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Katie Holmes is Purple-licious

Katie Holmes is Purple-licious

Apparently this purple Bottega Veneta dress with ruching was what Katie Holmes wore the the wedding of James Packer (Australia’s richest man) and Erica Baxter on Wednesday at the Eden Roc Hotel in Cap d’Antibes, France.

As officiated by the mayor, Parker and Baxter wed during a secret civil ceremony at the Antibes town hall earlier in the day.

The bride wore a white strapless three tiered gown with a lace veil to the wedding (religious) ceremony shortly after.

UPDATE: Katie wore a full-length dark green gown to the ceremony.

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james packer wedding 01
james packer wedding 02
james packer wedding 03
james packer wedding 04
james packer wedding 05
katie holmes purple wedding dress 01
katie holmes purple wedding dress 02
katie holmes purple wedding dress 03
katie holmes purple wedding dress 04
katie holmes purple wedding dress 05

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press, Splash News Online
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  • Dancer

    I’m sorry, but this dress is a disaster on her. Why would anyone where a dress where the seams cut thru the boobs.
    Aren’t those the same shoes that Nicole Kidman is wearing for her 40th birthday?? (another JJ entry)

  • [Famous]

    She looks nice, but watch everyone have jokes on her.

  • koala

    i think these photos are of the religious cerimony.

  • amle

    If Katie wants to look stylish, she needs to work on her posture. The dress looks very pretty from the back. It looks terrible from the front. It is because she slumps over and it causes her boobies to look saggy too. Katie wore very high heels on a dock, but wore flats to the wedding. I guess tom didnt want her to tower over him in the wedding pics. Tom really should do something with that bowl haircut. Suri looks cute as a button though. She has such a pretty face. What a doll!!! Prettiest Hollywood Baby honors.

  • SuzyQ

    jared – that’s how it works in Europe – you have a civil ceremony for the legal aspect of it and then a wedding is just that – a wedding – not a legeally binding event…in the US we combine the two and sign the papers at the wedding…this is pretty widely know. So what I’m sayin’ is ‘duh’!

  • joseph

    katie should take her baby and leave tom, it´s probably the best for her, her baby is adorable she looks like a prairie girl and katie needs another kind of life she´s not comfortable or happy, WAKE UP KATIE!

  • hey

    I think the dress is cute. Her hair looks messy though,a bra is needed,and the lipstick a different shade.
    But not bad she is working it,somewhat.

  • Jackie D

    Suzy Q is wrong: That’s not how it is in “Europe” (which is a continent consisting of many countries), but how it is in France. Other European countries, such as the UK, Ireland, and many others, do not force you to have a separate civil ceremony.

  • Christina

    To help with the confusion.. in France you have to get married by the mayor in your local city hall (civil ceremony)then you can have a religious ceremony if you choose. My husband is French and that is how we had to do it…They take the civil ceremony as the actual wedding :)

  • ug

    it’s strange that they are marrying in france considering the fact that in france scientology in a sect.

  • PingyPonga

    How cute is Suri, wow must be a new thing always in matching colors.

  • Michie

    I hope that is not what she wore.

    Everyone else is in long gowns!!!!!

  • kai

    KATIE!! take those FUGLY horrible sunglasses OFF ASAP!!! you have $$$, buy a nice pair that actually flatter you! Tom must have picked them out and made you wear them, cuz his are JUST as FUG!!

  • Notbusy

    Tom wore a suit to a soccer game and gym shoes to a wedding… Weird.

  • Amy

    I thought Tom was marrying them??

  • PingyPonga

    lmao…that is too funny

  • Allie

    She looks like a fly in those sunglasses and the dress is so ill fitting.

    Tom never looks good in clothes? Why? He looks odd in jeans and suits. What should he wear? Maybe long shorts and a shirt on the outside and dock sider shoes. He is crazy as a bed bug but there has to be an outfit that would look good on him.

    Suri is kind of cute but something is so not right with that either? So many questions and oddities about these two people.

  • pupa

    katie looks unattractive here. She was fine with the white one yesterday.

  • Ace Tomato

    It’s disturbing how old she looks. She seems to be emulating Victoria Beckham, but the haircut and older wardrobe make her look like a strange Anna Wintour imitation.

    She’s way too young for these outfits. I’m sorry, but it reminds me of the pretentious quote from her in Harper’s B. about how “one must prepare for the season” or whatever.

    It’s very phony.

  • pr person

    Note to Katie….

    Heels would have been appropriate to wear with this dress, not flats. Yuck!
    Never wear heels to the beach. Your flats would have been the better choice.
    Also, fire your stylist. He/she isn’t doing you any favors.

  • betty

    Honestly, Tom is not attractive. He is short and no shoulders and his face start losing it too.
    xenu god help

  • Fenix

    she has an horrible fashion sense…i understand and Victoria is doing with her…or Tom, since he controles everything!

  • Gol!

    sorry but her hair is disgusting!!!and those sunglasses are ridiculous.
    The dress is ok!

  • Yari


  • kiti

    Not liking the look. I’m sure the shoes are extremely expensive, but not attractive. Her wardrobe bills must be stellar though. The important thing is she’s getting the attention. It’s addictive. So weird, because Tom Cruise used to be such a private individual. Wonder if he feels he needs to prance around the paparazzi in order to keep his child bride entertained.

