such a hottie!!!

  • Didi

    willow? which dipsh*t came up with that name?

  • Sophie

    I don’t think Willow is such a bad name. I think they are a nice family.

  • pfftt!!

    oh shut the fuck up 1 and 3. their daughter’s name’s willow so what? i bet ur daughter’s name is c u n t and u think is prettier. fu.

  • Mmmmm

    I think they are a real HW family, Jada is the rock to that family and has a very wonderful outlook on life and family.

  • Scooby Doo

    Very sweet!

  • marie

    i believe willow is the name of will’s mother or jada,s mother not sure which so either way it’s a name that they wanted to pass down to their daughter. Can’t wait to hear the stupid ass names you come up with for your kids…

  • Stephani

    This is not her debut film. She is in I Am Legend with Will which is coming out in December.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    news, you must of never seen of before these pictures because she’s a gorgeous little girl.

    They’re a great family, its good the kids getting into the business early.

    I bet these kids wont grow up to be fcuked in the head like ‘other’ celeb are now.

  • black

    My……..what pushy parents they are.

    Already pushing their children in the center of attention.

  • homa
  • Mmmmm is DELUSIONAL

    6 Mmmmm | 06/19/2007 at 9:11 am
    I think they are a real HW family, Jada is the rock to that family and has a very wonderful outlook on life and family.

    Yeah some family, they have an “open” relathionship, Will sleeps around, they’re friends with Scientologist Tom Cruise & they’re working their kids like slaves.

  • julia weinstein

    i love her name and she is a cutie.

  • Bliss

    Will said he named his son Jaden to showcase his wife, Jada’s strength and beauty in his son. (He said it on Oprah ages ago, and it sounded a lot better).

    It was probably the same for Willow, just this time, they used his name.

    They seem like a very nice, grounded family.

  • Milli

    Wow, the girl got some long legs. She looks so much like Will Smith. I love me some Will Smith, he is sexy.

  • Mmmmm

    13 Mmmmm is DELUSIONAL

    WOW, must be part of the inner circle to know the things you do. Very racial comment btw.

    FYI, just b/c one is friends with someone does not mean they share their views on religion you narrow minded freak.

  • Dumdums

    Willow doesn’t seem to be too happy with her ‘not the most beautiful star’ costume. Where is the ball gown, glass slippers, wand, fancy jewelry and lovely tiara she always wanted.. hee hee?

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    18 – moron.

  • sassysexychick

    willow is a strong and yet soft name…it has a nature touch too it very pretty!

  • Willow

    Yes my name is Willow after my dad William-i
    love it.

    d!ick head Didi-you ignorant b!itch, your dad should have put you in the toilet, and flushed.

  • Indie

    She does look like a boy. :| I like Will Smith though.

  • Yari


  • cutie pie

    good move out the way with your harry potters and your dakotas its time for another kid star especially a black one. stop hating with your stupid name comments whats any stupdier that apple

  • duh!

    Willow is from his name William – they wanted to have his name in a girls name so they came up with Willow – Will get it?

  • Natasha

    Personally, I just think it’s kind of dumb that Jaden got this part in Happyness by auditioning, and proved himself fair and square, BUT To make things “fair” for their kids, Willow got this role with Will.

    Jaden’s a natural but if Willow can’t act….then what do they say to her?

  • Yelm

    Nothing, they will say nothing Natasha. Havent you heard? All you have to do to get a job nowadays is have an already famous last name.

    Btw, Jada could easily kick each one of our asses’ Im sure.

  • Girly


  • doc

    they got the name willow from will. they got the named jaden from jada. they wanted to incorporate their names into their childrens name.

  • Cam

    Willow Reign Camille Smith is beautiful. The negative comments are a reflection of the ignorance that live within you assholes. Did Charlize look beautiful in Monster or Halle in Jungle Fever. Think before you speak freaks. Oh yeah if your parents were in the business there is a chance that you would be too.

  • delm

    ewwwwww what an ugly kid…she looks like a cross between a black hound and a cow.

  • Angela

    Actually, Will’s full name is Willard. lol But Willow looks dead on him.

  • Lila

    She is dressed that way obviously for the movie, that’s why she look boyish…some people are just retarded.

  • shelana

    she is such a beautiful young kid i exoected that because both her parents are gorgeous, will smith is still a knockout

  • shelana

    o and the only reason she looks like a boy is necause of her clothing and hair which is a part of her costume….HELLO PEOPLE

  • tony

    leave the little girl alone. i think that Willow is a cute name for her since her father named her anyway. #1 And #2 lets see what u will name ur kid..

  • crazypeople02

    I think she is a beautiful little girl and her named is unique, so stop hating, and just watch and see what she can do, acting is in her blood, so let her do her thing she is only six,give the kid a break

  • raven

    first of all willow is from will and jaden is from jada they broke down the names

  • http://myspace garbrielle

    The only kind of person that would say somthing like that about a child has to be an evil person trust me your not worth it I think God bless them with beautiful talented children and sometimes people become jealous but one day god will show them that their just unhappy with themselves people that or happy dont talk about others

  • Jonh robert jones jr.

    Much love to willow.To all the positive comments,wonderful.

    One love,One heart.

    to all the negative comments .positive vibrations are better.
    You cannot live in a negative way.

  • erica

    aye yo willow iz so pretty nd i kno willow aint kno regular name but guess wat it’s unique duh so all u pplz who be hate in on her can go 2 hell ya dig

  • Amayia

    Who ever dissed Willow needs to shut the f*** Up. She is just a Person she is cute and very funny. I wish she was my lil Sister that would be kool!!!

  • SMITH ( keepn it real! )

    man yu guys must b real jealous 2 b puttn down a name lyk willow ya no atleast shez guna make it big in this world n b lyk her dad n brutha yu guys wuld even be lucky 2 work @ a fast food place shez only 6 an is in 2 movies jus coz shez guna grow up n be tha prettiest thing eva doesnt mean yu gotta dis hr name I lov it an wuld be proud az eva 2 hav dat name!!!
    ( btw trey is Damn Gawjus )

  • Tina

    yall haterz need to leave the lil gurl alone…she is doing her best so leaver her alone…they r a beautiful family..go willow do ur thang and imma see ur movie when it comes out…will is hot

  • brownsugar

    Some people are so ignorant. I believe it just pains them to see a black family do better then they are. So they have to make fun of something. Your probably mad that you didn’t think of sure a clever name for your children. Will and Jada have a wonderful and strong marriage so stop hattin.

  • elzee

    mother is jada son is jaden father is will daughter is willow get it

  • shell

    she is beautiful. and her name is fine!!!! and she dosnt look like a boy, shes dressed that way because of her role in the Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery, film!! so shut uppp!!!! they are wonderful parents!!!

  • sindabay

    isn’t it thier familey so cute…but isn’t this cool?
    will smith – willow smith
    jada pickett smith – jaden smith

  • The Wiz

    I think Will and Jada Smith are two of the greatest parents in show business. And as for as thier child’s name , it is unique as she is. Stop Hating. I love the Smith family.

  • sweet31

    For the people on here who have nothing better to do then make fun of a 7 years old name need to get a life. That little girl is going to be a movie stair like her father and make a s**t load of money.
    Cam has it right she is a beaufiul little girl who is going to shock us all one day and become very famous.