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Brad Pitt Resumes Daddy Duties

Brad Pitt Resumes Daddy Duties

Brad Pitt holds hands with 3-year-old son Pax and 2-year-old daughter Zahara, taking them back to school at the American Embassy compound on Wednesday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Momgelina, aka Angelina Jolie, is busy shooting the forthcoming action thriller Wanted (The U.S. premiere is set for March 28, 2008) with Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy.

The Jolie-Pitts were recently in New York City for the premiere of A Mighty Heart, which Angie starred in and Brad produced.

A few bigger pictures inside of Brad, Pax and Zahara

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brad pax zahara 01
brad pax zahara 02
brad pax zahara 03
brad pax zahara 04
brad pax zahara 05
brad pax zahara 06
brad pax zahara 07
brad pax zahara 08

Photos: Splash News Online/Simon Earl/Mark Raishbrook
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  • Amaya

    Wow, I would never want to mess with Little Ms. Zee…picture 7 is the reason why.

  • L in Houston

    Great Dad!

  • anustin

    thanx jared!

  • dorlande

    cute cute

  • LLM

    I’ll feel much better now that Brad is with Angie in Prague.

  • anustin


  • Bravora

    daddy is cute so as the children!!and the mommy too

  • http://none heartbreaker

    Love this family!!

  • strawberry

    Please do not forget to watch AMH this Friday.

  • ZZ

    Miss Zahara doesn’t look happy at her face !!

  • stalin

    LOL. They pissed Z the hell off that morning. She looks like she’s going to kick a bitch’s ASS. Notice how Brad is looking at her like “We’re cool, right Z?” And she’s looking like “Hell no we aren’t cool. I’ll handle you when I get home this afternoon.”

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Thanks Jared for the new thread!

    Got to love Princess Zahara! She is so sick of the paps and she is definitely letting it be known.

    As for those that are shock that the Jolie-Pitts are back in Prague — well Angie did tell everyone they would be returning because she was still filming ‘Wanted’. So there is no surprise there.

  • susie

    Amaya- how cute, daddy taking the kids to school ;-)

  • susie

    Why is the bodygaurd carry a pet food bag? Looks like dog food.

  • Sillia

    Wow!! Good pics!

  • African Girl

    #11 / Stalin
    Lol….that was funny.

    Thanks Jared, after the whirwind in NY….it’s good to see the JPs back to their regularly scheduled program.

  • Rowan

    It looks like Zahara is cross that she isn’t being carried and has to walk lol!

  • Mediterranean

    It seems like Pax was still sleeping while he’s walkin and Zahara was fed up to be waken up.

  • piper, with a low

    I know that’s not supposed to be funny, but I can’t help laughing at pic #7. For me, that’s the cutest Z pic ever! That backpack strap must’ve really pi$$ed her off!!

  • Mediterranean

    Zahara is not a morning person :)

  • Amaya

    Susie, it’s just looks right whenever I see with the kids. :)

  • Dragonfly

    Never doubted for a minute this would be the next place they would pop up!

    I see it’s back to school as the J-P’s resume family life.

  • Scooby Doo

    Awwwww. Too cute!

  • Schae

    Love this family, and very happy they are all back in Prague as a family, no hollywood b**s**t or drama to bother them. I love the Jolie-Pitts.

  • Michael C


  • African Girl

    #11/ Stalin
    Lol….that was funny. Maybe she didn’t wamt to get out of bed. She took one good look at the beautiful weather and thought….”I’m not in the mood for school” and her daddy is like “You gotta”

    After the whirlwind that was NY, it’s good to see the JPs back to their regularly scheduled program.

    Thanks Jared.

  • Mediterranean

    Through out my experiences with 2,5-years-old kid, she looked up upset because

    1- She didn’t get what she wanted for breakfast
    2- She didn’t like what she had to wear
    3- She hates when they put her hair up and tight.

  • Scooby Doo

    Yeah, Z is definitely pissed about something!
    :-) Why is pic number 8 upside down?

  • Orchid

    I like Zahara’s “starry” top. Wonder if they have it in my size! Wow, I’m on page one again!!!

  • anustin

    that rearpix#4….its killing me softly!

  • united we stand

    Angelina Jolie may be on the verge of, taking a year off from film, but before that happens she is positively giddy about one more upcoming role, calling her next shoot “an amazing chance to work with an amazing man, a hero of mine.”

    “I’m looking forward to a film I get to do with Clint Eastwood. It’s so cool. And it’s a great script,” the Oscar winner told MTV News on the eve of the release of her latest drama, “A Mighty Heart.”

    The film she’s referring to is the forthcoming “The Changeling”, a drama she describes as “a real story of a child who was kidnapped in 1928…and [the] cover-up by the LAPD.” Earlier this year Variety reported that Jolie would play “a woman whose son is abducted but retrieved; she suspects, however, that the returned child is not her kid.”

    “The Changeling” will mark Eastwood’s first return to the director’s chair since his one-two punch in 2006 of “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters From Iwo Jima.” No word yet on whether Eastwood will appear in the film.