  • Sarah Pink

    I hate that haircut.She used to be beautiful but now, hate it!
    Tom is so annoying, always trys to seem the perfect man!ughhh…

  • Kesigton

    you’re so right KITI.When Tom was married to Nicole (amazing woman) he was very private and he was a reasonable person too, but now he is totally CRAZY!!!i don’t know him anymore…

  • Julie

    First off, I don’t know how you can claim that Tom is a “private” person, this whole TomKat thing started with him jumping on Oprah’s couch and gushing about Katie! Anyway, Suri is my favorite celeb baby, and these pics of her and Tom are PRECIOUS! I love how she is waving at the photogs! And Tom looks truly happy with his little princess. I just love her! I know that people think Tom is strange, but who cares? I think he’s looking really really hot. His hair looks great, he’s in great shape…he still looks like Maverick twenty some years later! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

  • miri

    she looks like she is a 40 year old women. She is not a milf. Plus,she is horrible actress

  • Mimi

    man, she’s funny…she wears 4-in. heels to the beach, and flats to an elegant wedding ceremony.

    she need a bra.

    nice color on the dress, tho.

  • Me

    That dress is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t she even get it fitted? Terrible choice.

  • Desdemona

    That dress Katie’s wearing is Bottega Veneta.

  • shopgirl

    Love the dress, not crazy about how this haircut is working out for her.

  • LOLOLOL!!!

    At least Katie looks better than the bride!! Eh…I’m a horrible judge of “Wedding Fashion” since wedding dresses make women look like fools who are running around in Halloween costumes. Can’t believe this outdated tradition (and its STUPID marshmallow dress) still exists!! God, does ANYONE look good in a wedding gown, like, EVER???

  • Anna

    I swear it looks like Katie has aged 20 years! She does look 40. Maybe its the haircut…

  • Natalie

    The dress WOULD be cute if it was on someone else, someone either older or more sophisticated looking than Katie. It would possibly look better on a pregnant woman too.

    What is with Katie’s new look? It does not suit her AT ALL. Only a woman older than her or with a sophistocated style could pull it off…coughNicoleKidmancough.

    TomKat is a JOKE, I personally cannot stand them separately or as a couple. The only Tom Cruise movies I’ve liked: Cocktail, and The Outsiders. haha. Katie has always sucked.

  • Sonny

    Her backside looks like a double-wide….She sure is enjoying Tom’s $$. She certainly made sure she got pregnant right away with Tom’s baby so sure would be entitled to alot of cash when he dumps her. Now, where I come from, that’s not a lady, it’s a w@#%@! Must be the scientology that she so readily dumped her Catholic upbringing for!!! Bet Mom and Dad are proud of their littlest girl.

  • freakoid

    katie looks totally frumpy in that dress. compare her legs in these pics with the ones of her in the black swimsuit. hardly looks like the same woman.

  • Miss K

    That can’t be what they wore to the wedding,Tom’s wearing jeans,this was probably taken before the wedding.

  • Greta

    Coming down the stairs, in those stupid sunglasses, she looks like a dark haired Britney Spears. Not good.

  • Sonny

    It’s not good when a man has bigger breasts than his wife!!!!

  • Laureen

    Mabye, her feet were sore from wearing heels at the beach. I swear! No fucking fashion sense! The flats do look really stupid at a wedding with, a nice purple dress like that, does require high heels! The sunglasses make her look like a bee! Christ! You think with all the money Tom makes he, could afford to buy Katie some NICE, Louis Vuttion shades?! I love the purple shade dress on her her complexion but, her lipstick sucks. She needs a deeper shade of lipstick. Her hair has a nice sheen to it. It a perfect shade of dark brown. The cut looks a mess! Poor woman! I’ve just been picking these people apart lately. It’s great therapy! We’ll, they have been in the spotlight!
    On the otherhand Tom looks like a short fugly man. Can’t stand his Beetle bangs. Looks fug on his mug!

  • Jane Doe

    Why oh WHY do they always try to make her fashionable and fail miserably? WHY? All that $$$ on one outfit yet it doesn’t fit.

  • Dollierama

    After the parade of haute couture fashions Katie has worn during this trip she did not wear this to the wedding and reception. Katie’s hair is wet and Tom is in short sleeves, sneakers and jeans. Looks looks like they are going to lunch or something.

    And yes, her 4 inch Louboutin’s on the rocky beach looked ridiculous, as did most of her other ensembles.

    Did anyone catch her ‘disco fever’ prom dress she wore the other evening?

  • Lillianne

    Stacey and Clinton – I think we have someone who would make a really good episode She doesn’t even need your $5000 Visa card.

    But isn’t that an awesome wedding gown?

  • L

    I am sooo lost on these two. Did they think they were so special they didn’t need to dress up for the wedding? That dress could actually have looked really nice had she worn even just nice pumps and I am sure she is aware that they make stick on push-up bras. Plus, she looks as though she just went swimming, her hair looks wet in some pics and she is wearing no make-up. And there is no excuse for what Tom is wearing either. GEEZ. It is sad when the baby is dressed appropriate and not the parents. I haven’t ripped on them at all lately b/c they have been so cute with Suri and all but damn.

  • pete

    I want Katie in my arms. Im so jealous of Tom.

    Its a pleasure to see this evolve beautifully.

    I can tell she is beautiful inside too.

  • julie

    what sickens me is their attitude to be what or seen as something they’are effing not,also the flats she’s wearing was worn by NIC on saturday for her birthday bash an god it did look so good on her but this idiot had to ruin it, just looks shabby on her

  • HellYes

    The groom maybe the richest man in Australia but oh man sometimes money can’t just change a not so handsome face eh.and he’s also branded as a playboy??? Fuck, women just run after his money of course!