    The combination of a master director like Eastwood (can a director be in his prime in his 70s?) and Jolie looks to be a duo made in movie heaven. Jolie certainly seems to believe that to be the case, gushing to MTV News about Eastwood’s famed workmanlike approach to shooting, “I’ve heard it’s great. I’ve heard it’s very quick. You’ve got to get your stuff together and get ready because he doesn’t linger…which I think is wonderful. He expects people to come prepared and get on with their work.”

    Jolie told MTV shooting on “The Changeling” is set to begin in Los Angeles in October. Knowing Eastwood it will probably wrap in late October.

    Psyched to see Jolie work with Eastwood? Can Clint work his Oscar magic one more time with the “Girl, Interrupted” star? Weigh in below.

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Well this picture tells she wasn’t po’ed at first. So we have to ask ourselves what change so quickly to make Zee’s expression change?!

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    18 piper, with a low | 06/20/2007 at 8:57 am

    I know that’s not supposed to be funny, but I can’t help laughing at pic #7. For me, that’s the cutest Z pic ever! That backpack strap must’ve really pi$$ed her off!!

    Oh, I can’t stop laughing because of how pissed she looks. I so can’t wait for her to grow up. With Zahara and Shiloh teaming up, Brad is going to have some glorious times with his girls. LOL

  • Ace Tomato

    Can someone identify the shoes on Brad Pitt for me? Very cool.

  • Scooby Doo

    Actually, they both look like Daddy had to give them a good talking to before they left the house. Maybe they wanted to hang with him instead of going to school.

  • A Mighty Heart

    A Mighty Heart opens Friday in 1350 theaters.

    A Mighty Heart opens Friday in 1350 theaters.

    A Mighty Heart opens Friday in 1350 theaters.

    A Mighty Heart opens Friday in 1350 theaters.

    A Mighty Heart opens Friday in 1350 theaters.

  • tabitha

    Is Brad carrying medecine in one hand? It looks like they had a Quiet weekenend somewhere and then heades back to Praque.

  • anustin

    zaharas eyebrows!take note!its lyk,u damn ba8tard!get out of sight!

  • Amaya

    Since today is refugee day I thought it would be appropriate to post the very first Brad and Angie video I made. I kind of cringe when I watch it because I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

  • African Girl

    Ughhh! I’m having a difficult time posting. Okay…..they say third time is a charm, so here goes.

    After the whirwind that was NY, is good to see the JPs back to their regularly scheduled program.

    #11 / Stalin
    That was funny…maybe she didn’t wanna get up this morning. She took one good look at the weather and thought “nah, not even. I’m staying right here” and her daddy is like “Yes even. Get you li’l behind in the car, right now” and two seconds after making that statement, he went “sorry, sorry….I didn’t mean it’ and she’s all “Whatever!



    May the good LORD bless and keep them always.

  • Indie

    Nice upside down pic of Brad’s shoes, Jared. :lol:

    Zahara ia getting big. She’s the size of Pax it seems. xD I think Asian people are normally smaller people anyway though. ^__^

  • piper, with a low

    31 Lady G | 06/20/2007 at 9:04 am

    The Splash video could probably clue you in.

  • African Girl

    Why bother with someone who has no problem picking on a child? They’ve already shown what kind of human being they are….someone who isn’t worth your time.

  • filipino fan

    thank you jj for posting a new thread. i seldom make comments here, so i was shocked when my simple post on the other thread “jj new thread please….” was flagged. i was raised by my parents to have manners, precisely why i used the word “please”. as far as i know of american english, please is synonymous to a request, not an order as what Team A insinuated!!! a request that may be granted or denied by the other party. thanks again to jj for granting my request.

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Stop engaging the freaking troll(s)! This thread is about the Jolie-Pitts.

  • susie

    can we leave religion out of this!

  • Passing Through

    Who was it that said that Angie was finished shooting in Prague? Uh…guess not.

  • Scooby Doo

    43 SJ | 06/20/2007 at 9:09 am
    I’m Jewish, dear

    So why don’t you grow up and stop giving Jewish people a bad name. I know quite a few of them and I’m sure they wouldn’t approve of your childish behavior.

  • people

    Jennifer Aniston’s Visit from Brad Pitt’s Mom

    Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split more than two years ago – but that wasn’t the end of Aniston’s relationship with Pitt’s parents.

    In fact, on Sunday – Father’s Day – Pitt’s Springfield, Mo.-based mother, Jane, dropped by Aniston’s Malibu home for a quick chat.

    Odd that the actress is still close to her former in-laws? No way, says Pitt’s brother Doug. “Jennifer is a friend of Brad’s,” he tells PEOPLE in its new issue. “Why wouldn’t she be a friend of ours?”

    This certainly wasn’t the first time Aniston has connected with her ex’s family – Jane and Pitt’s sister Julie visited her in Chicago in 2005 while she was filming The Break-Up with future boyfriend Vince Vaughn, and Aniston told Vanity Fair she and Jane keep in regular touch.

    But Aniston is hardly pining for her ex – just days before Jane’s visit, she had another VIP guest: her new beau, British model Paul Sculfor, who stopped by on June 15.